Winter is just right around the corner and with it comes a heavy amount of snowfall. For those of you who own cars, intense snowfall can easily pile up onto your cars or even cause damage to the exterior of your car. In order to tackle these issues, many people just park their cars in their garages or carports.

However, some people do not have garages or their cars simply do not all fit inside their garage. This is where carports come in very handy. These ‘portable garages’ come in all shapes and sizes to fit your backyard. They are often just a shelter for your cars so snow or other environmental factors can not affect the conditions of your car.

Best Carports and Portable Garages
Best Carports and Portable Garages

Being such useful equipment, we have decided to compile this list of the top 10 best carports available on the current market. We think that these handy portable garages will definitely help keep your vehicle safe and secure from environmental or weather hazards.

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List of the Best Carports and Portable Garages

10. Quictent Heavy Duty Carport, Portable Car Shelter

This heavy-duty carport made by quictent is a solid carport that is guaranteed to leave you satisfied in any scenarios. This portable car shelter has a heavy duty galvanized steel frame with high strength and rust resistance. It will be a good choice for your outdoor car shelter. Adding to the stability of this carport is that it is reinforced by a wooden bracket to protect steel poles from damages. The roof and wall material are made of polyethylene roof leaving it water and rot-resistant.

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Other features of this carport include heavy duty metal base plate that is suitable for use on lawns as well as hard standing, raise the stability to a new level.

09. ShelterLogic Waterproof Instant Garage and Auto Shelter

This Auto Shelter made by ShelterLogic is definitely a contender for the best carport on this list. It is a seriously well-made product aimed at only the most serious of car enthusiasts. Its material is made from polyethylene ripstop engineered to be completely waterproof and resistant to fading by being treated with UV light. This helps prevent harmful UV rays from reaching you and your car which could potentially damage its paint and yourself as well.

This carport also provides a convenient and quick way of accessing your car through a triple zippered door mechanism on each end of the carport. For added privacy, four bonus rolled up doors are even included with the garage kit. Another great feature of this carport is that it is extremely spacious with a dimension of L-143.89 x W-145.04 x H-114.57 inches. This great carport is definitely a great pick up for anyone looking for shelters for their vehicles.

08. Heavy Duty Carports, Car Canopy Shelter by Abba Patio

Abba Patio’s carport is one of the more unique carports on this list so far as it features a six-legged design and an all-round white pastel fabric. The fabric is made out of a double layer polyethylene that is highly effective at protecting your cars and vehicles against a strong wind, rain, or snowfall.

The steel frame supporting this carport is heavy-duty approved as it has a diameter of one and a half-inch providing considerable strength and support. Each leg of the carport is also installed with footpads to give the base a wide surface area for easy access to secure anchor points. Nicely wrapping the carport together are these heavy-duty bungee cords that tightly secure the tarp to the frame.

07. Heavy Duty Carport Car Canopy by Quictent

This is another Quictent carport to be featured on this list but this one features a few small tweaks making it slightly more durable and stable against all sorts of conditions.

Firstly, the main differences are that it uses metal corner joints between the steel framework to give the carport a slightly stronger framework than the previous Quictent entry. In addition to this, the tent is enclosed with reinforced polyethylene fabric that is certified tear-proof adding on to the durability of this carport.

It has a dimension of 10’ x 20’ with a height of 2.65 m which will fit even the tallest of cars comfortably. Each steel framework pillar also comes with base plates and pegs as well as giving a wider surface area to the base of the carport. This makes the carport a lot more stable as a whole and it will be able to withstand against harsh weather.

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06. Outdoor Carport Canopy with 6 Steel Legs by Abba Patio

This Abba Patio made from high-quality material, withstanding most weather conditions. They are fade and UV resistant too. It comes with easy-to-read instructions for quick setup.

It is designed to be protective against all four seasons and many different types of weather from snowfalls to thunderstorms. This carport can protect your car from any kind of environmental harm.

