Health and wellbeing are important aspects of our lives. Keeping yourself fit and healthy is not only limited to sports, but to your overall lifestyle. Many ailments come from stress or work, resulting in pain or skin conditions. Unbalanced nutrition can add to such chronic conditions. It is proven that using saunas has many health benefits and can support important functions in your body, and your metabolism.

One option is a traditional rock and water sauna, or a steam sauna. These often heat over 200F and still the heat does not penetrate your skin. Furthermore, the high heat can make you feel dizzy and exhausted. People with respiratory issues or physical limitations often cannot use such sauna types.

Infrared saunas are in general more gentle when it comes to heat, as they operate with lower and safer temperatures of around 120F to 130F. Instead of only heating the air in the cabin, infrared waves penetrate your body and heat you rather from inside out. This sauna method brings you a number of health benefits ranging from detoxification by healthy sweating to pain and stress relief and providing deep relaxation. Infrared sauna sessions can be also beneficial to lower your blood pressure and increase your blood circulation.

A number of infrared saunas come with oxygen ionizers and Chromotherapy to support your health even more and to balance your body. Accessories, like built-in sound systems, timer settings, and magazine racks will enhance your relaxing sauna session even more. Our featured suggestions will provide you a good overview of the large range of home infrared saunas.

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List of the Best Infrared Sauna

10. Radiant Saunas Infrared Sauna

The Radiant Sauna is your own little haven to relax. This infrared sauna is built in the USA by experienced sauna experts. The beautifully designed hemlock wood infrared sauna offers space for 2 people. Its size is suitable to fit into your house comfortably. It has an extra deep bench to relax on. EZ-Touch dual interior and LED control exterior let you control the temperature and other included features easily.

The Radiant infrared sauna comes with a number of additional features, to make it a real luxury sauna cabin: a built-in sound system, magazine racks, towel hooks, 7 color therapy light and an oxygen ionizer will perfect your sauna session. The infrared sauna has 6 carbon heaters and the temperature setting is possible up to 141F. The infrared sauna operates on a safe 120v/15-amp. The sauna comes with a limited warranty.

09. DYNAMIC SAUNAS 1-2 Person Far Infrared Sauna

This infrared sauna from Dynamic Saunas has also the environmental impact in mind. Built from solid reforested Canadian hemlock wood it comes with double paneled walls. This retains the heat very efficiently and also heats up faster. 6 strategically placed low EMF infrared carbon energy efficient heating panels guarantee an even distribution of the heat.

The sauna offers space for 2 persons and a number of features to make your sauna time relaxing: chromotherapy lighting system, interior, and exterior LED control panels, sound system with 4 built-in speakers, and a 15” LCD Monitor with DVD Player. The controls are easy to handle. You can choose your preferred temperature setting up to 141F and also set a timer. A tempered glass door adds to the beautiful design, but also to a safe use. The infrared sauna can be installed on carpet and at any indoor location.

08. JNH Lifestyles Joyous 1 Person Infrared Sauna

Your dream of an own private home sauna can come true with the JNH Lifestyles Joyous infrared sauna. Designed for 1 person this sauna cabin fits perfectly also into smaller places, be it in a house or apartment. The simple design is representative and beautiful. The strategically placed advanced infrared carbon fiber heaters distribute the heat evenly and avoid hot spots. The dual wall insulation allows an energy friendly use of the sauna.

This infrared sauna is easy to assemble thanks to the tongue and groove construction. The durable tempered glass door prevents claustrophobic feeling during your sauna time. Convenient digital control panels allow you to set your preferred temperature and sauna time. The premium sound system lets you listen to your favorite music, podcast, or audiobook during your relaxing time.

07. Dynamic “Andora” Low EMF Far Infrared Sauna

Another beautifully designed infrared sauna for home use from Dynamic. The model “Andora” provides space for 2 persons and comes with a side window in addition to the tempered glass door. This sauna will give you an “open” feeling despite being an indoor sauna. It will add to your wellbeing while you relax in the sauna, as it avoids making you feel “boxed”.

The Dynamic “Andora” infrared sauna focuses on sustainable functions. The cabin is made of reforested Canadian hemlock wood. The double paneled walls retain the heat inside and do not waste energy. Low EMF infrared carbon energy efficient heating panels produce a wide and evenly distributed heat. These carbon panels are 30% larger than saunas heated by ceramic panels and they do not need to be replaced. The Dynamic infrared sauna comes of course with further amenities, like soft touch control panels and LED displays to set the preferred temperature and time. An integrated sound system with 2 dynamic speakers is included as well.

06. Dynamic “Venice” Far Infrared Sauna

Dynamic is one of the leading sauna manufacturers for good reasons. The knowledge and experience of this company made their various sauna models guarantors for high quality and long term usage without “wear & tear”. The model “Venice” comes beside the well-known functions and advantages with a more modern design. The tempered glass door is wider than in other models. The cabin also features side windows. The design is more contemporary compared to other cabins.

Besides the design, the infrared sauna convinces as well with its functionality and quality. Also, the features to not disappoint. The 6 Dynamic Low EMF FAR Infrared Carbon heating panels are distributed strategically throughout the sauna for most ideal heat distribution. 6mm interior and exterior wood planks guarantee efficient insulation. The 2 people infrared sauna comes with a Chromotherapy lighting system, convenient displays, and control panels to set the functions and of course an integrated sound system.

