Babies are wonderful little angles that are celebrated and welcomed warmly by parents, friends, and relatives. They need to be taken good care of to protect them from infections as well as keeping them fresh and happy always. Initially, a mother could place her kid on the laps to change the used diapers. With the development of changing diaper tables, the diaper changing process has been made a lot simpler and quicker. They are designed for convenient use.

With different shapes, styles, and materials, choosing the finest diaper-changing table can be a challenging task, especially if you are buying it for the first time. But that should not worry you anymore as soon as landing on this page. After many hours of research, which involved testing and getting genuine feedback from consumers, we have compiled a comprehensive list consisting of ten best products with exceptional performance that will satisfy all your diaper changing needs, either parental or nursery. That is not enough though; stick with us to the end and get the tricks to help you choose the right option with our buying guide.

List of the 10 Best Diaper Changing Tables in 2021:

10. Costzon Baby Changing Table

This infant changing diaper table starts our reviews as a two in one functional table that can be comfortably used as a diaper changing station as well as a baby massaging table providing exceptional levels of practicality and comfort. With proper height, no more aches, and back pains due to kneeling or bending while changing the diapers.

The robust frame and non-skid leg cover ensures the table remains stable and restricts sliding. The table is equipped with three compartments on the side of the table, which can be used to keep diapers, towels, or other items. Its foldable design makes it portable and space saving, hence the best for flexible use.

Special Features:

  • Iron frame construction plus 600D canvas ensures durability
  • The top surface is made of waterproof PVC material that is toxic-free and easy to clean
  • Non-skid feet covers maintain table stability and restrict sliding
  • Three compartments offer ample storage space for towels, diapers or toys
  • Deluxe fabric materials give comfort and massages the baby
  • Perfect height for relieving back aches and pain
  • Broad surface for changing diapers with dimensions 31.5 by 24.8 by 35.4-inchesDelta Children

09. Delta Children Eclipse Changing Table with Changing Pad

Give an extra layer of functionality to your kid’s bedroom or nursery with Delta Children’s Eclipse Changing table. When it is assembled, it gives two open shelves storage compartments for keeping your kid’s items such as toys, diapers, among others. This sleigh-style diaper changer conforms to all the safety and anti-tipping standards, making it ideal for use.

This wonderful and strong changing table comprises a water-resistant changing pad that makes it easy to clean. Plus, a safety strap is included that helps to keep your baby perfectly in place. Amazingly, you can easily assemble this table within minutes with all the tools included making it best for any nursery.

Special Features:

  • Changing pad makes it easy to clean
  • Made from cherry material that makes its pad soft and comfortable
  • Safety rails enclose the four sides around the table ensures your kid does not fall down
  • Solid wood and wood composites ensure durable performance
  • Adequate changing surface with dimensions 40.2 by 25.2 by 5.5-inches
  • Easy to assemble it with all the tools included
  • Free replacement for parts with Amazon Customer Service
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08. Kinbor Baby Changing Table Folding Diaper Station

If you have been taking lots of peeks on the market for a changing station with a multifunctional design with failure, then the Kinbor Baby Changing Table could be your last attempt! This station allows you to change your child’s cloth, diapers, and massage care. It is a big plus to the parent or caregiver as it has an excellent height ideal for relaxing their spine.

While the safety strap is added to keep the baby safe, a ruler is also included on its top surface that can be used to measure the height of your baby as you desire. Besides, the table surface comprises Cationic cloth that is safe for direct contact with the baby’s skin as well as effortless to clean.

Special Features:

  • Armed with three storage compartments for keeping towels, diapers, toys or other items
  • Non-skid feet cove plus strong frame keeps the table stable and protects it from moving
  • Foldable compact design for easy storing and convenient for carrying
  • Multifunctional as it can be used for changing cloth, diapers, and massaging the baby

07. Alpine Industries Fold-down Baby Changing Diaper Station

Do you need a modern and stylish changing diaper station? If the answer is yes, then this Fold-down Baby Changing Diaper Station manufactured by an innovative Alpine industry will be the best pick for you. It is resiliently built using high-density polypropylene plastic materials construction that gives it a long-term incredible strength and performance.

Besides, it conforms to all the global FDA, ADA, and ASTM safety standards. Therefore, it guarantees top-notch safety to your child. Changing a diaper is pretty simple and safe thanks to its concave resting surface plus a secure safety belt that comfortably holds your baby safely. On top of the child’s safety, this great table comes with table liners, 50-liner dispensers, and an antimicrobial coating covering the changing pad.

