Gone are the days of having a dull-looking staircase. With a carpet for stairs, one can effortlessly improve the appearance of their stairs. The carpets come in two premium designs, either as one piece or a few threads. Besides improving the appearance of your stairs, they also prevent slip and falls that would otherwise lead to injury.

Moreover, the carpets come in a variety of colors hence can easily complement any existing décor. In this review, we have decided to focus on Best Carpet For Stairs in the market today.

Best Carpet For Stairs Reviews Based On Consumer Reports:

10. Benissimo Stair Treads Carpet

Benissimo carpet is brought to you by KYNC Design&Home. The KYNC Design&Home has more than 40 years’ experience in making unique and high-quality home décor. Only 100% cotton is used in making this carpet hence leaving it with a plush and soft texture. Besides, the cotton sports a unique fabric structure which leads to it being strong and resistant to wear.

The carpet will stay in place when placed on all types of floors seeing that it has slip-resistant rubber backing. This also makes it ideal for use on stairs. Lastly, it is easy to clean.

9. Shape28 Stair Treads Ultra-Thin

Thanks to their non-slip rubber backing, your safety is assured when walking up and down your stairs. They are beautifully designed thus will easily complement the décor of your house. Unlike other stair treads that require the use of sticky tapes and hardware tools for setting them up, this carpet is easy to install; you just have to place it on the floor and let the rubber backing do the rest. Durability is taken care of, seeing that premium quality microfiber is used in making it.

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Cleaning them will be hassle-free; you only need mild detergent and warm water to spot clean the carpet. As a result of having a money-back guarantee policy, one can buy it with their mind at ease.

8. 25′ Stair Runner Rugs – Luxury Bergama Collection Stair Carpet

If you would love to introduce a touch of luxury to your home, consider investing in the 25′ Stair – Luxury Bergama Collection Stair Carpet. It measures 26″ wide by 25′ length, making it a perfect fit for most standard staircases. This carpet is both durable and stain-resistant leading to it being ideal for people with kids and pets. Besides, its fabric is treated for added resistance to sunlight, abrasion, and mildew.

Furthermore, this carpet is 100% finished; hence you would undergo other costs for aftermarket work before installation.

7. Gloria Rug- Stair Treads Carpet

Gloria Rug Stair Treads Carpet is the product to go for if you have wooden steps in your home. Your safety is taken care of due to them having non-slip rubber backing. These treads sport an eye-catching, beautiful design ideal for both antique and modern style homes. Besides, they are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Moreover, this tread’s high-quality material leads to them being resistant to sunlight, fading, staining, and have hassle-free maintenance procedure. They are machine washable.

6. Finehous Carpet Stair Treads

If you have kids or pets in your home, we highly recommend you invest in the Finehous Carpet Stair Treads. Their non-slip backing will provide enough traction to prevent your kids and pet from slipping and falling down the stairs. They measure 8 x 30 inches, thus perfect for standard floors. These carpet treads feature a superior 100 percent polyester fabric that is resistant to stains, durable, retains its texture, and is easy to clean.

You can use them on all types of floors. Unlike most anti-slip treads that are not machine washable, this carpet treads are.

5. Ottomanson Glamour Stair Tread

These carpet treads come in a pack of 14. The treads’ Polypropylene material is shed-free and resistant to stain. Therefore, it is suitable for homes with little kids and pets. To promote safe stepping, they come equipped with non-slip rubber backing. Due to these treads’ exceptional quality, they’ll create a soft and comfy surface for step on.

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Furthermore, they will add an elegant flair to your house thanks to their timeless Moroccan style. Last but not least, they measure 9″ X 26″ thereby suitable for standard stairs.

4. Elogio Carpet Stair Treads

Unlike other carpet stairs treads that use cheap rubber backing for traction, this carpet treads use high-quality PVC backing that is an elegant, cost-effective, and easy way to improve safety. The PVC backing will prevent slippage and also protect your floors from damage. Measuring 8″ x 30″ inches makes them suitable for all standard floors.

Installing the treads will be easy. Their cool grey colors will blend well with any modern interiors. In addition to being soft and comfortable, they are also quite durable.

3. RugStylesOnline Stair Treads Collection

13. The RugStylesOnline Stair Treads Collection features a strong construction meant to withstand all harsh conditions you subject them to. Due to their skid slip resistant marine backing, the safety of your whole household is guaranteed. Besides, they also have a corrugated construction for liquid flow and better traction. They come in a set of Their 100 percent Olefin / Polypropylene material makes them easy to vacuum, waterproof, and resistant to stains.

The treads measure 8-inches x 30 inches. Finally, in their installation, the only tool required is a double-sided tape to secure them down.

2. Ottomanson Softy Collection Stair Tread

Looking for a stair carpet that will offer comfort and elegance while still protect your floors from damage? Your search has come to an end. We present you with the Ottomanson Softy Collection Stair Treads. The low-profile treads have a luscious soft texture and will create a warm feel in your home.

Additionally, their Polypropylene material leads to them being fade and stain-resistant. For safety purposes, they sport durable non-slip rubber backing is in their construction.

1. EdenProducts Pre Cut Transparent Stair/Floor Treads

Just as its name states, this carpet treads are the most transparent ones in the market. With this product, you can prevent injuries related to stairs due to them sporting a non-skid soft textured surface. You wouldn’t have to worry about any damage coming to your floor as a result of using the treads since the product is gentle on such surfaces. The treads have multipurpose use hence can be used on ladders, skateboards, on concrete, boats, scooter and many more places.

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Thanks to their PEVA material, cleaning them won’t be a hassle. Your money won’t be wasted seeing the product has a 30-day money-back guarantee if one isn’t satisfied with the product’s quality.


A carpet for stairs is one of the simplest, long-lasting, and inexpensive ways of keeping your stairs in good shape. Also, these carpets can protect your household from injuries related to slipping and falling from the stairs. However, before investing in one, make sure you choose one with a material that is easy to maintain, and fade & stain-resistant.

Best Carpet For Stairs in 2021: