Some people may have a space area at their backyard or just an available land that they might be interested in constructing something. Besides planting a garden, you can now build yourself a tiny office or studio resort room too. You might not need to spend a very large amount of money building a home from a brick too. Now, there are many wooden home kits that you can choose on the market to create your own cozy places. Here, we provide you a list of top 7 best Allwood tiny home kits that features very impressive designs. You can go through the list and decide to get one for yourself now.

List of the Best Allwood Tiny Home Kits

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07. 3 Rooms Allwood Cabin Kit

If you are currently looking for any home kit to build yourself a small home or small garage at your backyard, you can see this Allwood Girona Cabin Kit. This product is made of Nordic Spruce which tends to increase in durability.

Other than that, the look of this home kit can remain new throughout the years. It comes with a total outside of about 200 sq.ft large. You will also notice that the wood is very thick, which is about 70 mm for the wall.

This wooden pine cabin kit allows you to construct a mini-cabin that has 1 entry door, 3 windows, all together with a 2° roof pitch. It is a stylish square style design that is suitable for modern living.

06. Allwood Cabin Kit

The next product from Allwood is an eagle point style that provides the total inside floor area of about 1108 sq.ft. This means that it is actually a large cabin that you can use as a resort house or a remote office. This cabin size includes both the upstairs and downstairs area.

For the upstairs, you will have the entire room of 396 sq.ft. which can be designed into a 2 bedroom house. For the downstairs, you will obtain about 712 sq.ft. which is large enough for building a kitchen, a living room, and a restroom. This home kit is constructed from Nordic Spruce wall planks which extend in durability and can remain new and clean throughout time.

The product offers a very thick construction of the wall which measures about 70mm. The house itself can greatly withstand the snow as heavy as 46 lbs too. This means that it can still provide you a warm cozy shelter during winter too. Although it is a tiny home kit, you can still receive a high ceiling house with a number of windows and doors.

05. Studio Cabin Garden House Kit by Allwood

This product also comes from the same brand, Allwood. It is a cheaper home kit that offers a space of 273 sq.ft. therefore, it serves as a personal resort studio room or a small office for any project. Within the total 273 sq.ft, this home also offers the inside area of 273 sq.ft which is enough for 1 to 2 people to stay in. Users can also build it into 2 rooms which include 1 bedroom and 1 working room with its wooden divider.

Other than this, you can also choose to set it into a whole space that you can put your working desk in one part, and set a small kitchen and dining table on the other part of the room. This kit allows you to build an urban style housing that has a square look and a large window for enough air ventilation, and light. This housing kit can also withstand weight up to 3600 lbs and is a very easy product to build too.

04. Allwood Solvalla Studio Cabin Kit

Allwood also highlights another style of its wooden tiny home kit that looks different from the previous product. It comes with the construction of white and grey that is covered up by a glass window and a half slatted wall. This can serve as a panic house at your backyard or inside your farm. This home kit offers an indoor room of about 172 sq.ft. that is separated into two rooms.

One room is covered by a glass wall that you can use as a studio bedroom, living room, or a mini-office. You can also install an air conditioner as the room is highly sealed by its thick wall. For your information, the wall is as thick as 21mm. It also features a glass wall entry door that comes with a rolling close design.

Another room is an outdoor setting area where it is built with a slatted wall. This allows the airflow to go in and out which is perfect for evening fresh air relaxing. Since it is a product of Nordic wood, you can tell how durable it is to last. Its price is very reasonable too. Thus, if you have a budget, it is a product that we highly recommend.

03. Timberline Cabin Kit by Allwood

Coming to the 3rd ranking product from Allwood, this one is not a small office or mini studio room at all. It is actually a house that can fit your whole family. This one can be built as your panic home at your farm or countryside.

It offers a total area of 483 sq.ft. within that, you get the inside area of about 354 sq.ft large. It also comes with two large windows and 1 large entry door at the front. More than that, there is also a little front area where you can set some chairs and tables to enjoy your evening tea time.

The house is off the ground with its 2 step walk-in stairs as well. It comes with a large roof, and the house itself is able to withstand heavy wind at a maximum weight capacity of 140 mph too. You also do not have to worry about snowing too as this home kit is able to load up to 46 lbs of weight.

02. Allwood Home Kits with Loft ONE Left

Then, let us introduce you to this wooden home kit that you can construct a 237 sq.ft studio home or office. This home kit allows you to build a home with two entry doors and a few windows that are glass made. This allows enough light and airflow to run through the home. Since it features wall construction that is as thick as 70mm, this can prevent you from strong winds, storms, and snow.

It is capable of loading snow up to 46 lbs of weight and withstands wind as hard as 120 mph. On top of that, users can also turn this home studio into an air conditioning room as well. It is also a high roof style house that never lets you feel stuffy at all when you stay inside.

01. Allwood Ranger Cabin Kit

This is a tiny wooden cabin kit that offers a total space of 259 sq.ft. In addition to that, you also get to build a loft that is about 168 sq.ft too. The loft can be served as a tiny bedroom, or item storing place for home or office. This home kit provides multiple windows and 1 entry door that comes with a wooden slatted design and covered by top quality glasses. The wall comes with a wind block style and is about 70mm thick.

The roof is constructed at a 24.8° angle which makes it easy for homeowners to install or mount a solar panel on top of it as well. Plus, this cabin is built from Nordic pine which can absorb temperature effectively and is ideal for winter too.

Buying Guide for Allwood Tiny Home Kits

Size of Area: before making a purchase of any home kit product, the first task you need to know is to decide on the size of the house you want to build and to measure your land area. With Allwood product, you can now have a wide range of options to choose from regarding its designs, house size, and styling.

Wall Thickness: Wall thickness is also important to think of. When the wall is thick, it can help to protect you from various things including heavy wind, storm, strong UV, and so on. Other than that, if you want to install an air conditioner to your home, choosing a home kit build that can create a thick wall is highly recommended.

Loading Capacity: Now that it comes to loading capacity, we want you to know that there are many types of loading capacity. You might need to look for any products that provide you both wind, and now loading capacity which ensures that your home can still be your shelter at any circumstances. With all of the Allwood products, you can always stay safe inside the house without any worries.

Pricing: When it comes to pricing, you should always carefully and smartly think about that before you make any purchase. Since the home kit is not cheap, you should think of your needs, requirements, usability, and value of money. If might not need to buy a large kit if all you need is just a studio office or home to live alone.


In conclusion, you now have a wide range of options to choose from. Allwood company provides you a lot of design options that meet the different needs and requirements of their customers. Whether you want a small room for just yourself or a large home for a few people, you might want to go through the list of all best Allwood tiny home kits now.