What is Car Roof Bags? Well, it is self-explanatory; it is a bag that could easily fit on top of the roofs of vehicles. This is an easy and convenient way of transporting items on long journeys without having to cram your belongings in the rear compartment

After reading these reviews of the top 10 best roof bags, you will understand what are roof bags and how each one is unique in their own way. There will be a guide on how to choose the right roof bag for your intended purpose.

List of Best Car Roof Bags in 2021 on Amazon.com

#10. MIDABAO 20-cubic Car Roof Bags

#10. MIDABAO 20-cubic Roof Bag

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A compact roof bag that fits on any type of car, with or without a carrier. This well-designed product will surely ease your travel. The bag not only provides a large space, but it also is aesthetically pleasing to passersby. The simple black waterproof material will surely be a simple and useful design. And, as there are no pores for any liquid to seep through, this means that your items will be kept dry under the waterproof material. This is convenient when there are rain and snow on the way.

In addition to this, the roof bag also comes with additional straps that can easily be mounted to the car without any other external purchases of products. It is a complete set that is easy to install easy to use and easy to store.

What’s more, the bag also comes with a carrying case that the bag can be stored when not in use. A creative idea for a creative family. Not only this but the zips are strong and are very unlikely to fall apart as they can withstand heavy-duty work. An amazing bag that covers all the basic needs of any traveler.

#9. ZONETECH Waterproof Car Roof Bags

#9. ZONETECH Waterproof Roof Bag3

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This is a universal sized roof bag designed to fit most cars. If anyone is looking for a premium feeling roof bag this is the best choice. A perfect outdoor item for family and friends as it is durable and also compact. Most customers might worry that in the case of stormwater might leak through it and damage the items stored inside. However, this watertight material will surely prevent any liquid from entering. Unlike most roof bags this one is very easy to install, only to pull and tighten the straps provided. This incredibly durable roof bag will guarantee to last for years even under the worst condition.

This roof bag is compact because it could be folded into a smaller size that can be very convenient for storage. A design unlike any other roof bags in the current market with 15 cubic feet of space should be more than enough for a whole family’s inventory. If you are worried about the aesthetics, worry no more as this fits on top of the roof with elegance and might even fit flush with the roof of the vehicle.

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#8. JUSTINCASE Cargo Car Roof Bags

#8. JUSTINCASE Cargo Roof bag

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Standing out on its own is this roof bag that has a dual-storage system, unlike any other average roof bag. It has an extremely large capacity while still being compact and versatile. This product will enhance and ease any issues faced during long-distance or even short distance travel. With its dual zip system, the capacity is able to increase significantly. In addition to this, the loading size is just perfect and it provides no harm to the users.

The bag also has a PVC material on top to prevent any sort of liquid from entering. When it comes to durability this roof bag is one of the best out there, this is because the materials used are military graded which means it is able to withstand heavy-duty workload. Finally, the assembly process is as simple as it gets all you have to do is strap and chip the roof bag to your desired vehicle, and you are done.

#7. FIVKLEMNZ Car Roof Bags

#7. FIVKLEMNZ Car Roof Bag

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This unique product is truly special as it is safer than other options available. What contributes to its safety is the 8 strap hooks instead of the average 6 strap hooks. The company did this to ensure a smooth and undisturbed trip for the consumers. This particular roof bag is sealed with a waterproof material to make sure that the items will be safe at the end of the trip.

Interestingly, this product is special due to its versatility, you do not need to use any carriers to secure the roof bag in place, instead, you only need a protective mat. However, this protective mat is already included in the product. This makes it easier for the consumer to just simply assemble once they receive it.

In addition to this, it is also very simple to install, all you have to do is strap the roof bag to the rooftop of the vehicle then safely secure it with their strong durable clips to keep it from slipping just put the non-slip mat provided under the roof bag. The perfect solution for cramped car rides.

#6. SUNER POWER Roof Bag

#6. SUNER POWER Roof Bag

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One of the most durable and tough roof bags out there. This particular roof bag has a very heavy-duty material as its cover which also provides strong waterproofing. They also have zippers that are protected by strong seams to prevent any accidental openings during the trip. Indeed, this roof bag is the go-to roof bag of any explorer. Even though the harshest environment, the roof bag will show no signs of tear or damage of any kind.

The product itself comes with 6 straps for optimum security, a non-slip mat to make sure the bag is sturdy even during high speed and they also included a carry bag for storage of the roof bag when not in use. This makes moving and transporting easier than ever before. In fact, it even balances out the weight of the items on the car so that most of the weight would not be at the rear but instead distributed evenly over the whole body. It has an easy installation since there are quick-release buckles to attach and detach whenever needed.

