Your trash can doesn’t have to be that unpleasant stuff that you don’t even want to look at unless you are throwing garbage. Make this a story of the past by introducing the best dual garbage can. Unlike ordinary cans, dual garbage cans have two compartments to help you separate trash from recyclables.

They are designed with multiple ergonomic features including soft-close lids, and sturdy foot pedals to help you throw in the trash without touching the lid.

To top it off, most of these garbage cans are complete with brushed stainless steel finishes that make them a beautiful addition to any space. To find out which garbage can is ideal for your home, have a look at the following top 10 best dual garbage can in 2021 reviews.

List of The Best Dual Garbage Can in Reviews

01. simplehuman 58 Liter Rectangular Dual Step Trash Can

Trash and recycle the garbage in one convenient place using the simplehuman 58 Liter Rectangular Dual Step Trash Can. It has dual compartments that make it easy to sort your trash on one side and recyclables on the other side. This garbage can is designed with a strong steel pedal that you can step on as much as you want for hands-free performance.

It features a stainless steel lid with Shox technology that keeps it quiet so there’ no banging or loud noise. For an enhanced trash experience, this dual garbage can uses code H custom fit liners that do not bunch or slip while in use. It is built with a liner storage pocket that lets you dispense liners one by one for a faster bag change.

This unit comes with stainless steel liner rim that flips up for a quick and easy trash bag change. Better yet, it is complete with a nano-silver coat to protect against germs and fingerprints.

Key Features

  •  Stronger wider steel pedal
  •  Soft silent-close lid with Shox technology
  •  Code H custom fit liners
  •  Stainless steel nano-silver clear coating

02. iTouchless 16 Gal Touchless Sensor Trash Can

Equipped with sensor-operated lids, the iTouchless 16 Gal Touchless Sensor Trash Can offers a 100% touchless operation. It is powered by 4 D size batteries or AC power adapter both sold separately to give you two power options. This trash can has a stainless steel finish that is not only stylish and modern but also will look in any kitchen.

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The stainless steel finish makes the can smudge-proof, fingerprint-resistant, and easy to clean. With 4 removable caster wheels, this dual garbage can is mobile for effortless maneuverability from one room to another or around the kitchen. It comes with 2 removable inner buckets with handles, making it easy to separate trash and recyclables in one place.

This trash can is available in an assortment of styles to enable you to choose from based on your preferences. Besides, it is backed by a full-service manufacturer’s 2-year warranty to reassure you of a 100% satisfaction.

Key Features

  •  2 removable inner buckets with handles
  •  4 removable caster wheels
  •  Fingerprint and smudge-proof stainless steel finish
  •  Hygienic sensor-operated lids

03. simplehuman 9.3 Gallon Dual Trash Can

For a dual garbage can that you can install under the counter, consider the simplehuman 9.3 Gallon Dual Trash Can. It is equipped with commercial-grade full-extension ball-bearing tracks to enable it to glide fully out of the cabinet for easy access. This garbage can features a tough all-steel-frame built to last for several years of use.

It has a large chromed steel handle to allow you to pull it out of the cabinet quickly for easy access. To complete your rubbish experience, this garbage can is accompanied by code D and code G custom fit liners designed to stay neatly hidden and durable without tearing or leaking.

This unit is constructed of the best quality materials to ensure it is sturdy enough to stand the test of time. It comes pre-assembled with one piece track for easy installation. Furthermore, this trash can is available in two styles for you to select from.

Key Features

  •  Smooth-glide ball-bearing tracks
  •  Space-efficient and eco-friendly design
  •  Large easy-access handle
  •  Code G and D custom-fit liners

04. iTouchless 16 Gal Dual Trash Can

Separating trash from recyclables is now easier than ever with the iTouchless 16 Gal Dual Trash Can. It comes with 2 inner buckets that are lightweight and slide smoothly in and out of the can for quick and mess-free emptying of the can. This trash can has a unique tuck-and-hold design that holds and retains a full, heavy bag to prevent it from falling in.

It boasts a replaceable air damper, meaning you can renew performance to like-new in no time. Featuring a soft and silent lid, this garbage can closes smoothly and easily without a banging noise. It is designed to open with durable pedals that allow for a hygienic hands-free opening each time.

This garbage can is color-coded for utmost convenience; the blue side is for recycling while the black side is for trash. Also, it is available in several styles and sizes for you to choose from based on your budget and preferences.

Key Features

  •  Large capacity and space-efficient design
  •  Smudge-proof, finger-resistant stainless steel finish
  •  Color-coded design
  •  Soft and silent lid close mechanism

05. simplehuman 46 Liter / 12.2 Gallon Dual Step Trash Can

Become more efficient at home by introducing the simplehuman 46 Liter / 12.2 Gallon Dual Step Trash Can. It has a high-quality stainless steel finish that offers smudge and fingerprint-resistant performance so it remains shiny and stylish from time to time. This garbage can has dual compartments to enable you to use one side for trash and the other for recyclables.

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It stands on a non-skid base with rubber pads so it stays securely in place. And for convenient opening, this garbage can is equipped with a strong steel pedal that can withstand 150,000 steps. This garbage can is built with a durable inner bucket that catches messy drips and lifts out effortlessly for added convenience.

It utilizes a patented lid Shox technology that controls the motion of the lid for a slow and silent close. This can comes with code H and V custom-fit liners to enhance your garbage experience. It is available in two styles and sizes to choose from. What’s more, this unit is backed by a 10-year warranty to reassure you of quality and satisfaction.

