What is nicer after a hot and relaxing shower or bath than wrapping yourself into a fluffy and cozy warm towel? Especially in the cold period of the year, when there are gloomy and foggy days, we need some warmth around us. The best electric towel warmers and heated towel racks can add to your wellbeing, as it will pre-warm your towel or bathrobe and deliver you a warm wrap to keep the cozy and relaxed feeling after your shower or Spa.

Heated Towel Racks
Best Electric Towel Warmers

You can create your private oasis in your bathroom with many accessories, and the electric towel warmer is one of these. Available in a wide range of designs, you will also find the fit for your home. However, you should keep safety in mind when dealing with an electrical device in a moist environment. To help you get a comprehensive overview of the many different electric towel warmers currently available, we have selected the then most recommended products and tested these for you. In our following buyer’s guide, we will share our insights to help you choose the best suiting towel warmers for your home.

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Best Electric Towel Warmers

10. Brandon Basics Wall Mounted Electric Towel Warmer

The Brandon electric towel warmer will dry your wet or damp towels in no time. Furthermore, it will prewarm your towels while you take a shower or bath, so a cozy warm bath towel awaits you once you finish. The towel warmer has a built-in timer, which can be set to 1 or 2 hours. The timer- and on/off buttons come with LED indicators, so you can see immediately if the towel warmer is on or off.

The Brandon towel warmer has 12 bars for an even and effective heat distribution. It is manufactured from high-quality polished 304 stainless steel. Furthermore, it features two garment hooks to store your clothes or extra towels. With 190 watts power, your towels will be dried fast. You can plug in the warmer into a power outlet or hardwire it to hide all cables (professional installation recommended).

● LED display with built-in timer options
● Includes two garment hooks
● Suits also large bath towels
● Suitable for plug-in or hardwire use

● The heat cannot be adjusted

09. Free Standing Electric Towel Warmers, Heated Towel Rack by Homeleader

This Homeleader electric towel warmer comes in a unique contemporary design. It can be wall-mounted but also offers the option to be used as a free-standing towel rack. You simply place it in your preferred place and plug it into a regular power socket. With 120 watt power, the towel warmer can reach temperatures of 131 – 141℉. This will dry your towels fast, and you will also always have a warm cozy towel or bathrobe after your shower or bath.

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The white lacquered steel frame and the waterproof switch withstand humidity and wet spots in your bathroom and provide safety. The thermostat built in the towel heater maintains the temperature on a steady level. Homeleader offers a 12 months replacement guarantee for all parts.

● Wall Mount & Free Standing option
● Switch with light indicator and safe-cover
● 120-watt power
● Contemporary design

● Provides a relatively low heat only

08. HEATGENE 8 Bar Electric Towel Warmer for Bathroom

The beautiful curved design with the brushed 304 stainless steel makes this electric towel warmer the eye-catcher in every bathroom. Its eight bars can warm-up or dry two towels. The alignment of the bars distributes the heat evenly. The towel warmer is also suitable to dry clothes. Turn on the switch, and within 15 minutes, you will have a warm and cozy towel.

The towel warmer needs around 60 minutes to reach a temperature of 149 °F. A completely wet towel can be dried in around three hours drying. The built-In thermostat keeps the temperature stable at 149°F. The towel warmer is wall-mounted and can be conveniently plugged-in to any standard socket. It comes with a two years limited warranty.

● Waterproof safety cover on the switch
● Made from a multi-layer stainless steel composite
● Suitable to dry swimwear or clothes
● Easy to install to your bathroom wall

● Does not feature an auto-shut-off function

07. Stainless Steel Towel Warmer with Timer by WarmlyYours

Made from brushed stainless steel, the electric towel warmer from WarmlyYours will warm up or dry your towels and impress you with its timeless design. Furthermore, high-quality materials will withstand the humid environment in your bathroom for a long time and serve you reliably for many years. Its ten bars will evenly distribute the heat, suitable for two large towels at the same time.

This towel warmer includes a programmable automatic timer. You can set your preferred schedule to start and stop the towel warmer to provide you cozy warmed up towels or bathrobes whenever you exactly need them. The built-in on/off switch sits at the bottom of the left vertical bar. This allows you to use it conveniently and give the button also extra protection from being switched on accidentally.

● Wall-mounted and hard wired
● Includes a 7-day programmable timer
● Features ten heating bars
● Made of durable stainless steel

● The on-off switch is located at the bottom, hard to see whether it is on or off.

06. SHARNDY Electric Towel Warmers – Model ETW29

Small and compact in size is the electric towel warmer from SHARNDY. It features a beautiful design with four curved heating bars and brushed 201 stainless steel. With the curved design, you have a larger space between the wall and the towel warmer, allowing air and space to efficiently dry wet towels. It can be operated hardwired or plugged into any standard power outlet.

The electric towel rack features a special heating wires technology. The heating bars will warm up within 10 minutes for a lower temperature. They will reach their peak temperature of 113-122°F within 30 to 40 minutes. The built-in Temp Smart overheat protection limits the towel warmer’s surface temperature from exceeding 149°F. The package includes all the necessary accessories for a safe wall installation.

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● Stylish and modern design
● Compact size with four heating bars
● Low energy consumption rate
● Can be plugged in or hardwired

● It takes a longer time to warm up

05. 10 Bars Wall Mounted Electric Towel Warmer with Built-in Timer by ODASS

The ODASS electric towel warmer provides you a convenient timer function for pre-warming your towels. The built-in timer features LED indicators and lets you choose to set 2 hours or 4 hours. It will reach within 15 minutes its peak temperature of about 113 to 131 F. The towel warmer features 10 bars and is wall-mounted. Each bar is heated to distribute the warmth evenly over your whole towel.

