If you are a passionate hunter, you know how important it is to have the best vantage point to spot or stalk the game. Often the best spot is elevated, but there are usually no perches or stands out in the wilderness, and climbing trees can prove quite a challenge. With the help of climbing sticks, tackling trees will not be impossible anymore.

Climbing Stick - Tree Steps
Climbing Sticks for Treestands

Tree Saddle Sticks supports your safely on any kind of tree that is strong enough for an adult. They can be safely attached without big efforts and hold you securely while climbing up on the supporting steps. We have selected ten climbing sticks to test and review and have collected feedback from users who have bought these climbing sticks to share their experiences. Our following buyer’s guide will provide you helpful insights to select the best suiting climbing sticks for your outdoor adventure.

List of the Best Climbing Sticks Treestand

10. Guide Gear 25′ Climbing Sticks

A reliable and sturdy tree climbing stick is the Guide Gear 25’. The set is easy to transport and can be assembled effortlessly. It provides you a sturdy and dependable “ladder” to climb up into trees. With this climbing stick set, you get an extra 5’ height, as many other models provide only a total length of 20’. The climbing sticks are divided into 5 x 5’ sections. This makes it more convenient to carry them through the wood.

You simply assemble the stick once you reach your selected tree. Each section of the sticks connects with pins to provide you more stability. The bottom section sticks into the ground for better stability. The sturdy steps are angled. The sticks can take a weight capacity of max. 300 lbs.

● Reliable and sturdy
● Easy to transport
● Convenient to assemble
● 27.5 lbs in total weight

● The foot/hand pegs can have sharp burrs on.

09. Lone Wolf Tree Step Climbing Stick

Lone Wolf is a known brand offering a wide range of hunting accessories. These climbing sticks are high-quality and fit with the Lone Wolf assault tree stand treestand or the ALPHA hang-on treestand (both not included in this set). The climbing sticks fit tree diameters of 4″ – 22″. Strap extensions are available for larger trees. The sticks can take a weight of a maximum of 350 lbs.

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The climbing sticks are constructed in a single tube design. Furthermore, they feature reversible steps. They come with adjustable pivoting V-Brackets. This helps to match the individual contour of each tree. The length per stick is 32”, with a distance between the steps of 15”. The climbing sticks are US-patented.

● Can take up to 350 lbs weight
● Fits 4″ – 22″ tree diameter
● Weight 2.5 lbs per segment
● US-patented

● The straps are only 2 ft in diameter.

08. Tree Climbing 4-Pack by Big Dog Hunting

The Big Dog climbing sticks will assure you a safe climb on all trees. They provide you a more structured attachment to the tree to hold on to and to step on. Each section is secured with one strap. The climbing sticks can hold weights of up to max. 300 lbs. The pack includes four pieces, with three steps per section.

The steps will be folded out and provide you an excellent grip when climbing up. Each section weighs around 5 lbs for convenient handling without being too heavy. The stocks are made from durable and sturdy stamped steel. All four sections together provide you a climbing height of about 18′. The climbing sticks meet ASTM standards.

● Fold-out steps for easy climbing
● Include a strap for each section
● 300 lbs maximum weight capacity
● Made from stamped steel

● The weight of the climbing sticks is relatively heavy

07. Hunting Climbing Sticks by Big Dog Treestands

With a total high of 24 feet, the climbing sticks from Big Dog can send you high up on a tree for a good vantage point. With the dual wide steps climbing a tree is easy and convenient. The distance between the steps is balanced not to make it too short or too tall. With the extended tree braces, the climbing sticks are set away from the tree trunk to offer you sufficient space when using the steps.

Furthermore, the cam lock straps provide you security for a fast-climbing up. Each stick weighs around 2.2 lbs. There are six sections, with each of them measuring 4 feet. The steps are about 5 inches long. The climbing sticks are TMA approved.

● Dual wide steps
● Maximum height of 24 ft
● Max. weight limit 250 lbs
● One standoff brace for each section

● The sticks are very close to the tree, so your whole foot can not go on the step

06. Millennium Aluminium Climbing Sticks – Model M250

The 4-pack Millennium M250 Aluminium climbing sticks are constructed from high-quality, sturdy, and durable aluminum. They are lightweight and stackable to provide you a safe climbing base. For added safety, they feature a double loop connection strap. Each segment weighs around 2.6 lbs and is 32” long. This gives the climbing sticks a total range of 128”.

The climbing sticks are constructed in a single tube design. They can take a maximum weight of 300 lbs. With a total product weight of 17.6 lbs, you can carry them effortlessly on your back. The alternating steps have a jagged surface and traction angled design. Together with the larger foot clearance, they provide you a safe surface to climb up any tree.

● Lightweight aluminum
● 32” length per segment
● Product weight 17 lbs
● Can take max. 300 lbs weight

● Higher priced than comparable climbing sticks

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05. Big Game CS050 Climbing System

The Big Game CS050 provides you with a climbing stick system reaching 20’ in total height. It comes in 5 sections and features an alternating step design. The width between each step is 10.5”. The sturdy climbing stick is lightweight, with just 20 lbs total weight. Each segment weighs only 4 lbs each, so installing and attaching to the tree is effortless.

