Having quality items not only ensures that you are safe but also gives you great value for your money. Get something that will suit your decor well. Blending into your style is necessary to keep your space looking great. Space should also matter when making a purchase. Be aware of the floor space that is available and save as much as you can. Great items come with a sturdy build that will not let you down. It is important to consider carefully the materials used and any installation method you are required to use.

TV stands are not something that you can rush to without knowing what you need to look out for. If you do that, then be sure that you are going to endanger your precious TV from falling over and bring you a loss of a century. This article works to assist you to make a great buy.

List of The Best Floating TV Stands:

Preview Product Price
Floating Shelf Wooden Floating TV Stand Wall Media Console... Floating Shelf Wooden Floating TV Stand Wall Media Console...# $380.93
MEBLE FURNITURE & RUGS Bari 200 Wall Mounted Floating 79' TV... MEBLE FURNITURE & RUGS Bari 200 Wall Mounted Floating 79" TV...#
Hawthorne Collections 58' Floating TV Stand Wall Mounted... Hawthorne Collections 58" Floating TV Stand Wall Mounted...# $227.00
Floating Shelf Wall Mounted TV Stand Shelf Rack Cabinet... Floating Shelf Wall Mounted TV Stand Shelf Rack Cabinet...# $370.22
Floating Shelf 2 Tier Modern Wall Mounted TV Shelf TV Stand... Floating Shelf 2 Tier Modern Wall Mounted TV Shelf TV Stand...# $329.99
MEBLE FURNITURE & RUGS TV Stand Milano 200 LED Wall Mounted... MEBLE FURNITURE & RUGS TV Stand Milano 200 LED Wall Mounted...# $429.00 $399.00
Tribesigns 2 Tier Modern Wall Mounted Media Console Floating... Tribesigns 2 Tier Modern Wall Mounted Media Console Floating...#
PREPAC Black Altus Plus 58' Floating TV Stand PREPAC Black Altus Plus 58" Floating TV Stand# $200.00 $167.60
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10. Floating Shelf Wooden Floating TV Stand

You can organize various devices while utilizing minimum space in your living area with this product. The item also enhances your room decor apart from storing your favorite items. The main material is the solid wood ecological board that is multi-layered.

It has a strong build that will give you the kind of durability you want. The design is simple and elegant to suit most room décor. It has a colorful appearance that is attractive.

9. Meble Furniture & Rugs Bari 200 Wall Mounted Floating

This item is able to hold up to 90 inch TVs perfectly. It therefore gives you a range of choices of TV sizes you can put. The fronts are fitted with high gloss while the body has a matte finishing.

With such a beautiful look you are sure that this is a stand that can fit well in your space. It comes with a 16 colors LED light system that oozes class. There is a remote that you can use to switch the lights on or off as you enjoy your movie.

8. Hawthorne Collections 58″ Floating TV Stand in Espresso

If you have a TV that is 75 pounds or less then you can have this item as a choice. It is strong enough to carry flat panel TVs without worries. There are three upper compartments for putting your audio ir video components.

The lower shelf has a great capacity to store other items like CDs and DVDs. The cables are concealed in a neat way to get a modern look.

7. Floating Shelf Wall Mounted TV Stand Shelf Rack

Gamers are in luck with this product as a choice. This is because it comes with its own console gaming shelving unit. The design is decorative and you can use it to place other items in an effortless manner.

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It easily gives you a look that is uncluttered. There are two smart cable holes as well as a safety round corner. The material used is sturdy while being environment-friendly at the same time.

6. FITUEYES Wall Mounted Wall Mounted Cabinet Floating TV Stand

This product is multifunctional in a way that saves you money as well as space. With this item, you are able to have an organized space that has a touch of beauty. The wire management system in place ensures there are no wires running around the space.

It is easy to clean and as the surface needs to be wiped with a soft cloth. Installation is easy and there is a manual in the package that will direct you.

5. Floating Shelf 2 Tier Modern Wall Mounted TV

Be sure of generous storage compartments with this item. It takes up very little space while holding a lot of things. You will be able to free up valuable floor space while having multiple unit shelves for display and storage.

It has a water resistant nature that will keep moisture away. It is also fireproof with anti-abrasion. cleaning is easy and does not require any special instructions.

4. Meble Furniture & Rugs TV Stand Milano 200 LED

Installation here is quite simple and uses pins as well as eccentric type connection. You can put it up in a few minutes following the provided manual. It is imported from the European union and follows stated standards.

The quality is admirable and will look great in any space. It provides good support to TVs as well as other items. There is 16 color LED lights system that gives it an attractive look. You can use the remote to control the lights.

3. Tribesigns 2 Tier Modern Wall Mounted Media Console Floating TV Shelf

People who want something that is not only stylish but also functioning are in luck with this item. It is good for all types of living spaces. Organizing items is made easy by the compartments that come in handy. It gives ample storage while saving much-needed space

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The build is sturdy and will ensure you get value for your money. This floating shelf will stay in place once installed due to its safety features. It comes with mounting hardware.

2. FITUEYES Media Entertainment Storage Shelf

An item like this one which saves space considerably is something to be admired. It has many functions that you may need. The wire management ensures neatness and safety at all times. It is designed to hide messy cables that may trip you as you work around your space.

The middle two shelves are easily adjustable and can be removed for larger space. There are instructions in its installation that will actva s a guide. You can also add decorations to the product.

1. Prepac Black Altus Plus 58″ Floating TV Stand

The main build in this item is composite wood. You can put your flat TV and enjoy the view without any worries. the upper compartment can be used if you have audio or video outputs.

It mounts with ease to any wall and at any preferred height. The cables are neatly concealed to make your space clean and good. It also has a lower shelf capacity that you can use to store your preferred items.


With this information, you can be sure that you will be making an informed choice. It is easy to get such great items with a list like this one. The specifications stated to apply to each product in a unique way. Most of the products have great reviews because they are reliable.

The items here are likely to suit your needs while giving you convenience. You can rely on their performance as well as the look they will add to your space. They require less effort in installation and are sure to stay in place. That is why you just need to get to choose the best from what we have for you. In fact, they are all good.