Do you hate plucking the bird’s feathers by hand? In this article, we would give you the top 10 best chicken pluckers that will smoothen your butchering experience. All of these devices have a very good balance and can last very long.

We can assure you that you will be fully satisfied with any of these purchases because they work well and are easy to use. For the money that you spend on one of these pluckers, it will well worth the time that this kit can save for you.

List of Best Chicken Pluckers or Chicken Feather Plucking Machine in 2021 on

#10. Chicken Pluckers, Poultry Feather Plucker

#10. Chicken Plucker, Poultry Feather Plucker

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This chicken plucker is very useful and practical. It is recommended to use this chicken plucker with a minimum 650-watt standard drill or a corded drill, not a cordless one. It makes your daily headaches every time you pluck birds become easier. Also, this chicken plucker is very affordable and at the same time very durable. It can save you a lot of time and money. Besides, this product is very easy to use, and it only requires one person to handle the plucking task because it is very balanced so you do not have to worry about finding someone to assist you.

With its 24 plucking fingers, it would only take between 30-60 seconds to perform the plucking duty. This plucker is suitable to pluck most types of birds whether they are chickens, ducks or wild ducks, turkeys, pigeons, quails, and many more. And, another great thing is that it will not hurt your hands when you hold the birds during the plucking session.

#9. Farm Drill Chicken Pluckers Kit

#9. Farm Drill Chicken Plucker Kit

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If you are looking for a chicken plucker kit, we would especially recommend this brand for you. The fine sharp blade of this kit is professionally made as the most humane way to pluck birds because they will only sense pain for a few minutes. By purchasing this kit, you will get a full set that includes 10 packs of scalpel blades, 1 L10 drill plucker, 1 stainless steel scalpel, and 1 medium kill cone. All of these tool kits are already sterilized, so they are all ready to use.

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This plucker got the longest, safest, and fastest pluck because it got a blended latex rubber. This rubber is very good because it will not crack, check, or fall apart after using it many times. This kit is very easy to use and guarantees to assist you well in processing birds such as chickens, ducks, turkeys, geese, quail, and many more that up to 10 pounds very fast, easy, and super clean.

Another good thing about this processing kit is that it is very durable and practical and at the same time is sold at a low price.

#8. SuperHandy Chicken Pluckers Drill

#8. SuperHandy Chicken Plucker Drill

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If you are not sure what types of plucker you would get, we would highly recommend this tool for you. This chicken plucker is made from the safest and most sanitary stainless steel that can protect against rust and always remain clean. It works well with most of the standard corded or cordless drill between 110-220 volt speed. This set includes 21 soft yellow fingers that assist you well in processing large birds like turkeys. The rubber is a premium food-grade quality, so it will be very safe for you.

With this plucker, the duration of your bird’s process will be faster and more convenient, and you do not have to try so hard anymore. Thus, it will certainly save you a lot of time. This plucker is great with medium size birds like chickens and ducks as well as large birds such as turkeys, geese, and other poultries. Also, it is designed for easy use and attachment, so it comes with a robust compact. It is important to wash them with warm water and soap before and after use to ensure good hygiene for your bird’s process.

#7. Chicken Pluckers Drill Attachments

#7. Chicken Plucker Drill Attachments

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This chicken plucker is very special because it comes with 2 different types of plucking fingers including ball shape fingers that are specialized in removing fluff and ring shape fingers that are specialized in removing large feathers. These fingers are food-grade, so they are very safe when contacted with foods. This product works amazingly, and it is also very easy to use. Besides, these rubber fingers will not tear your bird’s skin or bruise its meat during the plucking process.

Another great thing about this plucker is that it is made from a stainless steel body, making it very durable. It can fit with any standard drill that has a speed between 110- 220 volt. Furthermore, this plucker is very easy to hold, so you will have no problems with slippery skin during the process session.

#6. Pinty Heavy Duty Chicken Pluckers

#6. Pinty Heavy Duty Chicken Plucker

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We highly recommend this product for an economic and efficient way to pluck your birds at home. You can now receive all the benefits that the rubber fingers could. With this kit, you will never worry about the difficulties that you often encounter when defeating her large birds like turkeys. We guarantee you that they are all high quality and durable plugs, and they are also very fast and easy to install. Also, this plucker finger is suitable for large birds such as turkeys too.

Another great thing about this plucker finger is that even if it is powerful and strong, it would not hurt your hand when holding it for a long period of processing. It works like a charm, thus, your bird’s processing will be a lot easier.

