Whether for long or short travel, you’ll always find yourself with some type of luggage. Hence there arises a need to own a luggage cart to cater to such situations. With a luggage cart traveling would be simple and comfortable. These luggage carts come in different sizes and have durable wheels, which is a plus, especially if your bags don’t have wheels.

Although most luggage carts in the current market have similar designs and features, choosing one would be confusing since they would have similar appearance. To ease this burden, we’ve prepared a list of Best Luggage Carts. Hence read through the list to find one that’ll suit your needs.

Best Luggage Carts Reviews Based On Consumer Reports:

10. Pansonite Folding Luggage Cart

Pansonite Folding Luggage Cart sports a heavy-duty aluminum constriction that leads to it being robust enough to support weights of up to 330 pounds. Unlike other hand tracks that are less durable, this cart’s drawbar’s thickened steel material leads to it being more durable. It has seven wheels, four 360 degree rotating wheels, two straight wheels and one rear wheel. These wheel makes it suitable for use on different terrains and also improves its maneuverability.

Additionally, it has three height options to choose from; thus, you can select a suitable height that would enable you to pull it easily. Folding and unfolding the cart will only take you a few seconds.

9. Cloudz EZ Roll Luggage Cart

This product is quite affordable and will only cost you a mere 20 dollars to obtain it. It has an aluminum frame that is both robust and lightweight. The cart is sturdy enough to hold weights of up to 77 pounds. It features a fast foldable design that makes it folding and unfolding to be easy and quick. With a push of a button, one can easily change its handle’s height to fit a height they are comfortable with.

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In addition, durable bungee cords are in place that comes in handy when securing your bags into place. You’ll experience precise and accurate movement when using it due to its oversized heavy-duty wheels.

8. RMS Folding Luggage Cart

The RMS Folding Luggage Cart is a product that is convenient for everyday travel. As a result of measuring 12″ Long and 10″, Wide makes it compact, thus suitable for travel. Besides, the size also makes it easy to store. Since it has oversize rugged wheels maneuvering and handling the cart will be easy.

Its large wheels make it ideal for use on different terrains. Despite only weighing 2.8 pounds, the cart has a sturdy construction. Inbuilt double bungee cords are in place for securing your bags when pulling.

7. World’s Best TravelKart Travel Luggage Cart

With this luggage cart, your goods, boxes, and luggage will always arrive at their destination in pristine condition due to it having elastic shock cords that are handy in securing goods to it. It has a lightweight, durable steel tube construction that is robust enough to carry luggage weighing up 70 pounds.

Large rolling wheels are in place; hence maneuverability is taken care of. It can fold to a compact size of 20 inches for storage purposes.

6. F2C Folding Aluminium Cart Luggage Trolley

Are you looking for a long-lasting luggage cart, the F2C Cart Luggage Trolley sports a heavy-duty aluminum construction that guarantees its longevity. It is strong enough to support weights of up to 176 pounds. The cart will have a smooth movement on every terrain, thanks to its premium abs plastic wheels. It is also multipurpose thus can be used to transport DIY materials, trade fair exhibitions goods, tools, boxes, office equipment, and other uses.

An elastic bungee rope is in place meant for securing the luggage to it. This product is lightweight and folds up quickly to fit in one’s car trunk or for storage.

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5. Sparco Compact Luggage Cart

One feature that leads to the Sparco Compact Luggage Cart to stand out from the rest is its easy-grip handle. You would have to worry about the size of your luggage, seeing that it possesses a flip-out support platform that will cater to larger luggage. Storing it would be simple due to its compact size. A strap is in place for securing your bags when pulling.

Despite only weight 5 pounds, the cart has a heavy-duty construction that leaves it being sturdy and robust enough to withstand loads of up to 150 pounds. Lastly, its synthetic rubber wheel will offer a smooth and precise movement on different terrains.

4. BlueJan Luggage Cart

The BlueJan Luggage Cart features a sleek design that will let you travel in style. Its adjustable cords will help one anchor their baggage to it and prevent shifting of the luggage. You’ll only need limited space to store it since it has a foldable design. Moreover, it is lightweight and has a sturdy construction.

This cart is strong enough to support 77 pounds. Durable and rugged blue wheels are in place that will offer effortless mobility.

3. KEDSUM Folding Hand Truck

Featuring a 4.4-star rating after 884 customer reviews indicated the quality of this product and the type of service you should expect after purchasing it. By employing the use of thick steel material in its construction, leads to it being both durable and sturdy enough to support weights of up to 155 pounds. Its storage is taken care of due to its foldable design.

With this cart, there would be no need to invest in another one seeing that it has a large size perfect for large-sized baggage. Unlike other carts with low-quality rubber wheels, this cart has upgraded wheels that is three times more durable.

2. Samsonite Luggage Cart

Thanks to its durable oversized rugged wheels, handling it would be simple. Its adjustable strap will not only anchor your baggage, but it will also prevent the baggage form shifting. Your fragile luggage will always be safe when transporting it with the cart since its heavy-duty construction won’t break easily. Besides, the cart can withstand loads of up to 70lbs. It folds down within seconds for storage or transportation.

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Furthermore, the carts flat area is design for holding load measuring 10 5/8 inches wide and 8 3/8 inches long.

1. Cosco Shifter Duty Folding Hand Truck

The Cosco Shifter Duty Folding Hand Truck is a cart that is ideal for use by people who usually transport heavier luggage. Its durable frame allows it to supports loads of up to 300 pounds. This cart’s multi-position feature will enable it to be used as a 4-wheeled cart or 2-wheeled upright hand cart. Since no tools or pins are required to change between these positions, using it would be simple.

Moreover, it can fold flat to fit in most car trunks or for storage. Last but not least, this product only weighs 14.92 pounds.


Before investing in a luggage cart, you should first check its durability, material, size, and usability. This will ensure that you’ll invest in a product that is worth every penny you spend on it.

List – Best Luggage Carts in 2021: