Mosquito repellant is a hard decision to make in the summertime because of the many options and different ingredients that are included. Some individuals have made conscious decisions to not use certain products with specific ingredients or look for specific items in the repellant. In 2019 many different reviews were released on the Top 12 Mosquito Killers of the year.

List of Top 10 Best Mosquito Killers in 2021

12: Eravsow Bug Zapper & LED Camping Lantern & Flashlight 3-in-1

The Eravsow Bug Zapper & LED Camping Lantern & Flashlight 3-1 is a waterproof mosquito repellant and killer. This product has a built-in LED light that has a lifespan of 16 hours. The power from the 2200mah lithium battery keeps this lighting source fully charged. The Camping Bug Zapper is composed of 5 ultraviolet LED lights that heat up to 360 degrees. This feature repels mosquitos within a 16 x 16-foot perimeter. This repellant device is very convenient and portable. Not only does it provide resistance from the mosquitoes, but it is noise-free, unlike other zappers that create a noise upon contact. This product comes with a Zero-Risk Guarantee 1-Year Warranty. You can contact the company and receive a replacement or a refund. The con of this product is that the 360-degree LED lights can be unsafe for small children and pets if they encounter the device.

#11: Bug Zapper (Indoor/Outdoor)

The Bug Zapper is a mosquito killer that attracts the mosquitoes in order to rid the area of their presence. This product will successfully kill any insects that come near the 360-degree wattage LED light. This product does need to be cleaned out regularly due to the build-up of dead insects. The Bug Zapper does have safety grounding installed in the cord so that an extension cord is safe to use on the product. The product has a removable tray that will allow for easy cleaning and maintenance. The con of this device is that the wattage is so high. This could cause a safety hazard to small children and pets.

#10: Crioxen Indoor Plug-In Bug Zapper

The Crioxen Indoor Plug-In Bug Zapper has 4 UV LED lights that are used to attract the insects and then kills them within seconds of encountering the voltage. This bug zapper also kills gnats and smaller insects that can become pests within the home. This product has been recommended for kitchens, restaurants, and even hospitals. The design of the product creates an easy to use plugin and go design. This product comes with a removable tray that provides an easy clean opportunity. The item comes with a small brush that is to be used to remove the dead insects from the inside of the apparatus. The con of this product is that it is an indoor product and it can possibly create an influx of insects in one section of the home. Please be sure to use this device in an area that is safe to handle the insects.

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#9: GLOUE Bug Zapper Light Bulb

The GLOUE Bug Zapper comes in the shell of a light bulb. This is a feature that assists in the attraction of the insects to the product. The LED light emits 420nm wavelength and kills on contact. The UV light attracts the insects into the area and away from the perimeter of the property. The product is eco-safe and does not cause harm to children or pets that are in the vicinity. There is no clean up required. This product also has a switch that enables the bug zapper. When there is no need for the bug zapper you can use this product as just a light. The con of this product is that the light bulb shaped item could possibly become damaged thus causing damage to the inside of the product. Once the shell is damaged, then there is little to no use of the zapper portion of the item.

#8: Spartan Mosquito Eradicator

The product is shown to kill 95% of all mosquitoes and insects per unit per acre. The Spartan Mosquito Eradicator begins to repel and kill the insects as soon as the device is set up properly. This is a long-term method to remove the insect presence from your property. This will allow you and your family the ability to spend more time outdoors and have more fun events on the outside of your home. The con of this product is that individual devices must be hung up around the outside of the home and there is a possibility that all areas are not covered, and there is a possibility that insects can get in close to the family gatherings, and children and pets that are outside of the home.

