Many parents have, for a long time, been investing much money in buying baby bottles just to ensure that their babies can effectively feed on expressed milk or formula. Whether you are nursing your baby from home or need to get to the job, a BPA baby bottle will be the best for feeding your little one in a much convenient way.

What most parents do not know is that not all BPA bottles are safe for use to feed little growing children. With so many options currently circulating in the market, most parents get confused about what type to buy. As a result, they select wrong bottles that are not certified for safe use on babies leading to complications on the health status of their young ones.

If you are looking to settle on nothing less than the best product, then count yourself lucky if you landed on this page. After many hours of research, we have come up with top-rated and safe BPA baby bottles currently available in the market. On top of that, we shall guide you on to choose and make the right choice between options. If that sounds good, then keep reading this article.

List of the 10 Best BPA Baby Bottles in 2021:

10. Medela Breastfeeding Gift Set

Starting on the list is the Medela Breastfeeding Gift Set that comprises a collection of authentic Medela products designed to achieve three duties -collect, store, and feed the mother’s breast milk straight to the baby. This product is available as a pack of two convenient bottles of different sizes offering extra accessories for a full breast milk storage system suitable for all mothers.

Although this baby bottle is not made of the BPA, the Medela Breastfeeding baby bottle is recommended by a physician for use as a breast milk storage product in the US. Most parents who use it express their satisfaction in terms of portability, convenience, and durability.

Special Features:

  • Two convenient sized bottles offer a complete milk storage system for all parents
  • All included products are compatible with all Medela breast pumps
  • Colorful ounce and millimeter markers included ensuring manageable measuring milk levels
  • Milk storage bags allow easy and convenient storage, warm and transport breast milk
  • Designed with durable dual-layer material and in-build double zipper seal ensure safe storage

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09. Lansinoh Breastfeeding Bottles

Lansinoh manufacturers have been long known to produce the best breastfeeding products based on over fifty years of fully enriched research. This bottle is designed to operate in three different ways, including bottles with soft nipples that allow easy latching, wavelike movement enhances milk sucking, and vents that offer less gas building up as well as allowing the child to swallow milk much faster.

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These breastfeeding bottles are ergonomically made to inspire the natural oral development of your little one. With the Air Ventilation System, the intake of gas is significantly reduced and reduces colic or milk spit-up. The Lansinoh bottles are engineered both for breastfed and formula-fed babies.

Special Features:

  • Natural wave nipple is clinically proven to minimize nipple confusion
  • Features a unique air ventilation system that helps reduce gas intake and eliminates the colic effect
  • Extra soft and flexible silicone which adapts to the baby’s palate and enhances natural tongue motions
  • It has a one-piece nipple for easy cleaning plus broader base for easy baby latching
  • Made from polypropylene plastic material for durability

08. PopYum 9oz Formula Baby bottle

In this set, there are three PopYum 9oz baby bottles, each having double intermediate flow nipples, which are anti-colic, plus the cone prevents the milk formula from spilling into the water chamber and contaminating it. This baby bottle was designed to be used with one hand to give you room for multitasking with the other.

The nipple has breast-like design allowing for a quick and effortlessly shift from breastfeeding to bottle feeding, permitting for a natural latch by the baby. This bottle has five parts, just like in most regular baby bottles but less portions in comparison with other bottles used to make formula. Its construction allows for effortless cleaning of a sponge.

Special Features:

  • Bottle cap allows for loading formula easily
  • Anti-colic nipple design with natural latching allows painless transitioning from breast to bottle
  • Large bottle capacity of up to nine ounces sufficient to hold the breast milk and water
  • Fewer parts and a comprehensive design allows easy cleaning
  • Crafted from a therapeutic mark silicone plus a first-class polypropylene BPA-free plastic material

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07. Comotomo Baby Bottle Bundle

This breastfeeding baby bottle features an inventive plus practical design, which meticulously resembles the usual breastfeeding. The silicone nipples are naturally shaped and soft, suitable for babies with troubles in transitioning from nursing to bottle-feeding. Its innovative double vents restrain undesired gas intake, thus reducing colic action and spill ups.

With this fantastic breastfeeding bottle, your baby will enjoy holding the soft skin-like plus squeezable form, while you enjoy washing this bottle without a brush regarding the wide bottleneck. On top of that, its lightweight design makes it easy for the baby to hold and feed on.

