Most deer hunters will agree with me getting your kill out of the woods is pretty hard. This is the case especially if you made a big kill. An average deer weighs around 200 pounds which is pretty heavy to carry. It is not only tiring but also frustrating carrying a heavy buck on your back. This is where deer carts come in handy helping you carry our deer from the woods with ease. These carts are specially designed with wheels for seamless rolling. You just need to place your kill on the cart and pull it or roll it away.

However, the market is flooded with a wide array of deer carts. The available deer carts come in different shapes, material quality and weight capacity. You need to research before choosing the best deer cart possible. Luckily for you, we’ve done the hard work of research and narrowed down your deer cart choices to 10 picks. These are top-rated deer carts with sturdy construction, easy wheeling, and long-lasting use. Take a look at our top selections below and choose one deer cart that best serves your hunting needs.

Deer Carts

Table of the Best Deer Carts Reviews

10. Goplus Folding Deer Game Cart

This is a large capacity deer game cart with up to 500lbs maximum weight capacity. It is a great design cart capable of carrying 2 deer at the same time. The cart features a sturdy steel construction hence durable. In addition, it comes with a heavy-duty steel axle to withstand heavy loads. This is a premium quality deer cart with a large 17” diameter wheel. The wheels also feature a thick 1.5-inch rubber to withstand rough terrains in the woods. Moreover, the cart features a foldable design for compact storage and transportation. It is easy to carry to the woods and comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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  • Durable due to sturdy steel construction
  • Large 17-inch wheels with 1.5-inch thick rubber to withstand rough terrains
  • Foldable design hence easy to transport
  • Spacious thus gives plenty of room for the game

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9. Rivers Edge Tree Seats & Accessories

The Rivers Edge is a unique tri-fold design deer cart. It is a perfect choice cart that folds compactly hence easy to store and transport. It is a sturdy cart with 300lbs of weight capacity. The cart is pretty easy to roll due to large 18.5 inches wheels. Besides, the wheels feature thick and solid rubber construction to handle tough terrains. This is a high-quality deer cart with excellent performance. The cart also features a wide 22-inch wheelbase to prevent tipping over.


  • Rarely tips over due to a wide 22-inch wheelbase
  • Strong and durable thus supports 300lbs
  • Large diameter wheel to handle rough terrains
  • Tri-fold design hence easy to transport and store

8. Best Choice Products Steel 500lb Capacity Folding Large Deer Game Hauler

The Best Choice deer cart is another leading pick to consider buying. It is a sturdy and durable cart with strong steel frame construction. The cart offers 500lbs max weight support. Moreover, the cart is pretty lightweight hence easy to roll. It also features solid rubber tires for long-lasting use. The tires are 18.5 inches in diameter and can handle tough terrains. You can easily roll it over rocks, shallow creeks, and hills. This is a multi-purpose and functional design cart to buy with confidence. The cart design is also foldable hence easy to store and transport.


  • Supports 500lbs due to strong steel frame construction
  • Solid rubber wheels to withstand heavy use
  • Wheels are large to handle rough terrains
  • Foldable design hence easy to store and transport

7. Rage Powersports Kill Shot Heavy Duty Big Game Deer Hauler Cart

This is a big game deer haulier cart and one of the best picks on the list. It is by far one of the strongest carts with sturdy construction. The cart can support up to 750lbs which is pretty strong to haul up to 3 deer at once. Moreover, the cart features a heavy-duty steel axle and strong solid rubber tires. The tires are 1.75-inches thick and can withstand heavy loads. Besides, the wheel diameter is large at 20 inches to roll smoothly over rough terrains. Overall, this cart is easy to assemble without tools and one to consider buying today.

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  • Easy and quick assembly without tools
  • 750lbs weight capacity due to strong steel construction
  • Handles rough terrains due to large diameter wheels
  • Steel rims and spokes for added durability

6. JDM Auto Lights Folding Deer Cart Game Hauler

This is a relatively new deer cart and one to seriously consider buying. It is a sleek and elegant design cart with excellent features. This cart is pretty easy to assemble and one that does not require tools. It is a large design cart with 18.5-inch diameter wheels. The big wheels can easily handle rough terrains in the woods getting your deer to your truck. Moreover, the wheels feature a thick solid rubber construction with a 1.5-inch thickness. They can withstand heavy use without damage giving you excellent value for money.  Overall, this is a quality deer cart with 500lbs weight capacity.


