Gear is an essential automotive part of any vehicle that helps in providing a constant driving force. Just like any other part, the equipment requires periodic servicing and maintenance for better performance. Depending on the gear configuration, oil is used to remedy certain conditions or tasks in a vehicle.

The best gear oil lubricant should prevent the metal-to-metal contact that can cause friction and wear gears down as well as eliminates heat from the gear surroundings. Not all gear oils work in every condition. For that reason, we have identified the ten of the best gear oils and reviewed them in detail. Further, we have simplified your buying process by providing a guide to aid your selection.

List of the 10 Best Gear Oil in 2021:

10. Sta-Lube Multipurpose Gear Oil

Staying on the market ever since it was founded in the year 1933 to date, the Sta-Lube is undoubtedly one of the best gear oils with an excellent reputation and high performance. CRC acquired it in 1995 as an innovator in the use of additives to provide high performing motor oil.

The Sta-Lube is currently used as a multi-purpose oil lubricant. This is to mean that a comprehensive range of oil products such as greases, hand cleaners, service oils, lubricant, and additives have been given rise to. Besides, these products have been thoroughly tested to comply with OE specifications plus the utmost quality values.

Special Features:

  • Tested rigorously to meet the OE Highest Quality Standards and specifications
  • Multi-purpose oil lubricant for reliability
  • Professional oil product produced by a company with a high reputation
  • Suitable for use on all types of an automotive vehicle
  • It comes in a one-gallon capacity container sure to last

09. CRC Multi-Purpose

This one-gallon sized container gear oil from CRC comes next as a hard to find oil due to the quality performance it boasts on the market. You will like how it is applicable in nearly all gear conditions of a vehicle. With the one-gallon capacity, you are guaranteed a significant period of use as well as takes you to long trips with confidence.

The CRC Multi-purpose has been rigorously tested and proven by OE to be incredibly environmentally friendly and meets its specifications. With this oil lubricant, you will expect the highest quality standards on your automotive gear parts as professionals make it.

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Special Features:

  • Highly reliable gear oil thanks to its varied functions
  • Designed by professionals making it exceptional in performance
  • Tested rigorously to meet the OE specifications and Highest Quality Standards
  • Environmentally friendly as it does not smell bad
  • Durable gear oil comes in a one-gallon container sure to last long

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08. Lucas Oil Synthetic Transmission and Differential Lube

Lucas Synthetic has a reputation for simply being fast to fix and delaying costly repairs on your vehicle’s gear system. It is a non-lathering, fantastically greasy, and durable oil lubricant. Also, it is designed specifically to suit high-performance and heavy-duty applications where other greases are unsuitable.

Interestingly, the Lucas Oil Synthetic Lube comes with a superior additive suite to help cushion the gears as well as repel clasping out under great pressure in the cases where other gear oils cannot work best. If you are looking for a gear oil that can withstand high temperatures without losing its lubricity, this would be a perfect fit.

Special Features:

  • Extremely slippery to minimize wear and friction
  • It safely blends with other gear oils, petroleum or synthetic
  • Designed best for heavy-duty and high-performance applications
  • Long-lasting lubricant and incredibly reliable
  • Highly viscous to withstand high temperatures without losing its lubricity

07. Lucas Oil

The Lucas Oil Synthetic is an extremely slippery lubricant designed to reduce wear and friction in the hypoid and be excellent for use in limited-slip differentials. Being a synthetic lubricant, this gear oil has a stable viscosity in extremely hot or cold conditions without losing its lubricity.

It is a super slick, non-foaming, and durable oil formulated to suit high-performance and heavy-duty applications in the event other gear oils are not suitable. The Lucas Oil Synthetic Gear Oil can also be used to smoothen performance in the aging gearboxes.

Special Features:

  • Best for heavy-duty and high-performance gear applications
  • Durable lubricant thus incredibly reliable
  • Smoothens performance in the gearboxes
  • Extremely slippery to reduce wearing and friction in the hypoid and limited-slip differentials
  • Synthetic lubricant with stable viscosity in high temperatures or cold conditions

06. Valvoline SynPower Full Synthetic Gear Oil

Are you looking for a gear oil designed to maintain perfect low-temperature fluid protection at an affordable price? If your answer is yes, give the Valvoline Synthetic a try. This fantastic lubricant helps to provide outstanding thermal stability for incredible cleanliness and longer service period.

With this oil, top-notch protection is provided to the gear teeth preventing them from rusting or corrosion thanks to the special additives included in the oil. Besides, chattering in the limited-slip differentials is greatly reduced, offering exceptional performance. The Valvoline Synthetic Oil is suggested to work best with conservative and non-synchronized labor-intensive transmissions.

Special Features:

  • Offers remarkable thermal stability for cleanliness and extended service life
  • Designed to maintain perfect low-temperature fluid protection
  • Features special additives that protect gear teeth from rusting or corroding while reducing chattering in the limited-slip differentials
  • Best suited for conventional and synchronized manual transmissions
  • Excellent synthetic fluid with affordable pricing

05. Lucas 10122 75/140 Synthetic Gear Oil

Yet another excellent performing and long-lasting oil product from Lucas is the 75/140. Is your gear operating in extreme heat and pressure? If yes, this gear oil is up to the task. With up to about 50,000 miles between oil applications, this is the best for heavy-duty and high performing vehicles.

The Lucas 75/140 Gear oil is one of the best synthetic gear oils you can find with high-performance standards and great value at a much affordable price. It is also best formulated for limited-slide discrepancies. As a result, you will never require an additional friction modifier. It is a synthetic gear oil meaning that it’s highly viscous.

