As far as we are concerned, skincare products alone cannot provide sufficient supplements to fulfil the lack of nutrients and nourishment that your facial skin requires to stay firm and healthy. To properly detox your skin, improve the blood circulation, and increase the level of product absorption you will need to prep your skin with our best Face Massagers review.

Manual massage is fine but if you are looking for a more convenient, effective, and time-efficient way, let’s check out these top 10 face massagers that are currently very popular in the market.

List of Best Face Massagers in 2021 on

#10. Emerald Cove Beauty Face Massagers

#10. Emerald Cove Beauty Face Massager

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For a glorious and softer skin, we recommend you try this face roller from Emerald Cove Beauty. This hand-crafted rosy jade face roller is very powerful in rejuvenating your skin. With daily use, your skin will transform into a livelier condition as it can soothe your circulation to reduce the tension, fatigue, and stress which is caused by your heavy workload.  Also, this package comes with a jade stone gua sha tool that you can use to sweep on your face to create a relaxing massage motion.

This jade roller can also help to improve product absorption for your skin. Before applying serum or mask to your face, you can start by using the face rolling and sweep your face with the gua sha quartz to make your face a canvas for absorbing all the vitamins and nutrients from your skincare products. Be noted that, this does not limit to only skincare products but also makeup.

With the help from this roller, your skin will blend perfectly if you apply makeup on. As for its history, this technique was used by the royal family and also high society as the quartz stone was known as a valuable heart stone.

#9. DANGSHAN Face Massagers

#9. DANGSHAN Face Massager

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If you are not a fan of manual rollers, here we have an electric roller from Dangshan. The advantage of this roller is it has many functions such as helping to boost the effect of skincare product absorption into your skin, firming your skin, speed up collagen production, and reduce wrinkles. On top of that, once you use this face roller you will notice that your face is being lifted and tightened and therefore with regular use, it can reshape your face and restore the elasticity of your skin. This package comes with a 3D massager and a T-zone beauty bar so you can use them interchangeably based on your requirement.

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Talking about its design, both of its massaging heads are made of premium quality material. The 3D roller is made from the diamond-grade cut with V-design so it can reach all the areas and corners of your face while the T-shape electric bar is made of 24K gold. This electric bar can provide up to 6000 vibrations within a minute which is great for firming your skin. You can also refrigerate this roller before use to increase its performance to achieve better outcomes. For warranty, you can claim for a refund providing you are not satisfied with the product.

#8. Feamens Face Massagers

#8. Feamens Face Massager

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Here comes another electric face roller from Feamens. This kit comes with 2 types of massagers, the first one is a 3D roller and another one is a T-shape gold bar. This face roller has an amazing performance in boosting your metabolism, enhancing facial blood circulation, and minimizing the eyes bag and the dark circles which bring you a healthier and more youthful look. It is ideal to use before you apply your skincare product as it can help those products to absorb better into your skin.

Each massager has its unique function, the T-shape head is master in firming your skin giving you a rejuvenated look as it can have up to 6000 vibrations in just a minute.  While the V-shape roller can have access to difficult-to-reach areas on your face. There is no complicated step in starting the operation, you can simply press the on button and place the roller on your face.

Also, this product is waterproof which means you can use it while in a sauna or in the bathtub to maximize your relaxation experience. This kit is nicely packed in a storage bag with no battery included, so you will need to buy a separate AA battery.

#7. YouthLab Face Massagers

#7. YouthLab Face Massager

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With this germanium stone face roller, you will not have to go to the salon ever again. This face roller has a rose gold color with 30 massage stones embedded inside the head, each stone consists of germanium powder. Once it is rolled on your skin, you will feel your facial muscles are being gently stimulated which results in better blood circulation.

With this massage regularly, your skin will become smoother and the wrinkle or smile lines will gradually reduce. On top of that, the germanium stone can balance with the bio-electric current that was impacted by using phone devices, electronic gadgets, and exposure to UV rays.

What’s more? There is no need to refrigerate this roller as its temperature will change instantly if you run a hot or cool over it. The temperature of the roller will become cooler or more heated if you continually run the water over it so once it reaches your preferred temperature you can stop. Talking about the construction, it is very durable and can assist you in the long term.

#6. AMULISS Face Massagers

#6. AMULISS Face Massager

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Let us walk you through another face roller that comes from AMULISS. This brand offers you a face roller kit that comes with two head designs such as a 24K gold T-shape massager and a V-shape diamond-grade massager. This vibrating therapy is currently very popular in detoxing your skin which is very ideal for women who need to wear make-up daily.

It was highly recommended to be used for minimizing the poor and rejuvenating the skin that has long been exposed to the polluted weather. This face roller can provide up to 6000 frequency of vibration within 60 seconds which makes it a favorite product for anti-aging and clearing wrinkles. Besides the durable construction of this face roller, the company will also provide a refund to those who are not satisfied with the product within 90 days after purchase.