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#5. Stainless Steel Poultry Feather Remover

#5. Stainless Steel Poultry Feather Remover

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The product performs as expected and advertised, and it will be the best device for your plucking experience. It is made from a solid stainless steel, so it is very durable and reliable. This model has reduced the weight from its first edition. It is now lighter, thus, your hand will not feel the burden when holding this kit to perform the butchering task in a long period.

This device is very easy to use and will enable a convenient performance without causing any danger. This kit is easy to portable and store (fits perfectly in the shelf). It is not mandatory, but it would help a lot to dip the birds in hot water first as it would be easier than dry plucking.

#4. L10 Drill Chicken Pluckers

#4. L10 Drill Chicken Plucker

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This plucker can easily connect with either corded or cordless drill. You do not need any additional part to attach the drill and the plucker together. But it is important to make sure that the drill that you chose comes with a chuck that is in a similar size with the plucker. The rubber fingers of this plucker is a blended latex finger that can last very long and stay flexible, and they are able to perform its plucking duty very fast and cleanly.

In addition, the high quality rubber fingers will not be chocky, so you will not worry that they will crack, fall apart after many uses, or dry out right away. Be sure to hold the birds steadily and this plucker will be ready to pluck off the feather without tearing the skin or bruising the meat.

#3. Josas Chicken Plucker

#3. Josas Chicken Plucker

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This chicken plucker comes with high quality rubber fingers that are guaranteed to be food safe. Another great thing about these natural caoutchouc rubber fingers is that they are very soft and have a good elasticity. This plucker is especially designed to help you defeather large birds such as chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, broilers, and many more.

When finishing its plucking job, you will be amazed by how your bird becomes very clean without having a tearing skin or bruises. This plucker fits perfectly with a screwdriver and the standard size drill that has a speed between 110 – 220 volt. In order to increase the plucker’s strength and durability, it is recommended to secure the drill by fastening it well.


#2. Power Plucker Chicken Plucker Drill Attachment

#2. Power Plucker Chicken Plucker Drill Attachment

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This plucker is a great device for those who often do home butchering. With this power plucker, you now do not need to spend much money to get tub style machines when you want to pluck the birds. There are rubber fingers attaching to this device. This plucker comes with a drill attachment and it works fine with drill press and other drills starting from 3/8 drive.

We can guarantee you that with the help of this plucker, it can reduce your plucking time a lot, and it will become easier and faster. It performs greatly in automating the process of plucking the feathers off very cleanly without cutting the skin or the meat, and you do not necessarily need to boil the birds either. However, if you want to open up the skin of the birds, it is recommended to dip them a bit in the hot water.

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Another tip is to cut off the neck skin and tail because these two specific areas are quite soft to pluck. When you turn this plucker on, you will see how fast it can pull off the feather. This device works great on almost every bird including the large turkeys. Your process day will not cause you a headache anymore.

#1. Chicken Plucker Medium Killing Cone

#1. Chicken Plucker Medium Killing Cone

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This chicken plucker is a great home processing or butchering kit that is made from a high carbon steel and integrated with the best possible natural rubber fingers. We can ensure you that this plucker will work exactly as it advertised. This set includes a drill, a heavy duty killing restraining cone, a power poultry plucker, and knife. The cone can perform a great job in securing a bird in one place and calm it down. The knife is also very sharp and stable to hold, so it will not extend the pain of the bird for long. This plucker is compatible with any standard drill, large drill, or even drill press.

This whole set makes your birds’ process experience easier and faster whether they are chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, and many more. The average time that you would spend in plucking the chicken would take only about 90 seconds. In addition, the rubber fingers are capable of removing your bird’s feathers without cutting or tearing the skin and meat. The quality of the finished bird will remain restrained and very clean.

Buying Guides to the Best Chicken Pluckers

The knife: It is important to choose a knife that is sharp and works slick because you do not want the butchering time to take long, to ensure the most humane way to process the bird.

Standard Plucker: When buying your chicken plucker, it is very necessary to check the drill that it is capable with. Be sure that your wanted plucker can fit the standard drill so it is easy for you to get that drill or the drill that you are using to avoid spending double.

Natural rubber fingers: Make sure you get the rubber that is made from the natural and food-grade rubber because it can ensure the meat safety and when you remove the feather, it will not tear or rip the skin of your bird.

The cone: The quality and the size of the cone are very important. Make sure that the cone is a standard size that can fit a standard size bird for great stabilization.

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In short, we hope that you can now find a good tool to pluck the birds clean and remove feathers without cutting the skin of the birds. These pluckers work amazingly well whether it is a small or large scale bird processing. You may be a bit skeptical about the way that some of them look but we assure you that you will be pleasantly surprised after seeing how good they process birds.

Last but not least, these pluckers do not require you to get a relatively high powered drill to pair with them, so you can just pair it with a regular standard drill.