Special Features:

  • High quality and density polypropylene plastic construction for incredible strength and durability
  • Protective and antimicrobial coating table surface prevents the growth of harmful bacteria
  • Certified by ADA, FDA, and ASTM for child’s ultimate safety
  • Mounting hardware allows easy installation on any walls and ideal for office, business, or professional institution’s restroom
  • Concave resting surface keeps your baby in place while changing diapers
  • Outfitted with double side hooks for hanging diaper bag or personal items

06. Delta Children Station 4-in-1 Convertible Crib, Espresso Java

Avail a warm and welcoming changing diaper surface for your little one with the Sutton four in one Convertible Crib by Delta Children. It is designed with user style and safety in mind and features a classic shape plus an intricate detailing headboard and three adjustable mattress heights for accommodating your little growing baby.

Moreover, this table can be converted from a toddler bed, daybed, and a full-size bed. With this in regard, your child will, for a long time, move to a big kid. This crib is availed in white, and espresso java finishes allowing you to select the best appropriate one that matches the style you like. This convertible crib is not only of high quality but also affordable.

Special Features:

  • Solid and strong wood construction for ultimate stability and durability
  • Convertible crib from a toddler bed, daybed, and full-size kid bed
  • Three different adjustable mattress heights to accommodate your growing child
  • It conforms to the safety standards set by CPSC and ASTM
  • Measures 56.25 by 30.25 by 44-inches fitting most standard size crib mattresses

05. Koala KB200-01 Baby Changing Station

This diaper changing station is crafted with polypropylene and a unibody steel chassis to comfortably support babies weighing up to 200lbs with less deflection. Besides, its strengthened joint with high rigidity to scratches and wearing adds an element of resilience to this product. Moreover, its gas coil apparatus guarantees charming opening and closing this station.

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Its silky, artisanship, and color array equals perfectly any contemporary bedroom design and decoration. With double liner opening comprising the deadlock system, the chances of dampening is significantly reduced, which minimizes possible destruction. The protection straps assure safety of your baby plus bag hooks. Additionally, the changing station’s surface has Micro-ban antimicrobial that minimizes stench that can be brought about by bacteria.

Special Features:

  • KB200 silky craftsmanship plus the shade petite ties with the up-to-date restroom style as well as color
  • Provides extraordinary levels of elegance and safety
  • Certified by ADA, EN, and ASTM for child’s protection
  • Strong and sturdy propylene construction supporting weights up to 200lbs
  • The liner dispenser has dual liner cavities

04. Storkcraft Graco Changing Table with Water-Resistant Changer Pad and Safety Straps

The Graco Changing Table has two big open shelves that provide substantial storage space for keeping your baby’s essential items like towels, diapers, with efficiency. Coming as both functional and elegant, this diaper-changing table has an additional deep surface for maximum safety while on use.

A water-resistant changing pad plus safety straps are added to ensure that your baby stays securely and comfortable in position. The Graco Changing Table gives you trustworthy support for your kid while changing the cloth or diapers. As your child grows bigger, you can convert this table station to a storage compartment.

Special Features:

  • Brings a touch of elegance to your kids nursery or restroom
  • Water-resistant changing pad facilitates easy cleaning
  • Certified by JPMPA, CPSC, and ASTM for clean and safety use
  • Safety strap help keep baby in position
  • Has dimensions of 37 by 19.2 by 44-inches
  • Covered by cherry material for elegance and comfort

03. Dream on Me Emely Changing Table

Change your baby’s diaper easily and comfortably with Dream on Me Emily Changing Table! It comes with a one-inch changing pad that helps to keep your child cheerful as well as contented. The protective rails help to shield the child from rolling off the table. It has two open shelves below the changing pad for keeping diapers, towel, toys, or other important items.

Its traditional design makes this superb crib to fit excellently with any décor. The pinewood construction gives it exceptional stability, strength, and durability. In addition, this crib comfortably accommodates maximum baby weights of up to twenty-five pounds. Moreover, the Dream on Me Emely Changing Table has its dimensions as 36.5 by 20 by 39-inches while weighs 19.5-pounds.

