Several accidents occur not only due to the negligence of some drivers but also because some have no idea of what’s behind them. That is where the best rear view mirror dash cam will come in handy. These cams are designed to be installed over the existing rear view mirrors, making them very easy to install.

Most of them feature wide fields of view that lets you see and record what’s behind you to enable you to park and maneuver safely. Best of all, with the right rear view mirror dash cam, you can record every aspect of your driving to present for an insurance claim in case of an accident. Without further ado, here are some of the products that made it to the top 10 best rear view mirror dash cam in 2021 reviews

List of the Best Rear View Mirror Dash Cam in 2021 on

01. TOGUARD Backup Camera 7″ Rearview Mirror Dash Cam

Enjoy real-time recording and monitoring when driving using the TOGUARD Backup Camera 7″ Rearview Mirror Dash Cam. It has a simple but well-designed interface that is easy to navigate and set the multifunctional menu. This rear view mirror dash cam is equipped with a reverse camera kit to enable you to park without the help of guidelines and reverse without turning around.

It boasts a powerful G-sensor function to auto-lock the recorded video when collision is detected in the event of an accident so it’s there for your insurance company. This dash cam is engineered with a one-key switching design that makes it convenient for you to switch between the five view modes depending on your needs.

It has an exquisite appearance with a 2.5D upgraded anti-glare glass mirror to provide a unique sense of vision and touch. Moreover, this unit this dash cam comes with a user manual to ensure easy setup and operation; no special skills needed.

Key Features

  • Wide and clear 7-inch touch screen
  • Front and rear dual lenses with waterproofing
  • 3 rubber straps for fixing the front camera
  • Built-in parking monitor with built-in battery
  • Simple and easy to use interface

02. TOGUARD Backup Camera 4.3 Inch Rear View Mirror Dash Cam

With dual dash cam design, the TOGUARD Backup Camera 4.3 Inch Rear View Mirror Dash Cam captures the road front (170º) and back rear (120º) in crystal details. It has a half-screen display style that will not prevent you from seeing the back view while driving. This mirror dash cam features 4 view modes with a one-touch switch.

The switch makes it easy for you to switch the view mode quickly from front, rear, full screen, or pictures. The recorded video in this mirror dash cam is split into 1, 2, or 3-minute segments. There is a seamless loop recording function that overwrites the oldest footage with the newest upon filling a card to capacity.

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Best of all, this mirror dash cam is engineered to accommodate a 32GB memory card to help hold lots of videos. With the function of enhanced night vision, this cam lets you see it through clearly at night. Besides, it has a backup camera that will automatically display reverse image in any situation when the R gear is engaged for utmost convenience.

Key Features

  • Dual dash cam and parking monitor
  • 4.3-inch display and 1080P HD recording
  • Variable sensitivity Gravity-sensor
  • User-friendly one-touch switch craftsmanship
  • Easy-installation and operation design

03. Jinyue Car DVR Rear view Mirror Video Recorder

Built to use only two silicone straps, the Jinyue Car DVR Rear view Mirror Video Recorder is easy to install on the car’s original rearview mirror. It is, therefore, suitable for use on any type of car including trucks and pickups. This rear view mirror dash cam has multiple display modes.

The first one is the full-screen front camera recording, the second is full-screen rear mirror recording, the third is the video of two cameras being shown simultaneously. The screen is designed to manually or automatically turn off. And when turned off, it can be used as a normal rear view mirror while it continues to record without any issues.

With an image processing application DWR technology, this rear view mirror dash cam records brighter and clearer videos each time. The rear camera is waterproof to present clear image of objects and vehicles around you when driving. Although not included, this dash cam supports a micro SD memory card up to 128 GB to provide more storage capacity and longer recording.

Key Features

  • The front camera has 6-layer HD glass lenses
  • Guideline for parking assures your safety
  • Intuitive and user-friendly 4.3-inch interface
  • Free rear camera extension cable
  • 5 rubber straps for quick and simple installation

04. AKASO 10-inch Mirror Dash Camera for Cars

Easy and safe parking is guaranteed when you have the AKASO Mirror Dash Camera for Cars. It is built to automatically switch to the reversing image while reversing. This mirror dash cam features a 170-degree wide viewing angle to ensure maximum coverage for blind sports. The included parking monitor ensures it can record and save footages automatically if your car is scratched by someone while you’re parking.