05. Radiant Saunas BSA2406 Ceramic Infrared Sauna

The product world of Radiant, another leading sauna manufacturer, offers wide choices as well. This 2 person infrared sauna is using 5 ceramic infrared heaters to activate your metabolism for loosening your tight muscles and sore joints. The heat is evenly distributed to reach the best effects. Adjustable roof vents allow outside air to come in. The built-in Oxygen ionizer adds to your wellbeing. The temperature settings allow a maximum of 141F.

The Radiant infrared sauna features chromotherapy lighting. Easy to set LED lights to help you to choose the right setting and mood for you. The integrated sound system adds to your relaxation by playing your favorite tunes. Comfortable back rests, towel hooks and magazine racks offer a luxury experience in your home sauna. The infrared sauna comes with CE, CETL, RoHS, and ISO 9001 certifications. A limited warranty is provided as well.

04. Maxxus MX-J206-01 Seattle Infrared Sauna

This infrared sauna comes in a classical Swedish log cabin design with a large front glass door and windows. This makes the cabin a very beautiful sauna, which should not be hidden in your basement. The Maxxus low EMF sauna comes with 6 well placed heating panels: 2 on the rear wall, 1 on each side wall, 1 under the bench, and 1 on the floorboard. The Feet reflexology heating system floor heater is a very special feature provided by Maxxus for this home sauna model.

The sauna amenities include a reading lamp, built-in speakers, and an Mp3 aux connection. While the recommended ideal sauna temperature lies between 120F to 130F, this infrared sauna can generate temperatures up to 140F. The convenient interior control panel displays temperature and timer. The sauna was constructed with a focus on energy consumption. Double paneled walls add to the energy efficient use of this infrared sauna.

03. Radiant Saunas BSA1320 Infrared Sauna

You want to enjoy a relaxing sauna session with your family or your best friends at home? Then the Radiant Saunas BSA 1320 infrared sauna is the right option to consider. This sauna cabin is built with a corner configuration to easily fit into your basement, gym, or any room of suitable size in your house. Coming in a classical wood panel design with beautifully carved door handles and a bronze-tinted tempered glass door this infrared sauna is also an eye-catcher.

The Canadian red cedar is also an excellent thermal insulator and provides a refreshing aroma. Cedar also comes with microbial properties that are anti-fungal. Ten low EMF carbon heaters provide even and sufficient heat for up to 4 people sharing the sauna cabin. Adjustable air vents allow outside air to come into the cabin and guarantee fresh air supply. Further features are Chromotherapy LED lights, an integrated sound system, an ionizer plus ergonomic back rests. It also comes with towel hooks and a magazine rack.

02. Radiant Saunas Cedar Wood Infrared Sauna

If you prefer Cedar wood over Hemlock then this sauna model from Radiant is the right choice for a smaller 2 person cabin option. Canadian Red Cedar comes with beautiful color variations. The wood is resistant to rot and mildew. On top, it is durable and known to be an excellent heat insulator. Cedar wood has a refreshing aroma, as well as oils that can support detoxification.

Besides the beautiful design, this infrared sauna provides all features you expect from a quality product. 6 carbon heaters provide temperatures up to 141F. EZ-Touch LED controls provide convenient operation of the sauna. Further features are the Chromotherapy light, an oxygen ionizer, and a built-in sound system. The radiant infrared sauna comes with CE, CETL, RoHS, and ISO 9001 certifications and a limited warranty.

01. Good Health Saunas Signature Cedar Wood Far Infrared Sauna

Suitable for 1 person this stylish designed infrared sauna fits also into smaller places. The Good Health Sauna is fabricated from Hypoallergenic FSC Certified Canadian Cedar Wood. The door is made from GHS certified tempered glass and complements the modern exterior design of the sauna cabin. Despite being a small cabin model it comes with all features also bigger cabins have.

4 certified ETL carbon heaters and 2 certified ceramic heating elements ensure an even distribution of the temperature inside. The heaters come with a lifetime warranty. Additional features enhancing your sauna experience are the audio entertainment center including FM, CD PLayer, and an MP3 plug. The digital control panel ensures easy handling. The infrared sauna also features Chromotherapy Lighting. Exterior lighting adds to your safety when stepping out of the sauna cabin after your relaxing session.

How to choose the right infrared sauna?

Selecting the best infrared sauna for your individual needs depends indeed on the main purpose you wish to use the sauna for. You probably look for relaxation and for “warming up” in the cold time of the year. Or you want to take advantage of the many health benefits an infrared sauna offers, like detoxification, burning calories or stress, and pain relief.

Another point to consider is if you prefer to use the sauna alone or with your partner or a friend. Or maybe you enjoy a sauna session with your whole family or your best friends. Then the size is an important factor. With the size comes also the question if your house or apartment provides enough space to set up the cabin.

Last but not least, the budget is important, but do not neglect to check the quality and durability of the sauna. You want to enjoy the sauna for a long time without putting more money than necessary into it for repairs or replacements.

Final verdict for the best infrared sauna

Our featured infrared saunas are selected for quality, durability, and experienced manufacturers. All infrared saunas are suitable for indoor use and follow security guidelines for a safe operation at your home. You might prefer to opt for the sauna models with carbon heaters, as they require less maintenance or replacements than options with ceramic heaters. Most saunas come already with a number of useful accessories built in, so you do not need to invest further money for a sound system or an oxygen ionizer to enhance your relaxing experience.

Please keep in mind that for whatever infrared sauna model you decide the company usually delivers only curbside and does not support you for the setup. You might need to arrange in advance e assistance by a third party for safe assembling and also hire a professional electrician to connect the sauna cabin safely with your electricity outlet in your home.