The bed frame plays a crucial position in ensuring that you get a fantastic sleep overnight. It provides maximum support to your mattress. Besides making you sleep comfortably, it also maintains and protects the life of your mattress, so you can use it for many years to come. Moreover, owning a bed frame provides a focal design and elegant appearance to your bedroom, making it more welcoming.

If you want to change your bed’s base because it is not as secure as it used to be or it has frayed, or perhaps you need a new one for your kid’s dorm room or guest room, finding the best bed frames from plenty of collections with different designs, construction, and styles can be a headache. However, it is not the case anymore if you landed on this page. Doing what we do best, we have identified the most exceptional range of best bed frames from wood to metal frames for you to choose in Towards the end of these reviews, we have highlighted a few important factors to keep in mind when choosing the finest bed frames. Sit back now, relax, and keep scrolling this page to reveal your hidden bedroom treasures J

List of the 10 Best Bed Frames in 2021:

10. Zinus Modern Studio Platform 1500H Metal Bed Frame

This Modern Studio Metal Bed Frame from Zinus is the perfect choice for individuals working on a shoestring budget. It is affordably priced but with high-quality performance. It provides you with all the excellent features you may need from a high-quality bed frame. Its gorgeous look, similar to other products in this brand, makes it the excellent choice of individuals who like a modern bedroom style.

The award-winning metal frame features sturdy wooden slats that give incredible support to varied mattress types, including the memory foam, latex, or spring mattress. Its frame is firmly constructed by metal, giving it long-lasting stability and performance. It is popularly loved courtesy of its simple design that gives it a sleek or contemporary style. Plus, its 14-inch high with 12-inch underneath clearance, providing sufficient space for storing your items.

Special Features:

  • Ten wood slats prevent mattress sagging increasing mattress life as well as giving it an exceptional support
  • The steel frame is covered by padded tape for quiet operation
  • Wooden slat has non-slip tape the preserves the mattress from sliding
  • Stylish and classic appearance adds elegance and style to your bedroom
  • Easy and quick to install with easy to read instructions
  • Backed by five years warranty

09. Zinus Trisha Heavy Duty Platforma Bed Frame

This is another comfort innovation from Zinus. Its heavy-duty, strong mattress foundation designed for maximum mattress strength is suitable for a higher mattress profile or those who prefer a contemporary style. In addition, the strong steel frame mattress foundation has wooden slats that provide ultimate support to varied mattress types.

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With the wooden slats comprising a non-slippery tape, the movement of the mattress on the wooden slats is greatly prohibited. Besides, it is simple to assemble, and it comes packed inside a slim carton allowing straightforward transportation through upstairs or hallways. Above all, this amazing bed frame guarantees great performance and is backed by a five-year free warranty.

Special Features:

  • Seven-inch tall mattress foundation supports memory foam, spring and hybrid mattresses
  • Customize your mattress heights by using it with or without a spring box
  • Robust steel black metal structure plus wood slats prevent sagging extending mattress life
  • Padded tape on the bed frame ensures silent usage
  • The non-sliding tape covering the wooden slats restricts slipping of mattress
  • Quick and stress-free assembly

08. Classic Brands Mornington Upholstered Platform Metal Frame

This bed frame is exceptionally stylish and functional. Its trendy design integrates sturdy and durable wooden slats with a unique center support system that accommodates memory foam, latex, or innerspring mattresses without a box spring required. The Mornington bed frame is constructed from metal tubing that is strong and durable as well as lighter in weight for easy moving.

A button-tufted fabric material covers its headboard, which is extremely soft and pleasant to touch. This low profile bed frame is firmly supported by 8-inch substantiating plastic legs; thus, no worries about floor scratching. Its rectangular headboard is 3.25-inches tall and 8-inches long fitting many mattresses to give in unparalleled support.

Special Features:

  • The upholstered platform headboard and bed frame give a trendy and modern look
  • Reliable wood slat foundation has a strong center support system excellent for all type of mattresses
  • The soft linen button-tufted upholstery, headboard foundation, and frame makes it unique
  • Compact in size for easy moving through hallways, narrow doors, or stairways
  • Simple to assemble as all parts and required tools are included plus an instruction guide

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07. Mellow Naturalista Classic Solid Wood Bed Frame

The Mellow Bed Frame exists as a highly dependable and reliable bed with distinctive wooden slats that does not require the box spring to support different types of the mattress comfortably. It’s an amazing bedroom that gives not only a perfect night’s sleep but also decorates your bedroom by adding rustic and organic charm, making it so entertaining.

