Are you looking for a comfortable mattress that comes with beneficial features to improve your overall health and sleep experience? Well, what if we tell you that there is one type of mattress that will have all your worries solved finally! We are not talking about those traditional mattresses that cost you several hundreds of dollars. Our mind is focused on something that will give you value for your money and achieve just what we had initially hinted. It is all about getting one of the best gel foam mattresses. This type of mattress is designed with a better sleeping surface that provides body pain prevention and relief.

It also comes with contours that adjust to your body’s shape and curves to give you a relaxing and supportive feeling. On top of that, the mattress offers firm support that evenly distributes your weight across your entire body. This makes the mattress an excellent choice if you suffer from back, hip, and neck pains.

Why Gel Foam Mattress

Perhaps you are already convinced of its great health benefits, and getting prepared to head to the market to get one. That is a good move, but we have to warm you from the onset that due to the sheer number of brands and models out there in the market, it is more likely that you will have challenges choosing the finest option that meets your expectations. Of course, it is recommended that you carry out thorough research, which involves comparing different brands. But that again is not the thing that everyone can do! For that reason, we found it prudent to make everyone’s shopping life for gel foam mattresses a lot easier.

After many hours of serious research, we handpicked the best of the best and put it down on this article. We only urge you to keep reading this page and leave no stone unturned to unravel what we have in the store for you. Without further ado, let us get started with the crème-de la crème J

List of the 10 Best Gel Foam Mattresses in 2021:

10. POLAR Sleep Mattress Topper Queen

Sleep comes naturally with this 3-inch gel swirl memory foam. The exceptional product comes with many design features that guarantee a cozy and refreshing sleep. It is infused with gel beads that help to capture and dissipate heat faster. You will, therefore, not experience any overheating during your sleep time.

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Additionally, the mattress comes with a soft ventilated topper that contours to your body curves to provide enough support, comfort, and spinal alignment. This design helps provide body pain prevention and relief

Special features:

  • It is CertiPUR-US certified for your family health
  • Ventilations that ensure consistent airflow to disperse heat
  • It comes with realignments that conform well to your specific body contours
  • Unique slow rebound feature that memorizes body shape
  • Meet different sleeping position

09. LUCID 10 INCH Gel Memory Foam

You will definitely love the Lucid Gel memory foam for its unique design features. The dual-layer mattress comes with a 2.5-inch gel infused and ventilated memory foam surfaces that guarantee better sleep experience. You will also get a medium-firm feel thanks to the 7.5-inch high-density foam base.

The foam also regulates temperature to comfort and ease pressure points in your body. Additionally, the mattress features a moisture-controlling Tencel blend fabric covers that create a comfortable air layer to guarantee the most comfortable sleep.

Special features:

  • It is a CertiPUR-US certified memory foam that ensures safety and comfort
  • It Responsive open cell memory foam that compresses evenly under body weight and conforms to curves
  • Ventilated design that helps increase airflow through memory foam layer
  • Soft, breathable cover that improves breathability
  • Product is shipped compresses for easy setup

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08. Classic Brands Cool Gel Ventilated

The Classic Brands Cool Gel Ventilated Memory foam boasts of exceptional comfort and support typically enjoyed by astronauts alone. The product features infused gel that effectively draws heat away from your body to keep you cool throughout your sleep time.

You will also love the superior construction of the memory foam. It is designed to offer better pressure relief to help prevent turning and tossing. It also comes with lush firm support that prevents and relieves any aches and pains.

Special features:

  • Draws the heat away from your body for a comfortable sleep
  • Features a memory foam that conforms to your body reducing pressure points
  • Allows for many sleeping positions as it correctly aligns the spine
  • Provides complete, luxurious and stress-free support
  • Reshapes itself to new sleeping posture

07. LUCID 5-inch memory foam low profile cooling gel infusion

If you are looking for the best gel foam that helps your child transit from crib to bed, then settle for this mattress. The mattress features a 1 inch ventilated gel memory foam top layer that creates a more relaxed sleep experience that you will not find in the traditional memory foam.

Additionally, it comes with 4 inches of dense bamboo charcoal infused support foam that provides enough stability and full-body support for your loved one. Besides, the natural hypoallergenic properties that come with the bamboo charcoal helps keep the mattress smelling fresh all the time.

Special features:

  • Designed for kids looking to transition from crib to bed
  • Easy and fast set up
  • 1 inch ventilated gel memory foam that creates a more refreshing sleep experience
  • 4 inches of dense bamboos charcoal for stability
  • It is a CertiPUR-US certified memory foam that guarantees safety and comfort
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06. LUCID 2 inches 5 zone gel memory foam mattress topper- queen

The LUCID 2 inch 5 zone gel memory foam mattress topper- queen mattress is an exceptional product. It features a 2-inch memory foam mattress topper that provides maximum comfort. It is also infused with a cooling gel and a textured surface that improves breathability.

Additionally, the mattress comes with unique raised zones that alleviate pressure at different body contact points for better sleep experience. If you are looking for premium memory foam that is incredibly soft, responsive, and airy, then go for this product.

