After a day of hard work, you need to rest and get refreshed for the next day. A good night’s sleep is all that you want to achieve just that. It is, unfortunate, however, to note that some people still experience challenges getting a peaceful sleep even after investing in one of the finest bed frames and mattresses! Where could be the problem? The answer is simple –you do not have a memory foam pillow 🙂

A memory foam pillow is known to offer pressure conforming support for maximum comfort. In the recent past, people have been complaining that this type of pillows make one’s head feel hot, but that has since been solved by the advent of gel infusion. As a result, you can now sleep cool, only to rise to respond to a wake-up alarm in the morning!

Since you are now convinced that memory foam pillows are must-have bed accessories, it is time to go shopping. You should know from the onset that choosing the best option(s) is not an easy task owing to the sheer number of memory foam pillows available in the market today differing in sizes, designs, styles, shapes, and thickness. But the good news is that we have made the process of picking the right choice much simpler by listing ten of the finest alternatives. Simply continue reading this post and later on choose one that serves your needs best.

List of the 10 Best Memory Foam Pillows:

10. Royal Therapy Memory Foam Pillow

Top in our list of reviews today is this memory foam pillow from Royal Therapy designed to have users sleeping like babies enjoying variable firmness and perfect support. What makes this bed accessory particularly wonderful is its adjustability feature, allowing sleepers to unzip the cover to remove the middle layer foam to make it just the way they like.

Intuitively, this memory foam pillow contours to the shape of the body, which helps support the neck and head. It is engineered with bamboo infusion, allowing for uniform pressure on all areas of the neck and head. Lastly, washing its removable cool and comfortable cover is a breeze.

Special features:

  • It is CertiPUR-US certified, so it is guaranteed to be free of toxins and chemicals
  • It is made of 100 percent rayon from bamboo
  • Size –queen
  • Its dimensions are 23.8 by 14 by 4.8 inches

09. Milemont Memory Foam Bed Pillow

If you are looking for an ingenious memory foam bed pillow that encourages proper spine alignment, then those are one of the benefits of an offering from Milemont. Unlike traditional memory foam pillows, this one offers users the chance to customize the pillow based on their sleeping needs. This ergonomic design goes a long way in helping sleepers create perfect cervical alignment.

On top of that, this pillow comes with the right level of softness, effectively contouring the neck, head, and back relieving debilitating pains associated with poor sleeping posture. Even more, it is gel-infused with eco-friendly bamboo fabric, so you can sleep comfortably even during those hot, summer days.

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Special features:

  • It is certified to meet and exceed the standards set by OEKO-TEX, CertiPUR-US, and ISPA
  • It is backed by a ten-year assurance
  • Its outer cover is removable for easy cleaning
  • It is made of 100 percent memory foam (inner materials) and 60-40 percent polyester/cotton (outside materials)
  • It weighs 2.98 pounds
  • Color –pure white
  • Size –standard with 15.2by 8.7 by 8.7 inches dimensions

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08. EPABO Contour Orthopedic

If you are tired of sleeping with pillows that are not right for you, then you need to upgrade and treat yourself with this contour memory foam pillow from EPAPO. This highly luxurious sleeping pillow provides therapeutic relief for individuals with sleeping-associated pain, so they wake up feeling fully recharged, refreshed, and ready to take on the day. It boasts of a premium fabric that keeps users feel comfortable and cool throughout the night.

What makes this product truly unique is its proven contour design that perfectly aligns and supports the user’s neck, head, back, and shoulder, allowing them to fall asleep faster and deeper. When compared to other memory foam pillows, this one is stuffed with 20 percent more memory foam, thus enhancing the user’s comfort experience.

Special features:

  • This pillow weighs 1.95 pounds
  • It is white
  • Its dimensions are 24 by 15 by 4.8 inches
  • It is made of a blend of polyester and rayon

07. Milemont Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

We have all heard of Milemont, right? This is one of the sleep companies known for manufacturing ultra-comfortable mattresses, and its pillows are never exceptional. Its shredded memory foam pillow is crafted explicitly with hot sleepers at the back of the mind courtesy of its comfortable and highly breathable cover.

On top of that, this product contains 100 percent memory foam inside and features the option to be very firm, which is significant for providing shoulder and head pain relief. Making things even juicer is that this pillow is duly certified by CertiPUR-US to be free of harmful chemicals and metals, making it safe for the entire family.

Special features:

  • It supports the side, back, and stomach sleeping position
  • The color for the inner foam is white
  • Its outer material consists of 51 percent polyethylene and 49 percent polyester
  • Its pillow size is 28 by 18 inches
  • This item weighs 3.15 pounds

06. Sleep Innovations Contour

Sleep soundly and wake up feeling highly refreshed with less stiffness and pain courtesy of this Contour Memory Foam Standard Size Pillow from Sleep Innovations. Its therapeutic design adapts effortlessly to the sleeper’s shoulders and neck, providing them enhanced support and the much-needed spine alignment.

This simplistic yet highly reliable option offers the best high-end bedding and low-end memory foam all in a single bundle of luxury and comfort. Unlike other alternatives reviewed so far, the Contour Memory Foam Standard Size Pillow is so soft that it feels much like a down pillow. It is almost impossible to believe that such a kind of memory foam pillow is as soft as a down pillow, but that claim is backed up by consumers who have already used it.

Special features:

  • It is CertiPUR-US certified, making it extremely safe for the user and environment
  • The weigh is 1.4 pounds
  • It is available in a standard size of 20 by 15 by 5 inches
  • Coming with a 5-year warranty

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05. Plixio Shredded Memory Foam Bed Pillows

With this improved, redesigned, shredded memory foam bed pillow, you are sure of having a restful night sleep. As its name suggests, this product has been infused with a bamboo cooling gel, keeping sleepers cool and comfortable all night. What makes it truly remarkable is its softness, which conforms to the shape of the user’s head but supportive enough to keep their back and neck properly aligned.

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This queen bed pillow can also help provide relief from several sleeping issues including insomnia, snoring, and migraines. With a high loft, this option is great for stomach sleepers, side sleepers, and even back sleepers. Meanwhile, its ultra-plush pillowcase is strong, soft, hypoallergenic, and stain-resistant.

Special features:

  • The case for this pillow has moisture-wicking properties keeping users dry and fresh
  • The weigh is 3.33 pounds
  • It is available in queen size measuring 28 by 18 by 8 inches
  • CertiPUR-US certified

04. Dream Rite Shredded Hypoallergenic

Are you seeking to achieve quality relaxation and good night sleep for the whole family? If so, then wonders never end with this shredded hypoallergenic memory foam pillow. It has been crafted to offer unmatched support for the shoulders, neck, back, and head giving sleepers the ability to sleep longer and not to worry about pains and aches.

What makes this product truly remarkable is that it affords you the luxury to adjust its firmness to your comfort level by removing fillings allowing users to feel a unique and more custom sleeping experience. Even more, the pillowcase is made of premium fabric; ensuring sleepers stay cool and breathable the entire night. If that is not enough, this pillow is hypoallergenic providing the whole family a safe and high-quality night of sleep.

Special features:

  • It comes with a one-year warranty
  • It is available in a pack of one
  • This pillow is machine washable
  • It weighs 12.8 ounces
  • Its dimensions are 16 by 7 by 3 inches

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03. Milemont Ventilated Gel Memory Foam Pillow

The right pillow gives you a mix of support and comfort to keep your neck, head, and spine aligned, which helps you stay asleep deeper and wake up feeling refreshed and without pains and aches. This ventilated pillow foam from Milemont just does that! Firmer than traditional pillows, this option is thick and soft enough for neck, spine, and head as well as the upper spinal region.

Intuitively, it is infused with cooling gel, giving it the ability to regulate sleep temperature and increase the pillow’s density besides adding durability, breathability, and comfort keeping users cool throughout the night. On top of that, it comes with a double pillowcase, making it easier to clean.

