The Chevrolet Silverado is one of the most popular full-size pickup trucks, chassis cab trucks, and medium-duty trucks in the US and even in Mexico. With optional 2 or 4 wheel drive and a powerful 5.3L motor, it feeds different requirements, from the family car to a farmers pick-up. The Silverado also has increasingly become a car that owners like to modify. One upgrade everyone likes is the exhaust system.

There are many reasons for changing or upgrading the factory system. The most obvious is when it was damaged. Third-party systems are available today for a lower price and great quality. One of the main reasons for switching to a new exhaust system for your Silverado is of course the sound. While the car already comes with a decent sound, some like to have a more aggressive roar.

In this review, we explain different options, from deep roaring exhausts to simple replacements for a good price. Some models offer two separate pipes while others bend them together. Many exhaust systems are designed to also increase power and lower torque and fuel consumption.

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List of the Best Exhaust System For Silverado

10. Exhaust Pipes for 1999-2008 models

We all know how reliable and durable the Silverados are. You can still get good value at the car dealer even with older models. This exhaust system fits models built between 1999 and You may want to check the exact production year of your Silverado before ordering.

The exhaust system is made by Northeastern Exhaust, an experienced company when it comes to those auto parts. Your Chevrolet will shine again once you mount those new exhausts. Just remember that they are not a direct fit and you have to adjust the pipes a little bit. The box provides two pipes, 6 clamps, and 4 hangers. The two pipes come in two pieces each and have to get connected before installed. It is also advised to remove the previous hangers and use the new ones only.

09. Borla Cat-Back Steel Exhaust System

This system is a sophisticated solution for your exhaust upgrades on a Silverado. It has a patented technology. Two of the biggest advantages of this exhaust system for Silverado are fuel saving and more power. The special design increases the velocity in the exhaust and provides you a few more Watt.

The manufacturer gives a million miles warranty, and a closer look reveals why. The pipes are welded perfectly at industrial standards with precision computer-controlled CNC manufacturing. The product is built from premium austenitic stainless steel, superior to many other T-400 models. All pipes bend smoothly to ensure a maximum flue of exhaust gas and perfect performance. Installing the Borla is easy for those with some experience in car repairs and takes less than 2 hours. Once fixed, you will recognise immediately the new powerful sound coming from your chrome-plated exhaust.

08. MagnaFlow PerformanceExhaust System for Silverado V8 5.3L

If you are looking for an exhaust system that does its job but isn’t a showoff, the Magna flow ist just right. Manufactured to perfection from stainless steel, the system made in the USA comes with two parallel pipes with chrome-plated ends. Both pipes are connected to a muffler which is part of the set. From there one more pipe is connected directly to the motor.

This system fits V8 5.3L models and is easy to install. Just take the old exhaust off (including clamps) and hold the mandrel-bent so it fits. You just need a few clamps and a hanger to mount the system. Once installed Magna Flow provides significantly more power and torque. You also get the smooth deep sound you want for a Chevy Silverado.

07. Flowmaster 717787 Cat-Back 409S

The Chevy Silverado can be a real monster, and a monster needs to roar. For those with HD and muscle models, the Flowmaster 409S system is a perfect fit. This exhaust is designed to have a real aggressive sound, even when the motor is idle. At the same time, it keeps the inside of the car quiet. The exhaust tips are therefore 4-inch black ceramic coated stainless steel tips, to make it even look dangerous. The system exits at the front of the rear tire.

In the box, you will find two pipes already connected with a spacer, a muffler, connector, clamps, and hanger. This system is designed for easy installation. Flowmaster provides you with all necessary parts, hardware, and detailed instruction. As with other models make sure the system fits the model of your Silverado. It is specifically made for the 2014-2018 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 series.

06. MagnaFlow 15267 smooth sound

This MagnaFlow exhaust system comes in a unique design with a sharp bend and a turn to the right for the tips. Nevertheless, it fits the Chevy Silverados with a V8 5.3L motor. This model is designed for having a deep and smooth sound. If you want an aggressive sound with a higher pitch, this isn’t the right exhaust. Still, it provides more power and torque to your car.

The exhaust is designed and made in the US and welded following industrial standards. It comes with longlasting clamps and is easy to install. Just follow the instructions: remove your old exhaust and all parts and then start installing your MagnaFlow system from the tips all the way down to the catalytic converter. There is no additional welding needed, even for the muffler. Just double-check that the clamps are tight.

05. Borla (140537) Exhaust System with outlet separated pipe ends

It is a matter of taste if you want the tips of the exhaust system close to each other on one end or separated to the left and right side. This Borla Exhaust system provides the latter option. It fits 2014-2017 Chevrolet Silverado models but can also be used on other cars like the GMC Sierra 1500.

