You will never know how easy your life is until you have the right tools next to you when you have to do any tasks. One of the tools that every household can’t live without is pruning shears (or commonly known as hand pruner). A pruning shear can be used for many purposes although the most commonly used for this is in gardening. High quality and sturdy best pruning shears that easily cut any tree branch and gives a perfect look to your garden.

If you are here looking for the best pruning shear, here in this article, we will be introducing the top 10 best products from different leading brands in the market. Keep reading to find out what are these top picks are.

List of the Best Pruning Shears 2021

10. Classic Manual Hand Pruner by FELCO

The first product on the list is from FELCO. What’s great about FELCO is that it has an anvil blade that can cut through any harden branch with an exact adjustment that you wish for.

Because the blade is made of high quality hardened steel, it can be used to cut anything easily without consuming a lot of time. It also has the rubber cushion and shock absorber features on the handles in order to prevent users from getting their hand pains as they use it.

This product also comes with a limited lifetime warranty, so once you purchase it, you don’t have to worry if there’s anything wrong with the product because FELCO will always support you regardless.

09. Razor Sharp Bypass Pruning Shears by Garden Elite

Here at the top 9th, we have another high-quality pruning shear from Garden Elites. Featuring Alpha six trimmers, this pruning shears is one of the best on the market so far because it can save a lot of your time going gardening while resulting in a well-done effort. The steel-using for this is Japanese SK-5, non-stick, hard and sharp, so it’s perfect as a cutting tool. It is also well-coated to prevent the blade from getting rusted.

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Besides, when purchasing, you will be an extra blade so that you can always use the new blade when the old one is less-performed. The handle also features with non-slip rubber grip, so it gives comfort as you are operating it. Similarly, this product also offers a lifetime warranty that will ensure their product will remain right to the customers.

08. Ratchet Pruning Shears by The Gardener’s Friend

Moving onto the top 8th, we have this commercial-grade product from The Gardener’s Friend. Simply by telling the name, this product is clearly what every Gardener should have. The product is best known for its soft grip that allows people; even with hand pain or weak grip, to still be able to use it to perfect their garden. It’s great to use to trim flowers, trees or shrubs.

Moreover, it can even cut through a glower that is as small as 1-inch thick without damaging the flower. This tool is also completely safe and pain-free to use, so even senior gardeners can still use it.

07. Best Garden Shears, Tree Trimmer by Haus & Garten

Another heavy-duty pruning shear at the top 7th is from Haus & Garten. What’s best about this product is that it uses premium titanium coated Japanese steel as a blade, so it’s very durable and sharp; which is perfect for cutting or trimming tasks. Besides, the blade also has a well-coated finished that ensures long-lasting protection for it to resists rust and corrosion.

This pruning shear is also capable of cutting any plant that is 1-inches thick because it has the Micrometric Adjustment System that you can easily adjust the cutting alignment. This tool is perfect for any with medium to large hand size; both men and women, and it also has the non-slip ergonomic handle that is easy to handle and cut.

On top of this, Haus & Garten’s pruning shear also has the shock absorption pads that can prevent users from getting wrist strain.
Last but not least, this product also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you don’t have to worry about any single cent you spend with Haus & Garten at all.

06. Hand Pruners, Garden Clippers by Gonicc

Here at the top 6th, we have another premium quality pruning shear from Gonicc. Similar to the previous product on top 7th, Gonicc also uses industrial-grade titanium steel that is polished with ultra-fine technology, so the razer that you have with Gonicc is super-sharp. On top of this, it is branch size, so this pruning shear can pretty much cut any tree species.

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Gonicc also made its pruning shear to be ergonomically comfortable for handling since it is padded with soft and lightweight cover. So definitely, Gonicc is one pruning shear that you need to look for.

05. Garden Shears Drop Forged Hand Pruners by Doolini NATURE

Coming onto the top 5th, we have this ultra-strong pruning shear from Doolini NATURE. Carefully constructed using titanium-coated Japanese carbon steel for its blade and aluminum for its handle, this pruning shear is sturdy and heavy-duty, yet it’s very lightweight.

