Are you a bike adorer? Do you love cycling? If the answer to these questions is yes, then you have just landed on the right page. We have some great, uplifting news for you. For those of you who do not know what we are talking about, biking is a type of physical activity that enhances your state of mind and wellbeing. Besides that, cycling to work every other day can save you tons of money, which otherwise can be used to fund other projects.

You are more likely to enjoy the benefits stated above only if you made up your mind to invest in one of the best fixed gear bikes. Fixie bikes, as they are commonly referred to, come with a minimalist look, and clean chain line, explaining why many cyclists instantly fall in love with them. The beauty of these bikes is that they are affordable. The bad news, however, is that due to its immense popularity, there is a lot of junk in the market, and countless brands constructed from garbage components.

If you are in the market looking to settle on nothing but the finest option, then we have you covered. After many hours of research, which involved testing and getting feedback from previous users, we are qualified to review ten of the best fixie bikes to inform your consideration. In the review, we shall give you a brief overview of the item in question together with its noteworthy features. Towards the end, we will highlight a few important factors to guide you through the selection process. Keep on reading this article to discover what we have in the store for you!

List of the 10 Best Fixed Gear Bikes in 2021:

10. Zoyo 700C Fixed Gear Bike

The Zoyo 700C Fixed Gear Bike is arguably one of the best fixie gear bikes we recommend to anyone looking for a highly affordable and full-featured brand. This single-speed bike is lightweight, affordable, and beautiful. What makes it truly remarkable is its fashionable pioneering design that shows off the most special riding experience.

Built with durability in mind, this unit is made of top-quality aluminum alloy and carbon fiber front fork. It is also sturdy and stable, delivering the most sought after cycling comfort. It is engineered with a side pull braking system, offering a quick stop that comes in handy when an emergency happens. What is more is its thick slick tires, which ensures riders have had an enjoyable ride on the city streets.

Special features:

  • It weighs 33 pounds
  • Its saddle is made of PU leather
  • It is backed by a lifetime warranty on all parts
  • It also features easily removable rear and front brakes

09. Tour de France Stage One Vintage Fixie Bike

If you are a cycling fan, then perhaps you have heard Tour de France as one of the leading brands in the biking world. Living to that vibe is its Stage One Vintage Fixie Bike. This is a simple, yet classic bike designed for long-distance riding. Users who have utilized this fixie have reported positive feedback that its parts are made of amazingly durable materials in the light of the fact the unit is sturdy.

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The light, durable alloy frame combined with the simplicity of a fixie gear bike keeps this product easy and light to maintain. On top of that, this vintage has the most recent bullhorn handlebars providing a more comfortable ride. Even more, it comes with toe clips for instant braking.

Special features:

  • It weighs 31.2 pounds
  • It has no shifters
  • Its frame is made of an alloy material
  • It uses 700c double-walled alloy rims
  • it also uses 700c/23 road Presta valve tires

08. Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Bike

The Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Bike, an offering from Pure Cycles, is another great biking option that comes in handy if you are seeking to settle on a long-lasting product. Breathing to that bottom line is its fully tig-welded high-tensile steel frame. Unlike the previously reviewed alternatives, this one comes with a flip-flop rear wheel hub allowing riders to change from single-speed to fixed gear with great ease.

Intuitively, its v-drome saddle delivers a nice mix of raciness and comfort, so you can ride for longer distances without feeling tired. Utilizing state-of-the-art front brakes that can be removed easily for a purist ride, this bike stops when asked.

Special features:

  • This bike is backed by a lifetime warranty
  • It weighs 24 pounds
  • It handlebar comes with a 30mm riser
  • Brand name components include Oury grips, Kenda tubes & tires, and KMC chain

07. Throne Cycles Track Lord Completes Alloy 6061 – TRKLRD

Combining style, speed, and affordability, this single-speed fixie bike is the perfect choice for those getting into cycling after a couple of years away or those who just want to get a feel of riding a fixed gear bike. Simply fun and fundamentally simple, the Throne Cycles Track Lord starts with an elegant alloy frame and tapered full carbon fork, so there are no worries about its durability.