  • Easy to transport since it folds compactly
  • Strong and durable thus supports 500lbs
  • Handles rough terrains due to large 18.5-inch diameter wheels
  • Easy assembly

5. Guide Gear Aluminum Deer Cart

This is another incredibly strong deer cart with a weight capacity of 250 pounds. It is a strong deer cart with puncture-proof solid rubber tires. The cartwheels measure 15 inches in diameter hence easy to wheel on rocks, down rivers, bushes, large roots, and grass. Moreover, the cart features a perfect balancing with the centre of gravity just over the axle. This makes hauling pretty easy with minimal effort. Overall, this is a strong aluminium metal cart with three lashing straps to keep your game safe and secure.


  • Large 15-inch wheels to handle rough terrains
  • Wheels feature a solid rubber construction hence durable
  • Strong and supports 250 pounds
  • Easy to haul due to centre of gravity balancing

4. LHONE Heavy Duty Folding Deer Game Cart

This is another big game deer cart for hauling big hunts to your truck. It is an extremely strong and durable cart to consider buying. The cart supports up to 500lbs max weight capacity. In addition, it features wide 17-inch diameter wheels. The wheels feature a thick 1.5-inch rubber to withstand heavy use. This cart will move with ease on rough terrains transporting your trophy with ease. Moreover, it features a spacious surface to fit large kills. Overall, this is a solid steel deer cart with a simple wire assembly.


  • Thick and heavy-duty steel axle to withstand heavy loads
  • Supports 500lbs due to strong steel construction
  • Handles rough terrains due to large diameter wheels
  • Spacious top to carry game and hunting equipment
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3. Sherpa Game Cart – Summit Viper Classic Model

This is a more versatile design deer cart that also doubles as a tree stand. You can use it as a tree stand or as a deer cart. It is a lightweight cart weighing a mere 10 pounds hence easy to transport to the woods. Besides, the cart supports up to 250 pounds making it pretty dependable. This is an exciting deer cart with wide 16-inch diameter wheels. Moreover, the wheels are airless and resist punctures. Overall, this is a compact and durable cart to buy with confidence right away.


  • Strong and durable due to steel frame construction
  • Large diameter wheel thus handles rough terrains
  • Puncture-proof wheels due to solid rubber construction
  • Compact hence easy to transport

2. Kill Shot Game Cart with Tow Bar

This is another large 750-pound weight capacity deer cart to consider buying. It is a premium quality cart with solid rubber wheel construction. The wheels are puncture-proof and can withstand heavy outdoor use. Moreover, the wheels are wide measuring 20 inches wide to handle the rough terrains in the wild. In addition, this cart comes with a tow bar with 2” hitch balls for easy hauling on your truck. Overall, this is a simple design cart with multiple height adjustments for easy rolling. Furthermore, the cart comes with braces and straps to secure your hunt.


  • Multiple adjustable handle heights
  • Strong thus supports 750lbs
  • Solid rubber wheels hence puncture-proof
  • Tow bar for easy hauling


This is our last best deer cart and a great folding design. The cart folds compactly hence easy to carry on your truck. It is a simple cart and one pretty easy to assemble and use. Besides, the cart features durable steel construction and a brown powder-coated finish. It resists rust and corrosion for long-lasting use. In addition, this cart features removable rubber wheels for easy rolling on rough terrains. Overall, this is a decent quality deer cart to buy with confidence today.


  • Resists rust and corrosion due to a brown powder-coated finish
  • Strong and durable due to steel framing
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Removable rubber wheels

Final Verdict

In conclusion, these are the best deer carts on the market to consider buying. The carts are specially designed for easy game hailing from the woods. Check them out and carefully choose one that best suits your needs. You can never go wrong choosing a deer cart from our exclusive list above.