While it lacks a flapper to stop some drone sound, vibrations are small and not really noticeable. The pipes are made from stainless steel, the tips are plated with chrome for a better look. The sound is quite aggressive for a system like this. Expect a loud roar when tipping the gas pedal. Mounting is easy, just pull through when you feel stuck above the rear axle, it will slide to the right position. Tools needed are the common equipment for repairing cars at home.

04. DNA Motoring 4 tips stainless steel

A Chevy Silverado itself is already impressed with its muscles and size, but this system makes it even scarier. It combines two major designs with parallel and separated pipes into one product. The main pipes are separated but lead to two tipps at each side. This way it looks like you have 4 exhaust pipes coming out of the motor. To increase performance, two mufflers were added to each pipe.

The T-304 Stainless Steel pipes are welded with high precision and computerized mandrel-bends. You can expect an increase of 15 PS in horsepower or a low torque after upgrading your Silverado to this exhaust system. The sound is deep and loud. All hardware and gaskets are included. While with some experience you should be able to install it yourself, the manufacturer recommended a professional service for installing the system.

03. Flowmaster 17395 American Thunder Exhaust for Chevrolet

This exhaust system is not for shy people. The name makes no false promises. Flowmaster did a great job with this system for car owners who love an aggressive sound. It comes with a reliable mandrel bent 16 gauge tubing and is dyno tuned for maximal performance. The system provides dual pipes exiting on the same side of your Silverado.

There are only three parts in the box: pipes, muffler, and connector to the catalytic converter, therefore it is easy to install. The long tips are chrome plated while the pipes are made from industry grade stainless steel. Flowmaster gives a 3-year warranty on its products. The company also has an R&D team working constantly on improvements and new products. The American Thunder is a result of this research effort. It fits 1999 to 2006 Chevrolet Silverado models.

02. Mac Auto Parts Silverado Classic exhaust system

Produced by the renowned auto part manufacturer Walker this system fits Chevrolet Silverados 5.3L with a 2 or 4 wheel drive and a 3.5-inch wheelbase. It is highly recommended to measure your wheelbase before ordering the exhaust.

The exhaust system contains a resonator-type muffler, a single tailpipe with a simple tip, and a connector. You also get 2 clamps to mount at the bottom of your car. This exhaust system is a more simple set with no particular extras. The tip is made from the same stainless steel as the pipes. It gives you the opportunity to fit some extra tips on your own.

The simplicity of the design makes it easy to install. Just replace old clamps with new ones for a better fit. Make sure it is well connected to the motor unit to avoid vibrations and drone sound.

01. Rough Country Dual Exhaust Black Tips exhaust

One of the more luxurious exhaust systems comes from Rough Country The dual exhaust model for Silverado’s has an extensive part set all included in the box. It gives you for example the choice between side and rear exits with different bended tailpipes. The pipes are made from 409 stainless steel with a standard 16 gauge tubing. Both tips are dark black for a killer look. This is also supported by the aggressive sound coming out of the exhaust systems. Everyone will recognize you when driving along the main street from far just by the roar. Its design improves airflow significantly and increases horsepower.

Installing is very easy since it connects to the factory hangers. You just need to connect the pipes with the clamps and the to the motor system. The material is anti-corrosive and heat resistant. Rough Country, an American company, also gives you a lifetime warranty for the exhaust system.

How to install an exhaust system for Silverado cars?

Most exhaust systems from third parties are designed to fit the factory hangers. However, some models may have been modified and you need to ensure size and length before. You also should replace the old clamps and pipes properly before installing a new system. Some manufacturers suggest using a professional service. But with some experience in car repair, you should be able to install the system on your own, only a few regular tools like a screwdriver are needed.

Choosing the right exhaust system for Silverado

Before deciding on the design of your new exhaust system you need or check your model and the year it was manufactured. Not all third party systems can fit, in particular for models older than Once you found a system that is compatible with your Silverado, think about the features. When it comes to sound, models like the American Thunder give great roar without making compromises. You may just want to have a better performance, increase horsepower, and save some fuel. In this case, an exhaust system with great airflow and superior muffler will be the best choice for you.

When it comes to pricing, the range is from lower 3 digits to more than $1000, depending on quality and features. But even for low and mid-range exhaust systems, you can expect quality welding and stainless steel pipes. Most manufactures are located in the US and provide American quality. Every company has its own warranty policies, but some offer a lifetime or million-miles warranty.

The design differs from exhaust systems with rear tips and side tips, chrome-plated or black painted tips to two or four exit pipes. This is more a question of your own taste and doesn’t really affect the functionality. However, the look of your car is important, even from the back. So, select your favorite exhaust system, install it, and then let it roar!