Most people find it hard to use a razor shaver as it causes nicks, cuts, ingrown hairs, and irritation on the skin. As a result, these frustrations lead to the unavoidable quest of finding the best electric shavers. A good electric shaver is great since they work exceptionally well without causing any pain on the skin.

The beauty of electric shavers is that no preparations are required. Besides that, their blades are super cool and comfortably glide over the skin surface. Above all, they are multifunctional no wonder they are on-demand by most users. This does not mean that every piece of electric shaver on the market delivers impeccable results. It is important to note that while most electric shaver brands are truly remarkable, others are downright awful. Since you are out there in the market seeking to settle on nothing less than the finest option, we have selected 10 best electric shavers for you. Moreover, a buying guide is included to make your selection a lot easier.

List of the 10 Best Electric Shavers in 2021:

10. Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor

Panasonic Arc5 electric shaver has a powerful motor, which makes it fast and highly efficient. This means that it gives a high performance of up to 14,000 cuts per minute while at the same time eliminating the tugging and pulling unlike most slow shavers do. Your mind will be blown by how its shaving system operates, giving you comfy closeness and extensive coverage.

With the patented shaving sensor, the variation in beard concentrations is intelligently detected during shaving. Besides, it automatically regulates the shaving power necessary to give an incredibly smooth, uniform, and comfortable shaving results. Nothing will stop you from using this electric shaver from your shower room or cleaning thanks to the waterproof design.

Special Features:

  • Five extremely sharp and hypoallergenic stainless steel blades are durable and comfortable use
  • The skinny Arc foils follows the facial curves to provide a close, speedy, and contented cut
  • Arc5 waterproof electric razor allows easy cleaning and uses even in the shower
  • Highly sensitive technology detects the beard concentration variance and spontaneously regulates the power of shaving
  • Its flexible swiveling head facilitates shaving hard to reach areas

09. Philips Norelco 3100 Electric Shaver

This shaver will provide you with an appropriate, comfortable, and effortless shave at an incredibly reasonable cost. Its four-way flexible adjustable shaver head plus the ComfortCut system combines to provide the smoothest and pleasing shaving result. You can conveniently use either the corded or cordless shaver, as you like.

A potent and durable rechargeable lithium battery operates this shaver; thus, you are assured an extended period of shaving. It requires fewer efforts to wash with just pop to open the shaver’s head for easy rinsing the blades carefully at the bath tap. You can perfectly maintain a mustache and trimming sideburns using the pop-up trimmer attachment included.

Special Features:

  • Blades with rounded edges glide easily over the skin giving a more comfortable shave
  • One-touch opening design for easy washing
  • Rechargeable lithium battery allows usage for up to 45 minutes
  • Its ComfortCut system has round-like blades which glides efficiently on the skin surface
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08. Remington All-in-One Grooming Kit

Take control of your style with a high performing and grooming power with the Remington Kit. It is one of the best grooming kits, which offers you the control of shaving exactness, plus a whole flexibility that meets all of your shaving desires. In this kit, you will find 14 length and style settings from three attachment heads, three Snap-on combs, and an adjustable comb.

Its rechargeable lithium battery gives a 70 minutes shaving of cordless runtime. With the surgical steel self-sharpening blades, you will always achieve the style you desire for extended periods. The ergonomic design offers a textured grip making it to fit perfectly in your hands for a flexible and complete controlled shave.

Special Features:

  • Versatile design with 14 settings that caters for all your grooming needs
  • Surgical self-sharpening steel blades give a long-lasting precision
  • Cordless lithium battery has a runtime of up to 70minutes
  • Easy to clean the attachments
  • A storage bag is included for easy portability

07. Andis 17150 Pro Titanium Foil Shaver

The Andis Pro Foil Shaver is a top-performing shaver that hugs face contours with the cordless design giving you an excellent shaving experience you never had before. Its lightweight design makes it super flexible for shaving hard areas to reach effortlessly. The hypoallergenic foil blades in this kit enhance safe shaving thus suitable for those individuals with highly sensitive skin.

Andis Pro Foil Shaver has a special staggered head design that empowers a close but irritation-free shave making it a unique grooming kit. You will expect a completely quiet and non-disturbing shaving thanks to the powerful rotary motor included. The rechargeable lithium battery is well designed to run for eighty-minutes when fully charged.

