Many kids are mesmerized when they see excavator trucks. They can have their own experience as a construction worker with our list of top 10 remote control excavators. These toys are well-made and are superb replicas of real trucks. They are modern, safe, and durable.

In this article, each truck toy is described briefly with specifications ranging from their functions to the type of battery used. Picking up the correct excavator toy for your little ones might be a hard process. To help you in choosing the best truck that will fit the kids, we have included a buying at the end of our article.

List of Best Remote Control Excavator for Sale in 2021

#10.Volvo RC Remote Control Excavators

3-in-1 Control Excavator with remote control

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Volvo is famous for its top-quality toys for kids. This Volvo RC excavator truck is an amazing replica of a real one.  The toy has been built on a scale of 1:16. Kids will love the excavator’s 17-channel functions. With its triple motors on the digging arm, the powerful excavator toy can dig. Moreover, it is equipped with a stainless steel shovel that can effectively carry sand, dirt, or soil for instance. It is a powerful excavator construction truck that can move forward, right, left, backward and its cab can rotate through 660 degrees.

With all these amazing features, your kids will have the greatest time! The toy is equipped with 2 rechargeable batteries, which when fully charged, allow ongoing performance for thirty minutes. In addition to that, the excavator truck includes a 2.4ghz transmitter that allows users to control the toy from a distance of at least 100 ft or more.

#9.DOUBLE E Remote Control Excavators

#9.DOUBLE E Remote Control Excavator

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This truck excavator toy is an awesome gift idea for birthdays or Christmas. With an exceptional 17-channel functions system, this DOUBLE E truck is equipped with 3 motors. For better performance and movement, the high-grade shovel and each arm can move separately. It has been developed so that kids can enjoy themselves with the best. The truck operates on  2 rechargeable batteries; when fully charged, they last up to 30 minutes. In addition to that, the package includes an extra spare battery so that your little one can prolong the fun time. The device is compatible with USB port charging.

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The DOUBLE E excavator truck is sturdy and long-lasting. Its shovel, made of alloy metals, can easily lift and transport things such as sand and dust. Having the health and safety of kids at heart, the arm, cab, shovel, and the other parts are made of non-toxic high-grade materials. This device is anti-interference and works on a 2.4 GHz transmitter.

#8. fisca Remote Control Excavators

#8. fisca Remote Control Excavator

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Get the fisca excavator for incredible fun times! This fisca construction has been designed to offer a smooth experience. It is an 11-channel functional excavator that is supported by its remote control that is suitable for a range of 10-100 meters. Unlike some other excavator trucks, this fisca is multi-player friendly; several players can play without any interference. The toy operates on rechargeable batteries that can be easily charged using a USB cable – it can be charged with a phone charger or PC USB charger.

Your little kids will fall in love with the abilities of our fisca construction vehicle. Its detailed cab can rotate 680 degrees and has an elevated hydraulic pole. In addition to that, its 3-section boom lifts up and down. Players will have endless fun bulldozing, dumping, loading, and digging. Last but not the least, it features an LED headlight; just like a real excavator truck!

#7. Top Race Jumbo Remote Control Excavator Forklift

#7. Top Race Jumbo Remote Control Excavator Forklift

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Many kids are fond of construction trucks. They dream about these amazing trucks and offering them this wonderful Top Race Jumbo forklift will amaze them. Constructed on a scale of 1:10, this forklift construction toy, 13 inches tall, features remarkably powerful motors that can lift things to 6 lbs. and can also pull weight of up to 26 lbs. Its fork can be extended to a height of up to 15 inches. You can use it with other remote-controlled toys without any interference.

Kids love how mobile the forklift can be! It moves backward, forward, left, and right. Its fork extends easily upwards and downwards. The toy also includes a crane hook and two pallets. The Top Race forklift has been built to last. It is constructed out of heavy metals. It is a perfect replica of a forklift and features realistic sound effects and lights.

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#6. DOUBLE E Remote Control Excavator

#6. DOUBLE E Remote Control Excavator

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This Double E excavator is a heavy-duty toy which is a precise replica of a real-life construction excavator. The whole excavator comes in an exceptional package making it an amazing gift to offer at Christmas or birthdays. It has a 1:20 scale and features rubber track tires. With its powerful motors, it can be used for several functions. The truck can dig through any direction. Likewise, its cab has a rotation capacity of 660 degrees in unlimited direction.

You can be sure that your kid will have the best time with the Double E excavator. The truck works with a 2.4GHz transmitter which allows control at a distance of more than 100 ft. Even with several players, the Double E excavator will operate without interference. The package also includes a 4.8v 800mAh rechargeable battery and a USB cable for charging the device.

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#5. DOUBLE E Remote Control Excavator Toy Truck

#5. DOUBLE E Remote Control Excavator Toy Truck

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Another Double E excavator toy truck for kids to have great times. For a greater experience, this model has an upgraded version. To allow the toy to move with more stability, the gear’s length and clearance have been modified. Likewise, the size of the package has been cut by 1/3 to make the package more portable. Kids will have a safe time playing with this Double E excavator; all parts (cab, shovel, arm…) are made of non-toxic materials.

