Nails are a notably visible part of our hands. Nicely cleaned and decorated nails do have an impactful impression on those we associate with, therefore it is important that we take good care of our nails. Most importantly for women, nails art is a form of expression and shows their fashionable sides. However, not all women are able to find a comfortable time to go for a manicure down at the salon while some salons are too costly even. To help with this issue, having a nail polish dryers at home is a great solution for these women.

Below is a list of the top ten nail polish dryers in 2021 to assist buyers in the search for suitable and self-owned nail polish dryer products. Continue reading to find out the results down below.

List of Top 10 Best Nail Polish Dryers in 2021 on

#10. Aokitec Dual UV/LED Nail Polish Dryers

#10. Aokitec Dual UV/LED Nail Polish Dryer

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This fast and efficient professional nail polish dryer comes with many perks and functional settings. Firstly, the product has spacious designs to provide roomy space for either hands or feet simultaneously. The nail polish dryer is also equipped with traditional and harmless UV lamps for nails that have safe wavelengths to prevent the skin from either blackening or feel pain during the drying process. Another great feature of this professional nail polish dryer is the dual UV/LED premium light sources installed which have a high performing rate in drying the gel polish of all types.

This user-friendly and highly effective nail polish dryer will give your nails a quick dry with four different timer settings as well as auto on and off function. When in need to get your nail done quickly for an event, this nail polish dryer is the right choice for you.

#9. Aokitec Lightweight Nail Polish Dryers

#9. Aokitec Lightweight Nail Polish Dryer

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For portable and effective drying features, this mini nail polish dryer machine is the ultimate product to go for. The mini, mouse-shaped design of this portable machine is a great pocket-size nail polish dryer to bring along to places with ease and comfort. In addition to the brilliant size choice of the product, this portable dryer also has a USB designing feature which allows users to use it at anyplace, anytime.

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The design of this machine is also lightweight as well for easy and light carrying. Other than the design, some functions of this nail polish dryer are painless and low heating drying methods, foldable design for great storage purposes, and an on and off switching button for easy accessibility.

For those who tend to travel often and have a very busy schedule, you can still have great, salon-looking nails with this portable and functional mini nail polish dryer machine.

#8. Huretek Portable Nail Polish Dryers

#8. Huretek Portable Nail Polish Dryer

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A comfortable and smart design nail polish dryer will give the users a great experience drying nails on their own, this could be easily achieved with the help from this particular nail polish dryer. Besides functioning professionally with all types of nail gels, this nail polish dryer also features smart features such as auto-sensing. The dryer lamp will automatically turn on when hands or feet are detected.

Moreover, there are 3 different timer settings available to choose from with a painless and comfortable drying session. One more strong feature of this machine is that when used there will be no side effects such as black hand or harmful to the eyes.

In addition to the smart features, this nail polish dryer also has a portable, lightweight, and convenient design for easy relocating. This product is suitable for use for both at home and also at the salon.

#7. OVLUX Nail Polish Dryer

#7. OVLUX Nail Polish Dryer

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This simple yet proficient nail polish dryer has UV and LED lamp lights that are capable of curing and drying almost all types of gel polish for nails. There are 36 equipped LED bulbs lights, however, the nail polish dryer only consumes 72W of electricity and can last for as long as 50,000 hours. Additionally, the machine also serves users with smart sensory on and off function along with a spacious, roomy fit to dry either both hands as well as both feet all at once. Moreover, this nail polish dryer will also help to dry the gel nail polish faster and beautifully.

With the high performance, energy-saving, and supportive features, this nail polish dryer is one of the best nail polish dryer products to have. Moreover, great responses from past purchasers backed up this product’s recommendation even more.

#6. JEWHITENY UV Light Nail Polish Dryer

#6. JEWHITENY UV Light Nail Polish Dryer

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This spacious nail polish dryer is equipped with spacious size to comfortably fit both hands or both feet to use all at the same time. It has optional timer settings to adjust to the user’s preference as well as a large LCD display screen to show the current time duration for a relaxing and comfortable time using the machine.

Besides this, the machine is also equipped with automatic sensory switch functions to make it an even more convenient experience for the user. Other than this, the nail polish dryer is also dry most types of different gel nail polishes effectively. As for the design of the product, it is made to be easily cleaned up after use with a detachable base.

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Professionally design and experience a salon-like time working on your nails at home comfortably by using this efficient and smart spacious, nail polish dryer. Upgrade your fashionable lifestyle with great nails now.

#5. JEWHITENY Nail Polish Dryer with LCD

#5. JEWHITENY Nail Polish Dryer with LCD

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As for this UV/LED nail polish dryer lamp, it has a great ability to dry nails with gel polishes of all types fast and easy. The nail polish dryer can also dry either both hands and both feet during the same time to lessen the time difference and use to dry the nails. Besides the spacious room and fast performance, it is also equipped with multifunctional features such as a sensory switch, preset time settings options, informative LCD display, and also protective system.

