As a cat owner, you will agree that cats have the natural tendency to jump, play, and scratch almost anywhere. Even though you adore your cat, you hate it when they scratch your favorite drapes or furniture. The best way to solve this is to gift your cat with the best large cat tower.

These cat towers feature hideaway houses, platform beds, hammocks, baskets, or just sisal scratching posts to encourage cats to scratch their claws without damaging your valuable items.

Also, they are covered with skin-friendly plush carpets that are soft-to-the-touch, enabling your cat to play around in a soft and cozy spot. If you are wondering where to find the best cat tower, look no further than the following top best large cat tower in 2021 reviews.

List of The Best Large Cat Tower in Reviews

01. Go Pet Club 72″ Cat Tree

Your cat needs their own space to rest and place, and there is no better way to give it to them than with the Go Pet Club 72″ Cat Tree. It is made up of quality boards that are not only safe but also durable to provide an endless amount of playtime for your cat. This cat tree is covered in high-quality faux fur to ensure a soft yet safe structure for your cat.

It comes with multiple posts lined with natural sisal rope to satisfy your cat’s instinct to scratch. This cat tree features two condos with multiple elevated platforms and different levels for your cat to enjoy. It has individual perches, ladders, as well as hanging toys to give your cat more excitement.

This unit is designed for easy assembly and it comes with all the needed tools and instructions for the same. Furthermore, it is available in a wide range of colors for you to choose from based on your preferences.

Key Features

  •  Reinforced posts covered in natural sisal
  •  Quiet and roomy condo
  •  Perches with raised edges
  •  Sturdy and durable construction

02. Yaheetech 51in Cat Tree Tower

Featuring a reinforced bottom base, the Yaheetech 51in Cat Tree Tower is stable to keep your cat safe while she is having fun. It is equipped with anti-toppling fittings to provide double security and reliability. This cat tree is made of good quality 0.5-inch particle board to ensure it is sturdy enough to stand the test of time. It is complete with a skin-friendly plush covering for added comfort for your cat.

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This tree has reinforced posts wrapped in sisal rope for cats to scratch their claws without damaging your furniture. With two interactive fur balls, this cat tree offers extra fun for cats to play and have a good time. It has a maximum load capacity of 44lbs, which is suitable for small to mid-sized cats.

This cat tree boasts 2 spacious hideaway houses that provide super-soft warm lounging spots for your little furry friend. There are 3 top perches platform included to enable your cat to enjoy being at the top and getting a good view. Better yet, this unit has an attractive look that goes well with almost any room décor.

Key Features

  •  Two hanging interactive furballs
  •  2 spacious hideaway houses
  •  Reinforced posts wrapped with natural sisal
  •  The maximum load capacity of 44lbs

03. FEANDREA 67 inches Multi-Level Cat Tree

Give your feline friend a cozy space to jump, nap, or play around with the FEANDREA 67 inches Multi-Level Cat Tree. It is multilayered with 2 roomy condos to offer an enjoyable napping experience. This cat tree has 3 plush perches with raised edges to enable your cat to rest while having an aerial view of the house.

It is complete with sisal covered slope to add so much more fun for playtime. This cat tree is constructed of CARB-certified natural particleboard for sturdy and long-lasting performance. It is strengthened with battens and anti-toppling fittings at the bottom to ensure overall stability and double security.

This model features reinforced posts covered in natural sisal rope, allowing your cat to scratch and exercise. It is available in two styles; smoky gray and light gray for you to choose from. Also, this unit comes with hanging balls to encourage your cat to play and have fun.

Key Features

  •  CARB-certified natural particleboard
  •  Multilayered house with 2 roomy condos
  •  Battens at the bottom and anti-toppling fittings
  •  Sisal-covered scratching posts

04. AmazonBasics Cat Tree, X-Large Size

The AmazonBasics Cat Tree has tiered platforms to provide enough space for your cat to climb, play, and relax. It has a rough texture to offer a scratch-friendly environment, enabling your cat to keep her claws busy and her mind content. Hence, this cat tree is a great deterrent for cats with a proclivity for scratching things they shouldn’t, including furniture, blinds, and drapes.

All you have to do is set it up near your cat’s favorite spot and watch the fun begin. With a naturally fibrous construction, this cat tree enables you to satisfy your cat’s urge to climb and scratch. It comes with a roomy condo that gives your cat optimum privacy with satisfying scratch-ability.

This unit features a durable construction consisting of a sisal plush and strong chipboard to deliver long-lasting performance. It comes in a nice neutral color tone that goes well with any existing home décor. But then again, there are several color varieties for you to choose from in case you don’t like the neutral color.

Key Features

  •  Durable, long-lasting construction
  •  Multi-tiered platform with scratching posts
  •  Neutral color tones
  •  Hanging fur balls

05. BEWISHOME Large Cat Tree Condo, MMJ03

Equipped with 3 nicely cushioned and large platform beds, the BEWISHOME Large Cat Tree Condo, MMJ03 offers a comfy spot for your cat to relax in. It has a super solid construction with a well-balanced base to provide stable and long-lasting performance. This cat tree comes with 2 spacious hideaway houses to offer plenty of lounging room for your kitty to sleep in.

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There are reinforced sisal wrapped posts that enable your cat to scratch and sharpen their claws. This cat tower is made up of good quality plush material that is soft and comfortable; hence, your cat will enjoy sniffing and exploring around.

