Are you looking for ways to keep your beard smooth and soft throughout the day? We would like to take a little of your moment and introduce you to a product called a “Beard Straightener Combs”. This comb is designed to tackle all of the tangles and frizziness on your beard and make it feel smooth and soft to the touch. Since different products come with different features, let’s see what each product can do for you.

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#10 Tame the Wild Beard Straightener Combs Set:

Tame the Wild Beard Straightener Comb Set:

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It’s time to rock your appearance by taking care of your beard with this beard straightener comb by Tame the Wild. This model is suitable for those who have less time but wanting a great result. Tame the Wild is quick to use as it is also easy to use with no complex set up at all. On top of that, it features the MCH technology which provides a consistent temperature to the comb which doesn’t irritate or burn your skin while in use.

Apart from that, this comb comes with a nice and matte black design with soft and smooth bristles that release tangles and leave your beard smooth and soft. After purchase, you will then get a bar of orange walnut beard soap, a wooden comb, a straightener comb as well as a carrying bag for storage.

Plus, the soap itself does so much for your beard such as providing vitamins and deep cleansing your hair while exfoliating all of the dead cells away.

#9 Fansrock Beard Straightener Combs with Silicone Bristles:

Fansrock Beard Straightener Comb with Silicone Bristles

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If you are looking for something smaller and more handy Fansrock might be one of your favorite picks. This model comes in a simple yet slender design compared to a normal hairbrush. The comb’s shape is designed in a curvy mode along with the latest tech updated, which provides a smooth and easy brushing method for all users.

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Thanks to the silicone bristles that give the users the best experience without having to burn or irritate their skin. Not just that, it has a PTC technique that offers a sturdy heat temperature which is really safe to use. As for the temperature adjustments, this model consists of 3 different temperatures for you to alter as it doesn’t require any complex set up at all.

The best part is that it is easy to carry around due to its ergonomic size. After your purchase, you will automatically receive a 2year warranty from Fansrock.

#8 Tame the Wild Easy Glide Beard Straightener Combs:

Tame the Wild Easy Glide Beard Straightener Comb

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Here is another beard straightener combs that is made by Tame the Wild once again, but with a small and slender design similar to the recent one. Tame the Wild Easy Glide consists of ceramic bristles that could do an excellent in releasing tangles from your beard. Additionally, it heats up like lightning without having to wait as well as the attached cord is applicable for rotating 360 degrees with no problems.

Besides, it is also equipped with non-scald technology and locks for safety during and after use. What makes it different from the other with the same brand is its size and how portable it is. If you want to take it with you during a trip, this could be your best buddy.

#7 Laoyou Beard Straightener Combs:

Laoyou Beard Straightener Comb

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This is a brush of your dream if you are looking for something pretty and chic when it comes to the design. Laoyou is perfect for those who are having a short time managing and taming their beard, because this guy could do all of the jobs within 3 minutes only, leaving your beard smooth and soft once you touch it. Moreover, just like the previous 2 products, Laoyou also comes in a handy and slim design which is super ideal for outdoor usage as it is small and light with a carry bag provided.

On top of that, it contains 2 different temperatures for you to alter based on your preferences, low and high. However, both of the temperatures don’t harm or damage your skin, thanks to the ceramic bristles. Not only that, but there is also an anti-scalding feature included into this set to help the comb’s temperature remain constant. There is a 24months warranty provided for you right after the purchase.


#6 Beardclass Beard Straightener with 5 Temperatures:

Beardclass Beard Straightener Comb with 5 Temperatures

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If you are concerned about the safety that a beard straightener combs can provide, this model might be the one for you to consider. Why is it claimed as one of the safest combs so far?  Beardclass is constructed to have 5 different temperatures for you to adjust which varies from 248 to 410 degrees fahrenheit. Another point is that it is applicable for all kinds of thickness and lengths of beards without any problem, while in use.

And, Beardclass takes only 40 seconds for the heat up as the straightening process could be done in only a few minutes. Thanks to its nice handling design along with ceramic bristles that maintain the heat to remain the same as well as an anti-scald temperature which could help prevent your skin from damaging.

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The best part is that it offers you 2 additional products to incorporate well with the machine which are the comb and trimmer.

#5 Xikezan Beard Straightener

Xikezan Beard Straightener Comb

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If you opt for something that does the job more than just a beard straightener, then Xikezan might be one of your desired choices for you to consider. Since this comb is designed into a bigger size similar to the Tame the Wild, therefore it allows the users to straighten their hair rather than working on their beard, which is really versatile.

The next noticeable point is that it consists of 3 temperature settings for you to adjust which could get your work done in only 2 minutes. The bristles are made to be like a brick which is super durable and it helps avoid irritating your skin. To ensure the safety of using, the comb has been certified with CE FCC.

#4 Arkam Compact Beard Straightener

Arkam Compact Beard Straightener Comb

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Here we are with another slim and compact design of a beard straightener comb which is made by Arkam. This model is considered to be a great pick for you if you are delving for something that could straighten your beard and styling it simultaneously. It also comes with an ionic updated technology as well as ceramic bristles that could prevent your skin from hurting and burning while using.

Also, this product consists of 3 temperature settings which are made for you to switch between different types of thickness and beard lengths. Arkam provides a full 12months warranty for you, after your purchase.

#3 Tame The Wild 12-Setting Beard Straightener Combs:

Tame The Wild 12-Setting Beard Straightener Comb

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One of the best beard straighteners with up to 12 temperature settings, Tame The Wild is an amazing device for men with a beard. The heating technology is the MCH technology that heats up a beard with no hotspots. Additionally, it is designed in a way to protect users from the heat of the device while straightening the beard.

During usage, users can refer to the LED screen to adjust and also know what temperature they are on, which ranges from 250-450 Fahrenheit. Best yet, Tame The Wild also provides its customers with one-year customer service and warranty period.

#2 Cayzor 5-Level Beard Straightener with LCD:

Cayzor 5-Level Beard Straightener Comb with LCD

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A smart and portable beard straightener comb, the Cayzor is one of the most essential items most men should have in their arsenal for their beards. Amazingly, this device can be used for combing beards, and also straightening them as well. With advanced PTC technology for up to 5 levels of heating, while combing or straightening, this device ensures that heat is distributed evenly with every comb.

With the help of the ceramic coating, users can rest assured for the safety of their beards while straightening. As for the usage of this device, it is fairly simple as there is an LCD screen indicator to show information, a recessed power button to prevent accidental clicks, and a nifty 30-minute shutdown feature. To top it off, this device is also compatible with most beards out there, achieving the best results with beards of 2 inches or more.

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#1 DOLIROX Beard Straightener

DOLIROX Beard Straightener Comb

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The Dolirox is a value for dollar beard straightening kit that is great for many men out there who want to tame their mane. This beard straightener can be used for a variety of situations and looks where men can add volume, straighten, brush or even curl their beards according to their preference. Included in the package is a beard balm for conditioning and nourishing facial hair. So users can keep looking fresh for longer and to keep it healthy.

As for the heating technology, this device uses an MCH tech that allows for better and a much more even distribution of heat, which can actually go all the way up to 392 Fahrenheit in merely 1 minute.

Moving onto the design aspect of the DOLIROX, it is actually very ergonomic for use and is designed in a way that ensures user safety during usage and the 360 degrees rotation of the power cord. Furthermore, there is an anti-scald feature on the bristles of the brush that protects the skin from the hot heat output of the device. Users can rest assured of the quality of the product as it is FCC approved.

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Buying Guides:

Some of you might be indecisive which one to pick as there is countless straightener comb on the market. Hence, to improve your satisfaction in getting your desired beard straightener comb, we have finally written this additional paragraph to help you along the way. Let’s take a closer at these few main points to pick a comb of your needs:

  • Size: you have to determine the size of your desired beard straightener comb. Whether it is being used only in your house, or you are using it for trip usage.
  • Bristles: you have to make sure that the bristles on the comb are ceramic or it is coated with a feature that prevents your skin from irritation or burning while using.
  • Temperature Settings: it is a great idea for you to have a temperature setting appear on each comb to cooperate well with the thickness and the length of your beard well.
  • Warranty: since this beard straightener comb is something that runs on a motor, it is best for you to ask the seller for a warranty in case of malfunctions or product damages.


You have just looked at the top 10 best beard straightener combs of the year. Although each product comes with a slight difference when it comes to their features, one thing that it is made for is about how it could help your beard look healthier and smoother by brushing. On top of that, we are among the 10 products which we just reviewed might go at least one or two in your mind. There’s no need to be hesitant in purchasing them since they all come in really great quality and best price so far on the market.