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#5. PUR Botanicals Face Massagers

#5. PUR Botanicals Face Massager

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Let’s check out an ice roller from PUR Bontanicals. If you have been dreaming of having a radiant skin with bright complexion, this roller comes just in time to make your dream come true.  It has many benefits such as reducing swelling and puffiness and making your skin more even for a better complexion. Besides those benefits mentioned, it can also help to ease your tension and relieve your aging muscles very effectively. You can use this roller to your neck area to calm down your migraine tension, or even your toes to alleviate the pain and tiredness.

Incorporate this into your daily routine by using it on your face for around 5 minutes per day to improve your overall skin health we guarantee you will start to see the difference from day one. Whether you have lymphatic drainage or have your skin damaged by sunburn, this roller will do its job in clearing all the toxin, inflammation and promote your collagen production to ensure your skin will go back to its normal condition in no time.

On top of that, this face roller is super portable for your traveling purposes to ensure that you will never have to miss out on your daily skincare routine.

#4. Yeamon Face Massagers

#4. Yeamon Face Massager

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Do not miss out on this amazing face roller from Yeamon. This face roller will work like magic in making your skin look healthier and rejuvenated. This package comes with two types of massaging heads that you can use based on your requirement or the problem that your skin is encountering. The 3D roller bar is designed with a diamond-grade cut and a V type design to ensure its access to all the curves and areas on your face for even distribution. At the same time, you have the T-shape head that has the function to tighten your skin and shrink down the pores as it gives up to 6000 frequency of vibration within just a minute. Purchase this face roller now and your skin will thank you later.

You can use this face roller daily to stimulate your facial blood circulation which will in turn boost your metabolism making your skin look younger and livelier than it was before. Also, this roller is waterproof so you can use it in your bath or sauna. Most importantly, you can use it all over your body part to ease down the pain and tension that you received from working all day.

#3. DANGSHAN Face Massagers

#3. DANGSHAN Face Massager

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If you are looking for a reasonably priced face roller, check out this one from Dangshan. It comes with only one type of massaging head which is the T-shape 24K gold roller that is perfect for face treatment. To operate, this roller requires AA batteries however you will need to purchase this separately as it will not be included in the package.

To clear the toxin from your skin, you can use this roller on your face daily as it can help to tighten your skin and restore its elasticity giving your skin a fresher and rejuvenated look. Most importantly, its rolling motion is incredible in relieving the inflammation that is caused by product allergy. This 24K roller has a sleek design and it is small which is convenient for storage or traveling purposes, so you do not have to miss out on your skincare routine regardless of the busy schedule. What’s more, you will also receive a free of charge after-sale service if you encounter any issue with the product.

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#2. MoValues Face Massager

#2. MoValues Face Massager

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Step up your beauty routine with this roller from MoValues. This set comes with a pink jade roller, a gua sha tool, and a facial brush which is neatly packed in its environmental-friendly carrying bag. Talking about its construction, this jade roller frame was made of stainless steel instead of thin brass wire to integrate into the stone which allows the wheels to roll very smoothly without producing the squeaking sound like a regular jade roller.

Also, the roller is made of real Brazilian Quartz with crystalline lattice components that produce healing ions to your skin cells to drain out lymphatic waste and ease the inflammation.

For the instruction of use, on a cleansed face you can use the brush for serum or oil application then roll the jade roller in a gentle motion to let your skin absorb the nutrients from the product. As a final step, you can use the gua sha tool to roll it gently on your face to calm your skin down, which is great for a puffy face. For better performance, you can refrigerate this roller before each use to enjoy an extra-cooling sensation.

#1. Finishing Touch Face Massager

#1. Finishing Touch Face Massager

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Here we have another rose quartz face roller from Finishing Touch. Its package consists of an electric massager and roller, one under eye pad, and also an AA battery. This updated version of face roller was invented using high vibrating technology that produces an even more effective result to the facial skin. The real quartz stone comes with 2 massaging heads which have the function to improve blood circulation and the production of collagen which is the key to achieving a youthful look.

With the eye pad, you can chill it in the fridge before use to improve its ability to eliminate dark circles and puffiness under your eyes. This roller is highly recommended for those who have sensitive skin as it has a very gentle performance.

Buying Guides:

Massaging modes: the versatility in massaging mode will allow you to explore what type of massage that works better for your skin and you can also use the massaging head interchangeably for different purposes.

Portability: This refers to the size, weight that contributes to convenience in storage or travel purposes. Your massager should have both a high-capacity battery to ensure longer runtime and also small enough for you to carry it around.

Material: for the roller quality of the material is very important, you should consider choosing the material that is made of real quartz stone or 24K gold for better performance and prevents allergy.

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There is plenty of face rollers available on the market so choosing the right one for your daily routine could be a challenge for you. Therefore, we did research and came up with the above-recommended products and the buying guide to help you in the selection process.

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