Artists and photographers are often faced with the dilemma of selecting the best light boxes for tracing their drawings or maybe viewing negatives. Among the key things that are important to look at when purchasing a lightbox are size or dimensions, illumination, and power supply. Artists will always be on the lookout for lightboxes that will aid them in their works without straining. In this article, we shall have a look at the top ten light box for tracing.

List of The Best Light Box for Tracing:

Best Light Box for Tracing Reviews:

01. Tikteck A4 Ultra-thin Portable LED Light Box

Extremely thin which makes it very easy to carry it around. It guarantees your Uniform lighting. It is easy to use and has rulers that could be helpful in making architectural designs. Its lighting does not flicker. It also allows for adjustment of lighting according to tracing paper thickness. It is USB powered and therefore would be powered from your computer, power bank and even from your car charger. This light box is suitable for multipurpose use.

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This lightbox features a Smooth surface that protects your paper from tearing. It is very easy to operate and can be used for long without break due to its comfortable illumination that is flicker-free. It, however, does not have an internal power source (battery).

02. Light Tablet for Tracing and Sketching by Comzler

This light box features an extra slim design that is extremely easy to use and it has magnetic clips to hold your paper during tracing. It also has Adjustable lighting. Its LED’s do not flicker. Smooth surface. Uniform illumination. It is a Multi-functional use and has a USB power system and it is portable.

03. Feir A4 Tracing Box

This light box is thin which makes it portable. It is ideal for multipurpose use with flawless illumination that does not flicker. The device also has a USB port that helps you power it from your computer, from a wall socket or from the car USB charging port.

It is very friendly and easy to use. This light box features an eyesight protection design that guarantees you long hours of working without sore eyes.

04. HSK LED Lightbox

The light box is slim and portable. It is Friendly and uncomplicated to use. It is extremely bright and would, therefore, be used with thick paper. Features a smooth even surface that guarantees you of easy working time and protects your paper against tearing. It has USB powering and would be powered from your laptop, car USB charger, etc.

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It has No sidelight emissions. Its lighting is stable and does not flicker. A large enough size. It is multipurpose but has no internal power (battery) and necessitates you to be always near an external source of power when you want to use it.

05. AGPTEK Lightbox

This lightbox has an elegant design that comes with magnetic pins to hold paper for easy working time. It has physical buttons to avoid mistakes that would occur as a result of mistaken touch. It has a USB power supply and therefore you can work with your laptop, power bank or car USB charger port.

This light box will give you stable illumination that does not flicker which guarantees you of longer working hours without straining your eyes. It has Adjustable lighting according to comfort and also the thickness of the paper. It is calibrated only in centimeters and some people would find it hard to express into inches.

06. Picture/Perfect Light Box for Tracing.

Has an inbuilt filter that protects the eyes from pain-causing light waves. This device is exceptionally made for drawing and tracing. It is ultra-slim and lightweight. It is extremely durable that comes with tracing paper and paper holder. Also, it has a USB port for powering from your computer, power bank, etc. The inbuilt filter blocks too much light.

It does not have a battery and this forces you to be near a power source every time you have to use tithe paper holder clip is a bit substandard. It’s frustrating that this lightbox overheats.

07. LITENERGY Portable A4 Tracing LED Copy Board Light Box

This light box has Adjustable illumination and its LEDs do not flicker and therefore you are guaranteed a long working time without straining your eyes. Powered by USB and therefore can be powered from the computer, power bank, etc. It has an even surface that is friendly and very easy to use with multipurpose.

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It does not have a measuring rule and battery. Also, it does not come in multiple colors which means you might not end up with your color taste.

08. Artograph Light Tracer Light Box

This light box can be used by various artists (It is multipurpose). It has a Slanted, even and comfortable surface to work on. Features an inbuilt tray for storage of your pieces of drawings. It has a Durable LED’s and an indent at the upper part to hold pens. Its illumination is flicker free

Guarantees you of energy efficiency. It is Friendly and very easy to use. The LED’s are poorly arranged and only light the upper half of the surface. It is has a bit of weight which is a bit nonsensical for a light box.

09. Art craft Tracing Light Pad

This lightbox is Ultra-thin and portable. This device can be powered through Subsites LED does not flicker which means longer working time without straining or sore eyes. It is suitable for multi-use.

It has Adjustable illumination with a friendly and very easy to use. Also, it has an even surface that guarantees you quality work.

10. LED Art craft Light Box Tracer

This light box is light, ultra-slim and portable. It is friendly and easy to use with an adjustable and stable flicker-free illumination. It has an even smooth surface that is protective of the paper. Elegant and classic design. Possesses a USB port for power supply. It has no battery which means it cannot be used remotely.


The above text has looked into details of the best light box for tracing available in the market. It is now upon an artist to discern from the list the one that best goes with their preferences based on maybe their budget, color preferences, design or even favorite brand. All the best as you choose your next light box for tracing. Be smart!