Key Features

  •  Built-in mobility wheels
  •  Strong steel pedal
  •  Durable, removable inner bucket
  •  Finger-proof stainless steel finish

06. Organize It All 16-Gallon Dual Trash Can, 4904W-1

Measuring 23-1/8 W x 13.5 D x 25.5H inches, The Organize It All 16-Gallon Dual Trash Can, 4904W-1 offers large capacity without taking up much floor space. It has inner buckets with handles to allow for easy lifting and emptying. This trash can is equipped with two separate foot pedals to provide for hands-free opening and closing.

The pedals have separate vibrant colors to prevent you from accidentally mixing the trash and the recyclables. Constructed of high-quality stainless steel, this trash can is smudge-proof and fingerprint-resistant to remain to look new for longer.

It comes with plastic liners to ensure long-lasting durability. This unit is designed to wipe down easily, making it easy to clean and to maintain. It has a 16-gallon capacity to hold more garbage before you can empty. Not to forget that this trash can comes in three sizes to suit people with various needs.

Key Features

  •  Stainless steel construction
  •  Side-by-side separate compartments
  •  Independently lids and pedals
  •  Inside buckets with handles

07. AmazonBasics Soft-Close Rectangle Trash Can- 2 x 15L

The AmazonBasics Soft-Close Rectangle Trash Can contains 2 heavy-duty interior buckets that can hold 15 liters of garbage each. It has a stainless steel construction that not only makes it finger-proof but also smudge-proof for long-lasting shine. This garbage can boast a contemporary look that goes well with most existing home décor and appliances. Hence, it makes an ideal addition to any kitchen or office.

This trash can is designed to keep garbage neatly enclosed, preventing odor from escaping. With a manual foot level, this garbage can offers a convenient hands-free opening for easy everyday use. It has soft-close lids to ensure smooth and quiet closing every single time.

This unit has a minimal look to ensure you can place anywhere in your home from kitchen to bathroom and anywhere in between. The best part is that it has a different color for the trash side and recyclable side for added convenience.

Key Features

  •  15-liter two interior buckets
  •  Durable stainless steel exterior
  •  Manual foot lever and soft-close lid
  •  Non-slip bottom rubber pads

08. HEMBOR Dual Trash Can, 16 Gallon

Sleek and stylish is an understatement when describing the HEMBOR Dual Trash Can, 16 Gallon. This is because it is exquisite and elegant, making it a great statement piece in the kitchen, bathroom, or office. This trash can is built with a side handle that makes it easy to move from one room to another or just within the kitchen. It is equipped with 2 large inner baskets that can hold 30L of garbage each.

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Better yet, this garbage can comes in black and silver to suit people with various tastes and preferences. This trash can adopts the ABS hydraulic slowdown design that can be automatically lowered when the pedal is released for a soft, silent close.

It opens easily using comfortable and durable stainless steel pedals suitable for use by kids and adults alike. This unit is 26 inches high to ensure you don’t have to bend over when you throw the dustbin. Additionally, it is backed by a 1-year warranty to reassure you of quality and satisfaction.

Key Features

  •  60L large capacity
  •  Inner buckets with metal handles
  •  User-friendly side handle
  •  ABS hydraulic slowdown design

09. iTouchless Dual Step Trash Can, 16 Gal

Sophistication and style come together in the iTouchless Dual Step Trash Can 16 Gal to bring a touch of elegance into your kitchen. It has a smart recycle design that shows blue on one side for recycling and black on the other side for trash. Hence, this trash can provides a quick and convenient way to separate trash and recyclables.

This model features durable, ergonomic pedals that require minimal force to open. To give you multiple options to choose from, this trash can comes in a wide range of colors. It is equipped with dual absorbX odor filters one for each side to help contain all garbage odors.

This unit is complete with an elegant smudge-proof and finger-proof stainless steel finish. Thus, it is not only easy to clean but also goes well with almost any décor. And for you to buy with confidence, this garbage can is backed by a 2-year warranty.

Key Features

  •  Dual absorb odor filters
  •  Durable, ergonomic foot pedal
  •  Sophisticated and stylish design
  •  Smooth and silent close lid

10. EKO EcoCasa Dual Trash Can II 36L+24L

Engineered with durable cantilever foot pedal, the EKO EcoCasa Dual Trash Can offer smooth and long-lasting performance. It has a sturdy, soft-close lid that descends slowly and quietly with no slamming. This dual garbage can contains two compartments with a capacity of 36L and 24L respectively to help you separate trash from recyclables. It boasts a space-saving slimmer profile design that holds more garbage without occupying too much floor space.

Thus, this garbage can makes a great addition to any home or office. With a large lid design, this garbage can allows for easier disposal of all your trash at once. It comes with a stay-open feature that ensures the lid stays up when you need it to with just a slide of the button.

This garbage can have a brushed stainless steel finish that is smudge-proof to remain to look new for longer. Furthermore, it comes in four sizes to enable you to choose from based on your needs and preferences.

Key Features

  •  Space-saving slim rectangular design
  •  Fingerprint-proof stainless steel finish
  •  Soft-close lid with stay-open lid mechanism
  •  Built-in deodorizer compartment


When you think of upgrading your kitchen most of the time you only think about new paint colors and appliances. What you don’t know is that having the best dual garbage can not only improves your garbage disposal experience but also the aesthetics of your kitchen. Also, these cans are multipurpose so you can even use them in the bathroom or office. So make sure you read through the above compilation to discover your ideal dual garbage can.