Special Features:

  • The set encompasses two bottles with capacity of 5oz and 8oz respectively, each package for slow, intermediate, plus fast flow nipples for replacement
  • Crafted to copy the actual breastfeeding reducing bottle denial plus nipple mix-up
  • Broad neckline allows stress-free washing minus using a brush
  • Double innovative vents prevent unwanted air from getting in and cause colic or leaks
  • Constructed with 100% safe and hygienic silicone nipples

06. Philips Avent Natural Baby Bottle

This premium breastfeeding bottle gives you the most natural way to bottle-feed your baby. It is expertly developed to reduce the discomfort such as colic your child may experience. What makes this product truly remarkable is that its nipple boasts of Airflex vent technology that helps reduce air intake by the baby.

Featuring a supple twisting design, this is joined with luxurious petals, a normal motion by the kid while bottle-feeding is enhanced. Even more, its broad breast-like nipple allows for a regular latch as same as normal breastfeeding hence the child integrates both the bottle and breastfeeding.

Special Features:

  • Its extremely soft texture imitates an ordinary sensation of a mother’s breast
  • Supple and twisting body mixed using special luxurious petals enhances the flexible and usual feel without the Nipple collapsing
  • Anti-colic Airflex vent technology reduces colic and discomforts
  • Ergonomically designed for easy holding and gripping for optimum comfort
  • Wide bottle neck allows effortless filling breast milk and formula
  • Encompasses fewer parts for easy and quick setting up
  • Various Nipple flowing rates that fits your child’s progressive growth
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05. Boon NURSH Reusable Silicone Pouch Bottles

Are you looking for a breastfeeding bottle with collapsing pouches? The NURSH Reusable bottles were designed with you in mind. They have pouches that collapse as the baby bottle feeds, cutting down on the ingestion of air while reducing any likely aching gas, reflux, or burps or colic.

The silicone nipples of this NURSH Reusable Bottles are made with the correct length ensuring maximum tongue positioning. Besides, it features a gradual transition from Nipple to a broad neck base, making it excellent for latching. The bottles work best with any liquid and lightweight for flexible use by the baby.

Special Features:

  • The innovative silicone pouch collapses as the baby drinks and reduces ingestion of air minimizing chances for painful gas, burps, and colic
  • Its 4oz bottle with stage one nipples is suitable for children up to six months old
  • Crafted with silicone nipples to emulate the natural form and soft feel of mothers’ breasts
  • Perfectly sized nipples for easy latching onto and great tongue positioning
  • Reusable and releases less waste thus safe to use again

04. Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Baby Bottle

This wonderfully made baby bottle takes the shape and feel of a breast as they are inspired by what babies like most. The shaping and design allow for a natural latch and comfort to the kid. With various flow rates, the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Baby Bottle accommodates your child’s needs while growing.

While the nipples are silky soft, they can be damaged or bitten by the tiny teeth of a child. But with Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Baby Bottle, you can easily replace them, allowing continuous bottle feeding. The compact shape of Closer to Nature bottles allows the feeding of your baby in a natural position.

Special Features:

  • Four 9-ounce baby bottles with slow flow nipple size suitable for newborn babies
  • Breast shaped nipple allows effortless and natural latch
  • Super sensitive bottle nipple gives a natural and soft feel-like skin
  • Maximum venting anti-colic nipple vale allows less air intake offering less discomfort to the baby
  • This baby bottle allows for easy transitioning from nursing to bottle-feeding
  • Made with BPA-free and phthalate-free materials for exceptional safety

03. Lifefactory Glass Baby Bottle with Silicone Sleeve

If you have been looking all over the market for a modern stylized baby bottle and all you find never fits your needs, then your search ends here! It is about the Lifefactory Glass Baby bottle. It is designed with a sophisticated, bright color, which is very appealing to the eye. Each bottle comes with a stage one-silicone nipple suitable for children with an age range of 0 to 3-months.

Other than the brightly colored silicone sleeve giving this bottle an elegant look, it also helps in protecting it from breaking as well as providing an excellent gripping surface plus tactile experience while bottle feeding. Moreover, the silicone sleeve material is toxic-free, assuring maximum security for your child’s health.