Special features:

  • Coming  with backed up by a 10-year warranty
  • It advances a double-sided design making it ideal for all seasons
  • Coming with a zipper design, so taking off the pillowcase and washing is a lot easier
  • The recommended sleep position –back, side, and stomach sleepers
  • Its inner foam material is made of Aircell-tech gel-infused material
  • Its outer cover is made of 50 percent polyester and 50 percent ice fiber on one side; 65 percent polyester and 35 percent Tencel on the other side

02. Milemont Orthopedic Contour Memory Foam Pillow

The Orthopedic Contour Memory Foam Pillow is another great offering from Milemont. Just like the previous models from this brand, it is the right pillow for you giving users the chance to enjoy a peaceful sleep and life. This contour pillow boasts of therapeutic design, so it adapts effortlessly to your neck, head, and shoulders providing enhanced support and gentle alignment to the spine.

With the option to choose between the lower and the higher contours, sleepers get the support and comfort that feels best for them. Plus, the standard size of this pillow is perfect for types of sleepers, giving everyone exceptional sleeping experience with great value for money.

Special features:

  • It is tested to meet and exceed the standards set up by CertiPUR-US for performance and safety
  • Available in a standard size of 15.8 by 7.1 by 7.1 inches
  • It weighs 2.7 pounds
  • That distinctive odor will dissipate within two hours from the pillow is unpacked and aired out

01. WEEKENDER Ventilated Gel Memory Foam Pillow

This Ventilated Gel Memory Foam Pillow from WEEKENDER is the last in the list, but the leading when it comes to delivering comfort and support for all types of sleepers. With 3 different sizes to choose from and a mid-loft, comfortable design, this pillow is truly supportive and soft, making it a great option for the stomach, back, and side sleeping positions.

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This highly ingenious foam pillow is integrated with Pincore technology, which creates a ventilated design that optimizes airflow circulation and temperature control for cool night sleep. What is more is its ultra-soft removable cover built to maintain quality through multiple machine washing to ensure a fresh and simple experience night after night.

Special features:

  • This foam pillow weighs 2 pounds
  • It is available in a standard size of 25 by 16 by 5 inches
  • The certified meet the standards set up by CertiPUR-US
  • It is backed up by a three-year warranty

Factors to consider when choosing the best memory foam pillow

It is no denying that memory foam pillows are available in a wide range of brands and models. Because of that, handpicking the finest option can be a challenging task. Even after providing you with a list of ten options, we understand that it is tough making an informed decision on which product to buy. That is right, and that is why you need to be foretold of what you need to keep in mind to make your decision a lot easier. Without further ado, let us reveal some of the most important factors to consider when choosing memory foam pillows:


Different memory foam pillow come in a varying firmness based on the shapes and sizes of different pillows –soft, medium soft, firm, and extremely firm. For that reason, you must know the level of firmness you want. It is also important to know your sleeping position to help choose the correct firmness. The bottom line is that you should consider an option that supports you easily without having it overfilled.

Sleeping position

How one sleeps is another factor that should be considered when buying the finest memory foam pillow. It is worth noting that most sleep companies have their pillows distinguished based on sleeping positions. If you are a back sleeper, for instance, you should pick a pillow that enhances spinal comfort, thus a thin pillow is highly recommended. If you are a stomach sleeper, then buying a thin pillow is a boost as it helps avoid dangers of suffocations, and so forth.


Size is no doubt one of the most vital factors to consider when choosing the right memory foam pillow as this will greatly affect one’s sleep quality. Most pillows are available in king, queen, and standard sizes. You should, therefore, note that the size of the pillow depends largely on the size of the mattress. For that reason, if you are sleeping on a king-size mattress, you should get an extra-large or king-size pillow.

Pillow covers

A pillowcase is often overlooked when choosing a memory foam pillow, but it is essential indeed. The choice of material used to make these covers obviously depend on your taste and preferences, but the quality matters a lot. It should be made of a material that enhances comfort and breathability. Besides, it should be sweat-wicking and with the ability to prevent staining. On top of that, it should be easy to wash.

We all now agree that a good night’s sleep does not depend on the bed frame and mattress selection alone, but most importantly, the pillow. We are not talking about traditional pillows, but rather memory foam options. The latter is known to offer a wide range of health benefits, and so having one is a game-changer. If stayed on course to the end, then perhaps you have identified an alternative that fits your needs nicely. If you haven’t made up your mind, then please refer to our guide on how to choose the finest memory foam pillow. With everything in hand, buying a good pillow will never be a bother to you!