Special Features:

  • Stunned head shaver blades offer a closer shave
  • Powered by a rechargeable battery that gives optimum energy
  • Versatile design allows use for finishing stubble and fade-style haircuts
  • Lightweight of 3.2-ounces makes it easy and comfortable to grip and control
  • Titanium hypoallergic foils give the perfect and safer cut

06. HATTEKER Electric Shaver Rotary Razor

If you have been looking all over the market for an electric shaver with an ultra-advanced and stylish shaving head, then, your long search ends here. The HATTEKER Electric Shaver features a 3D shaver head that follows every face contours while remaining close to the skin surface to provide a quick as well as a tender shave.

Cut and stylize the sideburn or beards to get a nice trim appearance with the pop-up trimmer of this rotary shaver. Unlike the substandard electric shavers, the HATTEKER Electric Shaver is washable with a single touch to open the heads for easy rinsing. This electric shaver brings with you all the convenience you require thanks to its ability to charge with a USB on a power bank or AC adaptor.

Special Features:

  • Four directions floating highly advanced shaving head offer maximum facial coverage
  • The washable design allows easy cleaning with the cleaning brush and usage for a wet-dry shave
  • Maxlithium power battery is rechargeable with a USB and offers an hour of cordless runtime
  • LCD screen displays battery capacity, charge, low battery and transport lock indicator

05. Panasonic Electric Shaver for Women

Enjoy the sleek, smooth results with the Panasonic Electric Shaver for women. It features three blades, which ensure a complete body contouring plus an ultra-thin foil technology allow for precision cutting. On top of that, you can enjoy a more deluxe shave and trim using your preferred foam or gel in the shower or bathtub.

The hypoallergenic blades ensure maximum skin safety while giving a more comfortable feel while using it. You can efficiently and quickly trim longer hairs or along the bikini line thanks to the pop-up trimmer of this shaver. Its compact design makes it highly portable and easy to carry in a backpack or even handbag.

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Special Features:

  • Ultra-sharp shaving blades with ultra-thin foils follow the body contour to offer a fast, adjacent and comfy trim
  • It has flexible swiveling shaver head that slides effortlessly on the skin for an extensive reach
  • Waterproof design allows convenient shaving in or out of the bathtub and its easy to clean
  • The hypoallergenic steel foils and edges make it suitable for a gentle and sensitive skin

04. Remington F5-5800 Foil Electric Shaver

The Remington Electric shaver is a handy device that comes with an intercept Shaving Technology that ensures a close shave all time. It has a triple stage shaving system that utilizes the interception technology for pre-cutting elongated furs plus the dual foils are flexible enough to give a close by cut.

The best thing with this electric shaver is that it can last you for twenty days of cutting amongst two charges thanks to the rechargeable lithium battery that offers a full hour of cordless runtime. Remington stands as one of the best electric shavers that combine power and technology to give you an excellent cutting practice.

Special Features:

  • Pivot and flexible foil technology maintains close contact with the skin for smooth results
  • The pop-up trimmer attachment which does the final touches on both the sideburns and facial hair
  • Stress-free washing thanks to its waterproof design
  • LED screen facilitates easy monitoring of battery level and recharge
  • Rechargeable battery has a 5-minute rapid charge utility to give sufficient energy ideal for a single cut

03. Philips Norelco AT830/41 Shaver 4500

Philips Norelco Shaver will allow you to shave your beards and hair best as you wish to. Its smart AquaTech cover allows you to select whether to use a revitalizing damp shave or a comfy dry cut and choose whether to use a shaving cream or gel while protecting your body skin. In addition, the double cutting shaver heads grab elongated hairs plus the smallest mustache to provide a charming shave.

Its unique pivoting, flexible and float heads are designed to follow every contour of your face while retaining an adjacent contact with the skin surface to give a speedy shave which is extremely tender to the skin. It comes along with an integrated pop-up trimmer that helps you to trim convenient sideburns and mustaches, leaving you to look neat and stylish.

