Hoverboards are the latest advancements in the transport industry with beautiful design, powerful performance, and safety. They are two-wheeled motorized electronic platforms that resemble skateboards. For a long time, they have been known for their great personal transportation and controlled by the weight distribution of the rider. Additionally, because they come in compact sizes, you will easily maneuver tight spaces and reach your destination quickly. Hoverboards are also suitable for museum tours and in getting around stores, workplaces, as well zipping around campus.

Lately, they have been reported to be responsible for lots of public accidents. Also, others have burst into flames due to overheating lots of damage. The reason for all this is that there are lots of faulty and untested hoverboards currently on the market being produced by untrustworthy manufacturers. It is, therefore, important that you settle on nothing but the best!

While we do understand that choosing this critical device can be confusing as the market features different brands, you don’t have to be worried anymore! We have done extensive research and review of the best hoverboards in the market based on affordable, safety, speed, weight, durability, among others to ease your shopping woes. Lets quickly dive in and unleash all the magic performance they come with: )

List of the 10 Best Hoverboards in 2021:

10. Hover-1 Hover Board Electric Scooter

Hover-1 Electric Scooter stars as one of the best hoverboards with exceptional design and performance. It is arguably one of the most functional units in the market today. It is a great fit for adults with a strong platform for comfortably holding a maximum weight of 264lbs. A maximum speed of 9mph plus the long-distance of 9 miles makes it convenient and enjoyable.

It has an app-enabled design for easy operation from your mobile device. The Hover-1 Hover Board is user friendly and has three skill modes, including beginner, intermediate and expert levels, thus accommodates all users. With an in-built Bluetooth speaker, you can listen to your favorite music while on the ride.

Special Features:

  • Incredible speed of 9mph and covers longer distances up to 9miles
  • Supports rides of maximum weight 264pounds
  • In-built 36 volts Lithium-ion battery rechargeable and has overcharge and discharge safety
  • LED lights are customizable for low battery indication as well as lighting in dark
  • Features IPX4 water-resistant built-in Bluetooth speakers for a relaxed ride

09. City Cruiser 6.5-Inch Scooter Hover Board

The City Cruiser Scooter Hoverboard is well constructed and designed to provide each user a funny, safety, reliability, and cool experience. Its headlights are brighter enough to enable you to explore and adventure after the sun sets more efficiently and safer. Also, the colorful LED lights of this hoverboard give it a cool and beautiful look.

If you are looking for a gift to give a kid, whether yours or friends’, the City Cruiser Scooter Hoverboard will be a perfect choice. The self-balancing mode will allow children to learn how to ride it quite fast and easily. It is availed in four colors; hence selection of the best color is enhanced. This hoverboard is designed to be a user-friendly ideal for kids and everyone else.

Special Features:

  • 6.5-inches hoverboard rubber tires provide an increased level of durability while ensuring swift riding
  • Meets the UL2272 standards plus electrical tests for safety use
  • Self-balancing technology makes it ideal for beginner or amateur riders
  • Simple to learn the art of maintaining balance in no time
  • Dual motors for enhancing the maximum speed of 7.4mph while supporting weight up to 165lbs
  • High-intensity front LED lights to illuminate your way for a secured night ride
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08. HOVERSTAR Hover Board

Are you looking for a hoverboard with amazing and cool flashing wheels? Well, the HOVERSTAR hoverboard is here waiting for you to pick it! It has wheels with LED lights that flash beautifully while illuminating your path for safe and comfortable riding even when the sunsets. Even more, it is the perfect choice if you are looking for a reliable, safe, and affordable hoverboard to help you get around your destinations with ease. This beautiful hoverboard has a usage time of forty-five minutes after a full charge time range of 2 to3-hours.

The HOVERSTAR hoverboard is crafted with an anti-scratch chrome coating that gives not only an easy and safer ride but also a durable performance. Besides, it has a strong climbing power with exceptional stability, comfort, and gives you a great feel. Being availed in multiple colors, this hoverboard allows you to select the best one that fits your color-style.

Special Features:

  • Designed with a brand new cyber truck with off-road style gives it a decent look
  • Crafted with a famous shining chrome color that gives it also strength and durability
  • LED flashing wheels plus front LED lights gives it a cool and attractive look
  • Certified and approved by the US safety agents for use
  • Maximum speed ranges between 4 to 6mph with ability to support maximum weights of 200lbs

07. LIEAGLE Hoverboard Self-balancing Scooter

Get on and adore the infinite brightness plus amusing ride with LIEAGLE hoverboard. This hoverboard meets the standards and requirements set by US 2272 Safety Certification making it to be comfortably and safely used by both kids and adults. This excellent scooter provides top-notch performance and maneuverability no matter where you go.