Plus, this unit has a large screen that is easy to view so you don’t have to playback on a computer. This dual dash cam is equipped with front and back mirror cams both are 1080P to deliver HD recording details. It is equipped with an advanced Sony IMX307 sensor and F1.86 glass fixed focus lenses to provide more soft and clear image in low light situations.

Thus, this dash cam is the best for recording more clear and visible video for front and rear while driving at night. With 32GB SD in the package, you don’t have to buy a memory card separately. And if the SD card is full, the loop recording function will automatically cover the oldest video.

Key Features

  • Waterproof 1080P backup camera
  • Smart reversing image angle
  • 10-inch stream media touch screen
  • 170º super-wide viewing angle
  • Built-in G-sensor for emergency lock

05. AKASO 2.5K Mirror Dash Cam DL12

The AKASO 2.5K Mirror Dash Cam DL12 delivers ultra-HD video resolution up to 2.5K for much clearer front images. It has a 1080P rear camera to also provide remarkable details than the traditional 720P. This mirror dash cam boasts a 170-degree front adjustable angle lens and a 150-degree rear angle lens to reduce blind spots and capture more scenes on the road.

It adopts the Hisilicon Hi3556 processor and Sony IMX335 starvis sensor to ensure excellent video with vivid color and sharp clarity. With one GPD module included, this rear view mirror dash cam enables you to record real time location, driving speed, and current driving track.

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Thus, you get reliable evidence when traffic accidents happen. This dash cam features powerful looping recording technology that allows for continuous recording even if the SD memory card reaches the full capacity. Also, it includes a G-sensor to detect a sudden collision and lock the collision footage.

Key Features

  • The parking monitor functions as a surveillance camera system
  • 12-inch wider live stream rear view
  • DL1 backup camera that provides more traffic information
  • Super night vision with greater balance on light and dark areas
  • 6 glass fixed focus lens

06. Karsuite M9 Mirror Dash Cam for Cars

The simple interface and fast response time of the Karsuite M9 Mirror Dash Cam gives you the best display experience. It supports 2.5K and 1080P waterproof rear view camera recording so you can record clear images and videos in any situation. This dash cam uses 170°adjustable front lens and 140° rear lens field of view to reduce blind spot and capture more on the road.

What’s more, it is equipped with M9 dash cam with GPS support to record the driving speed, route, and direction. Featuring Sony IMX335 TRAVIS technology, this dash cam enables you to have an excellent visual experience both at night and during the day.

It has a free 32GB TF memory card included to give you more recording capacity. This dash cam will record the video in a loop and when the car crashes it automatically locks the accident video so it is not deleted. And when the car is powered off, it automatically enters the parking monitoring mode for utmost convenience.

Key Features

  • Super night vision function
  • 12-inch IPS anti-glare touch screen
  • Parking monitor and reverse assist system
  • Supports 8GB to 128 GB class memory cards
  • Adjustable front and rear view angle

07. j JUNSUN Backup Camera 10 inch Mirror Dash Cam

The j JUNSUN Backup Camera 10 inch Mirror Dash Cam is designed for easy installation and operation. All you have to do is simply fit it over your existing rear view mirror and install the cabin of the car, plug and voila! This mirror dash cam boasts a large streaming media screen to allow you to see more traffic information.

It comes with dual cameras each with a resolution of 1080P and 720P to deliver for HD recordings. Both cameras work simultaneously to record the road ahead and behind you, assuring you safety in the event of an accident or insurance claim.

This dual dash cam adopts F2.0 aperture and high dynamic range to let more light come in and adjust the imaging. Hence, you are assured of clearer footage and image so you can easily see the plate number even in low light conditions.

