If you’re like us, we always bring a drink with us when we’re on the road – whether it’s just plain water, coffee, or some sweet juices. That’s why in our cars, there’s at least one or two cup holders decked on our car’s doors or elsewhere. If you opt for some good quality car cup holders as well, here, let us present to you the top ten Best Car Cup Holders available for online purchase today.

List of the Best Car Cup Holders in 2021

10. Car Cup Holders Expander by Swigzy

This car cup holder from Swigzy is great for holding even larger cups. With the expandable base of it, you can make adjustments to fit all sizes of the cups. The material used for making this product is a high-quality rubber. The great thing about it is, it can precisely keep your cup and bottle in place even when you are driving.

This product doesn’t only work well with your car, but it is also great for golf carts, motorcycles, boats and more too. The good news for the user is, a 1-year warranty is given when you make a purchase.

09. Car Cup Holder with Adjustable Base by Seven Sparta

For the convenience of keeping your drink by your side, it is important to get a car cup holder in your car. This one is a top-rated product from Seven Sparta, and it can be expanded from 2.5 to 3.75 inches. It is a user-friendly choice that works well with different cars. The unit is also compatible with boats and trucks as well.

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If you take a closer look at the design of this cup holder, you’ll see that it can effectively prevent the bottle and cup from tilting when you drive fast. Rubber is attached for keeping the bottle in place the whole time as well. And, if you need to remove the cup holder, you can effortlessly do that too.

08. LED Car Cup Holder Lights by Interesting car

As of this specific car cup holder, there are up to 17 different modes you can select. We bet that you will sure to love the multi and attractive colors of it. The unique light of this cup holder will sure to light up your car and create a good feeling when you are driving. In terms of quality, there is nothing to worry about.

The waterproof feature of this car cup holder can keep the water away. Please be noted that with a full battery charge, you can enjoy using it for 15 days. Plus, you will also get a 30-day worry-free warranty when you make a purchase as well.

07. Auto Front Seat Organizer Car Cup Holder by Iokone

If you look for a way to keep your beverages by your side when you are on the road, a product you should think about is this coin side pocket cup holder from IOKONE. As the name has suggested, this product is attached to the side of the existing cup holder in your car. The capacity of this product is greater than other options; you can store up to 2 cups along with other belongings with ease.

The pocket allows you to store your phone, lighter and cigarettes, too. The plastic chosen for designing this product is very high-quality too. For keeping your car clean and organized all the time, investing in this product is indeed the right solution.

06. UTV Roll Bar Cup Holder by kemimoto

Another user-friendly cup holder that you can attach with your car easily goes to a product from kemimoto. It is a 2 piece that you can even place on the walker, stroller, wheelchair, and more too. The strap attached to this product is totally adjustable; this way you can place it in many different places based on your preference. More than this, for protecting the beverages from tipping, the cord lock will keep it in place.

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It is a highly recommended choice if you would like to have your favorite drinks within reach when you are going off-road. If you take a closer look at the design of it, you’ll notice that the mesh pocket offers you more space to store the small items as well. Besides, feel free to wash it when needed.

05. Cup Holder Insert for Toyota, Tacoma by OxGord

Coming next on the list today, this is a high-quality cup holder from OxGord. The size of this product is suitable for holding a cup, bottle, can and more. No matter what type of drink or beverage you have, it will stay secured in this holder. The installation of this product requires no tool at all; this way you can simply insert and secure it.

The material used for constructing this product is known for its durable quality since it is produced from the heat resistant rubber. Plus, this product is designed to offer effective use for many years.

04. Car Cup Holder with Expandable Base by Essentially Engineered

Essentially Engineered brand gets a slot in the list today by introducing this superb car cup holder. First of all, this car cup holder is smartly designed to fit all types of bottles; therefore, it is designed to be totally adjustable.

With this unit in your car, you can place both large bottles and mugs without any concern. In case you are concerned about the installation process, worry no more since you can do it with ease.

The base of this holder can keep the cup sturdy all the time, this way no matter how rough the terrain is, there is no single drop of drink that will spill.

03. Car Cup Holder Expander Adapter by UMISKY

The UMISKY Car Cup Holder is well designed to be a 2-in1 bracket. It has the capacity to hold up to 2 beverages at the same time. One feature that makes it different from others is, it can be rotated up to 360 degrees. As a great result, you can make adjustments based on the space in your car.

More than this, no matter how large the cup is, this holder can hold it with ease too. The cushion pad attached to it is guaranteed to be shockproof. If you take a look at the design and compartment offered, there is ample space for you to place your coin, key, card and more.

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02. Cup Holder Sub Assembly by TOYOTA

It doesn’t matter how long you drive, having a favorite drink by yourself is a kind of happiness. Over here, we have a new innovative product from the famous TOYOTA brand. First off, this incredible cup holder can be adjusted to fit a cup, bottle, can and more with ease. It is also thoroughly designed to work well with most vehicles.

The quality of this product is built to last; therefore, you can enjoy the quality of it for many years. If you used to have problems with poor workmanship, choosing this durable product will sure to provide you with peace of mind.

01. Car Cup Holder for Ashtray and Coffee Bottles by Nine Summer

Nine Summer Car Cup holder is another pick you shouldn’t miss. This one is smartly designed to be a 2-in-1 product that has the capacity to hold a water bottle in your car with ease. The aim of this product is to offer you space to place your bottle while saving space in your car at the same time. The base part of it is expandable to fit different vehicles easily.

Please be noted that you can choose it for use with a boat, motorcycle, truck and more too. Last but not least, you can have full confidence in this product since you can ask for a refund if the product does not meet your expectations.

Buying Guide for Best Car Cup Holders


The first thing you should keep in mind is the size of the product because you will not want a cup holder that is too small for your cup. It is recommended to get a product that is adjustable, so you can store even a large mug without any concern.


The next important feature to consider when getting a car cup holder is the material chosen. We highly recommend a product that is made from rubber. This way it can effectively prevent the cup from spilling even when you are driving on rough terrain. On top of choosing the right rubber base, easy installation is a bonus point you should consider as well.


With all the products we have mentioned above, choosing a car cup holder should now be a hassle-free task. Up next, let’s have a look at a few short buying guides for further assistance.