You can never pay enough attention to safety in road traffic. Your daily commute to your workplace, weekend trips with your family, and shopping chores to the mall – a sufficient time of your day is spent driving. Safety and security for you, your passengers, and other traffic participants are paramount. This is not limited to vehicle brakes, seat belts, airbags, and child seats, but also includes your headlights.

Driving during the night, bad weather with rain, snow, or fog compromises your view but also limits your visibility to other drivers. Regular headlights coming with your car will normally follow the required standards, but older car models might still rely on outdated technology. Modern LED headlight bulbs are brighter and more flexible to adjust than halogen or xenon lights used in older car models. Also, they are easy to install. It takes less than 20 minutes to switch from halogen to LED headlight with the available conversion kits.

The selected and reviewed products will provide you a good overview of high quality LED headlight bulb and taillight conversion kits.

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List of the Best LED Headlight Bulb and Headlight Conversion Kits

10. Fahren H11/H9/H8 LED Headlight Super Bright Bulbs

Any surprise at night when you are driving comes with the Fahren Headlight faster to your attention. The LED lights are 300 percent brighter than halogen models – and they brighten up the streets already. With 10.000 LM per pair, you get a real good view on the street and whatever is in front of you. Additionally, other drivers will see you from far.

Modern technology ensures that the Fahren headlights distribute light even without blind spots. And they are as easy to install as halogen light: Just open the lamp case, pull the old light out and plug the new lights in. Make sure you select the right light for your model when purchasing, some sockets are different.

Product Features

  • Inbuilt cooling fan
  • Adjustable lockering to control the beam
  • 6500K Cool White Temperature
  • No dark spots left

09. SEALIGHT High Beam and Low Beam LED KIT

When you are outside the city at night and need to leave a place, the last thing you want is waiting for your lights to warm up. The SEALIGHT High and low beam LED Kit provides you with instant-on LED lights. While the high beam lights have a better output and brightness, the low beam lights create a pattern where no dark spot is left. At the same time, incoming traffic isn’t blinded but can recognize you from the distance.

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The four beams in the package follow the mini design of headlights and are easy to install. You don’t have to worry about space since the lower profile is only 0.7 inches. For the lamps a cooled xenon LED light is used, and they are constructed in a way a fan is obsolete. One of the great advantages of the SEALIGHT package is that the LEDs are energy saving, so you can run them for a while without having to start the motor. This comes handy when you have to make a stop in the dark and get out of the car without letting the engine run.

Product Features:

  • construction without a noisy fan
  • 7000 Lumen provide enough light
  • Installed in 20 minutes
  • High and low beams for different light situations

08. AUXITO H8/H9/H11 LED Headlight Super Bright

If you are looking for a headlight replacement in the middle price range, the AUXITO LED headlights might be ideal. They are mini sized H11 led headlight bulbs and easy to install. The beam provides a 360 degree illumination. Compared with a halogen light the LEDs are up to 400% brighter and still use less energy. Thanks to the canBUS system you can use the headlight bulbs in most US cars with a standard H11, H8, or H9 socket.

Modern LED headlights like the AUXITO don’t leave dark spots. The high-tech beam pattern lightens up areas even on your right and left. Auxito increases the angle with its super thin alloy board. You get much wider visibility and brighter light even in rain and haze. The cooling fan runs on 12,000RPM, so overheating will be avoided. Radio-interference is not a problem at all because the chips are designed to eliminate them.

Product features:

  • Modern CanBus System
  • All around illumination
  • Standard sockets
  • Good value for price

07. VoRock8 R2 COB 9006 Headlight Conversion Kit

Sometimes you need more than the average. When it comes to LED headlights, VoRock takes it to the extreme. The Headlight kit comes with one pair of high quality LEDs. They are one of the smallest kits, beaming the light with a total of 8000 Lumen. But still, you have great visibility. The low beams brighten the environment in front, on the right and the left in a way usually only daylight can.

With the standard 9006,HB4,9006XS sockets those products are a perfect halogen light replacement. You can easily install the LEDs. If your car has a CanBus-System you may need to check special requirements for a decoder installed. Cold pressed aluminum sockets and a built-in fan takes care of extra heat. Since the headlight bulbs are polarity sensitive you have to switch them in case they don’t fire up for the first time.

Product features:

  • Rain resistant
  • Bright light all around you
  • Plug and play for most US car models
  • Fast heat management

06. Marsauto 9006 LED Headlight Bulbs with fog lights

Driving through fog or pouring rain can be dangerous and difficult, even in daylight. Not only that you can’t see what’s in front, but other drivers may also recognize you very late. Marsauto LED addresses those problems with a LED Headlight Bulb Low beam focussing on the surface right in front of you. The LEDs create 6000K Xenon white with only 40W, less energy than many competitors.

Aviation grade aluminum sinks and a two ball fan are cooling down the lights continually without consuming too much power. While you lighten the street the 3030 CSP LED chips can avoid blinding oncoming traffic. The Marsauto LED headlights are easy to install, you don’t need to remove a housing or cover. As usual with LED headlights, check first if your car is compatible and order the right model.

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Product features:

  • 30.000 hours lifespan
  • Fast heat distribution
  • Good for rainy and foggy areas
  • Plug and play

05. MOSTPLUS 8000 Lumens All-in-One LED-Headlights Xenon white

Some drivers like it fast. But when it’s dark or raining, the sight is usually limited. This is the scenario when the MOSTPLUS LED-Headlights come into play. The LEDs and the in-built TX1860 Chip are designed for a focussed beam. They create a crisp clear brightened area in front of you, with no compromises made. Even at high speed, the 4000 Lumen lights make the street in front of you visible and bright. The temperature of 6000 K creates a much whiter light than Halogen lights.