The nail polish dryer is able to protect skin from blackening during the drying process using an advanced UV/LED light technology to imitate sunlight. The design of this machine also helps to protect the eyes from the exposure of the lights too.

Another notable benefit of the product comes along with a year guaranteed warranty for any quality problems that users might have. It is a wonderful gift choice for friends and family during the holidays and other events.

#4. SUNUV Nail Polish Dryer with 30 LED Lamp Beads

#4. SUNUV Nail Polish Dryer with 30 LED Lamp Beads

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This nail polish dryer is chosen by many professional nail artists to assist them while at work. It is very efficient in quickening the drying process of the nail and works effectively with almost various types of gel polishes. There are a total of 30 equipped LED lamp beads to great this efficient and fast-drying effect. Furthermore, the light source of the machine is guaranteed to make the skin comfortable and stays the same without any skin blackening as a result of using it.

Moreover, the nail polish dryer is also equipped with a smart sensor that allows the machine to start its curing process when it detects the presence of the hands or feet without any manual operations. Additionally, an adjustable timer of 3 choices of time settings for the nail polish dryer machine is also installed in the machine for easy and personal time adjustment settings.

Easily style and dry your nails at the comfort of your own home using this great nail polish dryer product. Within every purchase of the nail polish dryer product, a 12-month warranty is given to the purchasers.

#3. MelodySusie Compact Nail Polish Dryer

#3. MelodySusie Compact Nail Polish Dryer

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This outstanding and compact nail polish dryer has excellent functions to serve its purpose without any complications. Starting off with the design of this machine, it is equipped with an ergonomic and lightweight product design that is also compatible, making it easy for carrying and use at any desired location.

More than this, the nail polish dryer also has a quick-drying function aided by 4 LED/UV lamps installed as the light source. Another plus side of the LED/UV lights is that it is also a promising light source that is painless and gentle to the sensitivity of the skin.

This product is a great product to use, healthy for both the skin and nails, and moreover it is also a lightweight machine that can be easily packed to bring along to trips too. Give yourself the right kind of nail care now.

#2. SUNUV Gel Nail Polish Dryer

SUNUV 24W UV Light LED Nail Dryer Curing Lam

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If you are looking for a stylish and durable nail polish dryer to keep at home, this professional manicure nail polish dryer is the right choice. With its sleek and modern outer design, the machine looks very on-trend and capable. For its functions, some of the main features this nail polish dryer has included a total of 33 UV/LED lamp beads to allow the machine to perform its duty effectively and fast. Moreover, the light source of this particular nail polish dryer machine is not only efficient, but it is also safe and flexible, painless when coming into contact with the skin. There are also four optional preset timing settings for users to choose from.

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This nail polish dryer is a beautifully designed product completed with functional features to help make nail polish drying even more convenient and fast. Allow yourself to look beautiful and always stunning with the perfect nail art done on your own.

#1. LKE Nail Polish Dryer with 3 Timers

#1. LKE Nail Polish Dryer with 3 Timers

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This nail polish dryer from LKE is a great nail art accessory tool equipped with useful functions. First of all, the design of this machine is easy to handle and operate with powerful performance. The product is a lightweight nail polish dryer product with curved housing details to effectively shield the user’s eyes and at the same time also gives the product an attractive exterior look. Even more so, the nail polish dryer also has capabilities to dry gel nail polish fast and efficiently with the help from 21 pieces of LED light bulbs.

Purchasers of this nail polish dryer can have a fun time at home, creating nails according to their own liking and at the same time will help cut down expenses at the salon. Besides being a great product for one own self, this product is also a great gift for friends and families too.

Buying Guides to the Best Nail Polish Dryers

Purchasing a nail polish dryer could be a hard task for those who are not sure where to begin in order to get the best quality and satisfying product. Therefore, here are some buying guides listed down to help assist you through your selection process.


Buyers should look to know how well the machine works before making the purchase. Take notice of how much time it takes for the machine to dry the nail polish and how efficient it is as well as its safety toward the skin.


For those who are looking to buy a nail polish dryer, you should know of its designing factors, construction, and also its other qualities such as portability, compatibility, and more.


Features necessary for a nail polish dryer includes the drying time, room for the hands or feet, etc. Other additional features are also encouraged to have in the nail polish dryer for it to be a great product purchase.

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When you are tired and can’t find time to take a trip down to the nail salon for a manicure, you can always do it yourself with a trustworthy and efficient nail polish dryer machine. These machines will help to dry your nails fast and easy without having to worry about overpriced costs and difficult setups. Furthermore, all these brilliant nail polish dryers are also recommended for salons to have a helpful tool.

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