You need loads of energy when expecting! Despite everything, you have a beautiful bump with a growing baby inside.

During the first couple of trimesters, you have no difficulty sleeping, but as your baby grows, it becomes uncomfortable finding a proper sleeping position.

Thus, having a pregnancy pillow helps to find a perfect sleeping position as you can comfortably snuggle with it making a huge difference.

To help you get comfortable with a safe sleeping position, we compiled a list of the best U Shaped and C Shaped pillows to invest your money.

We want to provide you with further help. There is a buying guide to use with the selection to find a suitable pillow for pregnancy at the end.

Best U Shaped and C Shaped Pregnancy Pillows Reviews

10. AngQi Maternity Body Pillow

 AngQi Maternity Body Pillow
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Here we have a fantastic U shaped pregnancy pillow that will provide you with the rest you need. You can easily find a comfortable position for sleeping faster. The cushion helps alleviate pain in different parts of the body. The pillow has a soft jersey design with ample fill for comfort.

You can use the cushion in different ways and help improve sleep. You can comfortably lounge in it, and the pillow is made well. At first, it may feel lumpy because of the vacuum seal and needs time to air back up. So give it time, as it will become soft.

U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow at a glance:

  • 70-Inch gray velvet cover with one extra white cotton cover
  • Follows the contour of expecting moms body
  • Measures 70-inches in length and has a width of 35-inches
  • Gives total body support for relief of back pain
  • The cover has a double zipper design for removal
  • Machine washable with inner polyester cover
  • Filled with polyester hollow fiber

What we like:

  • Soft and comfortable
  • Enough fill
  • Helps make lounging comfortable
  • Improves sleep

What we do not like:

  • Not a concern but does take a while to air out after opening

9. INSEN Maternity Pillow

 INSEN Maternity Pillow
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Whether you are expecting or had a hysterectomy, the pillow for pregnancy helps keep you sleeping on the back comfortably. If you are a side sleeper, it will help you sleep comfortably and work well combined with an H pillow. With the C shape cushion, you can use it in different setups for comfort.

Furthermore, if you have dogs sleeping with you, it provides enough space between you and your pets. You can use it to lie on your back or side and reduce the number of cushions on the bed. The cover you can wash easily and fluffs up nicely.

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C Shaped Pregnancy Pillow at a glance:

  • C shape design made with polyester
  • Made with high-density foam and long silk cotton
  • Suitable to use in different sleeping positions
  • Comes with zippers on the inner and outer lining case for washing

What we like:

  • Worth every penny
  • Removable covers for cleaning
  • Versatile to use in different positions

What we do not like:

  • No problems as it fluffs out as soon as you open the package

8. Meiz U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

 Meiz U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow
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The pillow for pregnancy is long enough to keep the back, hips, and legs from paining. Whether you are expecting or suffer from chronic pain, the U shaped cushion is a big help. The pillow supports you on the right or left side comfortably.

You need no added cushions for the head with the pillow, and the cover removed for washing. We recommend ordering an extra pillowcase when removing the other one. The cushions are thick and firm, but your body can run warm if you are still in the menopausal stage.

U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow at a glance:

  • Made with soft cooling jersey cover and machine washable
  • Firm yet soft structure
  • Suitable for all to use
  • Supports the head, knees, hips, legs, and head

What we like:

  • Long enough for the body
  • Supports the whole body
  • Thick and firm design
  • Removable cover for washing

What we do not like:

  • Can get a bit warm

7. PharMeDoc C Shaped Pillow

 PharMeDoc C Shaped Pillow
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The pregnancy pillow does wonders for sleeping during your pregnancy. You will not wrestle with your cushions anymore as it keeps the whole body aligned. So if you struggle to get your pelvic realigned, investing in the C-shaped pillow can help.

You have no trouble getting comfortable with the length available, but we feel it could have a bit more fluff in the head section. However, the jersey knit is soft and comfy. You will love the feel of the pillow against the body without leaving you sweating.

