To keep food hot and tasty when you have to pack it to eat outside of the home, no product works better than electric lunch boxes. Indeed, foods are recommended to be served when it is warm as it has many surprising benefits for your health. Firstly, warm food helps your digestive system as when it is being served hot you will slow down the speed of eating. Secondly, it helps to boost your metabolism which is great for your weight loss. Lastly, it is great in preventing allergic reactions.

. The electric lunch box is a great replacement that helps to improve your diet and lifestyle. If you are planning on switching to use an electric lunch box, we have arranged a list of the best ones that are currently popular in the market.

List of Electric Heated Lunch Boxes on in 2021

#10. Sweet Home Fast-heating Bee Electric Lunch Boxes

#10. Sweet Home Fast-heating Bee Electric Lunch Box

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This is a fast-heating lunch box from Sweet Home Bee. It has a trendy look with a green color which is very fashionable. On the inside, it comes with many compartments that allow you to put different kinds of foods together in one box. Each compartment is made of materials that can withstand scorching temperature with a PTC heater concealed on the bottom so you can enjoy a warm meal anywhere and anytime.

What’s more, this portable lunch box is very convenient to operate. You only need to plug the cord into the electric outlet and your food will be hot as if it’s fresh off the stove. Just like a rice cooker, this lunch box is also equipped with an auto turn-off function that will automatically power itself off once your food reaches the appropriate temperature.

Moreover, the construction of the lid is very reliable, so you do not have to worry about your soup or sauce leaking through the cover even in messy conditions. With this, you can pack any kind of food whether it is soup or food that has gravy texture to satisfy your daily craving. Even though the inside is hot, the handle is resistant to heat so you can carry it safely. Adding to that, the material was tested for the safety in storing food which makes this lunch box your reliable companion.

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#9. YOHOOLYO Reheat Electric Lunch Boxes

#9. YOHOOLYO Reheat Electric Lunch Box

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You will love this lunch box from YOHOOLYO. It is another green stainless-steel lunchbox that is suitable for various settings as it comes with different types of chargers inside the package. If you are at school or office, you can use the 110V charge to reheat your meal. There is another 12V/40W charger that was specially designed for car use which allows drivers who spend most of their time on the road but can still enjoy a warm meal.

Besides the easy operation, this lunchbox is also very safe to use. Once the cord is plugged in, the lunchbox operates by using consistent heat which is very efficient for both energy-saving and safety. On the inside, it comes with 3 compartments to separate different types of food. Designed with hygiene in mind, its container can be removed completely so you can clean it properly after each use.

Talking about its components, this lunch box is made of food-grade material which is not only sustainable to the environment but perfectly safe for daily use. After purchase, you will also be backed by after-sale support to ensure you are satisfied with the product.

#8. Suteng Electric Lunch Boxes with Compartments

#8. Suteng Electric Lunch Box with Compartments

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Your food will never get cold with this lunch box from Suteng. This portable electric food container has a light blue color which is super sophisticated and stylish to carry with you. What’s more, the box is suitable for both car and home use as the package provides you two kinds of adapters, the one with 110V is for home, office or school use and another one with 12V is for car use. This lunch box has a size of 238 x 170 x 108 mm which is approximately 1.5L in measure. To warm the food, the operation required around 20 to 30 minutes after plugging in.

Also, the lunch box’s compartments are removable and can be separated into two for different kinds of foods. The package also included 1 free spoon which is a bonus to the set. You can clean it very easily and thoroughly after each use by just simply removing the compartment. Also, high-quality food-grade plastic was used in the making of this lunchbox to make it environmental-friendly.

On top of that, it is equipped with a stainless-steel inner container that is toxic-free and safe for your health. With this lunchbox, you do not have to worry about overheating as it was constructed with efficient technology that provides constant heat to ensure your food is in perfect temperature and condition.

#7. Eocolz Electric Lunch Boxes with Spoon Compartment

#7. Eocolz Electric Lunch Box with Spoon Compartment

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Enjoy the crispiness of your fries with this lunch box from Ecocolz. The cover of this lunch box was made of food-grade material with a small spoon compartment on the left side of the cover. Once we open the cover, you will see the inner container was constructed using stainless-steel material to ensure that it can withstand high temperature. Also, these materials were tested and verified that it meets the safety regulation of dietary equipment.

This electric lunch boxes can provide a very fast heating performance with proper security to avoid overheating the food as it operates by providing steady and constant heat power. Indeed, this consistency is important to ensure your food has a moderate temperature and also helps to retain its moisture and crispiness so it will not become too rough or dry.

Inside the package, it comes with 2 types of plugs with 12V and 110V accordingly for both car and home use. On top of that, you will also receive a free spoon and a manual guide on how to operate this portable lunchbox.

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#6. JMCQOO Food-grade Electric Lunch Boxes

#6. JMCQOO Food-grade Electric Lunch Box

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The lunch box from JMCQOO can help you in achieving a healthier lifestyle. This light green color bento box will put the traditional lunch box to shame as it has a very sophisticated look not to mention its useful and incredible functions.  Most importantly, this box is made of food-grade material that is non-toxic to both the environment and your health.

