Below is a guide for your reference that can help in finding a suitable large mailbox for your home. You can see that the mailboxes have a large capacity and thus, would allow you more space.

To know more about the details of the specifications or dimensions it would be best to see the product details and description. You can check the customer reviews as well!

List of The Best Large Mailbox:

10. Gibraltar Stanley (ST200000) Post Mount Jumbo Mailbox, Galvanized Steel

This mailbox offers a large capacity that would allow you to fit different packages, envelopes, and so much more! It is designed keeping in view the fact that galvanized steel construction would resist rust and thus, it would be stable. The good news is that you don’t have to go through the hassle of assembling the mailbox since it would be fully assembled.

You would find the process of installation quite easier and it would be fast too! It is the USA made product and is available with a limited 90 days warranty. You can learn more about the features, specifications, and dimensions from the detailed description.

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9. Architectural Mailboxes 950020B-10 Centennial Postmount Mailbox

Available in an extra-large size, this mailbox is black in color allowing you to enough room for the mails and parcels. The galvanized steel body is heavy duty and would be corrosion resistant so you need not worry much. It would look great and it appears quite simple yet stylish. In the era of information technology, people do online shopping due to which they have to accept parcels quite frequently.

If someone is not at home the parcel would be left at the porch and if it’s raining then it is another whole story! However, with such products, it would be easy to save the parcels from rain.

8. Gibraltar Mailboxes Patriot Large Capacity Rust-Proof Plastic Black, Post-Mount Mailbox

A simple loom at this mailbox would let you feel that it appears quite modern. It is available in black color and hence, if you have been looking for a particular black mailbox, you can take a look at this one. Using this mailbox means there is a possibility of receiving parcels, magazines, and mails since there is enough room inside.

You would be able to get some idea by looking at the images and it is always best to browse images and go through the product details for better information on the dimension and other features. The plastic construction is rust-proof and is designed to be durable but you can read customer reviews to know more about durability.

7. Black, Gibraltar Extra-Large Steel Post-Mount Mailbox

If you are looking for an extra-large, black mailbox that has great room capacity, you can take a look at this one. It is composed of heavy-duty galvanized steel and is designed to be durable and strong. It can hold mails of the entire day and there is a space for receiving the small parcels. Also, it offers a stylish appearance and would be a suitable addition to the curb.

The powder coat finish would offer resistance to rust and it would be durable since it is designed to last. It would be a good idea to get more information on the product features and specifications from the details.

6. Gibraltar Mailboxes BM16BSN1 Brunswick Rural Mailbox

This black and satin Nickel large mailbox has a stylish appearance that you can see from the image as well. The heavy-duty galvanized steel offers durability and it is designed to offer strength so that you can use it! The powder-coated finish is black and would help in getting resistance from rust. It has a large capacity that would allow many boxes and mails.

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This large mailbox is easy to install and would be assembled upon arrival. It is important for you to keep in mind that the hardware for mounting is not included. To know the details of dimensions you can see the product description.

5. Architectural Mailboxes 8830RZ-10 Winston Post Mount Mailbox

This rubbed bronze mailbox seems to have an interesting design and has a dome-style handle. It is made of galvanized steel that makes it durable and strong. When making a final purchase it would be wise to know the dimensions and relevant features by going through the detailed description.

In order to install it, you might need the hardware and the mounting bracket too! But, it is important for you to keep in mind that these are not included. To make the installation easy, you have to mount holes on the floor. You can go through the details for more information.

4. Gibraltar Mailboxes Gentry Large Capacity Double-Walled Plastic Black, All-In-One Mailbox & Post Combo Kit

This mailbox would allow large boxes to be fitted inside and would also have space for the flat magazines and padded envelopes. If you are looking for such features it would be a good idea to take a look at this particular one. The plastic construction is double-wall and thus, would be durable.

It is made in the USA and as you can see from the image it is black in color and has a suitable design. When selecting such products, it would be a good idea to know about the dimensions so that you would be able to decide on which one to buy as per your needs. You can also read the customer reviews to get an idea about the overall product.

3. Gibraltar Mailboxes Elite Large Capacity Galvanized Steel Green, Post-Mount Mailbox

This particular mailbox is available in green color and appears unique because of the color. If you are looking for a different color, you can take a look at this particular one. The large capacity of the mailbox would allow flat laid magazines, padded envelopes, and larger boxes. The galvanized steel construction is heavy-duty and offers strength.

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This USA made product has a powder-coated finish that is green and would help in providing resistance against rust. It would be a suitable addition in your life if you are looking for a mailbox with such capacity. It is best to be aware of your requirements and based on that make a final decision, so you would be happy with the purchase.

2. Plastic Mailbox Durable Large Mail Box Gold Lettering Bronze

This large mailbox is available in bronze and there is gold lettering on it that you can see from the image as well. With the help of the common tools, you would be able to install it. It is a good feeling to be a homeowner and such products are designed for the outside use of your home!

You just have to install it once and then you would be able to use it for years. It is designed to be rust free and there would not be a need of going through a complex assembly. You can know about the dimensions of the details.

1. Gibraltar Mailboxes Garrison Large Capacity Galvanized Steel Venetian Bronze

It is bronze in color and says to have a large capacity and thus, would be a suitable addition to your house, allowing you to enjoy the various envelopes and parcel delivery. The galvanized steel makes it resistant to rust and thus, you would be allowed to use it with ease. There is a capacity for the medium-sized and small-sized parcels.

Thus, when you are making a final purchase make sure you are getting the mailbox that fits your requirements especially if you shop frequently online. The mounting hardware would be sold separately so you have to keep this in mind.


If you have recently become a homeowner, you would be looking for various items that would be suitable for your house. One such item is a large mailbox that gives you the freedom to enjoy parcels and envelopes and if you are a frequent online shopper, your eyes would be on mailbox quite a lot every day. This guide can help you to some extent!