With CNC stainless steel dropouts reinsuring the best grip lock when tightening the rear wheel. This unit is also fitted with bullhorn handlebars providing a more comfortable ride.

Special features:

  • Lightweight, stylish, and fast single-speed
  • It comes with 42cm drop bars
  • Fitting with 28R/20F bladed spokes
  • It has 68mm English thread chaining crank

06. Big Shot Single Speed Fixed Gear Bike

Are you passionate about riding fixed gear bikes? If so, then this single speed fixed gear bike is your right bet. Having featured in several national publications, there is no doubt about the reputation of this brand. This unit holds all the nostalgia of a classic track racing fixie bike with modern upgrades optimized for smooth city and street riding.

What makes it truly distinctive is its unique industrial frame, rear & front dual caliper braking system, and bullhorn handlebars combining to deliver a perfect cycling experience. This uncomplicated, simple machine is engineered with all the luxuries you may need in a fixed gear bike without the bulk. Its slim frame and single-speed gear options give riders the speed they want with minimal mechanisms, making it efficient and sleek. Made of Chromoly, this bike is lightweight and durable.

Special features:

  • It comes with a sleek comfortable saddle
  • Its 120 psi tires give riders comfort
  • It is fitted with 42mm deep V rims
  • The weigh is 35 pounds
  • It is equipped with superior grip and high impact nylon platform pedals

05. Retrospec Harper Single-Speed Fixed Gear Urban Commuter Bike

It is time to hop onto the next generation of commuter bikes and enjoy this stylish, eye-catching, sleek, and low-maintenance single-speed fixed gear bike from Retrospec. With a quick flip of the rear wheel, you can easily turn the Harper from a single-speed cruiser to a fixed-gear ride.

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Since the manufacturer behind this product is not interested in anything but the best, this unit sports start-of-the-art components for effortless riding and smooth sailing. The KMC chain, VP freestyle pedals, rear & front Promax brakes, and 25.4mm riser handlebars combine to ensure users have total control over the ride and the bike. Even more, its stable tires and 30mm deep V rims deliver a smooth ride so it grips the city streets regardless of the conditions.

Special features:

  • Recommended to carry up to 250 pounds
  • Coming with all the tools needed for building and maintaining the bike on your own
  • The recommended height range is 5.9-6 inches
  • It rides on 700 by 28c tires making it great for absorbing shock on uneven terrains

04. Golden Cycles Single-Speed Fixed Gear Bike

Golden Cycles is a brand built for daily commuters and experienced riders. Combined with style, speed, and affordability, this Single-Speed Fixed Gear Bike is the perfect choice if you need a mix of single speed and fixed gear riding experience. This bike comes fitted with both rear and front brakes for precise stopping and better handling.

It is made of a fully tig-welded and high tensile steel frame, so there is no doubt about its durability. Moreover, it is fitted with a strong and stiff 130BCD drive-train crank, ensuring that the bike performs at the highest level. What is more is its custom riser bars allowing riders to tackle the urban city conditions comfortably.

Special features:

  • It rides on 700c by 25 Kenda tires
  • Fitted with MBX platform pedals
  • It has 45m deep alloy wheels
  • Coming with 32 hole sealed bearing flip hubs

03. Critical Cycles Harper Coaster Fixie Style Single-Speed

This is another award-winning fixed gear bike from Retrospec oozing a mix of elegance and sophistication. It is the best option for any rider looking for a sleek style in fixies. Interestingly, it is designed to be exceptionally easy to operate by cruisers of all levels. Best of all, its frame is hand-crafted with durable, high-tensile, tig-welded steel, so it absorbs bumps and other obstacles on the road with great ease.

With a KMC chain, freestyle pedals, and deep V rims featuring machined braking surface, users enjoy deliberate navigating and uninterrupted riding experience. In addition, it comes with riser handlebars, encouraging an upright, comfortable ride that takes the strain off your back. It also fitted with coaster brakes, allowing for smooth stops and slows.