Special Features:

  • Skin protection system reduces skin irritation
  • Lithium-ion rechargeable battery allows a 50minutes of cordless shaving
  • A three-minute quick-charge provides power to keep you going
  • Waterproof design allowing easy washing
  • Comes with a 45-day use trial plus 2-year full warranty

02. MOOSOO Shaver for Men, Triple Shaving Time Electric Rotary Razor

Unlike other electric shavers having the longest hours for charging and the shortest time of shaving, the MOOSOO Electric Shaver is quite the opposite. It is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery provides sufficient energy for up to 100 minutes of shaving after an one hour of fast charging from anywhere at any time with a USB cable.

If you are looking for the best gift for your father, husband, son, or boyfriend, MOOSOO Shaver will be the finest choice to make. It is affordably priced with extraordinary performance. It also features advanced shaver heads designed to give a soft, close, neat, and comfortable shave. In this electric shaver, you will enjoy the ease of detaching and cleaning the shaver heads.

Special Features:

  • Four direction rotary extremely advanced 3D shaving head follows facial contours for a smooth, fast, and gentle shave
  • The pop-up trimmer allows for easy trimming and detailing beards and sideburns for a clean-cut look
  • Made of 100% waterproof IPX7 material for easy washing and use in the shower
  • 24-hour professional customer care service plus two years of worry-free service and one year warranty

01. Philips Norelco OneBlade Hybrid Electric Shaver

We have accorded this unique beard trimmer the honor to bring down the curtains of our today’s reviews for good reasons. It is a revolutionary electric grooming tool fitted with a smart technology engineered for gentlemen who like keeping beards, facial hairstyles, or mustaches. Its patented OneBlade technology incorporates a speedy-moving cutter that has a double precision mechanism that offers the most effective and contented cut even with elongated hairs.

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The Norelco Hybrid Trimmer can be conveniently used for edging, trimming as well as shaving any length of hair. In this unit, there are three stubble combs with sizes of 1mm, 3mm, and 5mm making it more suitable for stubble than taming long beards. It has replaceable blades that can last up to four months, giving you the best shaving experience.

Special Features:

  • Waterproof design enhances durability, easy cleaning and uses in the shower room
  • The replaceable blades are coated with metal hence durable to last for four months
  • Rechargeable battery runs for up to 90minutes with an hour charge time
  • Dual-sided blades provide precise edging, trimming, and shaving in line with your style
  • Backed by a two-year warranty

Buyer’s guide and factors to keep in mind when choosing the best electric shaver:

Getting a close and comfy shave depends greatly on the type and quality of an electric shaver you choose. Selecting a good electric shaver can seem pretty simple for a casual buyer but not a newbie who is unaware of the basic tricks and factors to consider when purchasing your intended shaver. With the market getting full of new brands and types of shavers, you may not make the right selection. This guide aims to solve the trouble.


The design of an electric shaver defines the quality of and arrangement of shaving blades, speed, technology incorporated, and battery quality just to name a few. It determines how long and efficient the shaver will operate. A good electric shaver should be able to cut, trim, and detail your face for excellent precision. Consider one which has the self-sharpening ability, the latest technology for safety and fast use, well-designed blades, a powerful battery and motor for a long-lasting and better shaving experience.

Ease of Cleaning

Cleaning benefits that the intended electric shaver has is yet another essential factor to look for. This is determined by the water resistance ability of its body as well as the battery and motor. It will be very imperative to consider an electric shaver that has a waterproof design, meaning that you can safely clean and use it even while in the shower. In addition, the shaver head should be easy to open for efficient cleaning.

Shaving Habits

People have different shaving habits. Whether you like dry shaving or wet shaving, regular or less often shaving, you require the right tool for the job. Based on your interests, you should choose the best electric shaver that will suit your shaving habits without compromising performance. As from our list, all the shavers are multifunctional and usable as you want.


A good electric shaver comes at a reasonable price. Buying this equipment starts as an investment for you right from the initial stage of acquiring to the maintenance of the blades. As for most shavers, their foils or blades are replaceable after a particular period, and this means that you will have to spend an extra cost when that time comes. Therefore, you should choose the best shaver that will not strain your budget needs.

Final Thoughts!
It takes an excellent electric shaver to get the most successful, stylish, close and comfortable shave. You should never have problems in selecting the best grooming tool you desire if you landed on this page because we have provided and discussed ten of the finest electric shavers you will find in the market today, most of which are designed to match all your shaving needs. As we conclude, we would like you to take advantage of our buying guide for a more convenient pick. Good luck in your shopping folks!