The self-balancing function that LIEAGLE Hover Board comes with makes it perfect for all levels of skills, whether amateur, intermediate, or expert. Besides, the 6.5-inch wheels and foot platforms are made of resistant rubber that helps in preventing non-skid riding. This guarantees its riders of maximum safety while using.

Special Features:

  • Created for easier learning and maintaining balance by amateurs and beginners
  • Allows 3600 rotation and easily operated at will for an excellent riding experience
  • The pedals are designed to be anti-skid for a comfortable ride and long usage
  • It is an electric-based hoverboard with an exceptional speed
  • Dual LED lights plus flash wheels ensure safe ride in the dark
  • Suitable for a comprehensive range of use

06. XPIRIT 6.5-Inch Hover Board Self-balance

Are you tired of hoverboards that require your control to stay balanced while on a ride? Try this automatic balancing XPIRIT Hover Board, and you will be mesmerized with its exceptional performance, reliability, and speed. It is super light for easy carrying an excellent choice for beginners and children of all ages. For a comfortable and enjoyable ride, this hoverboard is equipped to build speakers for playing your favorite music.

Its long-lasting and bright LED colorful flashing lights found on the wheels and front bar allow you to continue having fun even when the sun sets by illuminating your path and ensuring a safe ride. With an outstanding speed of 7.5mph, you can comfortably go as far as 3 to 6 miles on a single full charge.

Special Features:

  • Automatic balancing flat board design makes it suitable for use by beginners and all children
  • Powered by a high-quality rechargeable 36v/2.0Ah Lion battery that lasts between 45 to 75 minutes on a full charge
  • Dual 300 watt motor provides an excellent performance
  • Comfortably supports a maximum weight of 160lbs
  • In build speaker with crisp and clear sound can be connected to your mobile device for top enjoyment

05. HOVERSTAR Hoverboard Self-Balancing Wheel Electric Scooter

This convenient hoverboard is developed by the Chinese manufacturer and its constructed with premium and high-quality materials engineered to withstand all the cruises and rides, giving you a long-lasting and impeccable performance that will make your riding experience fun and convenient. In case of any questions or problems while using this hoverboard, the English speaking US Based Customer Service will give you instant feedback and assistance.

Moreover, its wheels have great LED lights that aid your ride in the dark with excellent levels of safety. The 6.5-inch strong tires plus dual-200w motor enhances speed to a maximum of 14km/hr. And great stability while riding without falling or tipping off. It perfectly supports maximum weights of 100kg.

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Special Features:

  • Made of durable chrome cyber-truck truck style for an exceptional and long-lasting ride
  • Incredibly robust to comfortably support a maximum weight of 165lbs
  • Ultimate speed controllable by the rider
  • Armed and powered by 24V battery allowing for a maximum speed of 10mph and a distance of 10miles
  • Certified for safe use as well as stability
  • User manual and charger included for easy and reliable use

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04. Swagtron Swagboard Twist Lithium-Free Kids Hover Board

If you are looking for an excellent hoverboard for your kid, then Swagtron is a perfect choice. Swagtron Twist Hover Board is an excellent brand you can trust for the best quality and durable performance. This brand name is highly trusted and products used by professional athletes, no wonder it falls in our list of best hoverboards as best suited for kids. With just 22-pounds, this hoverboard is specifically designed to have a lighter weight without compromising its durability.

The Swagboard Hover Board is made with dual 250watt motors with enhanced torque. Regards are to the powerful UL-Compliant lithium free battery, which delivers a stable and efficient power supply that allows you to cruise up to 7mph while conquering 300 hills much comfortably. Ride to as far away as five miles on a single battery charge with this amazing hoverboard.

Special Features:

  • User friendly with an automatic balancing technology for incredible safety
  • Constructed with strong ABS Polymer which meets the UL2272 standards for strength, safety, and durability
  • A pair of 250W motors give a high duo for conquering stubborn slopes and scorching streets with style
  • Comfortably supports the weight of 155 pounds
  • An excellent choice for all users’ skill levels

03. VEVELINE Self Balancing Hoverboard

Undecided on what gift you should give a child on a Christmas day or birthday? This VEVELINE Hoverboard that is easy for everyone to learn and it will be the best pick as a gift, especially to those who would like to give it a try with a unique experience. Its flashing LED lights keep you moving and safely noted, even in the dark, and gives you a cool, safer, and great riding experience.

A 3600 hoverboard rotation gives you an exceptional feel and comfort wherever you ride to. Its footpad has a maximum grip that allows you to keep stability and traction while riding effectively. With a maximum riding speed of 6mphand a rechargeable power source, nothing will stop you!

