If you like to lounge in your garden, then you will probably need a good bench. And, guess what? Now you can have both a storage container plus a comfortable bench in just one item. With an outdoor storage bench, you can store your gardening tools and your typical picnic material with ease. So, what are the Best Outdoor Storage Benches you can find?

List of the Best Outdoor Storage Benches

10. 70 Gallon Outdoor Storage Benches for Patio Decor by Keter

From Keter, you will get perfect storage and a comfy bench in one unit. This bench is attached with arms and backrest. You also get a huge and spacious space for storing. The materials are natural woods. It is water and UV resistant for outside use. You would only need a damp cloth to clean the product. It is suitable for all-season uses.

The seat is wide enough for 2 adults or 3-4 kids. The lid is also lockable since they attached it with a padlock. The padlock can help you prevent leaking and thieving. You can also set the whole thing up by yourself at home after you purchase the product.

09. Westwood Plastic Outdoor Deck Storage Container Box by Keter

With this one, even though there are no arms or backrests, you can also sit on this bench normally as it is. This one can also be used through all weather with a waterproof and UV proof. It is made of 100% natural woods which allow you to clean it easily with no effort. You can also set it all up by yourself because it is quick and convenient to do.

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The box can hold many kinds of stuff with no worry about the lack of space. It is also leak-proof since its lid was designed with a padlock. The whole box is steady and strong which is comfortable to sit on with no worry of it breaking.

08. 50 Gallon Patio Bench with Storage by Suncast

The design of this product is sleek and slim. If you like fancy and small size types, then this is the one for you. Despite its design and size, you can still use it for both outdoor and indoor. It is durable with UV and water resistance. Its innovative design makes the water flow out of the bench without leaking into the storage part.

It is also attached to the padlock which prevents it from losing the stuff you put in the container. It is also user-friendly which means you can easily assemble all the parts by yourself without any tool needed.

07. Deck Storage Container Box for Outdoor Patio Furniture by Keter

This Keter bench has the same features as the other Keter products but the difference is the size. It now can contain bigger and larger products. It is also built with double-walled wickers that are able to resist water from leaking inside. The product is still UV proof with a stronger material.

The lid is lifted and closes slower hands-free. For cleaning, it is still as easy as the previous one. The color of the wood is rot and peel free. You will not need to polish this bench even after using it for a long time.

06. Outdoor Storage Benches and Deck Box for Patio Furniture by Keter

If the premier one is still not big enough, you can try the Borneo one. This one increased in size and is also added with a new design. The material is natural wood which is long-lasting. The frame is strong; it can hold 2 adults. The color will stay on for a lifetime. There will be no peel, rot, or dent.

The lid features an automatic opening mechanism that allows you to open the lid hands free. The storage part also includes a padlock. The product is easy to put together. The seat is strong and comfortable to use.

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05. Bench Couch Chair Patio Furniture by TangKula

There are arms and backrest sticks with the storage. It also comes with a soft and thick cushion. The bench is light-weighted and easy to move around. It also water and sun proof. The assembly is simple and straightforward. The material is waterproof and fade-proof.

You do not need to worry about color peeling off or cracking results in use for a long period of time. The company also provides customer service for maintenances. The full purchase includes all the tools and hardware you need to set up the product.

04. Outdoor Storage Bench Container with Seat by GDY

The frame of this top-rated storage bench is made of UV-protected resin while the wicker is hand-woven. The product is also waterproof and UV resistant. They also add a waterproof cushion in the purchase. It is useable for both indoor and outdoor. The bench will not be stain, peel, or dent since it is made of resin and best quality wood.

It is also convenient to wash and you will not need to polish the bench at all. The components are easy to set up. It also added handles that allow you to move it around easily. It is strong and steady which can hold 2 adults or 3-4 kids.

With a large capacity of 113 gallons, you can store grill supplies, all kinds of pool toys, your gardening supplies outdoor, your kid toys, and furniture cushions to prevent rain etc. Natural element created into your home with our Resin Wicker Storage trunk.

03. 130 Gallon Outdoor Storage Deck Box by Lifetime

This one is also attached with a molded handle that is easy to move things around with no struggle. It is very durable; you can use it for all kinds of weather. There will be no peel, crack, or fade in the material of the product.

The set-up is straightforward and simple; you will not need any tools. The lid can be open for over 90 degrees. Its seat is also wide and can hold 2 adults. They also give you 10 years of warranty.

02. Outdoor Storage Bench Deck Box by Ulax Furniture

Ulax Furniture has got a unique design with high durability. The item comes with a cushion when you buy it. The handle is inserted for a better control of the product. It can also be used in all kinds of weather; you will not need to worry about damaging the bench.

It is constructed with an inner liner that helps prevents water or snow from going in. You can use it both inside and outside the house. The bench can hold up to 2 adults or 3-4 kids. The material is also natural wood with hand-woven wicker. It will not need any polish even after a long time of use. There will be no peeling, cracking, or denting on the bench.

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01. Pool Deck Storage Box and Bench by Patio Seat Bench

This bench is made with a cool and slim design. It contains big and spacious storage. It is also water and UV resistant. It is a 2in1 multifunctional product which means that you can use it as a bench or as storage only. The lid also opens automatically. There will be a gift included in the purchase.

You will get a free book “Arrange your home” which gives you the instruction on different kinds of household gadgets and arrangements. You can also return the product back before 30 days of use if you are discontent with the product.

Buying Guide for Best Outdoor Storage Benches

Above are the top 10 best outdoor storage benches in So, now it is the time for you to look at some good tips that help you choose the best option. But what are the tips for choosing it? Its features, quality, and size are what you should look for in this particular product.


Some benches can be used in all kinds of situations. You can also choose the one that has a high resistance to water and sun or you can choose the one with an automatic opening lid. There are the box benches with no arms or backrest. If you want a comfy one, I would recommend find the one with arms rest. There is also an additional liner in the box or stronger type of material used to make a sturdy box.


Water and sun resistance is common but leak-proof and the fade proof is also as important. The color payoff of the wood is also a must check in quality. But the material that will last forever with no polish needed is the best one you can find. A product that is intact and strong over a long period of time is also a good point you should look for. No peeling or cracking after several years is a good criterion, too.


Some benches allow you to store belongings better than the other. You should find a big and spacious box, so you will not face the storage shortage. The size of the cushion is also important. Obviously, you will need to enjoy sitting with your family or friend, so you might need a wide or extra seating. If you only need one for yourself, then the sleek and slim type would suit you the best. You will need to know the detailed size of the bench before you purchase it in case your home or garden does not have space for it.