Special Features:

  • 1-inch comfortable and easy to clean changing pad
  • 5.5 safety rail protects the baby from rolling off the table
  • Highly portable thanks to its generous weight and size
  • Two open shelves beneath the changing pad and rail for keeping varied baby items
  • Certified for the child’s safety and use
  • Solid pine wood offers incredible strength and lasts long

02. Dream on Me Ashton Changing Table

This is yet another top class and high performing diaper-changing table from Dream on Me! This piece of furniture is the perfect selection for any nursery. Boasting of a clean line design, this unit adds an element of touch to any bedroom setting. It comes with a one-inch changing mattress pad and a safety strap with a whole enclosed dressing area giving additional security to your child.

Just like in the Emely collection, the Dream on Me Ashton changing table is available with two fixed shelves that provide an open storage space suitable for keeping diapers, toys, wipes, among others. On top of that, it can be switched into a nightstand when your child grows older. This changing table coordinates with the Dream on Me Five-in-One crib excellently.

Special Features:

  • The safety rails on all sides of the table protect the baby from rolling off
  • A water-resistant mattress pad is easy to clean and comfortable on the skin
  • Certified by ASTM, CPS, and ASTM for safety use and baby protection
  • Constructed with the New Zealand pine wood which provides remarkable strength and durability
  • Easy assembly with all tools being included
  • Weighs 26-pounds and has dimensions 34 by 20 by 40-inches
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01. ECR4Kids Wall-Mounted Baby Changing Station

Completing our list of best diaper changing tables is ECR4Kids wall-mounted baby changing table. It is designed for use in restaurants, businesses, and other spaces in both public and private restrooms for easy and comfortable changing of your baby’s cloth or diapers. It has a smooth and luxurious concave changing surface with an adjustable nylon safety strap with a slide release to keep your child safe in place.

This diaper-changing table has a bacterial resistant material, heavy-duty polyethylene plastic materials for incredible strength and longevity. Even more, this amazing table comes with an elegant neutral-white color that enables it to match with any modern décor. It has a compact design geared to saving space and ideal for use in different locations conveniently.

Special Features:

  • Inbuilt straps help to keep your child safe while changing the diapers
  • The concave changing table surface is smooth and comfortable
  • Compact and modern design allows portability and fits in small spaced rooms
  • The changing pad has two diaper bags or purse hooks that hold weight up to 25lbs each
  • A concealed pneumatic cylinder ensures for a slow, secure, controlled opening and closing
  • Certified by ADA, ANSI, and ASTM for use after installation by a professional
  • Anti-bacterial high-density polyethylene plastic for durability

Buyer’s guide and factors to consider when choosing the Best Diaper Changing Tables

Diaper changing tables are a wonderful piece of equipment that most parents opt to buy for their little kids. Since they are availed in the market with different sizes, designs, styles, and at different prices, most potential buyers like you face difficulties in making buying decisions. But, no more worries if you are knowledgeable on what to look out for when choosing the finest option. In the next few minutes, we highlight some of the most important factors to help you make informed decisions. Take a look:


Construction entails the materials used to make the diaper-changing table. They are of a variety, including solid wood, steel metal frames, polyethylene, and polypropylene, among others. All of these are essential in the stability and supporting your baby. You should consider selecting the best diaper-changing table with such material construction for comfort and a longer period of use.


It incorporates the style and efficiency in performance. The best diaper-changing table should have handy features like convertible features, foldable, storage compartments, safety mechanisms, and mounting options. They all facilitate the efficiency performance of the handy table of your choice. You should buy the best changing table that will fit your style and satisfy all the diaper and clothing problems.


The changing table you intend to buy should be of the right size. Most of them have compact designs geared to enhance easy movement as well as keeping. Generally, it should fit in the intended space of the installation. Neither should it be too large nor too small. Besides, it should have the appropriate height for easy reach by the caregiver or parent without many struggles.


The amount of money you are willing to pay for a changing table, of course, should be one of the things to consider. Changing tables made of high-quality materials incorporating the best features are usually charged expensively. If your budget can fit, then you can have such tables. If your budget limits you, pick one that is best for you. Avoid cheaply priced tables, as they will always leave their users to regret the rest of their life.

As we wrap up our reviews on the best diaper changing tables, it is clear to all of us that buying a changing table is not a mere walk in the park! And if you have read our article right from the beginning to this end, we are much confident that you will find an alternative that will meet nicely the needs of your little one. Our reviews above encompass the best and highly rated diaper changing tables in the market today, guaranteeing you the best durable performance. Good luck!