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#5. MAXXHAUL Roof Bag

#5. MAXXHAUL Roof Bag

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A light-duty roof bag that is more compact and versatile than any other. This roof bag is made up of PVC material which means that waterproofing is guaranteed on this product. For a light-duty roof bag it could hold up to 100 pounds and it also is foldable so it could be easily stored when not in use. The soft inner material makes sure that the items stored are in mint condition after traveling.

This particular product has UV coating which means that anything that is stored in this roof bag will not be damaged by UV rays. It also comes with straps that are made up of polypropylene to ensure that there will be no issues when transporting.

Besides, the zipper holes are large enough to secure a lock on them as well. The installation process is as easy as any other roof bag. However, it might even be easier due to the compact size and lightweight material.

 #4. ROOFPAX 19-cubic Roof Bag

 #4. ROOFPAX 19-cubic Roof Bag

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With this roof bag, you will no longer worry about it falling off your car. It comes with 4 hook straps with an addition of 2 more strap hooks for extra security. These hooks are safer than the actual straps going inside the car as it could affect the airbags system during an accident. These hooks are very secured to the car and do flap when driving at high speeds. It also is made up of a very durable military graded material to prevent any tears or liquid seeping through.

This particular roof bag does not need a carrier or rack to support it. However, it still works even with a roof rack or carrier. As this is a large roof bag it can hold up to 19 cubic feet of storage and will still be stable on the car. This also comes with an extra protective mat to prevent any damage to the vehicle. The ROOFPAX roof bag is the way to go when you need a large space for luggage.

#3. TOOLGUARDS Roof Bag with Mat

#3. TOOLGUARDS Roof Bag with Mat

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Engineered to excellence, this roof bag can withstand the harshest conditions. Crafted from the most durable and lightweight material it is classified as an extremely heavy-duty product. Unlike the other competitors, this one is the best in its class. It is double coated with special types of fabric to avoid any liquid to pass through and also the zippers are coated for extra durability. This will guarantee to last for several trips without taking a scratch, something that other companies cannot offer.

On top of that, this bag comes with included straps and clips as well as a protective mat to protect your car’s paint job but also prevents the bag from slipping. In addition to this, it also comes with a bag for storage and this is useful because it can be folded and stored taking up less space. Having this roof bag will make trips more fun and less stressful since you do not have to worry about the security of the roof bag. The TOOLGUARD roof bag is an excellent choice for any explorer or traveler.

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#2. ROOFBAG Soft Roof Bag

#2. ROOFBAG Soft Roof Bag

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This soft-shelled roof bag carrier is the current bestseller. It earned its title due to the amount of storage it can hold. This means that camping gears and luggage will be no problem for this 15 cubic feet storage. It is also waterproof and strong for a lightweight roof bag, they triple sealed the cover so that not even small liquid particles could leak in. There have been many positive feedbacks from past buyers, which means that it deserves a spot in the bestselling roof bags.

In addition to this, the roof bag is very heavy-duty since it is made up of the toughest materials that are weather-resistant, even under extreme conditions. It also has UV protection which means that your items will be stored safely away from harmful radiations. Plus, this roof bag works both with or without a roof carrier. This is a cleverly designed roof bag perfect for any occasion under any climate and condition.

#1. AMAZONBASICS Cargo Car Roof Bags

#1. AMAZONBASICS Cargo Roof Bag

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Simple and slick design perfect for any type of car owner. It is universally sized at 15 cubic feet of storage which can fit on most cars comfortably without any issues. With easy access to different compartments, this roof bag is a simple yet unique product. It is easy to assemble and install, it also makes sure that your belongings are safe wherever you go. Plus, the bag is weather resistant and you should have no worry bringing it under the rain and snow since it is waterproof as well.

What’s more, The bag comes with 8 straps that are easily secured to the roof of your vehicle, and also it has zipper flaps that are able to keep the zipper dry even under extreme conditions. In addition to this, a carrying case is also included which means that storing it will not be an issue.

Buying Guides


When it comes to roof bags, we should always consider the toughness of the material to make sure that it can withstand the harsh environment without any damage.


Capacity is always important when it comes to roof bags. However, make sure that the roof bag can securely fit over the vehicle before purchase.


If the roof bags have multiple layers of special fabric it is likely to be waterproof. Having waterproof roof bags is a necessity since it helps keep moisture away in certain conditions. UV protection also helps with storing items safely without exposure to harmful radiation.


Make sure the straps that are provided are strong enough to secure to the vehicle. The more the straps the less likely the roof bag will move around. Having a non-slip mat also helps with securing the roof bag on the roof of the vehicle.

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You have just laid your eyes on the top 10 best roof bags of 2021. These bags are highly functional and useful in so many ways. Get yours, and you’ll love it.