Like all other devices in your car, an air conditioner needs routine maintenance to give the best results and deliver top-notch performance. Part of the maintenance practice is refilling the conditioning oil every so often, perhaps as recommended by the manufacturer. Compressor oil is a crucial component for the optimal functioning of any air conditioning system. Oil in the air conditioning system does two key functions.

They work as a lubricator that enables the ideal cooling and the sealing of the piston. It also serves to remove heat in the cylinder and the rotor of the motor. Maintenance can be easier and cheaper if you choose the right conditioning oil for the job at hand. Are you feeling lost on which products are good for your device owing the sheer number of options available in the market today? Well, you need not worry if you landed on this page!

We have researched and reviewed the best air conditioning oil products in the market that deliver epic results. In the end, we narrowed down to ten of the finest options for your consideration. As if that is not enough, we have outlined a detailed buying guide to help you make the right decisions when choosing between these products. What we only want from your end is you to sit back, relax, and continue reading this article to discover what we have in the store for you!

List of the 10 Best Air Conditioning Oils in 2021:

10. Extreme Amazing Air Conditioning Oil

Air conditioning oil from Extreme Amazing is arguably one of the best performing products that guarantees you are left shivering with delight once you turn on your device to beat extreme heat. It is also a very affordable product that guarantees you get ice cold results for years to come. The device is user friendly and comes with a connected hose and a pressure gauge on the side.

The unit features three parts; an oil cylinder, a quick connector, and a check valve for easy and convenient use. Whenever you are using this product, ensure you have worn safety goggles to avoid any contact with refrigerant contents that could harm your eyes. Best of it all, it is highly affordable and will never break your bank.

Special features:

  • Its design include three main parts -an oil cylinder, quick connector, and check valve
  • User friendly option and comes with the connected hose
  • Highly affordable and reliable unit
  • It is also efficient and delivers excellent results
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09. Four seasons Air Conditioning Oil

This quality air conditioning oil does not come with mystery chemicals, oils, and dye that can jeopardize your unit’s efficient operations. It is a nonsense refrigerant that is versatile and can be used in commercial vehicles and other home appliances. It is also a popular product enjoying glowing reviews from consumers.

You can use this unit to retrofit R12 mobile air conditioning as well as recharge the R134 systems. If you want to get the best results with this unit, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations in your vehicle owner’s manual.

Special features:

  • It is simple to use with a hose
  • Coming fitted with a pressure gauge on the refrigerant
  • The engineered to fit all vehicles
  • It delivers maximum cooling power

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08. TSI supercool A/C Oil

TSI supercool is one of the most affordable premium products in our list today. It comes with the guaranteed highest quality that works perfectly in several vehicle models. You can expect your vent to blow for over 44 degrees once you start using this unit.

With this highly applauded unit, which enjoys a 5-star rating with leading online stores and it is also one of the most recommended products for auto and truck maintenance across the world, you are sure to get value for money. On top of that, it is a non-ozone product that comes with no added toxic substances to preserve high purity levels.

Special features:

  • It is engineered to protect the environment
  • There is no oil or dye added
  • It is highly compatible with several vehicles
  • It is very affordable and efficient product.

07. ACDelco Air Conditioning Oil

If you are looking for an efficient mineral oil that is compatible with all R-12 systems, then settle on this product; it is specially engineered to meet OE expectations and deliver exceptional applications that enhance the performance of your vehicle’s air conditioner unit.

Adding that, it comes in competitive pricing for you to get great value for every dollar you spend on the product. It is not only reliable but also high-quality formula that helps you keep your air-conditioning system running smoothly and efficiently. Even more, you can use the product to recharge an R-12 refrigerant system efficiently

Special features:

  • The formulated to recharge an R-12 refrigerant system
  • The engineered to meets OE expectations
  • It is a 525 SAE mineral oil formula for use in all R-12 systems.
  • High-quality formula for excellent results

06. FJC 2486 PAG Air Conditioning Oil

Next in line is this FJC 2486 PAG oil known to be compatible for use in all mobile a/c systems. It is arguably one of the leading oils that is often recommended by OE and other compressor manufacturers. It is an ideal unit that will keep you from melting alive when driving in scorching summer days.

This refrigerant is additive-free and straightforward to use. It comes with all the features you could hope for in a refrigerant. It is also cost-effective and will deliver much more than you could ever expect. Get these five-star products today and enjoy a cold trip on sweltering hot summer days.

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Special features:

  • It is safe to use on all AC compressors
  • Coming with guaranteed performance
  • The cost-effective product
  • It delivers easy to use experience

05. FJC 2480 Air Conditioning Oil With Fluorescent

Are you looking for an exceptional product that ensures optimal cooling in your vehicle? In the event that you responded yes to this question, then there is no doubt that this air conditioning oil with fluorescent from FJC is your best bet. The product is designed to be compatible with R134a and R13 motors. Besides, it is also compatible with mineral Ester paraffin and PAG oils to make this unit one of the most versatile ones in our list.

