As an athlete, you want to monitor your performance to see if you train on a healthy level. If you are not a professional sportsman or -woman, you need to find a handy device providing you the basic results without breaking your budget.

Over the last years, the reliability of non-professional finger pulse oximeters has improved significantly. At the same time, the devices are available at very reasonable prices. They can determine your SpO2 (blood oxygen saturation levels), pulse rate, and pulse strength in a matter of seconds.

Furthermore, they feature easy and convenient handling options that ordinary users can manage without previous experience of using such a device. The reading results are easy to understand. You simply need to put your finger into the reading slot. Nothing more is required to obtain your results.

Best Finger Pulse Oximeter
Best Finger Pulse Oximeter

The finger pulse oximeters are also suitable for your private use to monitor your levels between visits to your general practitioner. There is a wide choice of oximeters available these days, and you surely want to find the most reliable and accurate device. We have selected some of the best-selling finger pulse oximeters. We tested these at home and outdoors after our sports activities to provide you with our top 10 list of the most recommended finger pulse oximeters currently available.

List of the Best Finger Pulse Oximeters

10. Zacurate Pro Series 500DL Finger Pulse Oximeter

Zacurate Pro Series 500DL finger pulse oximeter delivers you within 10 seconds your accurate SpO2 levels (within +/- 2% deviation) and pulse rate. This oximeter can read up to 100% for your SpO2 levels. The large LED indicates the results well arranged. The device fits a wide range of finger sizes, suitable for adults and teenagers (age 12 and above). The medical-grade silicone finger chamber includes a SMART spring system.

The battery-operated oximeter indicates your levels at your home or while you are outside. It includes a protective silicone cover and a lanyard. This is especially handy for athletes who like to measure their results quickly in-between their activities. The device comes with a 12 months limited warranty.

● Can read SpO2 Levels up to 100%
● Includes a lanyard and silicon cover
● Fits all finger sizes
● Measures your signs within 10 seconds

● Some user reported inaccurate calibration

09. Innovo Deluxe iP900AP Finger Oximeter

Innovo Deluxe iP900AP comes with a broader range of functions compared to other devices. Besides measuring your SpO2 and pulse rate, it also indicates your perfusion index and features a Plethysmograph (a visual indication of your heartbeat). The well-arranged multi-directional LED also displays the current battery status. The brightness of the display is adjustable for convenient reading.

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This oximeter comes with internal hardware and software upgrades. Furthermore, it features an auditory alarm once your SpO2 and pulse rate exceeds your set limits. The alarm can be muted. The box included 2x AAA batteries and a convenient lanyard. You should be stationary while the pulse oximeter measures your pulse and SpO2 levels for an accurate reading.

● Features a multi-directional display
● Includes a Plethysmograph
● Auditory alarm function
● Operates with 2X AAA batteries

● Smaller display than other devices

08. FaceLake FL400 Pulse Oximeter

The FaceLake FL400 provides you a fast and reliable measuring of your pulse and SpO2 levels. This finger pulse oximeter measures your oxygen saturation noninvasively by shining light through your finger. You receive your results within 10 seconds or less. The well-arranged LED indicates your pulse rate, SpO2 levels, and the battery status of the device.

All you need to do is t put your finger into the finger chamber and press the button to turn on the power. With its ergonomic design, it fits most fingers. However, users should be 12 years or older. The oximeter includes a lanyard and a nylon carrying case for conveniently taking it along with you wherever you go. The battery change is also easy and effortless, as the device operates with 2x AAA standard batteries.

● Convenient one-button operation
● Measures your levels within 10 seconds
● Batteries can be replaced easily
● Ergonomic design

● A few users reported issues with the auto shut-off function

07. CKEEP Finger Pulse Oximeter

The CKEEP finger pulse oximeter measures your SpO2 levels and pulse rate fast and accurately. You will receive your readings within just eight seconds. The large rotatable LED indicates your results well-arranged on the large display. You can operate the device with a convenient on-button. The oximeter features an auto-off function once the device is not operated for more than five seconds.

You need to be stationary when using the oximeter to obtain correct readings. The ergonomic finger slot is fitting most finger sizes. For accurate placement on your finger, the SpO2 sensor and photoelectric receiving tube should be arranged according to the manual’s instructions. However, the oximeter is most suitable for teenagers and adults 12 years and older.

● Five seconds auto-power-off function
● Rotatable screen
● Easy handling
● Photoelectric receiving tube for measuring

● Batteries drain faster than with other devices

06. Santamedical Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

The compact-sized finger pulse oximeter from Santamedical delivers you a good value for money. Thanks to the convenient handling you will receive your SpO2 levels, pulse strength, and pulse rate within 8 to 10 seconds.

The large and well laid out red LED indicates the results clearly with its simple bar graphs. The device is lightweight and you can carry it conveniently with you. The box includes a lanyard and a protective carry case.

The ergonomically designed finger chamber is made from latex-free silicone material. It fits most finger sizes. The device works reliably for teenagers and adults from 12 years on. Furthermore, the box includes 2x AAA batteries to power the finger pulse oximeter. The device comes with a 12 months limited warranty.

● Measures levels within 10 seconds
● Includes a protective case and a lanyard
● Displays SpO2 levels, pulse rate, and pulse strength
● Low energy consumption

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● Some user reported issues with accurate readings if the O2 saturation is below 90%

05. mibest OLED Finger Pulse Oximeter

The mibest OLED finger pulse oximeter comes with an adjustable brightness display. This allows you to read your results also in very bright or dim lighting conditions. You can operate the device conveniently with one hand.