This bed frame is designed with a Mid-century modern style with a 3.5-inch headboard and wooden frame construction offering ultimate stability and durability. Besides, a quiet sleep is enhanced, and no squeak sounds produced when you turn in bed. Noise-free construction does the job perfectly. With the non-slip tape on the wooden slat, there is no movement of the mattress.

Special Features:

  • The Queen-sized bed frame has wooden slat mattress establishment
  • Mid-century 3.5-inch tall headboard gives a contemporary style
  • Non-slip tape inhibits mattress sliding on the slat
  • Noise-free design enhances relaxed and quiet night sleep
  • Strong wooden frame and slat guarantees longer periods of stability
  • Easy to clean spots with gentle detergent and a piece of wet cloth
  • Simple to compile and backed by 5-years warranty

06. Zinus Upholstered Platform Bed Frame

This gorgeous grey upholstered bed frame designed by Zinus arrives with a low-profile footboard and headboard style. Moreover, the wood slats included combined to give ultimate support. It is shipped with wooden slats effectively stored in a zippered enclosure at the back of the headboard, assuring simple and timely fitting.

The Zinus Upholstered bed frame is entirely designed expertly to be simple and easy to enjoy everyday sleep. It has a modern style with robust, closely spaced wood slats offering greater mattress support as well as extending the frame’s life. Besides, its dark padded dark grey upholstery fabric gives it elegant look and durability.

Special Features:

  • Easy to assemble since all parts and tools are included
  • Foam padded dark grey upholstery for support and stability
  • Backed by a five-year warranty against defects or missing parts
  • Stylish design and strong form incredibly supporting any memory foam, spring or latex mattress
  • The closely spaced wood slat plus padded upholstery fabric gives it a contemporary look
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05. Crown Mark Upholstered Panel Bed Frame

Need a simplistic bed frame and slat that will act as an additional bedroom decor? Try this Upholstered bed frame from Crown Mark today! It is completely designed to provide optimum comfort while sleeping and avails varied elegance options to your bedroom.

It’s time to match your bedroom appearance effortlessly. Its natural dark imitation leather upholstery material makes it suit varied different bedroom decors. With its casual style, you can use it perfectly with an existing box spring.

Special Features:

  • Measures 86.6 64.4 by 50-inches
  • It forms a full bed comprising the footboard, headboard, and bed rails
  • Natural black leather provides elegance
  • Crafted with sturdy wood and plywood frame, black faux leather for stability and durability
  • Easy and quick to assemble with all components, tools and user guide included
  • Suitable for use with existing box spring

04. AmazonBasics Foldable Metal Platform Bed Frame

With AmazonBasics Metal Bed Frame, plenty of peaceful slumber, and replenishment of energy ready to face the day ahead is enhanced. Its robust bed frame features a lifted rectangular headboard design plus flat panels with crossed layers of cords that ultimately supports the mattress without necessarily using a box spring. Besides, its strong bed construction and wooden slats comfortably support sleepers with a maximum weight capacity of 250pounds.

Pick from the varied sizes, including Twin, Twin X-Large, Full, King, Queen, and California King, to suit your room space and style. Depending on the bed frame size, this platform bed framework is perfect for a kid’s bedroom, dorm room, or first time bed. On top of that, it gives a warm, welcoming feature to guests’ bedrooms.

Special Features:

  • The twin platform bed provides a noise-free operation
  • Constructed with a durable steel frame to support weight up to 250pounds
  • Designed with high-quality material giving a more reliable service
  • 13-inch underneath clearance provides an additional storage space
  • Gives an amazing foundation for different mattress sizes and styles
  • Backed by one year worry-free warranty

03. Olee Sleep 14-Inch Heavy Duty Bed Frame

Do you have a deluxe mattress without a box spring, but you are looking for a strong and durable steel metal bed frame? If so, then the Olee Steel Slat bed frame is the perfect problem solver. It is fully designed with users in mind to deliver the much-required stability at the same time easy-to-use. Also, It is compactly sized to fit best in small spaced bedrooms.

