When summer is around the corner, there is too much heat to bear. Your dog is going to feel the heat too! However, if you take appropriate measures for the hot days, you are going to save your pet from dehydration and heat stress. Yes, you can use a dog cooling pad for your pets!

If your dog suffers from heat stress or anything the first thing to do is take it to the vet. Below is a guide for your reference that can help you in finding a suitable dog cooling pad. This is just a gist of the product description. To get more details on features and specifications you can go through the detailed description.

List of The Best Dog Cooling Pads:

Best Dog Cooling Pads Reviews:

10. The Green Pet Shop Dog Cooling Mat

If your dog is looking for a cool spot, this dog mat is something to look into. Your dog would stay cool all summer. You can take it with you when you are traveling to some other place. It is based on a gel-formula that would recharge the mat every 15-20 minutes. You don’t need to use water or electricity for keeping it cool. This cooling pad can let your dog stay cool for up to 3 hours.

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It is lightweight. Hence, portable! Take it with you when you are going on a road trip. Make sure your dog is enjoying the journey with you. If it is too hot, you can use the cooling mat right away. It is designed keeping in mind the dogs of large size. Make sure you are not leaving this mat in direct sunlight.

09. ZEJEUER Washable Pet Pad Cusion Mat

This pet pad cushion is washable. It is designed in such a manner that it would absorb heat from the body of your dog! Hence, your pet would remain cool and calm. Such products are ideal in the month of summer. However, depending on the need you can use accordingly.

The best part is that you don’t need water or electricity for this product. There is no need to freeze it! Just place it in the bed of your pet and you are good to go. You can even keep it in the dog house. You can collapse it easily. It is portable!

08. Pannow Pet Dog Self Cooling Mat Pad

Your dog would stay cool staying on this mat pad! It is composed of good quality material. It is a self-cooling means there is no need for using the electricity to maintain the coolness. In the summertime, your dog can simply relax and enjoy using the mat pad! You can use it in the car seat, floor, or wherever you prefer! It is suitable for indoor and outdoor.

You can take it with you while traveling. It is lightweight and hence, portable. Make sure your dog enjoys it! In fact, you can give it as a gift to someone. Let their dog have some fun too. In any case, your pet is likely to fall in love with this product.

07. Faith Force Pet Cooling Mat

Available in blue color, this cooling mat for your dog appear quite interesting. It is soft and comfortable. Your dog might enjoy spending time on this interesting product. The material used in the making of this product would be safe for your dog. It is likely to be more comfortable than other fabrics as said in the main description. You would find it durable.

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Your dog would sit on it and look at you! You can place it indoors or even outdoors. Hence, when you are sitting at the patio and enjoying your free time, you can keep the mat aside and put your dog on it.

06. AKC Reversible Cooling Mats

This cooling mat is suitable not only for your dogs but cats as well. Hence, if you have both pets in the house, this would be a suitable product for both. They can sit on it and relax. It is safe not only for the animals but kids too! So, if you see your kid around this mat, you need not worry. It would be suitable for the senior pets since it can resist dehydration.

You don’t want your pet to be under heat stress or face extreme heat of summer. It is resistant to water and is also tear-resistant. It is composed of durable material. You would find it easy to clean.

05. Glumes Dog Cooling Mat Machine

You can use this cooling mat for a variety of purposes. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Your dog is going to stay cool while on it. This doesn’t need any electricity or freezing to stay cool! It is designed in a manner that would give your pet relief from heat or pain.

It is lightweight and hence, portable. You can carry it with you! The gel inside the mat is safe for you, your pet, and the kids in the house. It is non-toxic and is safe for the environment. Your dog would stay cool!

04. Pet Dog Self Cooling Mat Pad

Your dog would stay cool on this mat pad. It is designed to be automatic self-cooling and would keep the dog in relief for up to 3 hours. It would prevent overheating. Your dog would be saved from dehydration as well. It is safe for the kids in the house. Hence, if you find your kid near the mat you need not worry.

It would be easy for you to clean it since all you have to do is wipe to clean it. It would retain the shape and is flexible. You would find it easy to use. You would find it easy for traveling and storage. It is durable.

03. Pet Dog Cat Self Cooling Mat Pad

Using this self-cooling mat pad, your dog would stay cool. This particular one has an interesting design in black color. It would not be freezing or refrigerating but your dog would stay cool on it. You can place it on the bed of your dog.

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If your dog has a favorite bed in the house, you can place it on the bed and use it! If your dog has some joint pain, you can use this cooling mat to give some sort of relief. You can use it indoors and it is also suitable for outdoor use. It is portable since it is lightweight.

02. NACOCO Pet Cooling Mat

This cooling mat would be suitable for your cat and dog. So, if you have both the pets in the house, this product would be useful for both. It is available in a pink color that makes it an interesting choice. Uses Japanese technology and based on it your pet is going to feel cool. It would be soft and pleasant.

It is skin-friendly so you don’t have to worry. The material utilized in the making is nylon fabric. Hence, it would be comfortable for your dog. It would be suitable for the summer season. You can wash it by hand or in the machine.

01. Dora Bridal Cooling Mat Pet Cool Pad

Using this pad means, your dog would stay away from the harsh heat for up to 3 hours. It is designed to keep your dog cool especially during the hot days of summer. It is composed of non-toxic material. The material utilized in the making is of premium quality.

There are different sizes available for you to choose from. You can select the size that you like the most. It is designed in a way that you would find cleaning and storing it easy. All you have to do is lay it flat and use it! Cleaning would be in the same way too!


There are many cooling pads for dogs available in the market. You might be searching for a suitable one. The guide above can help you to some extent. However, some specifications are as per the descriptions. You can get the details from the product details. It would be fun to go through the reviews and comments of previous or current buyers to find out on the performance and durability.