Wheelchairs are a necessary tool for people with disabilities; especially for those with paralysis. When buying a wheelchair, a lot of factors need to be taken into account. Those include the build of the chair, its material, the quality, the weight, the functions; the list goes on and on. Hence, to assist you with your selection for the most suitable wheelchair, let us present to you the top 9 best lightweight wheelchairs of the year.

List of the Best Lightweight Wheelchairs

09. Lightweight Wheelchairs With Flip-Back by Medline

First off, let us recommend this top-rated model of a wheelchair from Medline. This Medline wheelchair offers a lot of advantages that most disabled people can rely on. First of all, this wheelchair is good because it is lightweight for easy use and ease of portability.

This wheelchair is very strong; it can support up to 300 pounds in weight. It provides such a comfortable and wide seat up to 20 inches. The seat and arm-rest are also adjustable that can support your sitting position.

Moreover, legs rest also can be elevated which can relieve leg pressure. It has very smooth-rolling wheels. The seat is designed from nylon upholstery material that is easy to clean up and very breathable.

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08. Lightweight Steel Transport Wheelchair by Drive Medical

The next model that we would like to suggest to everyone is from Drive Medical. This wheelchair is suitable for anyone with disabilities, paralyzed person or the elderly like your grandparents who cannot walk properly by themselves. This simple and convenient wheelchair assists the user in moving every day. One good thing that we would like to raise is the weight of this wheelchair which is very light. It is about 7 pounds that you can carry along for a trip or bring it at the back of your car.

The weight limit that the wheelchair can support is up to 250 pounds Moreover, the seating space is about 17 inches big. The frames of this wheelchair are very durable. The 4 wheels of these wheelchairs are very smooth and quick in moving.

07. Rebel Lightweight Wheelchairs by Drive Medical

This model is also from the Drive Medical brand. This wheelchair has got its own red steel frame which is very unique. This wheelchair features 4 wheels; two are big and the other two wheels are smaller which work as supporting wheels. Moreover, this wheelchair provides a comfortable seat with a good position of armrest and legs rest so that your grandparents can feel good when using this wheelchair.

The wheelchair has its own limit of weight which is about 300 pounds only. And, the overall wheel chair’s weight is about 40 pounds. What is also special about this wheelchair is it is foldable so you can fit it at the back of your car or put it anywhere in your home after use.

06. Tracer SX5 Lightweight Wheelchairs by Invacare

Invacare brand has finally come up with this model of wheelchair that is very compatible for the elderly to use as well as for those with disabilities. The wheelchair is designed with 4 wheels; two big wheels and two smalls as supporting wheels. With this wheelchair, you will find it very comfortable – thanks to the armrest and legs rest.

Both the arm and leg rest part are equipped with a soft padded material. Moreover, the leg rests also adjustable so that you can align it with your comfortable position. It has a seat size of about 18 inches which is quite wide.

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05. Lite Ultra Lightweight Transport Wheelchair by Drive Medical

This drive medical wheelchair model is very simple compared to other models. It is designed with 4 small wheels, but it has a very strong power to support up to 300 pounds in weight. This wheelchair is also equipped with a very durable steel frame that can support such heavyweights and tough movements.

You can smoothly roll this wheelchair. Moreover, the seat material is made from Nylon upholstery. One of the good things of this wheelchair is that it can be folded which you can pack it along if you are going on a trip. It is very light in weight which allows you to carry it easily.

04. Aluminum Transport Wheelchairs by ProBasics

This wheelchair model is from the ProBasicz brand. This unit will be very comfortable transportation for your elderly as well as disable people who need wheelchairs the most. This wheelchair will take them everywhere they want to go with its comfortable seat and function. The wheelchair consists of four wheels.

The wheels are very supportive for smooth rolling. The chair also comes with a seat belt too. In addition to this, this wheelchair also can be folded which convenience to bring along anywhere. The weight load capacity is up to 300 pounds.

03. Lightweight Transport Chair with Locking Hand Brakes by Nova Medical Products

If you are finding a good quality wheelchair that can stand the test of time, you have arrived at the best option. At this point, we would like to introduce to you the Nova Medical Products brand that produces such comfortable wheelchairs that can be used among the elderly and disabled people. This is a very fully equipped one that comes with four supportive 4 wheels that make the rolling smooth.

Besides this, it is designed with a supportive armrest and leg rest as well as a comfortable seat space. It comes with one seat belt for safety. Moreover, all the steel frames are very strong that would support heavyweight without a concern.

02. Folding Transport Chair for Adults with 12 inch Wheels by Medline

Here we’ve come to another model of Medline. This wheelchair from Medline has four wheels and durable steel frames that would be able to withstand heavy weight up to 300 pounds. The wheelchair also has two handles for the caregiver to push the wheelchair forward.

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Plus, the handle is also designed with brakes. This wheelchair is expected to be light in weight and it is also foldable, so you can put it at the back of your car when traveling.

01. Foldable Wheel Chair For Transporting And Storage by RosCoe Medical

As of the last model, we have a wheelchair from RosCoe Medical. Roscoe Medical has made a very comfortable wheelchair for sick people, disabled people as well as for the elderly who can’t walk on their own. This wheelchair is very supportive as it has 4 wheels and they are very smooth and strong for rolling. The wheelchair offers a comfortable leg rest position as well as an armrest space.

It has two handles for the caregiver to push the wheelchair forward and the handles are also equipped with brakes too. This wheelchair is all in black color and the seat space is wide’ made from Nylon material. The seat also allows air to flow in and out very well. It can support up to 300 pounds of weight.

Buying Guide for Lightweight Wheelchairs

To avoid buying a disappointing product, one should do some research in advance. In addition to the product reviews above, to assist our readers further, we have curated some buying guides for light wheelchairs as well. Let’s check them out below.


First thing first, you may want to opt for a lightweight product. A lightweight wheelchair is highly portable, easy to store, and convenient for both the user and the caregiver.

Weight Capacity:

On to the next point, we would like to stress the weight load capacity that a wheelchair can support. Even though you buy a lightweight wheelchair, you have to make sure that it can support the weight of the user. The user may depend heavily on the chair. A sturdy, well-made wheelchair ensures the user’s safety as well.

Convenient and Comfort Factors:

What’s more, check if the chair comes with simple rolling wheels, handlebars, an arm and leg rest, upholstery, foldable feature, etc. We always want the patient/user to feel the utmost comfort. Hence, do look into this point closely.