No matter, if you are a professional or amateur craftsman, owning the right and useful tools, can really help to achieve your projects effectively and efficiently. Especially if you are consumed with wood or wooden crafting, you must understand the importance of having a high-quality planer and jointer.

Since its invention, this tool has had a lot of craftsmen to make many interesting wooden products. Instead of buying two products to use, you can actually save a lot of space by buying just one tool; which is jointer planer combo, so that a machine can perform both tasks flexibly. If you haven’t had one or you had but you are looking to buy a new one, there are a few high-quality jointer planer combos sold on the market nowadays.

Invest at the coal we will be introducing the top 6 best jointer planer combo that you can own for good. Keep waiting to find out where these products are formed and how capable they can be.

List of Best Jointer Planer Combo in 2021

06. 1 HP Jointer with Quick-Set Knive System by JET

As the first product in the list, we have the best jointer planer combo from this world’s leading brand called Jet. Now, what’s special about this brand is that the feature of it is 6 inch 1HP Quick-set knife system That allows the stool to perform very fast when smoothing the surface. Moreover, it also comes with an extra-long iron table which inshore better control and more accuracy of shaping the wood. It is also very easy to operate because all you have to start the machine is simply push-button controls, and it will perform very effectively.

On top of that. you can also set the high-speed steel cutter head into 3 different levels. This product is also designed with dust and chipped disposal so that any mess would not spread on the floor as you are working, so your work area can always remain clean. These tall are also offered with handwheels that can be used for easy adjustment and safety so there won’t be any unexpected problem happen when using it.

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05. Jointer with helical cutterhead by Powermatic

Moving onto the top 5th the next best jointer planner combo in the list is from Powermatic. Using a helical cutter head that incorporates up to four-sided knife build in the tool, this jointer can cut and sharp the wood into the very fine surface; which is a lot better than any other conventional jointer.

Besides, it is also designed with a 6-inch-long adjustable table that allows a wider area of the working surface so that you can work more freely and efficiently. Such a big table and stable footing allows any user to have the most optimum accuracy when it comes to their works. It can also ensure a clean working environment because it has dust collection shoots that can collect any debris and prevent it from falling on the floor.

Powermatic also owns a high-performance fence system that can ensure precise straightness. This fence can also be adjusted up to 90° vertical in order for easy operation. When purchasing this product, you don’t only get this high-quality jointer, but what you also get are the mounting hardware, other important accessories and a 5-years warranty on the product so you don’t have to worry about anything when purchasing the jointer from Powermatic.

04. Jointer Planer with Helical Head by RIKON Power Tools

Moving onto the next product, we have another high-quality and outstanding performance plan a jointer combo from RIKON Power Tools. What makes this so popular among many craftsmen is that this tool is run by 3400 RPM motor, so it can obviously cut the wood at full capacity. Similar to the other products mentioned previously, this jointer planet combo also owns a helical cutter-head that is famously known to produce a super-smooth finish on the surface. Also, this tool can perform at a very high speed; measured at 23 feet per minute.

A lot of users have written online reviews supporting these products and claimed confidently that this product is really your durable and they are highly satisfied with its performance despite it being used for years. So if you’re looking for the best jointer planer combo that can perform very outstandingly and helps to improve the quality of your craftsmanship RIKON Power Tools is definitely for you.

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03. Jointer Planer Combo by JET

Another highly recommended jointer planer combo in the list is yet again from JET. Obviously, you may have already known that Jed is always one of the best suppliers for these tools; now with this model, it is no exception. Jet JJP-8BT is a great combination of jointer and planner so once you purchase it you get these 2 tasks in 1 machine that works flawlessly great.

This jointer and planner are Designed with integrated cord wrap which makes the tool look very organized and make it portable to bring anywhere without having to worry about cord damage or stuff. Similar to the previous model from this brand, this one also comes with a highly compact benchtop that is designed to be ergonomically convenient for the user at any heights.

On top of that, there is also adjustment on the height which is possible to set to how comfortable you want it to be, so you can work for long hours with this machine without having any spine or body pain. In terms of the performance, this jointer planer combo features with 30 AMP motor that allows different varieties of cutting application, so it can guarantee a smooth and straight surface to the wood being cut by it.

Its feed speed is measured up only 19.5 ft. Per-minute; which means you can cut more but this machine without taking a lot of time as the others in the market does.

Last but not least, this machine is also provided with a three-year warranty that protects you from any problem after purchasing so what else are you waiting for? Grab yours now.

02. Variable Speed 6 inch Jointer by PORTER-CABLE

Here at the top 2nd best jointer planer combo in the list, it’s the product from PORTER-CABLE. One of the most famous point about jointer planer combo from this brand is that it can be set the speed with the range from 6,000 to 11, 000 RPM along with the cutter head speed at 12, 000 to 22, 000 per minute.

What it does from that is it allows users to set the right speed in order to cut the object based on its size and hardness. To add on its leading performance, there are also two knives cutter heads that can be replaced or adjust anytime to reach maximum desire when you do your project.

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Similarly, PORTER-CABLE also uses a large table as a working surface in order to keep the machine steady and ensure accuracy when cutting. Moreover, such a tool is also ideal flattening, edging or face-jointing; which clearly explain why it is important to own PORTER-CABLE if you want to perfect your craftsmanship.

01. 12 Inch Jointer Planer by JET

Finally, the best jointer planer combo in the market belongs to the product from JET again. Without question, this Number one product is known for its leading high-speed steel cutter head that can smoothen and cut the surface at a rapid phase with a superior finish.

Also, JET uses a parallelogram as the design for this jointer planer combo because it allows the cutter head to perform a precise depth of cut adjustment. To complement such functionality, this tool also features with the ultra-large aluminum fence at the center in order to ease any adjustment. When it comes to changing from a jointer to a planer, this machine does not require any complex process, so it can save a lot of time by using it.

Even the fence also needs not to remove from the machine when you switch from one function to another. Its premium 3HP motor will allow this tool to effortlessly handle the objects no matter how tough they are. As usually, JET always stands strongly behind their products. For this JJP-12 model, it has up to a 5-year warranty, so it’s definitely safe to purchase this product without any hesitation.

Buying Guide for Best Jointer Planer Combo

When looking for the best jointer planer combo, there are a few points you need to make sure. First of all, you need to check the power of the product. It’s worth noting that a jointer planer has limited or low power generates can barely cut the wood; especially the tough one, effectively. To avoid this problem, you need to look for any that have powerful motor and high cutter head speed. Moreover, the size of the table is also important.

In order to have a nice, functional and comfortable workplace, the jointer planer machine must feature a large table. Finally, you need to check about the conversion from one mode to another; see how easy or how long it takes to switch it. The easier and faster it can switch the mode, the better the product is because you don’t want to spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to change over the function.


After finishing these points, you should be now ready to shop the best and the right jointer planer combo for your project.