It is complete with a cozy hammock and interactive jingly balls to help your cat play and have fun. This has an attractive look in a low-profile grey color that blends with almost any interior décor. Better yet, it comes with all the hardware and tools to allow for easy assembly.

Key Features

  •  Super solid construction
  •  2 spacious hideaway houses
  •  A cozy hammock and interactive jingly balls
  •  Soft quality plush material

06. Yaheetech 79in Multi-Level Cat Tree

Constructed of non-toxic E1 particleboard, the Yaheetech 79in Multi-Level Cat Tree is durable and safe for your little furry friend. It is covered in soft and skin-friendly plush material to keep your cat cozy and comfy. This cat tower has a 23 x 23’’ big baseboard that offers optimum stability to prevent it from wobbling and tipping over. It comes with a trap that you can use to attach it to the wall for added support and stability.

For your cat to play, scratch, and sharpen his claws, this cat tower is equipped with extra-long sisals that are strong and sturdy to stand the test of time. Similarly, it has 9 scratching posts in various heights to encourage your cat’s positive scratching behavior without ruining your furniture.

This cat tower is easy to set up and it is recommended for placing near the window or in the corner for better performance. Remember all the necessary tools and instructions are included for added convenience.

Key Features

  •  9 scratching posts in various heights
  •  Extra-long dangling sisal rope
  •  Stable and sturdy design
  •  Wall anchor strap

07. Yaheetech 62in Extra Large Cat Tree

Composed of good quality 0.5-inch particleboard, the Yaheetech 62in Extra Large Cat Tree is not just sturdy but also stable to provide steady performance. It is equipped with a large cushioned platform bed that has a raised edging to allow your pet to sit on and look out of the window. This cat tower is wrapped in soft plush material that makes each spot soft and cozy.

It has reinforced posts covered with natural sisal rope to encourage your cat’s natural scratching behavior. Featuring anti-toppling fittings, this cat tower is stable enough to remain standing even your cat is jumping and playing around.

It has a hanging ball and bell to provide a more interactive spot to play in. this model boasts an extra-large and basket to provide safer and cozier napping area. It is easy to set up with the included hardware and tools. What’s more, this unit is available in two colors for you to select from.

Key Features

  •  Large cushioned platform beds
  •  Anti-toppling fittings at the bottom
  •  Hanging ball with a bell
  •  Extra-large hammock and basket

08. Yaheetech Cat Tree Tower with Tunnel, 62in

The Yaheetech Cat Tree Tower with Tunnel, 62in is a multilevel cat condo that comes with all the necessary tools and instructions for a simple setup. It is constructed of high-quality particle board covered in skin-friendly plush material. Thus, this cat tower is durable and warm to provide a cozy area to play, jump, and take a nap in. it has strong natural sisal covered posts that encourage your cat to scratch without her ruining your furniture.

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This unit is equipped with top perches with raised edges that let your cat have a safe panoramic viewing. It comes with a 360-degree swivel tunnel specially designed for adventurers’ cats to have more fun. Similarly, there is 1 replaceable ball that included providing more excitement.

This cat tower stands on the battens-strengthened bottom that offers more stability. Therefore, it is safe and secure not to endanger your little kitty.

Key Features

  •  Strong natural sisal wrapped posts
  •  360-degree swivel tunnel
  •  Battens-strengthened bottom with anti-toppling fittings
  •  Skin-friendly plush covering

09. New Cat Condos Large Cat Tower

Designed with household carpeting, the New Cat Condos Large Cat Tower offers a comfortable and long-lasting performance. It is constructed of solid wood similar to the one used to build your homes to give you a sturdier, heavier, and more stable performance. Unlike other competing brands, this cat tower is composed of thick, natural unsoiled sisal rope.

Hence, it is a great choice if you are looking for smoothing, safe, and comfortable for your cat. Not only is this cat tower crafted in the USA but also it requires very minimal assembly that you can easily do-it-yourself without any help.

It is composed of 4 easy-to-access spacious perches to enable your cat to relax and take a view. This tower is large and well-built, meaning it is suitable for large cats and multiple cat households. Moreover, it is available in three color choices to suit people with various tastes and preferences.

Key Features

  •  Handcrafted design
  •  Household-grade carpeting
  •  Solid wood construction
  •  Thick, unsoiled sisal rope

10. BEWISHOME Cat Tree Condo, MMJ06

Nicely cushioned and large, the BEWISHOME Cat Tree Condo, MMJ06 is what you need to help your cat relax in a private and cozy area. It has a solid construction with a based base that makes it well-balanced for optimum stability. This cat tower has an attractive look to ensure it blends well into the existing home décor.

It is made up of good quality plush material that is soft and comfortable to encourage your curious cat to explore. All the hardware and tools are included in the package to allow for easy assembly and set up. This tower has 2 spacious hideaways with plenty of room for your cat to lounge and takes a nap.

It is equipped with sisal wrapped posts to allow your cat to scratch and sharpen her claws. It is complete with interactive jingly balls to offer more fun and excitement. Better yet, this unit features a cozy basket to provide enough fun and comfort.

Key Features

  •  Nice looking design in light grey
  •  Large nicely-cushion platform bed
  •  2 spacious hideaway houses
  •  Interactive jingly ball


Discouraging your cat not to scratch on your furniture or drapes can be difficult if you are not giving them an alternative. That is why the best large cat tower is a must-have for any cat owner. With so many manufacturers out there claiming they have the best cat tower you don’t want to take any chances. So, take a thorough read through the above compilation that contains top-rated products to take home nothing but the best large cat tower.