The installation is easy, and you can choose between the hardwire or the plug-in function. All installation parts and the user manual are included. The towel warmer operates with 100 W power. It is made from high-quality stainless steel and comes in a timeless high polish chrome design. The heater comes with an ETL certificate.

● Features a timer function
● Features 10 heating bars
● High polish chrome design
● COmes with an ETL certificate

● Does not feature a schedule function with the timer

04. 3 Bars Bath Towel Heater by HEATGENE Towel Warmer

Stylish black color and compact size make this HEATGENE electric towel heater a great addition to each bathroom. With only three heating bars, it is also perfect for small bathrooms with little wall space. The heater is made of 304 stainless steel, providing resistance against rust and corrosion.

The seamless welding seals the bar-to-bar connections tightly. This provides good voltage stabilization, high moisture resistance, and electrical leakage resistance for your safety. The waterproof safety cover on the switch adds to the safe usage of the towel warmer. Furthermore, the towel warmer is ETL certified. The heater includes a six feet long power cord so that you can plug in the device in any standard socket in your bathroom.

● Sturdy one-piece welding
● Compact size for small bathrooms
● Moisture and electrical leakage resistant
● Easy to install

● Does not feature an auto-off function

03. Electric Towel Warmers with Wall Mounted Drying Rack by AllRide

A different type of towel warmer offers you this model from AllRide. Unlike other heaters, this wall-mounted dryer features two drying rods and a shelf function on top of the device. Heat is generated by the swing plate T THE BOTTOM OF THE TOWEL WARMER. Furthermore, the device features a UV deep disinfection function.

You can choose from two different modes. The default mode operates with two hours of hot air drying, including 30 min UV lighting. It shuts down automatically after two hours. Alternatively, you choose from 1 – 8 hours hot air drying with the time setting mode, including 30 min UV lighting. For enhanced safety, the towel heater comes with a body sensing feature. The dryer automatically stops working once it detects a person within its 5 meters sensing area. It resumes after the person leaves.

● Features UV deep disinfection
● Easy to operate the touch screen
● Timing function
● Motion detector

● The rods cannot support too heavy items

02. Towel Warmer Drying Rack by Heat Rails – Model PA002T

The Heat Rails electric towel warmer can serve you either as a free-standing towel rack or a wall-mounted dryer. The box included the necessary equipment for both options. The towel dryer is convenient to operate. You simply plug it into an adequate socket. For convenience, a six-foot-long cord is included. It reaches temperatures of max. 122 F to warm up or dry your towels or bathrobe.

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The towel warmer is made from high-quality lightweight aluminum to last you many years in a damp and moist environment. The six heated bars will distribute the heat evenly over your towel or robe. You will feel cozy and warm when you wrap yourself in after your shower or bath.

● Both free-standing and wall-mounted option
● Made from lightweight aluminium
● Provides up to 122 F heat
● 6 foot cord

● On/off and timer buttons are at the bottom of the unit

01. Stainless Steel 10 Bars Heated Towel Racks for Bathroom by JSLOVE

Made from high-quality polished 304 stainless steel, this towel warmer from JSLOVE will withstand damp and humid conditions in your bathroom perfectly. It features a built-in timer, which can be set to either 2 hours or 4 hours of operation time. You can opt to hardwire the heater or to plug it into any standard socket.

All necessary hardware is included in the box. Assembling is easy with the included user manual. Munted to your wall, the towel warmer will take up nearly no space in your bathroom. The 10 bars heat up quickly within just 15 minutes. The heater can reach its optimum temperature of 131°F in only 30 minutes. A completely wet towel can be dried in six hours.

● Built-in timer
● Ten heated racks
● Overheating protection
● Customer service available

● Warms towels only moderately


Electric towel warmers are not only ideal for warming your bathroom towels. They can also add to a cozy warm temperature in your bathroom. Furthermore, you can use them to dry wet swimwear or damp clothes faster than by air-drying. They also serve as handy towel racks while not switched on to warm up or dry your towels.
Most of them are easy to install and work with a plug-in function. You just plug it into a standard power outlet and switch them on to warm up. This makes them also suitable to be used in other parts of your home, like your laundry or mudroom. A few models come with freestanding and wall-mounted options, giving you even greater flexibility in using them.

Buying Guide for Heated Towel Racks

When deciding on an electric towel warmer, you should focus firstly on such a device’s safety and security. As you install the heater in your bathroom, meaning in a damp and wet environment, protection from electrical accidents is paramount. We recommend to you to pay attention that the towel warmers come with adequate safety certificates allowing for their safe operation in moist environments. Many electric towel warmers offer you either a hardwire option or use the plugin function with your power socket. If you wish to hardwire the heater, it is advised to do this with a professional electrician’s expertise.

Many towel heaters are wall-mounted, so a simple and easy installation should be preferred when comparing different models. Depending on the size of your bathroom, you can opt for a freestanding heater. Also, the number of heating bars is important. For small bathrooms, you can find compact towel warmers with only 3 or 4 bars. If your home has a large bathroom and your family is bigger, then a heater with at least 10 bars is recommended. The electric towel warmers come in different designs, meaning you will easily find a model suiting your taste.