If you are a beauty queen, then good-looking eyebrows is a plus to your hobby. That being the case, you must be out there looking for a flawless eyebrow arch. That notwithstanding, the best eyebrow unit will help you achieve that and much more. The setting gel will also take your hairs to bring out the hidden beauty in you. If you want brows that are neat, fluffy, or tamed, then you should prioritize getting the best eyebrow color in the market. The best product should bring out a polished look that meets modern trends.

Just like any products in the beauty industry, finding the right brow color that meets all your beauty needs can be challenging owing to the sheer number of options that the market has to offer. Well, you do not have all the time to try each of them. And even if you have the gas to do just that, you might end up spending a lot of money trying to find the best fit. The worst part of the trial and error process of looking the best eyebrow color is that you might use a wrong option that might have adverse effects on your health. So, what are you supposed to do?

Well, we have some good news for you! To help you on your journey to find an ideal eyebrow color, we have come up with a detailed review of ten of the best products in the market currently. We have also assembled a useful buying guide that will help you settle on the best product. If that is what you had been looking out for, then sit back, relax, and keep reading this page J

List of the 10 Best Eyebrow Color in 2021:

10. L’Oreal Paris Eyebrow Color

Top in our today’s list of remarkable eyerbrow color options is the L’Oreal Paris. Most users have reported positive feedback and given it a green-light to be your next eyebrow color. It has been designed to give you an enhanced brow that will last up to 48 hours. It is a waterproof brow gel that can also resist sweats and dust. If you are looking for a unit that will give you unbelievable thick tinted brow, then settle on this product.

You will also get natural-looking color thanks to the spherical silica that comes with the product. It is a no-smudge, no transfer product that enjoys glowing reviews with most users. It is also one of the ideal workout resistant products in the market.

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Special features:

  • It boasts of waterproof properties
  • It is a workout resistant product, and the features water polymers
  • Easy to use with only three steps

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09. E.l.f Cosmetics Eyebrow Color

In this day and age, most beauty enthusiasts prefer natural grooming products, and this unit does just that. It is a 100 percent vegan and cruelty-free beauty product. The E.Lf Cosmetics eyebrow color has curated to deliver a unique and original beauty that will turn heads. Best of it all, it is highly affordable, so it is the best choice for individuals working on a tight budget and still looking for a top quality beauty regimen.
On top of that, this product creates a fabulously thick and defines eyebrows fast and conveniently. What is more is that it comes with a doubled sided Talkon brush that you will use to arch your and fill them conveniently and fast.

Special features:

  • It is designed to provide fuller thicker and detailed eyebrows, and cruelty-free with vegan product
  • This luxurious cosmetic is made from quality ingredients
  • It is easy to use with lock in color and shape

08. Refectocil Eyebrow Color

This eyebrow color from Refectocil is another impeccable beauty product applauded for its impressive performance. It delivers natural bleach blonde eyebrows that are clear enough for people to read your expressions easily. The product, when applied, looks like a nice natural brow rather than a make-up.

As if that is not enough, this queen’s favorite eyebrow color delivers a finishing touch that won’t smudge even when you are wearing it for extended periods. Even more, it makes you raise your eyebrows easily because it tends to be light on your eyes. It is also important to mention at this point in time that this one product enjoys praise for its sheer convenience

Special features:

  • It is a waterproof long wear gel
  • Easy to use with three steps to be followed during its application
  • It is workout resistant product
  • Include water polymers as one of its major ingredients

07. Wunder2 Eyebrow Color

Next in line is this award-winning eyebrow color from Wunder2. If this product manages to make its way into your beauty drawer, you are sure to get an extra-long lasting eyebrow that is waterproof, smudge-proof, and transfer-proof. The brow will also last for a long time even when subjected to intense workout routines.

In addition, it is very user-friendly and you will easily brush on the natural-looking eyebrow gel infused with hair-like fibers to fill and sculpt. It is also a vegan and cruelty-free make up, and you do not have to feel bad when using it.

Special features:

  • A long-lasting award-winning eyebrow gel
  • It define, fill, and thicken your brows
  • Completely waterproof, smudge-proof and transfer-proof
  • It is vegan and cruelty-free makeup

06. Revlon Eyebrow Color

If you reached this product without getting a perfect match for your eyebrows, then we doubt if you will search for another product after trying out the Revlon eyebrow color. What makes it truly remarkable is that it is mess-free and a permanent formula that erases hair in less than five minutes. It provides a 100 percent gray coverage that will clear all the gray roots in minutes.

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On top of that, it comes with a cap that doubles up as a mixing bowl for convenient, easy application. You can also use each can of color for up to 3 times to provide perfect brows whenever you need them. The product is also available in 13 shades to offer you more options, so there is everything for everyone.

Special features:

  • It provides 100 percent gray coverage
  • Comes with a cap that doubles up as a mixing bowl
  • Available in 13 shades
  • Its formulation erases hair in under five minutes

05. Milani Eyebrow Color

If you desire a brow color that stays put even in extreme conditions, then look no further than the Milani eyebrow color. It will allow you to easily define, fill, and sculpt your brow like a real pro. The product is designed to provide a superior staying power with up to 16 hours of wear time.

