Are you a gardening lover? Are you in need of gardening tools? If your answer is yes’ then you might need a hedge trimmer as a tool to help you decorate and sharpen your ideal garden. Hedge trimmer is useful for cutting and trimming your grass or bushes at home by yourself. It comes in handy when you need to DIY your own garden or sidewalks. So, you might ask what is the best product you can find? Then here are the answers that you will need. Here are the 10 best hedge trimmers:

List of the Best Hedge Trimmers

10. Cordless Hedge Trimmer by Makita

With this machine, you are in control of your outdoor garden. It is powerful and fast for cutting or trimming. The weight is light and comfortable to hold for a long time. The blade is long enough to cut in large quantities at a time so you will get the work done faster. There is 4 charge time you can choose from the longer you charge the stronger the machine work.

There is a warning indicator for battery low. The process is also has a quiet noise you will not need to worry about annoying your neighbor. The blade is also changeable without complicated steps.

09. Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer by Greenworks

As for this one, there is a dual blade cutting face which allows the work to proceed even faster than normal. You also have 3 options for positioning the blade at different angles for larger work areas. The product is light-weighted and comfortable to work with.

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You can also extend the product for a higher or longer distance. The machine is soundproof and you only need to charge once for commanding power. The kit includes the hedge trimmer, battery, and charger.

08. Dewalt Hedge Trimmer

The machine is strong and powerful with a rechargeable battery. The battery lasts for a very long time. Cutting capacity is also large with dual blades. There is a pull trigger for starting or stopping the operation.

The advanced technology they attached provides less vibration when you’re using the machine. The whole thing is quite heavy but if you want a quick and fast tool, then the weight is not the problem for you. It comes with a 20V battery and a charger.

07. MAX Cordless Hedge Trimmers by Black+Decker

For this one, their battery is insanely long-lasting because of its huge 60V max battery. There is also a push function when the blade is stuck in one place. Its power is very strong you can also cut a 1 and a half inches branch easily. The machine is not soundproof but there is so little noise you can create with it.

The machine itself is durable for long time use. It is quite light for a huge battery attached to it. If you need a durable machine that can serve you for long, you should try this out.

06. Power Share Cordless Hedge Trimmer by WORX

There is normally a dual blade trimmer but this time you get a dual battery power instead. With a 20V dual battery, your work performance will result in a better and quicker performance. The quick trigger for rotating the cutting head makes cutting easy in all directions. The cutting blade is also double-faced with this you would get a fast and clean cut.

The cutting capability is also large for reducing the time of working. The blade is flexible; you can rotate it 180 degrees. Since there is a dual battery, you can also cut small tree branches. The machine produces less vibration which gives you more control over using the machine itself. This would give you a smooth and easy operation.

05. V20 Cordless Hedge Trimmers by Craftman

The trimmer features a 20V battery; however, its performance is also as good as the stronger ones. With the power innovation, you can cut and trim bushes and branches easily – thanks to the 40V battery. The machine is very long-lasting and light-weight to use.

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The blade gaps are big for a fast and clean cut. The dual blades also perform smooth cuts. There is a 3 years warranty and 90 days refund. The purchase includes the trimmer and battery with its charger.

04. Li-ion Battery Electric Hedge Trimmer with Dual Steel Blades by Doeworks

It is recommended that you charge this machine fully before using it for the first time. But the product itself is power with 20V power battery and dual blades. It is designed to be light and comfortable to use. The lifespan of the product is long and durable. The machine reduces user fatigue so you can work easily and effortlessly.

The blade length is shorter than others but the cutting gap is bigger than most brands. So, you can cut thicker trees or bushes. The purchase comes with a 2 years warranty which also includes the trimmer, battery, and charger.

03. Cordless Rechargeable Hedge Trimmer by Serenelife relax

The machine is light and portable. It is easy to use for anyone regardless of height and weight. The battery charging function is removable so you just need to remove the battery for charging. For full performance, you will need to charge up to 4 hours. There is also a handle grip attached for debris deflection.

The product is made to use outdoor and in harsh environments. The blade is controlled precisely and adjustable for a wide range. The design is made with a power lock switch so you will have more control over the machine without worrying that you will accidentally shut it down. It is recommended for landscape and sidewalk uses.

02. Hedge Trimmer with Battery and Charger by Powerwork

The product is manufactured for both strong and fast uses. The dual blades have a large gap so you can cut large tree branches or bushes. The handle can be rotated and easy to control for a precise cut. You only need to charge it for 2 hours for full performance. It is simple and light which is easy for anyone to use. If you buy the product, you will get a 4 years warranty on the tool and a 2 years warranty on the battery. This is such a great offer from the brand.

01. Cordless Hedge Trimmer by Scotts outdoor power tools

The durability and run-time are very high for this particular tool. With the 40V battery power and dual blades, you can easily cut most of the tough work with no worry. There is no rotation to the handle but you still get a smooth work with a comfortable grip.

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They also include the blade protector for safe storage. The machine can cut at 3000 strokes per minute with a 2-speed eco-function. The purchase also comes with a 4 years warranty on the product and a 2 years warranty on the battery.

Buying guide for Best Hedge Trimmers

Above are the top 10 best hedge trimmers in So, after you have known the 10 products above, you should also know what to look for in the product that you are going to purchase. Here are a few tips you need to need to know such as length, weight, and features.


There are hedge trimmers with a longer handgrip; best for a larger range of work field but if you are working in a smaller area then you should consider a short one. The blade length is also what you should look at in the product. If you need to cut in a big section, you will need a longer blade. The handle length is also important. If you have a bigger hand, you might need a larger handle grip. If you are in the middle or small size hand, then short handle works just fine.


Some machines are heavier than the others. The lighter one gives you easy control if you do not have much energy for the heavy ones. The heavy one is suitable for a strong grip and control over it so it is more likely to be used for people who have better stamina. The heavy one is usually attached with a bigger battery and longer time of use. While the light one is good for short uses or small spaces.


There can be multiple features in one product. Some products have dual blades with big battery power and a rotating handle. Some have one blade with a small battery and non-rotation. There are also the ones with both of those features switch around. You can find the one that works best and suited for your conditions. There is the one with a separate warranty between the product and battery whereas the others provide only on the product.

The battery charge methods are also different between each product. Some batteries are removable for an easy charge as for the others you will need to charge directly on the machine. The blade can also be removed for some brands. Since storing can be hard with a long and sharp trimmer, some brands include the protector blade that gives a cover to the blade for safety reasons.