Key Features

  • G-sensor with auto-lock function
  • Loop recording enabling when SD card is full
  • Superior night vision for clearer footage
  • 10-inch large user-friendly interface
  • High resolution dual recording cameras

08. WOLFBOX 12“Rearview Mirror Dash Cam

Clearly record all the details for your car driving when you have the WOLFBOX 12“Rearview Mirror Dash Cam. It is equipped with upgraded Sony lenses with a higher resolution of 1296P to improve the display experience. This dash cam is engineered with WDR technology with the ability to compensate light and dark spots of the frame to restore the true colors of objects.

It combines this advanced analogy high definition technology for a better night vision experience. Even better, this dash cam comes with rubber straps and user manual for simple installation. Featuring built-in high-quality chip, this dash cam records front and rear objects with high resolution of 1297P and 1080P respectively.

It applies a low-reflectivity display to reduce reflection and prevent glare during the day. The 6 layer glass ensure the license plate and other small wordings are clearly displayed. Furthermore, this dash cam is OEM looking to make the mirror camera perfectly integrated with the existing mirror.

Key Features

  • 2.5D curved screen suitable for the curvature of the human retina
  • Parking monitoring and reversing aid system
  • Rubber straps for easy installation
  • 12-inch screen with a broader view
  • Adjustable display view angle
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09. VVCAR 12″ Mirror Dash Cam with GPS

Built with a combination of F1.8 large aperture, HDR, and WDR, the VVCAR 12″ Mirror Dash Cam ensures utmost clarity of images at night. Thus, you don’t need an auxiliary light source even in low light situations. This dash cam has 1296P dual lens streaming media with 170 degrees wide angle to record clear video with high resolution.

It comes with a backup camera display with guidelines to assist you in safe parking. This mirror dash cam is easy to install as all you have to do is attach it to the existing rear view mirror with rubber straps. Connect the charger with the camera then hide extra cable into the interior panel for a clean look.

This dash cam is designed with the loop recording function that automatically overwrites the earliest video segment when the SD card is full. Additionally, it is backed by a 3-year warranty to boost your confidence in buying.

Key Features

  • Lane departure warning system
  • 12-inch FHP touchscreen with GPS tracking
  • Wide angle field of view
  • G-sensing system with emergency locking
  • Parking monitor that acts as a surveillance guard when vehicle is off

10. SPADE 12″ Mirror Touch Screen Dash Cam

The voice command feature is what sets the SPADE 12″ Mirror Touch Screen Dash Cam apart from the other dash cams. Hence, you don’t need extra wiring to trigger the backup camera as you can just give it a voice command. This dash cam uses 2.5K front camera plus 1080P camera.

The live streaming video is continuously displayed on the high-resolution for easy viewing. It has a wide angle of view to enable you to view everything behind you without the blind spots. This unit comes with a GPS module to only show the location of the recording but also the speed.

The wide angle of view can be adjusted y swiping the screen to get the right view while driving and reversing. This dash cam is made up of looping recording function to overwrite the earliest unlocked footage if the SD card is full. Plus, it supports maximum 128GB SD card that you can buy separately to increase the recording capacity.

Key Features

  • Powerful functions and strong hardware
  • Built-in G-sensor with emergency lock
  • Parking monitor and GPS tracker
  • Unique smart voice control system
  • 12-inch easy-to-use touch screen

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Rear View Mirror Dash Cam

To get the right cam, there are a number of things you need to put into considerations, read on to find out more.


To get the most out of the rear view mirror dash cam you buy make sure the resolution is good enough. This will enable you to easily see the car model, face, and license plates. While the cam resolution varies from one dash cam to another, ensure it is at least 720P or more.


For a crystal clear view of your footage, choose a dash cam with a large display. Ideally, it should occupy less space than an ordinary rear view mirror while giving you the detailed view you need. Also, the display needs a superior night vision to enable you to get clear recordings in any kind of environment.

Loop Recording

Loop recording is the feature that helps to save memory space by overwriting the oldest footages with new ones. Thus, your mirror dash cam won’t run out of memory so it can keep recording indefinitely. As such, it is a must-have feature for any dash cam, especially if you have a small SD card memory.


You may be an excellent driver but the best rear view mirror dash cam might just be what you are missing to stay safe on the road at all times. They are easy to use and most of them come with user manuals for the same. Make sure you go through the above compilation to take home the right dash cam.