C Shaped Pregnancy Pillow at a glance:

  • Made with cotton canvas and comes with a storage bag
  • Replaces multiple bed pillows
  • Adjustable filling that adapts to the body shape
  • Perfect for anyone to use to relieve pain
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

What we like:

  • Comfortable to use
  • Once opened, it feels like cuddling a cloud
  • Removable cover for washing

What we do not like:

  • Disappointing quality and strength of the pillow seams

6. Oubonun Pregnancy Pillows

 Oubonun Pregnancy Pillows
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The U shaped pregnancy pillow is exceptionally soft and versatile to use. You feel the softness of the velvet on both sides, and the cover removed for cleaning. You will find it keeps you in one position comfortably when sleeping. However, with time, you do steamroll it with the body, and it starts to flatten.

While you can bend it in different positions to use, it does cause a flat spot when turned a lot. Furthermore, it offers you good value for money, and your cats will love it to nest in the curve. So with these notes in mind, you can decide if the pillows are made for you.

U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow at a glance:

  • Measures 55-inches by 31-inches
  • Made with a velvet cover and polyester filling
  • Multipurpose design to use in different positions
  • Replaces five-bed pillows
  • Zip cover to remove for cleaning

What we like:

  • Easy to use
  • Once opened, it feels like hugging a cloud
  • Detachable cover for washing

What we do not like:

  • The fluff wears off with time

5. Queen Rose Maternity Pillow with Satin Cover

 Queen Rose Maternity Pillow with Satin Cover
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While the U shaped maternity pillow is a great cushion to have, we have mixed feelings about it. The pillow is super soft and comfortable and provides you with head support. The leg supports are impressive, but it would be nice to line the hips perfectly to your back if it were a bit taller.

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For this reason, you need to use it with a thinner cushion to work well. You can cuddle up with it comfy, and the sides have a perfect width to hold during the night. You get a cradling effect when using it throughout the night. However, your husband may not enjoy it as it creates a barrier between you.

U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow at a glance:

  • Polyfills fabric to adapt to your needs
  • Follows the shape of the body
  • Provides relief for pain
  • Versatile and multifunctional design replacing other cushions
  • Pure satin cover you can wash in the machine
  • Fitted with a double zipper

What we like:

  • Soft silky cover
  • Comfortable to use anywhere
  • Keeps your body in one place

What we do not like:

  • Does create a barrier between couples

4. COMFYSURE Pregnancy Pillow

 COMFYSURE Pregnancy Pillow
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There is no other way to describe the C shaped maternity pillow except that it is comfortable. The structure is firm and thick, similar to a down pillow. You will find sleeping with it for the first time memorable. The cushion supports the whole body from all sides.

You can use the pillow during the day to lounge wrapped in a circular shape to provide back and leg support when sitting. One thing you will notice is that you do not need added cushions to get comfortable. Furthermore, it takes up less space so hubby can sleep a bit closer to you.

C Shaped Pregnancy Pillow at a glance:

  • Provides full-body support for lounging and sleeping
  • Measures 28.5-inches by 58-inches made for queen and king-sized beds
  • Made with polyester and the covers machine washable

What we like:

  • Very comfortable
  • Helps relieve pain in the body
  • Worth the price

What we do not like:

  • Some quality concerns with the cover

3. U Shaped Pillow for Pregnancy

 U Shaped Pillow for Pregnancy
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Yes, here we have another COMFYSURE maternity pillow we know, but this one has a U shape available to get comfortable. The cushions are exceptional for pregnancies with a firm design. The crucial thing is the cushions, not for a person who enjoys a soft pillow.

With the U shape, there is no need to move the cushion around when shifting. The figure is fantastic, with a great concept at a low price. You get support for the head and the rest of the body using the pillow. So if you do not mind a firm cushion, make sure to check it out today.

U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow at a glance:

  • Super long shape to support your whole body
  • Can use it for lounging and sleeping
  • Measures 39-inches by 59-inches
  • Made with polyester and comfortable for breastfeeding
  • The cover removed for washing in the machine

What we like:

  • Comfortable with firm filling
  • Replaces a lot of other cushions
  • Easy to clean

What we do not like:

  • No faults with excellent customer service and made for people who love a firm pillow

2. Chilling Home Pregnancy Pillow

 Chilling Home Pregnancy Pillow
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The Zooti maternity pillow offers you a great price with a soft and supportive design. With the C shape design, you can sleep deeply throughout the night. The cushion hugs the body in all the right places to keep you resting through the night.

