If you are the lot that loves cycling, then perhaps you have in your mind several types of bikes. Of course, you cannot forget to mention a mountain bike! Over the years, this type of bike has evolved to become one of the best riding units offering cyclists a great option to get plenty of adventures. Besides being an excellent bike for sporting activities, it is a perfect alternative for short travels –maybe commuting to work or school.

It is worth noting that today’s mountain bikes are more stable and balanced courtesy of slacker head angles, lower bottom brackets, and longer top tubes. For that reason, most of these bikes are extremely safe. That explains the recent surge and popularity of these bikes across the globe.

Because of the recent boom in the biking industry, specifically the mountain bikes, different manufacturers have unveiled their presence in the market. Each brand or model comes with unique designs to appeal to a nuanced and broad market. While it is good news to be spoilt with options, choosing the best mountain bike is sometimes not the easiest thing to do. Well, that is precisely what informed our decision to come up with this article. In the next few minutes, we will give you a rare chance to interact firsthand with ten of the finest alternatives for your consideration.

List of 10 Best Mountain Bikes In 2021:

10. Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX Bike

Top in our today’s list of best mountain bikes is this Legion Freestyle BMX Bike from Mongoose. It is the best choice if you are looking to transit from beginner to advanced level. The very first thing you will realize from this stylishly-designed bike is the set of extra-large tires, offering grip and durability.

Intuitively, its frame is crafted from high tensile tube steel with tapered head-tube, delivering a mix of lightweight and durability. On top of that, it is fitted with 25 by 9T gearing with one-piece Chromoly hollow spindle cranks featuring loose ball bottom bracket offering reliable and clean drivetrains. A set of brake levers and aluminum U-brake ensures this bike achieves precision speed control. What is more, it is a combination of fork and handlebar joined by a stem/threadless sealed headset for maximum steering performance.

Special features:

  • Recommended for riders with a height ranging 4’8” to 5’4”
  • It rides on 16-20 inches wheels
  • Weighs 34.4 pounds
  • It is available in black color

09. Merax 26″ Mountain Bicycle

Merax is a big name when it comes to the biking world, and its mountain bike is truly remarkable. The 26″ Mountain Bicycle mesmerizes riders with front suspension fork design that helps users achieve smooth bumps while biking besides increasing fluid riding control. This bike comes with a 24-speed derailleurs gear system as well as a micro shift twister, allowing riders to flip between options quickly.

In addition, it comes with dual disc brakes, providing enhanced braking and stopping power. Better still, this award-winning mountain bike is designed to be the most fully featured and economical entry-level to meet all of the rider’s riding needs. You can buy this unit with complete peace of mind enjoying a one-year limited warranty.

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Special features:

  • Designed to accommodate riders weighing up to 330 pounds
  • Its frame is made of lightweight aluminum
  • Weighs 40 pounds
  • Its frame size is 19 inches

08. Huffy Hardtail Mountain Trail Bike

Did you know you could find a highly affordable mountain bike that meets your biking needs? That is right, and it is a dream-come-true if you choose to invest in the Huffy Hardtail Mountain Trail Bike. This unit boasts of energetic design featuring vibrant graphics, explaining why it can also be a perfect gift for little ones. It is fitted with front suspension, giving it the power to deliver the right response irrespective of the terrain one riding on.

Its hardtail frame is made of aluminum materials, which offer a mix of durability and lightweight. Its tires are wide enough to provide more rolling momentum, so it is easier to pedal for acceleration and speed. An all-Shimano EZ Fire Plus Trigger, drivetrain, and TY-30 indexed rear derailleur combine to deliver 21 speeds of ultra-smooth, accurate shifting with thumb and index finger. While its premium padded saddle is stitched for long-lasting comfort, the alloy linear-pull brakes ensure riders achieve smooth, stopping power.

Special features:

  • Its design includes a slight-rise handlebar enabling upright riding that minimizes shoulder and back strain
  • Comes fitted with Krayton grips and ATB-type resin pedals for added response and comfort
  • It is shipped 90 percent assembled
  • Its frame is backed by a 10-year limited warranty
  • Weighs 41.8 pounds

07. Schwinn Traxion Mountain Bike

There is no denying that Schwinn is one of the leading bike brands in the market today and its Traxion Mountain Bike is a force to reckon. With this unit, you can comfortably and effortlessly rip through gnarly trails and zoom down hills utilizing its Shimano rear derailleur, 24-speed Shimano EZ-fire trigger shifters, reliable alloy cranks.

