Many late model vehicles don’t come equipped with large antenna which can make it challenging to get a good radio signal. Even with an antenna, you may not get a good AM or FM signal if you live in certain areas. If you’re looking for a way to get better reception in your vehicle, it can be helpful to add a car antenna topper to your vehicle. These toppers are easy to use and can help you get better signals for listening to music, news programs, or other radio content.

Most car antenna toppers are very easy to install. But it’s important to know the make and model of your vehicle to be sure that the antenna is compatible. Most antenna toppers are categorized based on the type of vehicle they can fit onto. They can be used to ensure that you have a better signal no matter where you are. The following is a list of the 10 best car antenna toppers based on reviews for 2021.

10. TOYOTA Genuine 86392-AE010 Antenna Ornament

The TOYOTA Genuine antenna ornament is designed to fit Toyota Siennas that were manufactured from 2004-2010. This unit is easy to install and can be on your vehicle in minutes.

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This antenna ornament is a genuine Toyota part and is well-made. It fits securely on your vehicle and is constructed of durable materials to last for many years of use.

09. Ezzy Auto Antenna Ornament

The Ezzy Auto antenna ornament is designed for use with 07-14 Toyota FJ Cruisers. It’s easy to install and can be used to replace the factory installed bezel if it becomes damaged.

This antenna ornament from Ezzy Auto is made of high-quality materials. It’s made to fit perfectly just like the OEM product, but at a fraction of the cost.

08. R&L Racing 5″ Real Carbon Fiber Aluminum Short Antenna

The R&L Racing 5″ carbon fiver aluminum short antenna is stylish and functional. This antenna has a universal fit so you can easily install it on most vehicles.

This antenna from R&L Racing is lightweight and constructed of carbon fiber aluminum. It comes with an installation kit that contains 4 different size studs to work on most vehicles.

07. 7 Inch Car Wash Proof Replacement Antenna

The 7″ car wash proof replacement antenna is made to be installed on Toyota Tundras made from 2000 through 2019. It’s well-made and can hold up to running your truck through a car wash without being damaged.

This replacement antenna measures 7″ in height. It’s made of metal and wrapped in rubber for durability. It can be installed in around 30 seconds and doesn’t require tools for installation.

06. Motorcycles Antenna

The motorcycle antenna from State Warehouse is made to replace antennas on any Harley Davidson motorcycle manufactured between 1998 and 2018.

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This antenna for motorcycles matches the factory base for quick and easy installation. It’s made out of billet aluminum with a powder coated finish to keep it looking great and functioning properly for many years.

05. VOFONO 5.5 inch Spiral Antenna

The VOFONO 5.5″ spiral antenna fits all 1989-2019 Harley Davidson Electra, Road, Street, Tour, Trike, and Ultra Classic CVO motorcycles to replace the factory installed antenna.

This replacement antenna from VOFONO is intended for AM/FM signal use. It’s easy to install and can be ready for use on your motorcycle in around 30 seconds.

04. ICBEAMER 5″ Universal AM/FM Radio Antenna

The ICBEAMER 5″ radio antenna has a universal design so you can install it on most vehicles. It was designed for use on sports cars but includes 4 different screws so it’s compatible with many different makes and models of vehicles.

This 5″ antenna is designed to enhance your AM/FM radio signal. It’s made with carbon fiber and has a highly conductive aluminum coil for durability and better radio signal.

03. Maxracing Short Aluminum Antenna

The Maxracing short aluminum antenna is manufactured from 7073 aluminum. It’s made to fit BMW Z3 and Z4 from 1995-2015. It also comes in sizes to fit other vehicles to replace the stock antenna.

This antenna from Maxracing has a black anodized finish that won’t chip, scratch, or fade over time. It screws onto your existing mount and doesn’t affect the use of GPS, Bluetooth, or On-Star.

02. Ronin Factory Bullet Antenna

The Ronin Factory bullet antenna is made for use on Chevy and GMC trucks. It comes with thread-locking compound to help prevent theft. The hard anodized finish keeps the antenna looking great for years.

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This antenna from Ronin Factory is carwash safe. It replaces the factory hood-mounted antenna and is easy to install without tools. It’s ideal for those who use Bluetooth, Sirius XM, or auxiliary inputs.

01. Rydonair Antenna

The Rydonair antenna is compatible with Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra/Denali vehicles. This antenna is 7″ in height and is made from flexible rubber for long-lasting durability.

This antenna from Rydonair is designed for optimum AM/FM radio reception. It’s easy to install and can screw onto the existing antenna mount in seconds.


When you’re shopping for a car antenna topper, it’s important to choose one based on the type of vehicle you have. While some car antenna toppers may have a universal design that can work on many types of vehicles, others can be more specific. The type of antenna you have on your vehicle is the determining factor in which antenna topper will fit securely on your vehicle.

Some antenna toppers are more powerful than others when it comes to getting a better signal so it’s important to think about that when choosing the one that will work best for you. Choosing a cheap antenna topper may not be the best option if you live very rurally and struggle with getting a good radio signal. It can also be helpful to read the online reviews when deciding which antenna topper to get. These reviews can help you choose the best option based on quality and price.