Water damage caused by broken or leaking pipes is not only expensive to repair. It can also cause damage to your home’s structure and destroy furniture and appliances. Dealing with your home insurance to compensate for your damage can turn into a nightmare, as these will usually try to avoid high compensation amounts for your loss and damage. With the installation of automatic shut off valves, you can put your mind at ease. Leaving your home is assured a possibly leaking pipe will also be dealt with during your absence is taking such a burden. You can also save on insurance premiums with the installation of the best automatic water shut off valves systems.

There are various products available. Some are smart valves, connecting via WiFi to a dedicated app to send you alerts. Furthermore, these also help you to monitor your water usage. Other models come with an audible alarm when shutting off the water flow. There are also various options on how to install such a valve system. We selected and tested a wide range of valve systems to show you the advantages of each. Our comprehensive buyer’s guide with the top ten of the best available automatic shut off valves will be a helpful guide for you to find the most suitable system for your home.

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10. Moen 900-001 Flo by Moen Smart Water Shut Off Valve for pipes

Leaving your house without worries about possible water leaks will be made easy with the Flo by Moen 900-001 automatic shut off valve system. It will give the peace of mind that you can turn on and off your water from wherever you are. No additional sensors are needed. The system is installed on the main water supply line of your home. Professional installation is recommended. Plugin the device, and you can connect it immediately with your home WiFi.

With the Flo by Moen mobile app, you have control to shut off your water whenever needed. The water security system monitors your water flow, evaluates the rates, the pressure, and even the temperature. In case an issue is detected, you will receive an alert via the app. This allows you to shut off the water flow immediately, also remotely. The smart valve is compatible with Alexa skills and Google Assistant.

This Water Shut Off Valve can monitors all your toilet, shower, faucet, and pipes in your foundation and behind your walls.

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● Water supply can be shut off remotely
● Runs daily tests to check for leaks
● App dashboard to monitor water consumption and set using budgets
● Compatible with Alexa skills and Google Assistant

● Does not work on a 5GHZ internet network

09. FloodStop Water Heater Auto Shutoff Valve

The FloodStop FS3/4NPT automatic water shut off valve is an easy-to-install-device to protect your home from water damage. You simply need to install it between the base of the water heater and the manual shutoff valve. If the leak sensor detects moisture, the valve will immediately close the water flow and sound an alarm.

This kit includes a motorized full-port ball valve, a water sensor that can be placed on the floor, and a wall-mounted control unit. Furthermore, a power supply is included, as well. For backup power, in case of a power cut, you just need four AA batteries. The system has an audible alarm to alert you of low battery status. The valve system is certified lead free under S. 3874, AB1953 and comes with a one-year limited warranty.

● Shuts water flow automatically when detecting a leak
● Operates both with power cord and batteries (4 AA)
● Loud audible alert, plus attached to a dialer or security system
● Certified lead free under S. 3874, AB1953

● The gear inside the valve moor is made from plastic

08. MyGuard Automatic Shut Off System with Leak Detector

The MyGuard automatic water shut off valve comes in a handy set. This includes the control unit, a floor sensor, the pressure-release output sensor, a power adapter, a 3-outlet AC wall tap, the automatic shut-off servo motor, plus a hardware bag with all parts needed for a safe installation. For the water leak sensor, you simply need to put this device on the floor.

If a water leak is detected, the valve shut off is initiated within 4 seconds. Furthermore, a loud 90dB alarm will sound to alert you. The water heater shut off system is compatible with most lever-action ball valves. There is wiring necessary. Just plug into a standard wall outlet to activate the system.

● The system shuts down the water within a few seconds
● Includes the control unit and a floor sensor
● Easy to install
● Loud 90dB acoustic alarm

● Some user reported the alarm was triggered despite no leak

07. LeakSmart Automatic Water Shut Off Valve

The LeakSmart patented automatic water shut off valve will protect your home reliably from damage caused by burst pipes or leaks. Please note that you must pair this valve with LeakSmart sensors and a smart hub, which are sold separately at extra costs. The valve and sensors cannot operate without the hub. It is also needed for connecting to the app. The valve is suitable for different materials and installations, for example, SharkBite, or PEX tubing.

Colored green and red LED lights to inform you if the valve is open or closed. The system features a battery back-up in case of a loss of power. Besides, connecting to the LeakSart app, the valve can also be compatible over Wi-Fi with Nest, Wink, IRIS, and SmartThings.

● Includes a battery back-up function
● Fits many pipe materials and installations
● Shuts off water supply within 5 seconds
● Compatible with Nest, Wink, IRIS, and SmartThings

● The Hub and sensors must be purchased separately at extra costs.

06. E-SDS Automatic Water Shut Off Valve System

E-SDS automatic water leak shut off valve system operates simple but reliably: once the sensors detect water, the control unit sounds the alarm, and the valve closes automatically. This will keep your house safe from water damage also when you are not at home. E-SDS offers the system in a set including the motorized automatic shutoff valve, the control unit, two water leak sensors, and the power adaptor.

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The device will automatically shut off the water once it detects a leak. This will keep your house safe from water damage also when you are not at home. You can install the valve effortlessly on a water heater or washing machine outlet box. The sensors can be placed on the floor. The system includes manual open/close buttons and a button to reset the device after the leak is stopped.

