It is important to note that some of the tasks such as product repairs and setting up new furniture are not that challenging. Calling for supports and services could be pricey for such a mundane job. In our reviews, we recommend you the top 10 Best Cordless Right Angle Drills along with their buying guides.

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List of the Best Cordless Right Angle Drills

10. Right Angle Cordless Drill and Driver Kit by Dewalt

Dewalt 20V is a perfect cordless right-angle drill. It comes with 3 different types of packages including the drill with a set of 14-piece Drill Bit, the drill with a set of 45-piece Drill Bit as well as the Drill with a Driver Set.

The cordless right-angle drill comes with dual speeds including the 0-600 and the 0-2000 rotations per minute. As a result, the drill offers users high flexibility for a magnitude of applications. In addition, the length from front to back is 4 inches; the compact size, therefore, is able to fit into tiny and difficult-to-reach space.

The compact size also comes with a weight of 3.9 pounds. The product’s trigger is multi-gripped, which gives users convenience and comfort even while using it in a very tight space. It should be known, Dewalt 20V has a three-dimensional size of 13 x 16 x 4.6 inches.

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09. Cordless Right Angle Drill by Milwaukee

Milwaukee 2615 has a ratcheting chuck of 3/8 inches; the head length itself is perfect for working in a very tiny space. Modes of drill and settings come in As a by-product, users are able to have great control over fastening applications. It should be noted, the handle is multi-positioned, which therefore gives users versatility and convenience in their usages.

The LED is built-in so that users could illuminate their working surface while clutch-out could be indicated. The three-dimensional size of the product is 11.9 x 4.2 x 2.5 inches while the total weight is 2.75 pounds. The package only includes the drilling machine; the battery is a separate deal.

08. Lithium-Ion Cordless Angle Drill by Makita

Makita XAD02Z is designed with a motor of 4 poles, which is able to deliver 121 in-lbs (Max Torque). Users could use the angle drilling machine in a broad range of applications because Makita offers a wide range of speeds from 0 to 1800 rotations per minute.

The product’s keyless chuck is 3/8 inches; removal and installation consequently are easy and fast. The angle head of the product comes with a height of 3.5 inches; the head length is a perfect combo for usages in a small quarter.

The angle drilling machine is powered by electricity; the machine comes with a charger with an ability to charge 3 times faster than the averaged package. The product’s design is ergonomic and compact too. The three-dimensional size of the product is 3.4 x 11.7 x 6.9 inches while the total weight is 3 pounds.

07. Cordless Right Angle Drill by Dewalt

Dewalt 20V Max offers dual ranges of speeds including the in-between 0 and 650 as well as the 0 and 2000 rotations per minute. Like another abovementioned angle drill, the two standards of speeds give users flexibility for a broad range of applications.

Dewalt 20V Max’s length front-to-back is of compact quality – 40 inches in which users are able to use the machine in a tiny quarter. It should also be known the trigger is multi-gripped for convenience and comfort usages. Thus, users remain accessible to the drill trigger while working in a very tight space.

Dewalt 20V Max’s ratcheting chuck is 3/8 inches. The product comes with 3 sets of collections including the Drill Only, the Drill with a set of 14-piece Drill Bit as well as the Drill with a set of 45-piece Drill Bit.

06. Right Angle Driver Kit with Battery and Charger by Bosch

Bosch PS11 is featured with a motor of 12V which performs 1300 rotations per minute and 115 in-lbs for maximum torque. The pivoting head comes with 5 positions, which is able to articular between 90 and 180 degrees.

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The quality is great for users who work in a very small quarter. Bosch PS11’s chuck is auto-locking for various applications and simple-bit replacements.

The drill’s trigger is variable-speed. Bosch PS11 has a dark-Navy color. The cordless right-angle drill has a three-dimensional size of 12.5 x X 4.2 inches and a weight in a total of 4.8 pounds. It should be known the product is powered by the battery.