Special features:

  • 2-inch memory foam mattress topper with five zones
  • Raised zones that alleviate pressure at different point of the body
  • New foam scent that dissipates after 48 hours after opening
  • A 3-year warranty
  • Distribute weight evenly and conforms to curves of the body

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05. The Linenspa 3 Inch Gel Swirl Memory Foam Topper queen

If there is gel foam that delivers ultimate comfort for better sleep experience, then it is Linenspa 3 inch memory foam. The foam comes with an infused gel that helps regulate temperature to provide a cooler sleep experience.

It also comes with light breathable open-cell memory foam that conforms to the curves of your body and aligns well to the spine to relieve pressure points. Additionally, the topper comes with a softened design for amazing comfort ability.

Special features:

  • Plush 3-inch topper infused with gel relieves pressure points
  • Light and breathable open-cell memory foam infused with gel
  • Available in 2,3 and 4-inch profile options
  • Three-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Allows 48 hours for new foam smell to dissipate

04. Zinus, 12-Inch Gel, Infused Green Tea Memory Foam

You will definitely get a better night’s sleep with this cool and conforming gel-infused mattress. The product is infused with green tea extract and castor natural seed oil is made to prevent bad odors and bacteria build-up.

Another unique feature that comes with this mattress includes a hypoallergenic, fabric knitted jacquard that delivers top-notch comfort and safety for your family. Besides, the foam is CertiPUR US certified for durability, performance, and safety

Special features:

  • It is infused with unique green tea extract and castor natural seed oil
  • The product is ideal for all types of sleepers as it offers ultimate support
  • High support foam layer that provides durability and stability
  • Worry-free ten years limited warranty
  • The foam is CertiPUR US certified for durability, performance, and safety

03. LINENSPA 3 Inch Gel-infused

This product from a highly respected manufacturer features 3 inches of ultra-plush memory foam made to comfort your curves and hugs to provide a uniquely comfortable sleeping experience.

It also comes with luxurious memory foam that distributes your weight evenly to align the spine and alleviate pressure points as you sleep. Besides, the mattress comes with a three-year warranty. Thus, you get value for your money

Special features:

  • Pressure-relieving memory foam that aligns your spine and evenly distributes body weight to relieve pressure points
  • Infused with cooling gel
  • Available in 2 and 3-inch profile options
  • Prevents overheating and conforms to curves of your body

02. Classic Brands Cool Ventilated

Classic brands gel will deliver the luxury you so crave for and the top-notch sleep experience that you deserve after a hard day at work. The mattress comes with a modern and stylish look thanks to the knit fabric cover and the charcoal gray side panels.

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It also comes with three layers of infused cool gel and breathable poly foam that disperse heat to keep you cool and comfortable during your sleep time. Besides, it is made to support each part of your body evenly for the ultimate sleep experience.

Special features:

  • It as adjustable base friendly foam
  • It is CertiPUR-US certified for your family health
  • Ventilations that ensure consistent airflow to disperse heat
  • Realigns and conforms well to your specific body contours

01. WEEKENDER Ventilated Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Weekender offers a soft and supportive sleeping experience for ultimate pressure relief and comfort. The gel foam is infused with temperature-regulating gel suitable for more comfortable sleeping conditions.

It also comes with a ventilated design that maximizes air circulation to keep you cool during your entire sleep time. The foam, which comes with a three-year warranty, features a removable and machine washable cover for easy washing.

Special features:

  • Soft and supportive foam with comfortable mid-loft design
  • Comes with an ultra-soft removable cover for easy washing
  • Features a ventilated design that optimizes air circulation
  • A 3-year warranty

Factors to consider when choosing the best gel foam mattress

We already foretold you that the market for this type of mattresses is awash with endless brands and models due to its lucrative state of affairs. While each manufacturer claims that theirs is excellent, the truth is that some of them are downright awful. In that regard, it will be a waste of time and money if you make a wrong choice. Nonetheless, the good news is that choosing the best gel foam mattress need not be such a daunting task despite that wide selection. You more likely to fish out finest option from a pool of many if you keep the following factors at your fingertips:


Gel foam mattresses come in high density, medium density, and low-density alternatives. If you want a product that will last for long, then go for high-density foam. If you are sharing a bed with your partner, then medium-density foam is ideal as it allows for motion isolation. Low-density mattresses allow for quicker body adjustments.


The gel foam thickness ranges in inches. You should go for thick mattresses as they offer better comfort than their thin counterparts. You should also consider getting a product with additional levels that adds more softness.

Hypoallergenic gel foam

Go for a product made to effectively keep dust, mites, and other allergens out of reach. Hypoallergenic gel foam provides better comfort and safety for your family


The mattress you choose should fit your budget. Avoid products that will cause a massive dent in your finances. The right mattress should be affordable and feature a suitable thickness, size, and foam type that guarantees value for your money.

Final Thoughts
The benefits of the best gel foam cannot be gainsaid. If you are craving an ultimate sleep experience, then ensure you get yourself and your family one of these mattresses today. Fortunately, the review we have done and the buyer’s guide will help you make informed choices. Hurry up now and pick one of the products we have reviewed today and we guarantee you will get value for your money.