Special Features:

  • 6.5-inch rubber tires ensure smooth riding as well as durability
  • Meets UL2272 standards for safety use
  • Fast learning with a powerful self-balancing feature allows easy use by amateurs and beginners
  • Built-in wireless speaker is connectible with smartphones for enjoying your music
  • The LED lights and flashing wheels allow safer riding while in the dark
  • Comes with three months warranty

02. Beston Sports Newest Generation Electronic Hoverboard Dual Motors

This 100% brand new and high quality, UL certified for safety usage, comes as one of the best and recommended hoverboards in our reviews and it is deemed to blow your mind. With the self-balancing and electrically propelled, it is environmentally friendly. Beston is featured with a holding bar on its platform plus but in speakers, which allows you to enjoy your ride. It is also very sturdy and can support up to 180 lbs.

It enhances auto-balancing for a safer start up by users in the amateur and beginner skill levels. This board is suitable and verified for use by both kids and adult riders. With this hoverboard you will never face problems with sliding since it’s wheels are made with high and quality treads that are rigid.

Special Features:

  • Non-skid footpad which is thicker allows better stability and long term use
  • High intensity LED lights makes riding safe and enjoyable at night
  • The wireless speakers have excellent sound effects that keep you relaxed while on the ride
  • Excellent colors give it an appealing look
  • Engineered for excellent performance and durability

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01. SISIGAD Hoverboard Self-balancing Hoverboard

Leading and top-rated hoverboard in our list is the SISIGAD brand. It is popularly known for a string ground adaptability that no other hoverboard on the market gives. This ability is a big plus in allowing you to enjoy cool and safe riding no matter on what terrain. It’s super strong and anti-skid rubber tires does the job pretty well.

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It’s incredibly strong design supports a maximum weight of 200lbs and colorful LED lights gives not only sufficient light for riding even in the dark but also an outstanding appearance. This Bluetooth enabled hoverboard allows pairing up with your smartphone device, allowing you to enjoy your music while riding. Still, this is the perfect gift you can gift your loved adult kids.

Special Features:

  • Meets the UL2272 standards for safety use
  • Bluetooth enabled wireless speaker is easily connecting with mobile devices
  • Dual hub motors ensure perfect riding performance
  • Self-balancing control technology allows easy to learn for beginners and amateurs
  • 6.5-inch wheels are made of superior latex tires, while the relaxed footpads ensure a charming riding understanding

Buyer’s guide and factors to consider when handpicking the best hoverboards:

While hoverboards are such a wonderful, personalized, efficient means of transport and relaxation, finding the best type is always a huge task most users find hard to solve. As stated earlier in our introduction, choosing a motherboard without proper research has its consequences. For that reason, we took our time to come up with a helpful buying guide to help you make your shopping decisions faster. In the next few minutes, we explore the techniques and skills to use plus factors to look for while purchasing the best hoverboard. Take a look!


Safety is another essential factor to look for in a hoverboard. The batteries used should be lithium free with overcharge and discharge protective systems to prevent the possibility of your hoverboard exploding. Choose one with anti-sliding rubber tires for a safer ride. Besides, the hoverboard you choose should have LED lights that illuminate your path. On top of all, it should be certified with the respective certification body for safety usage.

UL certification

The right unit should come with an appropriate UL certification that guarantees safety. You will find the certification on the device’s packaging.


This incorporates the style and special features the hoverboard comes with. They include Bluetooth connectivity with inbuilt speakers that will allow you to enjoy listening to music while riding. How powerful the motors and batteries determine the performance of a hoverboard. Always go for a hoverboard with the best design and unique features for improved and excellent riding experience.

Charging times

Go for a device that can charge faster to enable you to get to your destination quickly. Some take as much as 3 hours to achieve full charge while other units take half that time.


Yet another factor any motherboard enthusiasts should look for. It depends on how powerful and strong materials construction is. A hoverboard with sturdy footboard plus strong and thick rubber wheels guarantees you a longer period of use. Besides, a strongly crafted chrome hoverboard body gives and elegant but adds it a durable performance.

Rider’s weight

You should go for a unit that can comfortably take your weight. Find out how much weight the device can accommodate before you make a purchase.


It is always a great idea to choose a hoverboard that fits your budget and, at the same time, not compromising its performance. The design and material type used to make a hoverboard determine it’s the price. It should neither be too expensive nor too cheap. If your budget allows, consider having one with excellent design and performance.


You should also consider the maximum speed of the device. Some reach 7 miles per hour while others reach 10 miles per hour.

A suitable hoverboard will give you more than just a fun ride around your neighborhood. The self-balancing personal transporters will help increase your mobility. You will also get excellent opportunities to enjoy nature and outdoors while you are onboard one.

Settling for the best hoverboard for you or your child need not be such a daunting task. Our review today on the best hoverboards will surely save you all the troubles. We have handpicked you products oozing perfect performance that are guaranteed to long longer. You can use our buying guide to select the best one either for yourself, a family member, or friend. Grab one and start enjoying the ultimate riding experience in no time.