It is a unique bed frame that showcases innovative features that support varied types of mattresses like the latex, innerspring, and memory foam mattresses, which make it committed to providing maximum levels of comfort and stability. Even more, this bed frame comes in a stylish and contemporary design providing users with the best choice for individuals who want a decent looking bedroom as well as practical in use.

Special Features:

  • The steel construction guarantees incredible mattress support and durability
  • Unique, strong design with the bed frame enclosing the mattress protecting it from slipping
  • Underneath clearance 13-inch space give ample storage
  • Easy to assemble and measures 81.5 by 61.5 by 14-inches
  • Reliable slats support a maximum weight of 1200lbs comfortably
  • Noise-free design for a comfortable and quiet sleep

02. Zinus Lorelei 14-Inch Platforma Bed Frame

Zinus company continues to provide the world of wonders, and in this case, it’s bed frames snap together in a matter of seconds. The strong bed foundation engineered for incredible stability for extended periods of performance. Additionally, the extra strong steel slats give ultimate support for varied mattress types like the latex, memory foam, and spring mattresses.

With the 14-inches profile mattress foundation, the Lorelei Platforma bed frame also supports hybrid mattresses making it so special and unique. It is easy to assemble and packed in a compact and lightbox for easy transportation through stairways, hallways among other small-sized spaces. Amazingly, this platform bed frame requires no box spring to operate to its maximum capacity.

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Special Features:

  • 14-inch high-profile mattress foundation fits all types of mattresses
  • Sturdy steel construction prevents mattress sagging
  • Metal frame has a foam-padded tape that guarantees silent usage
  • Non-sliding tape on the wooden slat restrict mattress from sliding
  • Backed by five years warranty

01. Zinus Shalini Upholstered Diamond Stitched Platform Bed Frame

Are you looking for the best bed frame with a sophisticated stitching button tufted neutral-toned fabric? The Zinus Shalini Platform Bed frame is here to deliver that wow factor. This mattress foundation creates an impressive centerpiece that can effectively pull your room together, giving it a top-class look.

This bed frame is smartly engineered and equipped with a sturdy wood, offering unbelievable support to any mattress type including the box spring. Besides, when you purchase it, it is delivered to your door with all the tools you need for assembly saving your time.

Special Features:

  • It has a knitted polyester fabric material for comfort, support, and elegance
  • Classic stylized design that comprises diamond stitching, button tufting
  • 7-inches under bed clearance gives adequate space for keeping your stuff
  • Easy assembly with all tools included
  • Backed by a five-year free warranty

Buyer’s Guide and How to Pick the Best Bed Frame:

Just like any other vibrant industry, there are tons of bed frames available in the market today, making it quite a challenge when it comes to choosing the finest option. As we promised in the introductory section, we will guide you further, so you can make that right choice. In the next few minutes, we look at the essential factors to keep always at your fingertips whenever you are shopping for the best frames.

Material construction

The type and quality of materials used to construct a bed frame, of course, should be the first thing to look after. It determines the stability and the period your bed will last. Most bed frames are made from wood, metal, and composite materials. You should choose the best bed frame made of materials like steel, hardwood, or a combination of steel and wood. This will ensure high stability, support, and endless performance.

Bed Frame Size

You must look at the bed frame size and the mattress you have or intend to have before making purchases. Just like a mattress, bed frames come in different sizes. You should choose the best bed frame, which will perfectly fit your mattress size, giving a matched style.

Where to place it

The room or space available for setting your bed frame should also be considered at large. You should be sure that the bed frame of your choice will excellently fit your room space without leaving too much hunting space or small space, making your room to be overcrowded. Also, if your room is small with limited storage space, choosing a bed frame with large clearing underneath space will be the best option for you. You will be able to get ample storage space for your stuff making your room well organized.


The ease of moving a bed frame should be another factor, especially if you live in a rented room. This will make shifting to another house more convenient and faster. As such, you should avoid purchasing a bed frame with heavy headboard and footboards as well as slats. A lightweight bed frame will make it easy to move it from one room to the next with ease.

If you managed to reach this far, then your worries of buying the best bed frames is no more! We have confidence, after thorough research that involved testing and getting consumer feedback, that picking any one of them satisfies your needs. The beauty of all the products making into this list is that they are designed with the user in mind and aim at providing you with the best quality, durable, comfort, and stability for perfect night sleep. We highly urge you to take your time to compare the products in our reviews to select the best bed frame that will give you 100% satisfaction. Good luck folks!