05. Advance Outdoor Carport  Canopy Car Garage With Removable Side Doors

Another product from Advance Outdoor, this heavy-duty carport is manufactured with insulative heated walls and with triple-layer fabric. The material is waterproof, as well as anti-UV, giving your vehicles the utmost protection. The peak height of this shelter tent is no less than 9.5 ft ensuring that the tent could also be used as a wedding or party tent.

The tarp covering this carport is made of triple-layer polyethylene fabric that is heat-sealed meaning it will keep warm even during the winter. On top of this, the carport also had two removable side doors for easy access to your vehicles. This multipurpose carport is the perfect way to keep your vehicles protected from any weather conditions and you will not regret purchasing this product.

The side doors and walls of this canopy are removable and can be rolled up or down allowing for easy mobility in and out of the tent during its usage.

04. Quictent Heavy Duty Carports, Car Shelter With Ground Bars

This heavy-duty 10″ x 20″ carport by Quictent is made from long-lasting UV Resistant Poly ensuring that its walls are tear-proof, waterproof, and anti-UV. It is washable and easy to clean; the heavy-duty galvanized steel frame is with high strength and rust resistance.

Additionally, this material guarantees durability and can last for a long period. What sets this carport apart is its reinforced ground bars. They are galvanized to create resistance to rust and increase strength. The bars promise to be extremely strong, stable, and a fierce opponent against harsh winds.

The assembly of this product has proven to be simple and convenient. It will be a good choice for your outdoor car shelter.

03. Storage Shelter Outdoor Carports by Abba Patio

This heavy duty carport from Abba Patio has similar features to its predecessors on our list. The material of the walls of the tent is made with Polyethylene to allow for resistance against strong winds and weathers, as it is waterproof as well as anti-UV.

The steel frames of the tent measure to 1.5 inches and are coated with powder which guarantees resistance against chipping, peeling, rust, and corrosion. Therefore, the steels are sure to be strong and will last for a long period. The detachable zipper doors mean that there is room for mobility as well as the fact that air can easily pass through and ventilate the tent.

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02. Ikuby All Weather Proof Medium Carport

Once again, this carport from Ikuby promises to be super sturdy. Its steels are produced from extremely sturdy and long-lasting material. Its walls are manufactured from waterproof and anti-UV products.

These two factors ensure that your car will be protected against all kinds of weather. However, the specialty of this carport lies in its structure. Instead of the usual immovable tent-like feature of the rest of the carports on our list, Ikuby has produced a carport which folds outwards “as a movable cocoon in the style of an old-fashioned perambulator hood”.

This extremely cute facade provides a perfect shelter over and around your car. It can protect it against even strong snow. Yet, its main attraction is also the reason why it is not our top place on this list. This tent can only be used to protect vehicles – and only one at a time.

01. Portable Garage Metal Carport, Canopy Car Tent by ADVANCE OUTDOOR

From a glance, anyone could tell that this heavy-duty carport from Advance Outdoor is strong and can protect its contents extremely well. The carport comes with ten steel legs constructed from heavy-duty powder-coated steel in order to create resistance against chipping and rusting. The tool free frame makes its set-up super quick and easy. Footpads and anchors for added stability and easy-to-follow instructions are included. Normally, the two or three adults can install this carport tent in half an hour.

They promise to be very strong and once they are digging into the ground, they can surely withstand against the winds and protect its contents. This carport is made of better material and high quality galvanized thicken steel poles.

Moreover, its large size allows for great capacity, and therefore, this carport can be used to protect big vehicles such as boats as well as act as a tent for huge gatherings.

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Buying Guide for Best Carports and Portable Garages

Material – Look out for the material of both the walls and the steels of the carport. The steels should be powder-coated in order to be resistant against chipping and rusting. The walls should be made from polyethylene.

Size – Make sure to get the size compatible with the usage you have in mind. If you only wish to shelter a car, anything medium is good for your purchase. However, if you wish to use the carport as a tent for gatherings, something large has to be the minimum.


Whether it be to shelter your car or to be a tent for your wedding, having a carport in your home is always a great idea. It is portable and can be very easily detached and stored. This allows for a great space in your home.