05. Lithium-Ion 1100 RPM Right Angle Drill by Ryobi

Ryobi P241 has a long neck which offers users great leverage and an ability to reach awkward quarters for particular applications such as the standard drill. Ryobi P241 is recommended by the manufacturer as not suitable for HVAC installation or plumbing.

The cordless right-angle drill’s try is onboard-magnetic which you use to free your hands from the tool to do other jobs. While performing your tasks, users could use the LED light built-in the product for an illumination. As a result, there are no extra tools needed for lighting.

The product’s over-grip is rubberized so that users are able to hold the drill tight even in a slippery condition. While Ryobi P241 is compatible with 18V batteries, the drill has a three-dimensional size of 13 x 3.2 x 5.1 inches.

04. 8 Volt Lithium Ion Right Angle Drill by Bosch

Bosch Bare-Tool is equipped with a high-performed motor; thus, the torque is the best of its class for any demanding applications. The product’s chuck is auto-locked of 0.5-inch ratcheting in maximum capacity.

Bosch Bare Tool’s grip is soft, slim, and ergonomic for full control and comfort. It should be noted the gearbox is all metal for excellence in performance and durability.

The cordless right-angle drill’s head length is of a compact size which is perfect for driving and drilling in a very tight compartment. Bosch Bare-Tool has a three-dimensional size of 15.5 x 10.2 x 4 inches and a total weight of 4.12 pounds.

03. Right Angle Drills with Keyed Chuck by GALAX PRO

Angle Drill comes in 2 different styles including the 5A variable-speed-hammer drill as well as the 3.5Amps right-angle drill. Angle Drill’s chuck is keyed and made of metal. The length of the chuck is 10mm for durability and lifetime service.

The product comes with a motor of 3.5 Amps as mentioned; the motor is able to deliver 1600 rotations per minute to a maximum. The motor itself has a soft start and could offer a variable speed. Speed adjustment relies on strength input on the machine’s control button.

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With a built-in LED light, the product is able to be illuminated so that users are able to take care of their tasks even in a very dark compartment. Angle Drill’s package includes one user manual, one chuck key, two screwdrivers, one machine, and one warranty card of 2 years.

02. MAX Cordless Drill Combo Kit by Porter Cable

Porter Cable comes with 5 different styles including the drill with extra-20V battery, the Combo Kit, the drill with a Bluetooth speaker, the drill with a Jobsite radio, and the drill with an LED-area light.

The motor offers dual-speed ranges including the in-between 0 and 350 rotations per minute as well as the 0 and 1500 rotations per minute. The design is compact of 8.25 inches as well as 3.5 lbs weight while the handle is ergonomic.

The product comes with an LED light too. As a result, the drill is able to be used at ease in a very dark and tight compartment. It should be known Porter Cable 20V is powered by a 1.3Ah Lithium-ion battery. The three-dimensional size of the product is 12.5 x 7.5 x 8.9 inches.

01. Right Angle Drills – Bare Tool by Milwaukee

Milwaukee M18 has a motor of brushless quality. Thus, the motor is able to deliver consistent power even under a heavy load so that holes could be completed faster than typical corded drills.

The product is powered by a pack of Red-Lithium batteries; the type of batteries give the machine more works per single charge while the total lifespan of the batteries is also long.

The cordless right-angle drill is designed with a special tech of Redlink Plus for overload protection as well as optimal performance. The product could be prevented from unnecessary damages as a result.

Buying Guides


The most important component part in each single cordless right-angle drill is its motor. For non-frequent usages and simple tasks, you may consider motors with an averaged performance. If you need to deal with holes on a routine basis nonetheless, we recommend you to consider a powerful and consistently performed motor.


The quality of the batteries is important too. We suggest users check for specifications of batteries and their durability. For the charger, please consider any charging tools with fast and consistent performance.

Compact Size:

This is especially mandatory for users who need to operate the machine in a very tight compartment routinely.


Without experiences, selecting a cordless and right-angle drill could be somewhat challenging. You may contact us shall you need further advice. We also hope you learn along with your jobs for first-time users of the right-angle and cordless drills.