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Special Features:

  • Excellent performance with incredible durability
  • Designed to work best with limited-slip differentials
  • Synthetic oil with stable viscosity in extreme hot or cold conditions
  • Perfect for heavy-duty and high performing gear systems
  • Newly upgraded transmission fluid for long mileage coverage

04. Lucas 85W-90 Heavy Duty Gear Oil

This version of gear oil from Lucas appreciates the technology advanced to create Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Additive. It intelligently controls heat using the cold temperature fluid protection. This formula is fortified with unique anti-wear with rust protection, drag-free, and special additives that also helps in regulation of temperature in gear.

Lucas 85W-90 Heavy Duty is designed to work best with heavy-duty applications, race cars, and hypoid gears. This non-foaming synthetic fiber is incredibly durable and can take long enough between two applications on the gear. This fantastic lubricant product from Lucas will be for you if you intend to find the best gear oil suitable for shock-loading applications.

Special Features:

  • Features anti-wear agents to protect your gear from corroding or rusting
  • Contains unique Lucas additives that help to control the temperature in the gear system
  • Perfect for high performance in heavy-duty applications
  • Capable of withstanding high temperatures minus trailing its lubricity

03. Mobil 1 75W-90 Synthetic Gear Lube

The Mobil 1 Synthetic stands out as a super synthetic, multi-purpose gear lubricant created to comply with the highest standards for an excellent performance of current traveler vehicles from all kinds of working circumstances. On top of that, it is best for limited-slip applications and provides a remarkable power transfer performance in the gears.

Unlike the conservative hypoid gear oils, the Mobil Synthetic Gear Oil operates exceptionally well in a broad range of temperatures. It has distinctive resistance modifiers that are developed for limited-slide kind variances. This gear oil remains in fluid form in 500C at the same time, retaining its viscosity even while in the hot running, high-performance differentials and rear axles.

Special Features:

  • Operates extra-ordinarily over a wide range of temperature
  • Meets the standards for the Top Level of Enactment desires for current traveler vehicles
  • Reduces wear and friction in the gears under high speed, high torque or horsepower conditions
  • Reduced friction and low-temperature application down to 500C
  • Combines wax-free synthesized hydrocarbon oils for higher performance in rear axles and differentials

02. Valvoline High-Performance 80W-90

Do you intend to extend the service life of your automotive gear part? The Valvoline 80W-90 Gear Oil will be the real game-changer. This fantastic lubricant helps to provide outstanding thermal stability for incredible cleanliness and longer service period. It excellently protects the gear systems from getting damaged by extreme hot conditions.

Being conveyed with great pressure lubricants, gear wearing due to shock loads is significantly reduced. This high performing oil lubricant is highly suggested for non-synchronized manual transmissions and convectional hypoid differentials in traveler cars, trucks, and heavy-duty trucks.

Special Features:

  • Offers remarkable thermal stability thus extending service life
  • Made with ultra-pressure lubricants to help diminish gear wearing due to shock loads
  • Suitable for non-synchronized labor-intensive transmissions and hypoid differentials in traveler vehicles as well as heavy-duty trucks
  • Prevents wear of gear teeth from scuffing, corrosion, scouring, and pitting
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01. Lucas Heavy Duty

The Lucas SAE 80W-90 is undoubtedly one of the best oil on the automotive parts market. It boasts an ultimate style, comfort, and functionality no other lubricant can do. This high performing heavy-duty gear oil guarantees a cool, quiet performance with minimal wear and drag of the gear system.

This handy gear oil is formulated for best use in racing cars, trucks, RVs, hypoid gears, or any other situation where plain gear oil is just not good enough. With this lubricant, expect less gear rattle, less whine, and longer bearing life. It contains special climbing additives that guarantee total lubrication.

Special Features:

  • Facilitates a cool, silent performance with less drag and wear
  • Contains climbing additives that offer full lubrication for efficiency in performance
  • Perfect for use in final outboard drives
  • Suitable for use in racing cars, trucks, hypoid gears or any other situation other oils are not good enough
  • Meets and exceeds the major manufacturer’s specifications for excellent performance

Buyer’s guide and factors to consider when choosing the best gear oil:

The gear oil is an essential lubricant fluid used to provide a positive drive force within the gear system of machinery or equipment. However, finding the right gear oil from the many brands offered on the market is not merely a walk in the park. If you want better performance and extended lifespan of your vehicle’s gear system, you need to choose the best oil product. But how do you know that you are choosing the right product? Well, our buying guide below will help you at large in making such selections.


Viscosity involves the ability of the gear oil to resist flowing in the gear system of machinery. Oil fluids with high flow resistance have high viscosity. So, they are the best as they are highly durable as compared to those with low viscosity. The gear pump has an internal and external with different levels of performance regarding the rate of fluid flow.

Thermal Stability

A gear oil that facilitates the stabilization of temperature enhances the optimum safety of the hydraulic system. They play a bigger role in preventing the gear system from getting damaged or overhauled through overheating, extreme temperatures, and other unsecured activities. It is imperative to choose an oil fluid with such capability if you want to extend the gear teeth’s lifespan.


The temperature at which an oil fluid is capable of operating within comfortably without losing its lubricity is essential. Some of them can work best in high temperatures, and others require low temperatures. Some are unique and powerful to work best under a wide range of temperature conditions. The later type of oil should be your priority.


Pressure facilitates the breakdown of an oil fluid to give an appropriate drive force. Some require high pressure while other low pressure. Good gear oil should be able to operate perfectly in a wide range of pressure levels. This will help to suit different demands for varied tasks and conditions.

Wrapping Up!
Choosing an appropriate oil product for the gear system of your automotive machine has never been that simple. But after going through the above ten best gear oils, you have all the bells and whistles of selecting the one that impresses you and will boost the performance of the gear systems in your automotive machine. Let our buying guide help you find the best oil product in case you face challenges while making selections. Hurry up and grab the item that meet your needs while the stock lasts!