Homeowners are often faced with the challenge and dilemma of selecting and purchasing a waffle maker. Not only homeowners are faced with the said challenge, but also hotel owners. Choosing the best mini waffle maker would be selecting the waffle maker that will make the best and top quality waffles.

Away from making quality waffles, it means selecting the maker that will serve within a very tight budget, as there would be no need for frequent replacements and repairs. In this article, we shall have an insightful look at the ten best waffle makers currently available in the market.

List of The Best Mini Waffle Makers:

Best Mini Waffle Makers Reviews:

01. Dash Mini Waffle Maker

This mini maker doe not only make waffles but makes other delicious treats and snacks like biscuit pizzas and Paninis. This maker also features a lightweight and a great deal of compactness. In addition, this maker boasts of a small size which will aid in space-saving. The maker is, therefore, portable which means it could be carried on a trip, comfortably! It is also surprising that this maker comes with a recipe book and database access. Non-electric parts of the maker are very easy to clean.

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Features a nonstick surface for elegant waffles and pancakes. It is very easy to operate. However, this maker has a poorly done handle that would burn your hand if you are not keen on it. It shuts off automatically at a specific temperature and this way you’d never get anything overcooked.

02. Dash DMS001SL Mini Maker

This would be ideal for single eggs, pancakes and other light all-time snacks. It is lightweight and extremely easy to operate with it a recipe book. Its nonstick surface promises you flawless and elegant snacks that make cleaning is a very light task.

However, it’s a bit inconvenient as it does not have an on/off switch. It is also limiting in that the plates are irremovable for washing. It may limit you where you want to remove the plate as it is not removable.

03. Dash DEWM8100AQ Express 8″ Waffle Maker Machine

This maker would make you more than waffles. It would make you pancakes, Paninis, and eggs with a very compact, and it also boasts of lightweight and portability. It is swift and also very friendly and easy to operate. Also, it has an excellent non-slip base and the nonstick cooking surface.

In case you have I mind saving space in the kitchen, your expectations are met here because it features an upright storage design.

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04. Disney DCM-9 Mickey Waffle Maker

This maker is very suitable for making kids snacks because it features very exceptional design, and it produces (makes) mickey mouse-shaped waffles. It features a nonstick surface which guarantees you elegant, flawless waffles that will never be overcooked.

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This waffle maker does not have a timer, although it goes off automatically. It is also limiting as it can only make one waffle per time and would therefore not be so quick.

05. SENREAL Mini Waffle maker

This maker features a nonstick surface that guarantees you an evenly cooked waffle surface. It is a multipurpose maker and would be useful in making Paninis, biscuit pizzas and some other light snacks. It would be ideal for camping as it has a lightweight and petite size.

This maker would produce so many waffles in a few minutes.

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06. DASH Waffle Bowl Maker

It has a lightweight and is also very compact. It takes a short time to prepare a waffle, and it is effortless to operate as you plug it in, and it’s good to go. Also, it comes with a recipe database and even a recipe book, all free. It has a nonstick surface and does not require any extra assembly, which makes it very friendly.

It is, on average easy to clean. However, does not have a swath and heat adjustment. It is also a bit disgusting that it has a plastic chemical smell that would not disappear even after washing.

07. Holstein Housewares HF-09031R Heart Waffle Maker

This maker is impressive because it has four slots and so you get four waffles ready simultaneously. It also has coated nonstick surfaces, which makes it extremely easy to clean. It also features an excellent base design that is non-slip and has a safety lock to keep it completely closed when in operation.

Moreover, it has an indicator to show when cooking is done which is in the form of light. This gives you a uniform heart-shaped waffle. It is very friendly, easy to operate and clean and also energy efficient.

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08. Cuisinart WMR-CA Round Classic Waffle Maker

This waffle maker has an elegant design with its plastic parts being BPA free. It has a dual light indicator with colours red and green and comes with a nonstick cooking surface. Its browning control is very efficient as it has a set of five.

This waffle maker has a brushed stainless steel housing that is very easy to clean. Its hinge is a bit frustrating and wobbly.

09. DASH No-Drip Belgian Waffle Maker

This maker would be not only good for waffles but also other light snacks like Paninis and hash browns. It does not have butter drips and is very easy to clean. It is very easy to operate and would make your waffles very quickly.

Moreover, it has an excellent base design with non-slip feet for stability. It has a locking feature to keep it completely closed when in operation.

10. Nostalgia MGD5OR waffle maker

This is a multi-snack maker apart from waffles. The waffle maker is an easy to use tool that features lightweight and a great deal of compactness. It has a double-sided nonstick surface that gives you even results.

This maker features, cool-touch handles that keep your hands safe from burning when closing and opening the waffle maker lid. It has indicating lights that will keep you know when it is time to start cooking. You will not have to wait for so long before this maker heats up.


From this article, homeowners, hotel owners, and just snack enthusiasts can select their best mini waffle makers as per their preferences and tastes. All the best as you plan on selecting and purchasing your first or next waffle maker!