Who doesn’t want to look beautiful? Spending time in the salon can be quite relaxing and at the same time, it can take your mind off from the worries of life! But, when selecting a salon it is important that it adds comfort to the luxury of getting a manicure, pedicure, or a haircut. The chair you sit on has to be comfortable, right? If not, it would be a little boring to spend some time at the spa. Below is a guide for your reference that can help you in finding the different salon and spa chairs. You can check out the detailed description to get an in-depth knowledge of the various features. Here you can get a gist of what is available out there in the market.

List of the Best

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10. Beauty Style Classic Hydraulic Barber Chair

You might be looking for a classic chair that can add style and elegance to your salon or spa! After all, being an owner of a big shop requires high-maintenance. It is important that you get the right products for your salon. You can take a look at this chair, which appears quite elegant and stylish. Bear in mind that it has a load capacity of 300 pounds, so when are looking for such features, make sure you check the relevant information. PU material is used in the making of this chair.

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Key Features & Specifications

  • Stylish Design
  • High-quality PU leather
  • The load capacity is 300 lbs
  • Elegant and comfortable
  • The hydraulic pump is lockable

09. BR Beauty “Kate” Professional Salon & Barber Auto Recline Shampoo Chair

If you are looking for a comfortable chair for your clients, you can take a look at this particular one. It appears simple but it can recline backward automatically when the client leans back! How interesting that would be for your client. The purpose of going to a spa or salon is grooming but a comfortable chair is like a cherry on the top! Depending on what specifically you are looking for, this chair can be a suitable addition for your salon. Don’t forget to check customer reviews!

Key Features & Specifications

  • Thick cushions to add more comfort to the back
  • Automatic reclining feature
  • The chrome arms are heavy-duty
  • Simple in appearance yet a suitable addition to the salon

08. FlagBeauty Black Hydraulic Barber Styling Chair

Sometimes it becomes really important to get the best styling chair. As you might be aware that a salon chair is integral salon equipment and purchasing a suitable salon or spa chair could be the only thing on your mind. You can take a look at this particular one! It appears modern and stylish, which is obvious from the image too! It is composed of heavy-duty steel frame so if you have been specifically looking for this feature, you might find this chair interesting.

Key Features & Specifications

  • The height is adjustable so you can adjust as per your preferences
  • The steel frame is heavy-duty
  • Even the hydraulic pump is heavy-duty
  • Extra comfortable because of the foam
  • Easy lock

07. Artist Hand 20″ Wide All Purpose Hydraulic Barber Chair

This particular styling chair could be a suitable addition to your salon or spa. The overall appearance and design are stylish that can add beauty to your salon. After all, you are looking for something unique and stylish for the comfort of your clients. It has a 360-degree swivel feature and it is composed of the premium steel frame. You can adjust the height based on the comfort of your client or for yourself when you are in the mood of getting a stylish look! The PVC leather cover allows comfortable sitting. It has many features that can you can check from the product details.

Key Features & Specifications

  • The hydraulic pump is heavy duty so you can expect comfort
  • PV leather cover for comfortable sitting
  • Adjustable height between 33-40 inches
  • Stylish and modern in appearance
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06. Barber Chair Salon Chair Styling Chair Heavy Duty

If you are looking for something traditional that reminds you of the barbershop you used to visit, you can take a look at this one! It is designed to be comfortable and has an ergonomic design. It allows you a flexible adjustable and consists of PU leather. When you place an order, this chair would arrive with all the accessories plus assembly of the chair would be quite simple! You can get more details from the product description.

Key Features & Specifications

  • The chair consists of PU leather covering
  • It has a chrome steel base
  • Cleaning the chair and assembly would be easy
  • It has a stylish yet comfortable design

05. SUNCOO Salon Chair

The red color of the chair is giving it a unique appearance and it could be eye-catchy for your customers. It is designed to be user-friendly and thus, using it would be pretty easy for you! It allows you a 360-degree rotation and has an adjustable height of 4-inches. It consists of the vinyl and chrome material that makes it durable. Cleaning the chair and its assembly is going to be easy for you!

Key Features & Specifications

  • The weight-bearing capacity of the chair is 330 pounds
  • Assembly of the chair is easy
  • It is waterproof and hence, you can wash it
  • It has a comfortable design and is user-friendly

04. SUNCOO All Purpose Hydraulic Barber Chair

When you have been a client at some salon, you would know how important it is to have a comfortable chair when getting the hair wash! A simple look at this particular chair would show its stylish appearance and you can know from the description that it is made of high-quality material. It is possible to rotate it 360 degrees and it is designed to be comfortable for the user. The design appears durable and you can keep it in your salon, spa, or wherever you prefer to make it comfortable for your clients.

Key Features & Specifications

  • It has a weight-bearing capacity of 440 pounds
  • The hydraulic pump is a heavy-duty
  • It has a stylish design and thus, wide application
  • It is rotatable and is composed of high-quality material

03. Shengyu Black Recline Hydraulic Styling Barber Chair

This hair spa beauty salon equipment could be the one that you have been looking for! It has a unique design and you can learn about the dimensions by going through the detailed description. Using this chair, you can adjust the height based on the comfort of your clients. It has a heavy-duty hydraulic pump. The steel frame is heavy-duty and this chair is designed to be comfortable for the clients! However, you can check the customer reviews to get more idea.

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Key Features & Specifications

  • It has heavy-duty construction and is designed to be durable
  • It can add comfort to your client’s experience
  • The height of the chair is adjustable

02. BeautyRiver Gold Classic Hydraulic Barber Chair

This salon and spa chair can be a stylish addition to your place depending on what theme you follow! It would be best to check the image in detail and read the product details along with the customer reviews before making a final purchase decision. The load capacity of this chair is 400 pounds. So, if you have been looking for this feature specifically, you can take a look at this chair. It consists of high-quality PU material. It allows you a 360-degree swivel rotation.

Key Features & Specifications

  • The minimum height of the seat is 20.8 inches whereas the maximum height is 26.3 inches
  • It consists of high-quality PU material
  • It has a unique design and could be suitable for any salon

01. Baasha White Salon Chairs for Hair Stylist

This salon and spa chair appears very stylish in white as you can see from the image also. It could be a suitable addition to any salon provided what theme you have been looking for! It is composed of high-quality material and consists of PU leather. The hydraulic pump is heavy-duty and would allow the height adjustment. The high-density foam is thick and offers additional comfort to the user. It allows a 360-degree swivel and hence, based on your requirement you can use it the way you like!

Key Features & Specifications

  • An extra comfortable and stylish addition to the salon
  • It consists of PU leather
  • You can rotate it the way you want because of 360-degree swivel
  • There are different colors available, this specific one is white


Finding a suitable chair for your spa or salon could be quite a task! However, with the help of a guide, it can be a little easier. Make sure you read the customer reviews if you are really into buying a certain chair. Going through the product details can give you an idea of whether these have been the features you were looking for!