It features one button to activate the oximeter. The SpO2 sensor checks and displays your SpO2 levels, pulse rate, and pulse strength within seconds with the pulse bar graph. The display also indicates your battery levels.

The box contains the oximeter, a lanyard, a protective carrying case, 2x AA batteries, and the user manual. The device is compact and perfect for being taken along with you during your sports activities or while you travel. The OLED comes as a four-directional display for convenient checking.

● Four directions OLED display
● Adjustable brightness
● Includes a lanyard and a protective case
● Powered by 2 x AAA batteries

● Charges only by cigarette lighter plug

04. Wellue Pulse Oximeter FS20F with Bluetooth

The Wellue finger pulse oximeter supports a Bluetooth connection and includes the free Vihealth app. This enables you to connect the oximeter with your smartphone to record and monitor your levels over more extended periods.

The compact device measures your SpO2 levels, pulse rate, pulse strength, and pulse waveform. The results are displayed on the large OLED screen of the oximeter or in the app on your smartphone. In case an abnormal value is detected, the screen will flash to alert you.

With the Vihealth app, you can record and store your readings for up to 10 hours. A recording is only possible when the app is running. It will provide you graphic reports, show you real-time data and the trends of your blood oxygen saturation and heart rate.

● Upgraded OLED screen
● Features Bluetooth
● One year limited warranty
● Includes the free Vihealth app

● Some users reported issues with the Bluetooth configuration.

03. Santamedical OLED Finger Pulse Oximeter, Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor

Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor

The large OLED display of the Santamedical finger pulse oximeter measures your arterial hemoglobin saturation reliably. Simply put the device on your finger, and you will receive your SpO2 levels and pulse rates within a few seconds.

The oximeter has been clinically tested and shows only a minimal error margin. The finger chamber fits nearly all sizes of fingers. However, it is not suitable for small children.

The bright OLED display delivers a clear reading in dim light inside or bright sunlight outside. This makes it ideal for athletes to use for monitoring their levels when being active.

The monitor displays your pulse rate, a pulse rate bar, and your SpO2 level. A lanyard and a protective case keep the device safe from damage when you take it along with you.

● Bright OLED display
● Finger chamber made from latex-free silicone
● Delivers results quickly
● Minimal error margin

● Very large and bulky compared to other products

02. WRINERY Oxygen Saturation Monitor (Rose Gold-Royal Black)

If you look for a finger pulse oximeter in a more stylish design, then the WRINERY oximeter might suit your taste. It comes in an elegant design in rose gold and black color. The high-definition OLED displays your results clear and well-organized for easy reading. Within only 10 seconds, the compact device compiles your accurate records for your blood oxygen level, pulse rate, and O2 saturation.

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You should use the oximeter only when you are stationary to avoid wrong results. The finger pulse oximeter comes with a protective case, which can hold the device, extra batteries, and the lanyard. The two standard AAA batteries can be conveniently changed. The power indicator in the display will alert you once the battery level is getting too low.

● Elegant design in rose gold-black
● Receive accurate readings within 10 seconds
● Includes a hook, a protective case, and a lanyard
● Reads also your perfusion index

● The device can deliver wrong readings if you use nail polish or artificial fingernails

01. Metene Finger Pulse Oximeter

The Metene finger pulse oximeter comes in a user-friendly design. It is built from durable materials, with an acrylic panel for convenient and well-organized display of your results. Furthermore, it features a convenient one-button operation and an automatic shutdown function.

The device includes an advanced MCU chip and sensor. Your blood oxygen signal is collected by a photoelectric sensing principle. It takes only 8 seconds to receive your blood oxygen saturation levels, pulse intensity, and pulse rate.

The compact oximeter is portable and lightweight. You can take it along during your sports activities and while traveling. A lanyard is included in the box. The oximeter is powered by 2 x AAA standard batteries, which can be replaced easily.

● Includes an MCU chip and sensor
● Large LED display
● Finger slot also suitable for children
● Automatic shutdown function

● The light blue display on a white background is difficult to read in bright light


A finger pulse oximeter can help you monitor your sports performance and do basic checks about your SpO2 (blood oxygen saturation levels) and pulse rate at home to monitor your health between visits to your medical practitioner. Furthermore, some oximeters also feature a Plethysmograph to visually present your heartbeat and a perfusion index for your pulse strength’s numerical presentation.

The finger pulse oximeters should be only used when you are stationary to provide a reliable result. Their accuracy can usually differ by about +/- 2%. Please keep in mind that these devices are not FDA approved and are not medical devices in general. They are solely used for non-professional private purposes to monitor your levels on a non-medical basis.

Buying Guide

When selecting a finger pulse oximeter, please keep in mind that these are good to monitor your SpO2 (blood oxygen saturation levels) and pulse rate, but they are not professional medical devices. They serve you only as a tool to check your athletic performance when doing sports or keep an eye on these levels at home.

You should make sure that the oximeters measure the basic information without much aberrance. Usually, about +/- 2% is normal and tolerable. The devices should also be compact and lightweight, especially if you want to bring them along for your sports activities.

Most of the finger pulse oximeters include a lanyard already. Many models come with a protective cover or case to store them safely. Energy-efficient power use is of advantage too. The majority of the oximeters run on standard batteries. Easy replacement of the batteries is normally not an issue. The overall handling shall be convenient for you. One-touch buttons activate the displays and indicate your results well- arranged. The finger slots should be suitable for all sizes of fingers.

However, please note that the oximeters normally work only for teenagers from 12 years of age to adults. The finger pulse oximeters must be used when you are stationary to obtain reliable results. Furthermore, they cannot be attached to your finger during exercising, as this will hamper your blood flow.