Special features:

  • The sturdy enough to withstand up to 220 pounds
  • The fitted with 30mm deep-v rims
  • It rides on 700 by 28c tires
  • It delivers a single speed

02. Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear Single Speed Bicycle

Stylish, fast, and lightweight are some of the virtues that summarily describe the greatness of this single speed fixed gear bike from Pure Cycles. This unit has been cleverly designed for cruising city streets as well as leisurely riding around the neighborhood. Its flexible flip-flop rear hub allows riders to change effortlessly from fixed gear to freewheel for cruising and coasting.

Remarkably, like the previously reviewed brand, the frame and fork for this unit are made of high tensile fully tig-welded steel, so there is no question about durability and reliability. On top of that, it is available with 40mm deep-dish rims with thick-slick 700 by 28c tires for superb contact with the road and excellent control. What is more is its drome saddle offering a mix of style and comfort.

Special features:

  • It is backed by a lifetime warranty
  • The weigh is 25 pounds
  • Coming 90 percent assembled
  • It is available in Juliet matte black
  • The utilizes brand name components including KMC chain, VP, WTB thick-slick, and Wellgo pedals
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01. Retrospec Mantra V2 Single Speed Fixed Gear Bike

We have accorded the Mantra V2 Single Speed Fixed Gear Bike from Retrospec the respect to complete the list of the finest fixed gear bikes for some good reasons. It is hand-built with a tig-welded urban comfort steel frame, making it a great choice for cruising at the beach, commuting to work, or racing circles around competitors.

Unlike the previous models from the same brand, this one is fitted with two brakes –one at the front wheel and another one at the rear wheel –which ensures safety while riding in the city is guaranteed. It also comes fitted with sealed cartridge bearing hubs featuring flip-flop, allowing riders to switch easily between riding single-speed with a freewheel or fixed gear.

Special features:

  • It is equipped with Kenda Kwest tires, KMC chain, VP freestyle pedals, and Super deep-V rims
  • Its design includes a flexible flip-flop rear hub
  • It is available in hunter green color
  • It is an upgrade of 2016 mantra fixed gear bike

Buyer’s guide and factors to consider when choosing the best fixed gear bikes:

With tons of fixed gear bikes in the market today, it can be a challenging task to choose the finest option. It is not surprising that you can be in limbo deciding which brand to pick even after giving a list of ten best alternatives. However, you are more likely to make an informed decision if you are equipped with a couple of buying tips. In that breath, in the next few minutes, we will let you know what you must have at your fingertips anytime you are in the market for fixed gear bikes:

Rider’s skill level

This is indeed the very first factor to consider when choosing a fixed gear bike. Who is going to ride it? It is a small kid, beginner, amateur, or a pro? If for instance, the rider is a pro, then options with front brakes may be recommended. Otherwise, consider bikes with top safety measures if the reader in question is a beginner or kid.

Manufacturing materials

As a rule of thumb in the biking world, the lighter the bike, the better it is. The lightweight property in fixed gear bikes narrows down to the materials used in their construction. However, it should not compromise on the durability of the unit. In this regard, you may consider options made of lighter, durable materials to get a balance of both. Chromoly steel-made bikes are highly recommended.

Bike size

Just like buying a pair of clothes, bike size is extremely important. As such, you will need to be sure that you are picking an option with the size that is ideal for you. Remember a bike that is too huge can be ungainly and unwieldy to ride and the one that is too little can extremely harm your joints. It is wise to settle on fixed gear bikes with customizable seats as these can offer you the option to locate the correct fit and appropriate sizing.

Final Thoughts!
We are about to conclude our today’s reviews with only one achievement –ending your search for the finest fixed gear bikes and demystifying the belief that choosing a product from a flooded market is an uphill task. If you stick to our guide to the latter, then it is more likely that you will find the best bike that ultimately meets your needs. Go ahead now and grab a product from the list while the stock lasts. Have a great time folks with your fixed gear bikes : )