The bottom section of this sturdy ladder is grounded at all times for stability and safety. The sticks are welded from sturdy and durable steel. Five cam-buckle straps with a one-inch diameter secure the segments safely to the tree. For easy and stable climbing, the sticks feature large alternating angled steps. This sturdy tree-ladder can take a weight of a maximum of 300 lbs.

● Total height: 20′
● 10.5″ step width
● Only 20 lbs in total weight
● Consists of 5 sections

● The steps will not line up if you do not assemble them exactly the same way

04. Hawk Helium Climbing Stick with Fold Up Steps

Hawk sells this climbing stick as a single piece, not in a package with several sections. However, you can combine several of the ultra-light aircraft aluminum climbing stocks to create a longer ladder. Assembling and installing are effortless and silent, as the material eliminates unwanted noises. The 30” section weighs only 2.8 lbs.

You can fold up the steps for convenient transport and put the sticks together with the Tight-Pack bungee cords included with the climbing stick. The climbing stick features tree digger teeth. These literally bite into the bark to provide you more stability and safety. The traction-grabbing steps add further stability on both sides of the ladder when going up or down. The climbing sticks meet TMA standards.

● Aircraft-grade aluminum
● Features tree digger teeth
● Can be assembled without unwanted noise
● 30” section per climbing stick

● The straps are too short for large trees

03. Climbing Sticks for Tree Stands by XOP-XTREME OUTDOOR PRODUCTS

If you are looking for climbing sticks offering you more space between the tree and your boots, then XOP sticks might be the right ones for you. Their deep stand-off brackets create sufficient space to place your feet safe while climbing up the tree. The gear is made from lightweight aluminum. Furthermore, they can be assembled, avoiding unnecessary noise. The climbing sticks are compatible with the XOP Vanish Hang On tree stand (not included, can be purchased separately).

It features, a lock tight stacking system which is patented. That means that you will not need straps to fix them to trees. The steps pivot 180 degrees for right or left climb. The climbing sticks are designed in camouflage colors to blend into the forest entirely.

● Sturdy and lightweight aluminum
● Feature deep stand-off brackets
● Portable and easy to attach
● No straps needed

● Heavier than other climbing sticks

02. Guide Gear Climbing Sticks for Hunting

If you are in a hurry you don’t want to waste time assembling your climbing sticks. The Guide Gear Rapid Climbing Sticks are a good choice when you need to get up in a short time. Your safety is guaranteed by sturdy welded metal, which got an additional coating. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about rust or stains.

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The set contains 4 climbing sticks, each of them is 5 feet long, making it a total of 20 feet. To make sure you are safe when climbing up, you also get buckle straps with a holding capacity of up to 300 lbs.

● Reasonably priced
● Made from welded steel
● Powder coating for weather protection
● 300 lbs weight capacity

● The hooks for the buckle straps could be sturdier

01. Muddy Tree Saddle Sticks, 4-Pack

A very lightweight option is the Tree Saddle Sticks from Muddy. The 4-pack weighs only 10 lbs, meaning just 2.5 lbs per segment. However, they are made from sturdy and durable aluminum to last you a long time. The height per section is 20”, bringing the ladder to a total height of 12.5’. The 4 sections can be installed independently.

The Tree Saddle Sticks work on both crooked and straight tree trunks. With its aluminum bark biters, the sections can be safely attached to the tree. The steps come with built-in teeth to provide you extra grip. You fasten the sections safely with the rope cam attachments. The climbing sticks are compatible with several Muddy fixed position tree stands (not included).

● Total height of 12.5’
● Only 10 lbs weight
● Minimum 9” diameter tree size
● Made from aluminum

● The rope could be more sturdy


When going on a hunting tour or doing some minor works in your garden on your trees, climbing sticks or tree saddle sticks are versatile and efficient support for you to tackle climbing up trees in a safe way. They are also convenient to transport and are usually lightweight and space-saving. Installing and handling is simple and can be done without significant efforts.

Also, the uninstallation from the trees is possible without problems. The mechanisms to attach and detach are easy but still safe to avoid accidents when using the climbing sticks correctly. We recommend not to alter or modify these sticks to not compromise your security. You do not want to risk an accident out in the wilderness, where help is not easy to get quickly.

Buying Guide

There is a large number of brands for climbing sticks available nowadays. Companies specialized in hunting equipment know what to pay attention to fulfill their clients’ expectations and provide them safe when using their gears. Many brands offer a complete product range of equipment complementing each other to offer you the best choice of hunting gear. An example is climbing sticks with matching assault treestands or hang-on treestands.

The installation and handling should be as convenient as possible so that you can attach the climbing sticks quickly and effortlessly to any tree. Furthermore, the equipment must be lightweight and space-saving, as you need to carry it with you throughout the whole tour. Durable, solid, and sturdy materials are another point to focus on. You are out in the elements all year and the climbing sticks must withstand all kinds of weather.

Also, the total length of the assembled sticks must be high enough to provide you a good vantage point. The footrests must have a good size to keep your feet stable and should also have a slip-safe surface. Safety is always important, so also check on the gear to attach the climbing sticks to the trees. A safe attachment is most important of all to prevent accidents.