With aluminum dual suspension frame and fork, riders on this bike can soak up thumbs and bumps providing a durable, safe riding performance. More importantly, it is fitted with rear and front mechanical disc brakes, which provides instant stopping or slowing irrespective of the riding terrain. Better still, it comes fitted with extra-wide double-wall alloy rims considered strong and light for added stability and durability. What is more, is its 2.25-inches wide knobby tires making the unit ready to hit with a style that bumpy terrain.

Special features:

  • Comes with 29-inch wheels
  • Weighs 49 pounds
  • It is offered with a lifetime limited warranty as long as you still own the bike

06. Diamondback Bicycles Hook 27.5 Hardtail Mountain Bike

Reliability is an adjective that is difficult to come by in most mountain bikes you find in the market today, but that is precisely what makes the Hook 27.5 Hardtail Mountain Bike from Diamondback Bicycles stand out. It boasts of a hand-built aluminum hardtail frame with low-slung geometry for unmatched trail riding performance, durability, and lightweight.

Another that remains impeccable is the top-of-the-class suspension fork that makes it tackle all kinds of trail obstacles. It is also fitted with SRAM single-ring drivetrain, which gives riders the much-needed simplicity and smooth shifting. They say safety first, and we do agree with the 100 percent. This mountain bike courtesy of its powerful mechanical disc brakes delivering reliable stopping and effortless control advances this vibe.

Special features:

  • It comes installed with durable DB 27.5-inches double wall wheels
  • Red in color
  • It has SRAM X4 rear derailleur and SRAM X3 with eight-speed cogset

05. Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Men’s Mountain Bike

The Dolomite Fat Tire Men’s Mountain Bike is another great offering from Mongoose built with abilities to conquer any off-road trail and off-ramps with great ease. It seems the signature for steel-framed mountain bikes are super-sized all-terrain knobby tires that help cyclists ride on bumpy terrains with less or no hassle. On top of that, this award-winning bike comes fitted with lightweight, strong alloy rims that keep weight down for added performance speed.

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Climbing hills and tough terrains have never been that easy with this bike thanks to its Shimano rear derailleur seven-speed gearing system. It also features twist shifters that make it easy and smooth to change gears while cycling. Even more, it comes with a threadless headset, which is adjustable to fit riders of different heights.

Special features:

  • Equipped with rear and front disc brakes
  • It has beach cruiser pedals giving users the chance to ride comfortably
  • Recommended for adult riders ranging between 5 feet and 6 feet tall
  • Requires some assembly
  • Weighs 59 pounds
  • It is backed by a limited lifetime warranty

04. Schwinn Bonafide Men’s Mountain Bike

If you did not know, Schwinn is one of the leading brands applauded for building some of the best-loved and best-known bicycles of all time, and its Bonafide Men’s Mountain Bike is an icon of its own. The frame of this award-winning bike is made of aluminum material offering a mix of lightweight and durability. It also comes with a powerful suspension fork that absorbs thumbs and bumps, providing riders with a fun riding experience.

On top of that, it is fitted with a 24-speed Shimano gearing system with EZ fire trigger shifters making gear changing smooth and easy. For added safety, this unit features rear and front mechanical disc brakes providing crisp-all-condition stopping or slowing out on the trail. With high profile alloy rims and big 29-inches tires, this hardtail mountain bike is engineered for the trail. Best of it all, without weighing you down, these alloy rims add durability.

Special features:

  • This bike is backed by a five-year limited warranty
  • It has alloy cranks providing less pesky maintenance and steady gearing
  • Availed in matte black/red colors
  • Its frame size is 17 inches
  • Its knobby tires are 2.25 inches wide making it ready to hit bump terrain with great ease

03. Raleigh Bikes Talus

Are you tired of buying mountain bikes that last barely a couple of years and you are back to square one? If that is the case, then you are now considering getting a brand or model that is built to last, and the Raleigh Bikes Talus is the right solution. It is specifically so thanks to its high tensile steel MTB frame featuring custom tubes for a comfortable yet durable ride.
That is not enough, though; this unit boasts of an SR Sun 75mm tour fork suspension, making riders trail through bumps and thumbs smoothly. For added comfort, this mountain bike comes fitted with a plush saddle. What more is its Shimano EZ Fire trigger shifters offering 21 gears to choose from for ultimate riding experience.