You can use it for sleeping, lounging, and breastfeeding comfortably. On the other hand, it works well if you have body pain to make it a bit more bearable at night. The inside of the pillow has poly filling with a removable cover for cleaning.

C Shaped Pregnancy Pillow at a glance:

  • Supports the whole body for lounging and sleeping
  • Made with poly filling with full-body support
  • Retains fullness and has a cover to remove for cleaning
  • Measures 55-inches by 28-inches with a C shape

What we like:

  • Great price
  • Sturdy pillow and comfortable
  • Supportive of the whole body

What we do not like:

  • No disappointments using the maternity pillow

1. BATTOP Maternity Pillow with Cotton Cover

 BATTOP Maternity Pillow with Cotton Cover
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The pregnancy pillow is suitable for everyone to use struggling to sleep. The over-sized U shape provides comfort to support every part of your body for pain relief. The cushion cradles the body to give you sound sleep. On the other hand, it has a removable cotton cover with fiber cotton filling.

The filling allows adjustability to shape it according to your needs. The zipper allows you to remove the cover and wash it in the machine. Furthermore, it comes with a money-back guarantee if ever you feel it is not comfortable enough for your needs.

U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow at a glance:

  • Shapes into multiple positions for lounging and sleeping
  • Covered with a removable cotton pillowcase
  • Filled with cotton to conform to any shape
  • Money-Back Guarantee

What we like:

  • Comfortable with pain relief
  • Comes with a reusable bag
  • Affordable price

What we do not like:

  • Takes up loads of space on the bed

U Shaped and C Shaped Pregnancy Pillow Buying Guide

When choosing a maternity pillow, it all comes down to preference and your needs. A fact is the pillow for pregnancies serves a purpose for expecting moms and everyone else to use. The cushion helps to lessen discomfort in the body if you suffer from pain. Here are some tips you read to find a suitable one for your needs.

Choosing the Correct Size

You can find the U shaped and C shape pillow in different sizes and need to consider your bed when using it. A queen or king-size bed with a giant pregnancy pillow works well compared to using it on a smaller bed. Further, take your height and length into consideration. The cushion you find is measured in width, height, and length.

The Style

The U shaped cushion has a massive design with a long length and width. The pillow does an excellent job of supporting the body where needed the most. Whether you lie on top of it or cuddle up with the pillow, it has you covered.

However, the maternity pillow does not work well if you share a bed with someone special, causing a barrier. The C shaped pillow is the little brother and has a long length with a slimmer build. For side sleepers, the cushion for pregnancy works well, and it takes up less space.

The Filling

Both shapes of pillows you find are made with different fillings. When filled with memory foam, it forms to the body, and you feel yourself sinking into the cushion. Once you get up from the pillow, it retains the shape.

Then you get a Styrofoam ball filling as found in beanbags. The filling also forms to the body, but memory foam works better and is less noisy. Another filling is polyester fiber and does not contour to the body as other fabrics. You get a firm pillow that is dense, also referred to as polyfill.

Ease of Use

Cleaning the maternity pillow is crucial, and it helps when you receive the U shaped or C shape cushion with removable covers. You can find the cushion with polyester, cotton, or silk pillowcases, making cleaning a breeze in the washing machine. When selecting your pregnancy pillow, make sure to find replacement covers to fit the cushion without struggling.

Final Thoughts

As an expecting mom, you get loads of ups and downs during your pregnancy. Your hormones run all over the place, making it impossible to sit, stand, and sleep. Therefore, if you are struggling to sleep, we ask you to consider looking at the U shaped and C shaped pregnancy pillow that works for you.

Think about it this way; once a baby is born, you can use it to sleep, which helps with breastfeeding comfortably. The pillows are versatile to use and made for more than a maternity pillow. The cushion will provide you comfort after the baby is born to help relieve that pain that only lasts for a couple of days.