#7: GLOUE Bug Zapper Mosquito Killer

This is an updated bug zapper from GLOUE. This version of the bug zapper has been created to be more environmentally friendly. This device is a plugin and go device. The high voltage that is emitted from the device is what will attract the insects to the device as well as kill the insects as soon as they fly into the UV light. This device works immediately as soon as you plug it in the electrical outlet. The device has an easy cleaning duty. To release the lid, use a screwdriver touch the lid and the screwdriver will create a static charge that will cause the release. Once open use a soft cloth or a small brush to remove the dead insects from the device. The con of this product is that it may burn out quickly. Since it must be plugged in, in the home to be in use, there is a possibility that the circuit may burn out. Also, small children may be attracted to the UV light as well and this is a potential safety hazard for the children.

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#6: Crioxen Indoor Plug Bug Zapper

This is a mosquito trap with a UV light. The bug zapper is very eco-friendly and good for the environment. This device is small and suitable for the home. This device will rid the home of insects that can be a nuisance to daily living. This bug zapper is a plugin that runs and charges from the electrical current. The device is easily cleaned and comes with a brush for safe cleaning. There is a warranty on this device for any malfunctions or damages for one year.

#5: KATCHY Indoor Insect Trap

KATCHY Indoor Insect Trap was designed for the indoor environment. The device can be used in the home, the office, as well as inside children’s rooms if needed. The device is eco-friendly and does not use dangerous chemicals to kill indoor insects. This device produces the best results in the dark while in the home. This device keeps fruit clear of gnats and fruit flies. It also assists the homeowner in keeping in home plants clear of insects. The con of this device is that it is best used in the night time hours. The insects are more problematic in the daytime when people are moving around, so it may take a couple of days to solve the insect problem.

#4: Spartan Mosquito Eradicator – Full Yard Defense

The Spartan Mosquito Eradicator full yard defense has a total of 16 tubes in the package. This package will kill up to 95% of the mosquitoes in approximately 15 days in your yard. These devices are safe for pets as well as children. Spartan Mosquito Eradicator is one of the long-term devices on the market. The devices attract the mosquitoes to them and kill them on contact. These are not insect trappers, they were designed to kill the insects. The con of this product is that these are individual devices may not securely cover all aspects of the yard due to having to hang the items up around the area.

#3: Aspectek Bug Zapper

The Aspectek Bug Zapper uses two UV lights to attract the insects in and kills them on contract. There is a safety screen made of mesh that keeps all contact at a zero from humans. This prevents any and all electrocution opportunities. This product is chemical-free. The insects are drawn in and then killed by the voltage. Installation is easy. There is an installed chain for the hanging of the zapper. Hook the chain and hang the product, then you plug in the device. Cleaning is simple. There is a removable tray at the bottom of the device that will allow you to clean out the dead insects. The con of the Aspectek Bug Zapper the insects can build up quickly behind the mesh screen.

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#2: Zap IT! Mini Bug Zapper

Zap IT! Mini Bug Zapper is a tennis racket shaped insect killer. The device kills the insects instantly upon contact. The device has a 4,000-volt circuit that kills mosquitoes, gnats, and any other flying objects. The device has a very bring LED light that is installed. You can use this device in the morning, evening, afternoon and night. This is one of the most effective devices on the shelves. The con of this device is that you must physically kill the insects that are in your vicinity.

#1: Flowtron BK- Electronic Insect Killer

The Flowtron Electronic Insect Killer cover half of an acre for killing insects. This device is used with an AC plug. You can purchase another unit that can cover an acre and a half. This device has a grid platform that creates an element for easy cleaning. There is a specific recommendation on the item that states that it should not be used within 25 feet of human interaction. This is due to the voltage that is used to kill the insects and injury can occur. A 15-watt bulb is included and it is recommended that it should be changed every 30 days. This item is chemical-free and is safe to use around pets of all types. The con of this product is that the device cannot be close to the party. The device must be at least 25 feet away from people thus allowing insects to possibly get to close for comfort.

The devices that have been described in the above article are reviews of insect repellant and killing devices. Some of these devices can be used indoors and some are only for outdoors. Please review all directions on each product to ensure that the device is securely and safely installed for use. None of the products listed are chemically enhanced and are all thus safe for the environment. The eco-friendly designs make these products the highlights of 2021.