Moreover, the scissor handle is also focused on comfort, anti-slip, and anti-fatigue, so it’s super safe to use. Besides, this pruning shear is also incorporated the smart lock mechanism that can lock the tool by simply pushed the button upward. By doing that, it can protect users from any injury; especially when this pruning shear is stored in any hidden area.

Talking about the look, by the way, Doolini Nature is highly aesthetic because it in shiny rose gold color, so you can always feel the excitement when every time you are using it.

04. Best Tree Trimmer, Garden Shears by Haus & Garten

Here at the top 4th, we have yet another best pruning shear from Huas & Garten, with a model known as EnduroPRO. What’s special about EnduroPRO compares to the previous model from Huas & Garten, ClasssicPRO, is that this one is capable to cut the tree branch that is size is up to 1 inch without causing any problem to itself or to the user. Moreover, the way it’s designed is made for it to prevent the shock that can possibly bring wrist injury or hand fatigue.

Besides, this tool is also perfect for those who have medium or large hand size. On the same note, this tool also has lightweight metal and cushion padded on the handle that gives comfort when you are using. Last but not least, you will also get a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee every time you purchase this tool from Haus & Garten, too.

03. PrecisionPRO Ideal Shrub Plant Scissors & Rose Cutter by Haus & Garten

On the top 3rd, we have another high-quality pruning shear from Haus & Garten. What’s different from this model, PrecisionPRO, to another two models from this brand mentioned previously in the list is that PrecisionPRO is perfect to use for cutting or trimming any tree that has lighter pruning or small bushes because its blade can easily reach to inner branches of any tree species. Therefore, you can get the optimal and most precise cut to the edge.

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Similarly, this pruning shear has leading materials and product guarantees like the rest of the products from Huas & Garten. Hence, if you are looking for any pruning shear that can serve the mentioned purpose, PrecisionPRO is definitely the one for you.

02. Premium Hand Pruner by Cate’s Garden

Here at the top 2nd, we have this premium quality pruning shear from Cate’s Garden. What’s so special about this lies in its super high-quality SK5 Japanese cutlery that is used to make the steel blades, so it’s 100% guaranteed on the durability and hard sharpness of this blade, so it can be used to cut any tree with effective result. Besides, its blade also has the sap give that can prevent the gumming to stick on the blade.

Moreover, it also owns smart defining features that allow the pruning shear to be able to up ¾ inches cutting capacity; especially with its 45 degrees angled blade. Lastly, when you purchase this pruning shear from Cate’s Garden, you will always go back home with the 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, too.

01. Steel Blade Bypass Pruning Shears by Gonicc

Finally, moving to the last one which is the Number 1 best pruning shear from Gonicc. This time, its GPPS-1004 model is the greatest among all because it uses the professional and ultra-sturdy SK-5 steel which is the highest standard of steel that can be sharpened for the most precise cut.

It can be ideally used for cutting stems or branches. Similar to another pruning shear, this product also has the sap groove design that can prevent any sap from sticking on the blade; allowing it to be easily cleaned.

Gonicc also makes its pruning shear to come with a safety lock that allows you to lock it and prevent any unexpected injury. Another greatest point about this pruning shear that other products barely have is that it has a lifetime satisfaction guarantee, so it’s completely risk-free to own this regardless of how long you use it.

Buying Guide:

Moving to how to choose the right pruning shear, first and one of the most important features that you should look for is the size of the pruning shear. Although most of the pruning shear comes with just one size for all; however, if you have a small hand, you can’t expect to use the big pruning shear and be convenient with it. Hence, it’s better to see the product dimension so that you know if it’s too big or too small for your hand.

Besides, what you want also look for in a pruning shear is the cushion or padded handle because it can absorb all the shocks that can also prevent your wrist from getting fatigued or injury.


Here at this point in the article, you should be now equipped with all the important information that you’d need to get the best pruning shear.