To make sure the LEDs are not overheating, MOSTPLUS headlights use a 9,000 RPM Turbo Cool fan. The temperature is automatically adjusted, and thanks to a copper base the heat can be dissipated very fast. Since those kinds of headlights are often used in bad weather conditions, they are constructed following the IP67 standard for waterproof products. Make sure what polarity your existing lights use before installing.

Product Features:

  • Easy to install, even for reverse polarity
  • Provide a shark focussed light beam
  • Work about 50.000 hours without maintenance
  • Fast heat absorbing

04. Cougar Motor X-Small LED Headlight Bulb Combo

In case you are a fan of the Cougar Motor brand already and need an upgrade to even brighter and whiter headlight bulbs, this combo with 2 sets is just right for you. The producer increased the temperature to 6500 K providing an incredible white color. The multicore-eutectic CREE chips produce 10.000 Lumen per pair, which is at the higher end of most headlights.

The High-end 6500K cool white color and an accurate beam pattern are responsible for a clear vision even in pitch black darkness. The Cougar Motor LED headlights are CanBUS ready, a standard used in 95% of modern day vehicles. If you have any questions about compatibility, you can always call customer service. The X-Small 9005 model uses a similar to other lights aluminum base and a two ball fan to get heat transferred from the LEDs.

Product Features:

  • High End super white color
  • Work with most car models
  • Aviation standard aluminum
  • Fit also into bikes and ATVs

03. HIKARI 20213 type LED Headlight Bulbs 2021

If you are looking for an all in one solution for your headlights, the HIKARI LEDs might be the best for you. The bulbs fit into H11/H8/H9 type low beam, high beam, and fog light sockets. Outfitted with LED Chips and a heat dissipating copper surmount they provide 10.000 Lumen light strength. Using those LED headlights you drive safely through the haze, fog, and dense rain as well as dark nights.

Hikari has its headlight technology patented, but they fit in most American vehicles and light housings. The design of the beam follows requirements by carmakers like Dodge Ram, Ford, Toyota, Chevy, GMC, and Honda. When ordering check the model and production year of your car. The package includes 2 led headlight bulbs and a user manual. HIKARI also provides a 7-24 support hotline.

Product Features:

  • Bright 10.000 Lumen LEDs
  • Patented technology
  • Anti-radio interference
  • Adjustable beam pattern

02. ALLA Lighting H11/HB3 LED Headlight Bulbs Combo

ALLA’s Headlight Combo Kits comes with 4 lights in a set. One pair contains 2 high beam lights, the other 2 low beams LED lights. The color range between 6000 and 6500 K produces a white light even brighter than Xenon models. The CREE LED chips and other parts are stored safely in an aluminum casing with aviation quality. Connectors follow the IP65 regulations for waterproof parts and devices. Even in difficult weather environments, your ALLA headlights won’t leave you in the dark.

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In normal conditions with average temperatures, the headlight kid should work around 30.000 hours before replacement is needed. With its mini design, the socket will fit into most cars without removing covers or casings. Always check the lamp model that aligns with your car model and production year. Some European models may need to install a load resistor to reset error codes.

Product Features:

  • The headlight also usable as a daytime running light
  • High quality aluminum
  • Easy and fast to install
  • High color temperature for extreme white beam

01. Cougar Motor LED CREE Chip Headlight Conversion Kit

A normal halogen headlight bulb has a lifetime of not more than 400 hours. Also, the light temperature doesn’t exceed 5000K. Both are advantages the Cougar Motor LED Kit addresses. Its LED lights run up to 50.000 hours, so you may never have to replace them. At the same time, they are about 200 percent brighter than a halogen light and even beat Xenon headlight.

To create such a brightness you need energy that warms even LED. But the Cougar Motor Kit uses aluminum casings and a 7,000 RPM powerful turbocool fan. Installing the KIT does not take longer than 20 minutes. Thanks to the CanBUS-Ready system they will easily be recognized from your computer system. The Cougar Motor Headlights fit for most modern car models.

Product Features:

  • Lifetime support
  • Extreme long lifespan
  • 10.000 Lumen bright light
  • Dual turbo fan

How to choose a LED Headlight Bulb, Headlight Conversion Kit?

When you decide to convert your halogen light to a modern LED version, first check your car model and protection year. Different models have different sockets and you want to make sure all fits together. Most LEDs now run on the canBus system and work well with electronics. If this is the case, make sure your car supports them as well.

When it comes to brightness, an important factor is your individual use case. At night brighter lights are better for vision and visibility. If you drive mostly in daylight, good low beams are important to find the way through fog and haze.

Important numbers and features to consider

While lifespan hours is one number to consider, another is Lumen. It measures the brightness of light, and the higher it is, the brighter is the LED. Those chip controlled bulbs are energy saving and you should opt for a model with low energy usage, so you can keep the light running for a while without having to start the motor.

The LED bulbs must be rainproof and ideally also waterproof and should come with an adequate cooling fan to adjust the temperature automatically and prevent overheating. Aviation industry grade aluminum will improve heat management and dissipation.

Final Verdict for buying LED Headlight Bulb Conversion Kits

To find the right option for a LED Headlight Bulb and Headlight & Taillight Conversion Kit you need to consider important features matching your vehicle model and requirements. First of all the LED headlights bulbs must fit your vehicle model, so check first if the selected LED bulb is suitable for your car and has the correct socket size. The LED bulbs and the headlight and taillight conversion kits must allow easy installation and connection with your vehicle.

LED bulbs usually have a very long life span of ca. 30.000 to 50.000 hours, so the slightly higher price compared to halogen or xenon bulbs is justified.

When looking for new headlights, assure that they are adjustable for your perfect vision, but also to avoid binding other drivers. The light must be distributed evenly without dark or blind spots for enhanced safety while driving.

Have a safe drive!