● Easy to set up and operate
● Battery-powered backup
● Loud 80dB audible alarm
● Comes with two sensors

● Challenging getting spare parts for this device

05. EcoNet Controls The Bulldog Water Shut Off Valve

The automatic water shut off valve from EcoNet Controls EVC200-HCSML The Bulldog is easy to install and requires no plumbing to be set up. It conveniently fits over your existing levered ball valve. The Bulldog uses only the valve body for mounting. This reduces stress and damage to the pipes and plumbing joints. The valve operates with a 12V DC/1amp power AC Adapter, which is included in the package. A green LED indicates if the valve is open or closed.

The valve system is compatible with several popular smart home controllers, including SmartThings, Nexia, Control4, Wink, Universal Devices, and Honeywell. The controller is not included and must be purchased separately at a surcharge.

● No special tools or plumbing required for installation
● High torque and intelligent stroke control
● LED light indicator
● Compatible with popular smart home controllers

● Smart Home Controller required, but not included

04. Phyn Plus Smart Automatic Water Shut Off Valve

Monitor your entire home with a single device installed at the main water line. This is how easy and convenient the Phyn Plus smart automatic water shut off valve works. The device measures tiny changes in water pressure 240 times a second. It will alert you the moment a leak is detected and turn off your water automatically. With the free Phyn app, you will receive immediate alerts to your smartphone or tablet.

Furthermore, the app features a water monitor system to help you save money on your water usage. It can alert you also about frozen pipes. The valve system is compatible with Alexa as well. The Phyn Plus valve connects to your home Wi-Fi and does not require an additional hub.

● Installation on your home’s main water line
● Sends an alert in seconds via the free Phyn app
● Requires professional installation
● Compatible with Amazon Alexa

● Some buyers are not contending with the customer service

03. Grohe 22503LN0 Sense Guard Smart Water Shut Off Valve

With the Grohe 22503LN0 Sense Guard, you can feel safely protected from water damage while you are outside your home. The valve system is suitable for single-family residential home use. It fits on potable cold water lines with a maximum 1” pipe size. Just plug the system into a 110 V US plug type A standard electrical outlet after installation, and you are immediately protected.

You can connect the automatic water shut off valve to your home WiFi to sync it with the dedicated free ONDUS app. You will receive instant alerts if broken pipes, micro leaks, frost, or unusual water flow are detected. The valve system offers you manual, automatic, or remote shut-off functions to protect your home from water damage.

● Detecting every anomaly
● Continuously monitors water pressure in the pipes
● Features the free ONDUS app
● Two years limited warranty

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● Professional installation by a plumber required

02. FortrezZ Wireless Water Shut off Valve for Home

With the FortrezZ Wireless Z-Wave automatic water shut off valve system, you will never have to worry about water damage while you are away from your home. The valve system is certified with the latest Z-wave ZDK and qualifies for insurance premium discounts. It is compatible with various Z-wave gateways. The system fits a 1″ standard pipe size.

The motorized ball valve automatically turns off the main water supply in case a leak appears. Please note that a Z-wave controller is required, which needs to be purchased separately. These automatic water shut off valves are manufactured in the USA and deliver reliable protection from water damage at your home or business.

● Motorized ball valve to automatically turns off the main water supply
● 24/7 leak protection
● High-quality materials
● Made in the USA

● Not for potable water

01. HomeSeer HS-WV100+ Water Shut Off Valve

The HomeSeer HS-WV100+ is another wireless Z-Wave enabled water valve control system to prevent your home or business from water damage and leaking pipes. Compatible with the HomeSeer home automation systems, it can remotely control the water flow and immediately shut off the water when leaks are detected. It is perfect for regulating your water usage for outdoor fixtures, water hoses, or other irrigation equipment.

The automatic water shut off valve system features after-sales customer support. You can always address their friendly team in case of any questions. The valve is a 3/4″ valve system, and the valve weighs a mere 2.2 pounds only. It is IP67 rated for outdoor use.

● Z-Wave Plus certified water valve control system
● Suitable to control irrigation equipment
● Compatible with Home Seer
● The valve is IP67 rated for outdoor use

● Some users reported conflicting information about the manual override


Automatic shut off valve systems can save you thousands of dollars in damage to your home or business. Knowing that potential leaks in pipes will be stopped even when you are not at home or sleep at night can take an enormous burden from you. The valve systems come with acoustic alarms. More sophisticated models are compatible with several home assistants and feature dedicated apps. All you need is a suitable WiFi connection.

Via the dedicated free apps, warnings will be delivered to you instantly, while the valve system shuts the water flow down automatically. Furthermore, the smart apps also help you monitor and control your water usage, and they even can set budgets to save on the water bill.

Buying Guide

Best Automatic Water Shut Off Valves come in various price ranges and with different functions. However, first, you should always check your water pipes’ sizes to ensure you select the correct product fitting your water system at your home or business. The valve systems themselves will shut off the water flow within seconds once a leak is detected. However, alarm systems differ. Some come with audible alerts only. When you are at home, you will hear a loud, beeping sound. For those who want to be alerted immediately when they are outside, models with smart functions will be the right choice. You will receive an immediate alert on your smartphone or tablet.

The dedicated apps also feature functions like water usage monitoring and budgeting features to control your water costs better. For setting the Wi-Fi connection, please verify that your Wi-Fi and the detector match for the connection. The installation of the valve systems should be simple, but some require a professional plumber’s services. Smart water shut-off valves should also feature a battery-powered backup if there is a power cut in your home or business venue.