Special Features:

  • Beautifully colored silicone sleeve enhances perfect grip with a tactile experience while bottle-feeding
  • The material used can withstand extreme temperatures whether hot or cold for perfect storage
  • Comes with a one-sized soft silicone nipple ideal for newborn babies with an age range of 0 to 3 months
  • Fully constructed with toxic-free materials for the safety of your baby
  • Designed to grow progressively with your baby

02. Evenflo Feeding Premium Baby Bottles

One of the best leading baby bottles on the market is this wonderful Feeding Premium Proflo baby bottle. It is designed with one piece of slow nipples and a vent system plus a 100% silicone, which is soft suitable for a whole mark of suckling solutions for your baby’s shifting requirements.

It is engineered for effortless assembly and leak-free feeding. They are uniquely shaped and paired with patented Proflo Venting Technology that allows for effortless and flexible holding by your kid. Besides, this technology ensures the milk bubbles stay inside the bottle and not in your baby’s tummy.

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Special Features:

  • The colorful and unique twist shaped baby bottle has a lightweight for easy holding while feeding
  • Included Evenflo Feeding Vented plus slow flow Nipple is made of 100% silicon material
  • Features an integrated 1-piece venting system that helps reduce the possibility of colic
  • Its BPA polycarbonates, phthalates, and PVC free hence safer for use
  • It’s designed with three pieces allow easy assembling and disassembly allowing effortless cleaning

01. Comotomo Baby Bottle

Have you ever thought about the existence of a wonderful and innovative baby bottle that copies the real natural breastfeeding? It is a dream-come-true with the Comotomo Baby Bottle. This bottle lets your baby latch much easier thanks to the soft nipple design. Besides, its broad-neck silicone body construction makes cleaning an effortless task.

The soft and silicone nipples are naturally-shaped making it suitable for children with troubles in shifting from nursing to bottle-feeding. On top of that, the baby would like holding onto its squeezable bottle with a soft skin-like body that is very different from other brands. The innovative vents are made to reduce colic and leaking for comfortable feeding.

Special Features:

  • Takes after breastfeeding helping to minimize nipple confusion as well as bottle rejection
  • Extra broad bottleneck design lets you clean using hand easily
  • The silicone nipple plus body construction is 100% safe and hygienic to your child
  • Double anti-colic vents prevent intake of air
  • Varied flow rates of nipples with a Y-cut design that easily adapts your child’s feeding speed
  • Easy to clean thanks to the wide bottleneck

Buyer’s guide and factors to consider when choosing the best BPA Baby Bottle

Finding the best feeding bottle for your little or growing kid is not an easy task. Without proper research, the chances are acquiring wrong bottles, which can be harmful to the life of your baby, is always higher. Many dealers in baby feeding products have become numerous, providing consumers with a comprehensive range of products. This guide below is meant to pinpoint and teach you how to pick the best baby bottle for your little one.


The material construction determines the longevity and safety of the baby bottles. You should consider baby bottles, which are made of soft silicone nipples for a comfortable bottle-feeding. Besides, other materials like polypropylene plastic allow for durable performance. In the long run, such baby bottles are bound to help in the excellent and long-lasting performance.


The baby bottle you decide to buy should have a suitable nipple size and length and generally designed for effective use by your child. Since they are made differently depending on the age of children, select the best bottle that will fit your baby’s age. We advise you to consider those baby bottles that have been designed to grow with your child.

Health status

If you are buying a baby bottle for your kid with health conditions, you should be able to identify and possibly ask a relevant doctor what type of bottle you should buy for your baby. Besides, for a healthy baby, always buy bottles whose materials are toxic-free so that your baby does not develop complicated health conditions.

Cleaning and sterilization

Always choose a baby bottle with a broad neck as it will give you an easy time to clean it. In addition, the bottle parts should be easy to assemble and disassemble for easy washing and realization. Use clean water, sponge, and correct detergent for keeping your baby’s bottle clean and bacteria-free.

Final Thoughts!

While we have just come to the end of our reviews today, it marks the beginning of joyful moments caring for your little ones. We believe that with the above-detailed reviews, which are based on intensive research on baby bottles plus the buying guide, you will never face challenges in making purchase decisions of the best baby bottles. Always prioritize your baby’s safety while purchasing a baby bottle. With all that having been said, pick one from the above best baby bottles and let your baby enjoy while feeding.