The excavator truck has been designed taking into account all details about the toy. With its 8-channel full function, it can move backward and forward, left and right, and can rotate 360°. Kids can learn easily how to operate the truck by using the one-button auto demonstration tool; the truck can dig and load small pebbles, sands, or soil for instance. The truck has a rechargeable battery that can be charged with a USB cable charger.

#4. DOUBLE E 17 Remote Control Excavator Caterpillar

#4. DOUBLE E 17 Remote Control Excavator

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One of the highlights of this Double E excavator truck is the interchangeable 3 tools. These 3 tools ( shovel, grabber, and breaker) can be changed easily in a matter of seconds. With these tools, your kid will have fun digging, drilling, and capturing things with the flexible grabber.

With these powerful tools, your child will have the same experience as maneuvering a real excavator truck. For the safety of the kids and to protect the environment, the toy has made of non-toxic professional grade ABS plastic.

Kids will love how flexible and smooth the truck runs. Its cab has a 680-degree rotation capacity  and the shovel features flexible joints that can lift things and down easily. The excavator operates on a powerful rechargeable 800mah battery that lasts around 30-45 minutes when fully charged.

#3. Construction Toys 4 Pack Set

#3. Construction Toys 4 Pack Set

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This construction toy pack is ideal for toddlers and young kids of 3 to 6 years old. The pack includes 4 different types of construction trucks; road roller, excavator, lift truck and bulldozer. Each one of them is friction-powered and does not require any battery. It helps save costs as there is no need to replace batteries. All your kids have to do is push the trucks. With these different trucks, your little ones will enjoy hours of play and let their imagination free!

The construction pack has been designed ergonomically for younger kids. The trucks are of the perfect size for toddlers’ and young kids’ hands so that they can easily grab and push them. Kids will be able to do several maneuvers with the moveable arm of each truck. The products are very child-friendly; the trucks are made of durable plastic which is 100% non-toxic. For greater fun, we recommend using the package with a sandbox.

#2. fisca RC Truck 6 Remote Control Excavator, Metal Remote Control Excavator

#2. fisca RC Truck 6 Remote Control Excavator

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We are happy to have this dump truck toy in our list. This fisca 4-wheel drive is a sturdy toy that has 6 channels. It easily goes forward and backward, turns left and right, dumps its bed downward and upward. Your little ones will have an incredible time loading, controlling, and unloading the dump truck. The truck can be controlled through a 2.4Ghz high frequency and a long distance. In addition to that, one can play with the truck manually and have the same fun as with the remote control!

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This metal remote control excavator has a width of 12 inches and a height of 6 inches. It is a great replica of a real-life dump truck; it is equipped with a simulation motor, LED lights, and a very realistic design. With its 6V 400mA battery fully charged, the truck toy can operate for approximately half an hour. Made of quality ABS plastic, metal, and rubber, this fisca dump truck toy can be used both indoor and outdoor.

1#. Top Race Full Functional Remote Control Excavators

1#. Top Race Full Functional Remote Control Excavator

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If you are looking for an extremely powerful and sturdy construction tractor excavator, this Top Race excavator is what you need. This excavator toy is recommended for children aged 8 and above. Measuring 16” long, 7” wide and 9” tall, it is a 15 channel excavator toy that can dig in all directions thanks to its 3 separate motors on its arm. The cab can turn 360 degrees and the heavy-duty shovel can transport items such as sand or dirt from one location to another. It moves smoothly backward, forward, and turns right and left.

Additionally, it is well-built so that it lasts for years. Kids will have the feeling of controlling a real excavator; the toy is equipped with realistic LED lights and sounds. This toy uses a rechargeable battery that can be easily used by using a USB cable.

Remote Control Excavator Video

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Buying Guides – How to Choose the best Remote Control Excavators in 2021

 The type of trucks

There are different types of trucks with different functions. For example, there is the excavator truck and the dump truck. Likewise, some are bulldozers or road rollers. You might choose the one which will suit your child best.


Another important factor is to see the age recommendation for the truck toy. You should choose one which fits the age of the kids the gift is intended for. For instance, some trucks are big and are recommended for older children. On the other hand, some are specifically small, with no transmitter sometimes, so that young kids can play with them safely and comfortably.


You must also know how the truck operates. If it uses batteries, you should know what kind of charger is required. One which can be charged using a USB cable is very convenient as you have several charging options.

Other factors

Having a remotely controlled toy that does not interfere with others, in multi-player cases, may be an important factor in the playing experience.

Similarly, one should choose a toy that is sturdy so that it does not break when the kids play with it. Likewise, those trucks that are made of heavy-duty material are long-lasting.


A Remote Control Excavator is beneficial for your kids in so many ways. It teaches them to control a little vehicle, boosting their cognitive skills and offering plenty of fun. Hence, pick one of these goodies above soon. These RC excavators are offered at exceptional value, and your kids will love them!

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