For your info, the box has a size of 0.96 x 0.75x 0.45 inches which is big enough to fit 2 shares of food. The heating operation takes about 35 minutes for your food to get warm and ready to eat. Besides, please note that you need to secure the lid during the whole reheating process.

Just because you are on the road does not mean that you have to miss out on a warm meal. This lunch box comes with 2 types of charges that are suitable for not only home or office use, but it also allows you to reheat your food in the car. Best yet, the unit consumes only 45 watts of power, so you do not have to worry about harming your car battery.

#5. Toursion Electric Lunch Box with 2 Trays

#5. Toursion Electric Lunch Box with 2 Trays

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You will be glad to have this bento box from Tourison at home. This bento box comes with different types of plugs to make it suitable for use in different settings. For school or office use, you can use the 110V plug. Meanwhile, you can also heat your food during travel using the 12V for cars and 24V for trucks. This thoughtful design of the plugs is very convenient for drivers who spend most of their time on the road. This lunchbox uses a PTC heating system that has dual responsibilities to provide constant heat and insulation for the safety of use at the same time.

On the inner side, it has 2 trays that allow you to separate different kinds of food. Also, after each use, you can remove the inner trays for washing to ensure it was thoroughly cleaned to prevent bad odor for the next use. Before selling on the market, this product was also tested and approved by LFGB & FDA.

#4. Toursion Electric Lunch Box with Stainless Steel

#4. Toursion Electric Lunch Box with Stainless Steel

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You will not have to worry about food getting cold with this lunch box from Toursion. With this lunch box, you can enjoy up to 3 types of food as it has 3 inner compartments that allow you to pack different food inside one box. The stainless-steel compartment is detachable from the box to make it easy for you to remove and clean them after use. It comes with different plugs for home use and car use to ensure that you can eat hot meals anywhere and anytime.

The material used is good grade plastic so it is harmless to both health and the environment. Talking about its operation, it’s very simple as you only need to plug its cable to the outlet or the car battery and wait for your food to get heated.

On top of that, there is a set of free cutleries such as spoon and fork readily for your use inside the package, so you do have to worry about looking for a spoon that fits in this box.

#3. COROTC Electric Lunch Box with 3 Compartments

#3. COROTC Electric Lunch Box with 3 Compartments

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Here we have an incredible food-grade plastic lunch box from COROTC that meets the standard of safety for dietary material. Instead of waiting in line to get your food heated in the microwave, you can simply plug its cable and wait for it to get warm at your table which saves both your time and energy. The signal will light up to let you know that your food is being heated and it usually takes 30-50minutes for standard temperature. This lunch box is suitable for various uses however it is highly recommended for car use as it consumes only 40W to ensure the safety of your car battery.

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Also, the box has up to 3 compartments including the spoon compartment attached to the cover. the inner stainless-steel compartments are detachable which means, ko you can remove them for cleaning purposes.

#2. Travelisimo 2-in-1 Electric Lunch Box

#2. Travelisimo 2-in-1 Electric Lunch Box

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Travelisimo presents you with an awesome travel-size lunchbox. Stop looking for a microwave, you can enjoy warm food with varieties as this lunch box comes with 2 big compartments including 1 spoon compartment on the top cover. This thermal food can be used for home, office, and car as it comes with various plug types of 110V and 12V respectively so you can have warm food anywhere you go.

Its design is very hygienic with a removable inner compartment that allows you to uninstall each one and thoroughly clean them before the next use leaving your lunch box fresh and free from food odor. The compartment can also be washed by dishwasher to save you time from manual washing.

#1. Hot Logic Electric Lunch Box Tote

#1. Hot Logic Electric Lunch Box Tote

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Let us walk you through this amazing lunch box from Hot Logic. What’s special about this set is it comes with a free small tote bag which is nice blue clothing to your lunch box. It comes in a size of 6.75 x 8.75 x 2.5 inches that is a perfect size for one meal. Moreover, you do not have to monitor this lunch box, just plug and leave it to do the job. Once it is ready you can enjoy the evenly heated food with no burnings as it has a smart function that works like a rice cooker.

This hassle-free operation will make your daily life much easier without having to waste time lining up to heat your food anymore. With this purchase, you will also be backed by a friendly after-sale service that will leave you overjoyed with the service.

Buying Guides to the best Electric Heated Lunch Boxes

Capacity: your lunchbox should not be too big or too small for the portioned food that you normally carry. If you normally carry a 2 shares lunchbox, a 1.5L size is highly encouraged. Also, check for the available compartments because you will have to pack different types of food and you do not want to have them mixed up together.

Material: The type of material plays the most important role when it comes to choosing dietary equipment. It is a must to ensure that the material is a food-grade material but also durable for long-term use. The inner side should be made of stainless steel for high heat resistance.

Power Output: Choose the power output according to your type of use. for your food to be properly heated, it requires at least 110V of power. 12V is the kind of output recommended for car use although it might take a longer time for the heating process. A set that comes with both kinds of outputs is a bonus.

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In case you are interested in an electric lunch box for a while but still reluctant in purchasing one as you are not sure whether what type or which brand is a reliable lunch box we hope you can find the answer to the question you had in mind by reading this article. We have spent a lot of time researching to ensure you purchase the right one that is worth your money.