You will return home in the evening looking fresh and beautiful, just like when you left in the morning. Isn’t it great? Well, that is exactly what you get from using this brow color. The beauty of it is that it is available in eight shades, so everyone’s taste is covered. Even more, this product is vegan, cruelty-free, so users have complete peace of mind using it.

Special features:

  • Available in 8 shades
  • It is vegan and cruelty-free
  • Can stay put for up to 16 hours
  • Its package comes with user-friendly application tips and tricks

04. Refectofil Eyebrow Color

Rectofil is an excellent all in one brow fluffer, shaper, and filler. It comes with a tinted gel that provides beautiful thick brows. It also makes your arch sharper, fuller, and impressive. Additionally, the unit also delivers a natural brushed up brow that lasts long even when subjected to seats or water.

Moreover, the color kit comes with extra accessories like a natural brown cream hair dye, liquid oxidants, mixing brush, and glass dampen dish. Well, you might be forgiven for concluding that this product is quite pricey! But that truth is that it is highly affordable and will never break your bank.

Special features:

  • A long-lasting award-winning eyebrow gel
  • It define, fill, and thicken your brows
  • Completely waterproof, smudge-proof and transfer-proof
  • It is vegan and cruelty-free makeup

03. Godefroy Eyebrow Color

Godefroy is an innovative beauty product that delivers fantastic results. You will get an instant eyebrow tint that is thick and lost lasting if you buy this unit. It is a waterproof, smudge-proof, and transfer-proof product that provides a beautiful award-winning look.

If you have eyebrows that are thinning and fading because of age, this product will significantly help you. Besides, the result is easy to mix and easy to apply. Grab it now if you want to save tons of money taking advantage of the massive discount it is offered with!

Special features:

  • It is a waterproof long wear dye, and also it is a workout resistant unit
  • Easy to mix and easy to apply
  • It is well-suited for removing thinning and fading due to old age

02. Godefroy Professional Hair Color

If you are looking for an excellent tint kit that is ideal for coloring small areas of scalp and facial hair, then settle on this product. The product is pre-measured in separate units to give you the versatility of choosing the exact amount for use on beards, sideburns, mustaches, and temples. You will, therefore, avoid unnecessary wastage while using this product. Besides, this unit is designed to cover the most resistant gray hair for up to 6 weeks.

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Special features:

  • It comes in a single application premeasured capsules, and come with a cream formula for easy use
  • It is a complete kit for all your needs
  • There is no odor, no ammonia and blend well with an existing color


The NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKE UP has been accorded respect to bring down the curtains of our today’s reviews for good reason. NYX is the perfect choice for individuals wishing for a strong, beautiful brow. It comes with foolproof tinted brow mascara that will deliver perfect results just the way you want them. Also, it will set, tame, and tint your brows for natural-looking wear.

It is a dependable formula that will leave your brows feeling soft for an epic, beautiful look. Besides, it is designed to tint brows without adding residue or hardened brows. You can use the product to fill in, shape, and set your eyebrows conveniently.

Special features:

  • NYX is a cruelty-free cosmetic product
  • The tame, tint, fill, and set eyebrows in one step
  • It adds depth without residue or hardening brows
  • It integrates foolproof brow building mascara for impressive performance

Buyer’s guide and factors to consider when choosing the best Eyebrow Color:

As we already mentioned, choosing the best eyebrow product that delivers to your expectations can be a challenge. The market features several brands that can easily confuse even the most ardent shopper. It is unfortunate to note that some people still experience challenges choosing between options even after going through a list of top best products like the one above. However, in case you consider the following factors, your shopping will be much easier:

Skin type

Typically, some eyebrow products are designed for specific kinds of skins. You should, therefore, understand what product goes well with your skin type. If you are in doubt, you can get advice from your dermatologist. The main skin types include normal, dry, oil, a combination of any of those.

Ingredients used

Before you settle on any particular brand, get to know the quantity and type of the ingredients used to make it. You will easily access this information to form the product’s label. You can also do more research to determine if particular elements have any side effects on your skin.


Different products come with different prices based on the packaging and ingredients used to formulate them. You can go for a quality product that comes at affordable prices. The rule of thumb is to avoid products that are priced too low as they tend to be of lower quality.


The intended results will significantly influence the kind of product you will buy. Eyebrow products are designed for different uses. Ensure you choose a suitable product that will work efficiently to meet all your needs.

Taking care of your skin and eyebrows should be your top priority if you wish to remain beautiful. Although there are many things you can do to enhance your beauty, using the right skincare product should never be an option. However, choosing the right eyebrow colors can be a daunting task, given the diverse range of options available.

Before you embark on your shopping, ensure you have considered all the factors mentioned to help you make informed shopping decisions. Additionally, pick any of the products we have reviewed today. They are among the most popular quality brands out there. Buy one today to experience a great skincare routine.