It also comes in a packaging that enables you to detect its contents using a standard UV light. Additionally, the product is user-friendly, and you are sure to save a lot of time compared to other existing standard dye injection methods.

Special features:

  • It is compatible with R134a and R13 motors
  • Compatible with mineral Ester paraffin
  • Furthermore, it is compatible with PAG oils
  • It is a user-friendly option and saves lots of time

04. FJC 2484 PAG Air Conditioning Oil

FJC, being one of the leading air conditioning oil brands, is making into our list yet another time with a remarkable piece of product. With 2484 PAC oil, you will get quick chill results. It comes with a charging hose, gauge, and you will not need to make a separate purchase before using the product. Besides, the unit contains an automatic sealant that automatically fixes leaks in their composition.

You can also reuse the recharge hose and inline pressure gauge, thus saving you the costs of purchasing a new unit every time you want to carry out a refill. The product is also easy to use, and you will not need any skill to refill your air conditioning unit.

Special features:

  • Designed to provide efficient sealing and AC refilling
  • Coming with all accessories needed for refill
  • Easy to use
  • It is also efficient and affordable

03. TSI supercool A/C comp lube

TSI supercool will effortlessly win in any environmentally friendly product category. The air conditioning oil is made to be 100 percent pure refrigerant with zero additives, oils, dyes, and other mystery chemicals that could hurt the environment and your health.

It is also an efficient unit that works well to give you the freezing results that any premium product is expected to deliver. In addition, it is made to be quite user friendly, and you will not spend a lot on time doing your refill. You might be forgiven to assume that this product is quite pricey! But the truth is that it will never break your bank if you choose to buy it.

Special features:

  • It is environmentally friendly
  • The deliver freezing cold results
  • Easy to use
  • Compatible for use with most air conditioning units

02. TSI supercool P46-32D Air Conditioning Oil

TSI supercool P46-32D will keep your car cool and smelling nice. It comes with embedded perfume features that get rid of bad odors in your car. Also, it is one of the environmentally friendly units in our review today. It comes with zero additives, oils, dyes, and other mystery chemicals that could hurt your health and your environments.

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You will also not spend a lot of energy using this product owing to the lower head pressures design that comes with it. It delivers super cooling results that enable you to enjoy summer trips conveniently. Get this unit today, and start enjoying epic cool environments.

Special features:

  • It comes embedded with a perfume for a nice scent
  • Perfectly efficient and deliver top performance
  • Compatible with several air conditioning systems
  • Easy to use saving time and energy

01. ACDelco 15-118 air conditioning PAG oil

ACDelco refrigerant compressor oil is ideal for use on R4 and A6 compressors that fall within R-134a refrigerant systems. Besides, if you are using a GM-Harrison manufactured compressor, then this product is the most ideal. It features a high-quality formula that ensures your air conditioning system is smoothly and efficiently running.

Before using this product, ensure you have checked your compressor manufacturer’s requirements for the type of refrigerant oil and amount you can put in the system. If you are looking for quick and exceptional cooling results, go for this unit today

Special features:

  • It is specially formulated for use in R4 and A6 compressors
  • Approved for use in GM Harrison manufactured compressors
  • High-quality formula that keeps your air conditioning system running
  • It is a user-friendly and environmentally friendly unit

Buyer’s guide and factors to consider when choosing the best Air Conditioning Oil:

We understand selecting the best product can be confusing. The market features several brands that can make shopping a difficult affair. However, if you consider the following features when buying a suitable product, your shopping will be faster and effortless


Viscosity refers to the measurement of the thickness of the oil. The oil that has a higher viscosity number is thick and flows slowly. Typically, if your compressor is big and comes with bigger gaps, then you need to use a thick oil product for the device to function well

Chemical stability

It is advisable to check the manufacturer’s recommendation on the use of the product before making a purchase. Some products may react with refrigerants that are present in the system to cause damages. Chemical reactions can also result in the formation of sludge and other acids that may affect the performance of the system

The amount you need

The amount of oil that you will need will be influenced by the climate you are living in and the size of your air conditioning unit. If you are living in, say, Texas, you may need a refrigerant that will last for a longer period because Texas is one place that is always hot.

Type of vehicle

You also need to consider the type of vehicle you are driving before you make any purchase of an air conditioning product. Hybrid models cannot use the same refrigerants that a standard car uses.

Final Thoughts!
Your air conditioning unit needs routine recharging and refilling because it runs out of oil after operating for a while. The air conditioners can also shut down if the unit leaks. In most cases, the car’s conditioner will automatically shut down whenever it detects a leak to prevent any further damage to the unit.

In case you want to experience the best cooling results at all times, then make it a routine practice to refill your device’s oil. You can deal with refills and recharges yourself, or alternatively, you can engage the services of a professional. Ensure you have used the right products like the ones we have featured in our review today.