Special features:

  • Available in black color
  • Its steel frame is rust-resistant and durable
  • It features suspension forks allowing it handle uneven terrains
  • Equipped with alloy V-brakes providing good slowing or stopping power

02. Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Men’s Mountain Bike

This Protocol 1.0 Mountain Bike from Schwinn is designed especially for men riders. It is a great option if you are a little bit taller and perhaps looking for the right fit. Just like the previous models from this brand, it stands out with an aluminum full suspension frame featuring front suspension fork for responsive and reliable riding.

What makes it truly remarkable is its 24-speed Shimano gearing system with EZ-fire trigger shifters as well as rear derailleur, which provide a smooth-shifting out and wide gear range on the trail. You will instantly fall in love with its strong and light alloy rims with knobby mountain tires offering reliable traction on all terrains. Besides that, it comes with rear alloy V-brake and front disc brake that combines to give riders confidence stopping in dirty and dusty train conditions.

Special features:

  • It has 26-inches wheels
  • It comes with alloy crank offering optimal gearing
  • This unit is backed by a lifetime warranty
  • It is availed in red color
  • It weighs 43 pounds

01. Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike

It is undeniable that the High Timber Mountain Bike, which is another great offering from Schwinn, is a solid unit that gives users the confidence to get out and try something new. Investing in this bike means you can now list mountain biking as one of your favorite hobbies for the simple reason you look like you know precisely what you are doing!

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Schwinn suspension fork and steel mountain-style frame combine to ensure this bike is not only responsive but also durable. Its seven-speed Shimano twist shifters and rear derailleur allow for precise and smooth gear changes when riding on almost any incline or surface. The alloy crank and double-walled alloy rims are strong and lightweight providing steady gears with less maintenance. Even more, it comes with all-terrain tires, delivering durable riding experience.

Special features:

  • It is fitted with rear and front alloy linear-pull brakes providing precision slowing and stopping power
  • Its frame is made of premium quality steel
  • It is highly recommended for men riders
  • Its gearing system provides seven speeds

Buyer’s guide and factors to consider when choosing the best mountain bike

If you have been into the biking industry for quite some time, then you already know that choosing the best mountain bike seems like a daunting task. This is because the market for these products is awash with sheer brands and models available in a wide range of styles and designs. While it can be overwhelming making your decision between options, it can be easier if you have consideration tips right at your fingertips. In the next few minutes, we shall bring you up to the speed of what you should keep in mind when shopping for mountain bikes to make the right decision. Take a look!

Frame materials

As you might have noticed, we categorically stated the type of material used to make the frame for each unit reviewed. That means it is a crucial part when choosing the best bike. In fact, it determines the longevity and sturdiness of a given model or brand. While some materials are great, others are downright awful. You are, however, in the right direction if you choose options with frames made of carbon fiber, steel, or aluminum as these give a mix of durability and lightweight.


If you choose to buy a mountain bike, then it is more likely that you will be cruising through not only mountains but also rough terrains. That being the case, you will end up being extremely tired after the journey. Of course, this should not happen if you are riding for adventure and fun. For that reason, you ought to pick options built with comfort in mind. Look out for bikes with bike tires, padded saddles, and suspensions among others


Stability is another factor that comes into mind when choosing the best mountain bike. The bike in question should be built to deliver the much-needed balance, speed, and control. More often than not, the size of the tires speaks volumes about the unit’s stability. The thicker the tire, the better the bike’s stability. With that in mind, consider options using 2.1 to 2.4 inches wide tires.

Wheel size

You already know that wheels play the part of connecting the bike to the surface and they are available in different sizes. It should be noted that 27.5 inches wheels provide better air volume and traction while 26 inches options deliver light traction. If you are for heavy-duty wheels, then 29 inches ones are great as they provide the highest rollover ability and better traction. The latter also works better in all terrains.


While we are about to end our reviews today, we do believe that your search for the finest mountain bike is over. We have no doubt that all the options listed herein are great boasting of unique and distinctive features. We have ranked what we think are the greatest mountain bikes in the market today. From race-ready to casual trail riding units, our selection of bikes touches a wide range of price points and uses, but each one of them is what we thought to the coolest in its class. Moreover, our buying guide helps potential buyers understand what to look out for when choosing between these options, which in turn helps them make their buying decision much better.